The Importance of Education | Edna Adan Ismail | TEDxHargeisa

When there were no schools for girls where they lived, Edna tells us how her father home-schooled her and how that opportunity shaped her entire life.

Edna is the former Foreign Minister of Somaliland. She also served as Somaliland's Minister of Family Welfare and Social Development. She is the director and founder of the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital in Hargeisa and an activist and pioneer in the struggle for the abolition of female genital mutilation.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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Автор Kowsar Abdi ( назад)
the sad part is that the education of somaliland isn't recognised by any country so i recommend don't give the students false hope but very nice lecture miss Edna Aden you are an inspiring person 💜

Автор Eng; mohamed Axmed ( назад)
did any one knows that she has two ulcers on her head coused by forcestep born?. bringing out of her mother to the world.

Автор Ahmed Hussein ( назад)
Your education khasaara qabiil ayaa wadaa bla bla bla

Автор Maxamed Omer ( назад)
Iam very hapy wy you are a mather of soomaaliland evry time your atention how to increase and how to improve the educatoin in soomaaliland so i wish you, your atentoin in that

Автор saamiya Colhaye ( назад)
mansha Allah. Adna Aadan ismail tusalaha iyo ku dasho mudan. Mamo nolow . Allah keeps you. .viva Dr.Adna

Автор oscar plato ( назад)
iam very proud of you Mam
miss Edna Adam good lecture
that i understood
from your
heart Mam

Автор Aar Lion ( назад)
well said hooyo somaliyeed

Автор Abdi Rageedii ( назад)
Her education is consumed by her tribalism. Shes a die hard isaaq.

Автор shakir farah ( назад)
Trully inspirational and I name my daughter after Adna. i love her energy and wit.

Автор yaxye maxamed ( назад)
Manzhallah Allh great U Mam of somaliland Edna Adan

Автор Halima Abdi ( назад)
Mahadsanid Adna Tusaaladaada Waxbarashada ku saabsan, lakiin Afka Qalaad ma Aqoon baad mooday?. Ado Hargeysa jooga oo Dhalinyaro Soomali ah ku gubaabinaya Fa'idada Waxbarashada maxa ku diiday in aad ugu gudbiso Aqoontaada Afkooda Soomaliga ah oo Luqad kasta ka ganisan!!. Kombaleesadana iska saar Cimri baad joogta ee, Soomaaliya Mustaqbalkeedu wa Wanaago, nuur iyo Niyad wanaag ba ka soo ifaye.

Автор Abdirizak Ahmed ( назад)
thank you Edna Iwill do my best

Автор Samatar Ali ( назад)
She is really amazing, we should really proud some one like that in our society

Автор majid ahmed ( назад)
simply AWESOME

Автор Abdifatah Mohed ( назад)
Thats my Somaliland people, thats the greatness of Somaliland people intelligence ....... Mom you said a historical and great heart touching speech may allah grant you adna.

Автор AKA Mohamed OMAR ISMAEL ( назад)
u inispired me mom, u deserve the noble prize walahi. i promise one day u will be proud of what a humble son brings to his people and his country. may allah forgive you and see u in jannah.

Автор Sofia Sofia ( назад)
Truly Amazing women!. She must be in our history books.

Автор Yahya Kamara ( назад)
Salaam Alaikum Edna, You may not remember but we met one weekend around the Washington, DC/Northern Va area. I never thought to see you on the internet speaking. Insha' allah I wish to visit your hospital for a short summer volunteer and maybe teach English language.

Автор Yahya Kamara ( назад)
To the TEDx Talks,

How can I get to record and send my story about my self and my people from Sierra Leonae and Nigeria?

I am located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

Thank you for listening...

Yahya Kamara

Автор abdullahi mohamud ( назад)
she delivered a great speech but Somalia is a Somalia there is no what's call Somaliland!!!!

Автор abdinasir nur ( назад)
What is what somali mother can do.I'
m very proud to you

Автор Baxsan Koshin ( назад)
Masha ALLAH mama amazing good idea appreciate really your idea thanks more and more

Автор Mohamed Guleid ( назад)
Thank you Drs Edna for this heart felt speech, btw i'm surprised that Edna is 77 years old she seems more younger than that, may Allah privilege her with health and right faith... you are one among the somaliland rare historical people whose very hard being compensated.>>> you are real entrepreneur and had working lady who served her country with loyalty and love.

Автор asma sakia ( назад)
amazing good idea i really appreciate your idea

Автор abd Almajed Saleh ( назад)
10q 4 the talk

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