Sesame Street: Play Peek-A-Boo with Elmo & Julia

Meet Julia, the newest friend on Sesame Street. Julia has autism. She also has a stuffed bunny named Fluffster! She and Elmo are different in some ways, but they have lots in common too. Elmo brings his doll David to play with Julia and Fluffster, and the four buddies play peek-a-boo.

To learn more, visit http://sesamestreet.org/autism

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Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization. The Workshop produces Sesame Street programs, seen in over 150 countries, and other acclaimed shows, including The Electric Company. Beyond television, the Workshop produces content for multiple media platforms on a wide range of issues including literacy and numeracy, emotional wellbeing, health and wellness, and respect and understanding. Learn more at http://www.sesamestreet.org.

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Автор PokéMarioStudio101 ( назад)
This was so adorable ^w^ I may be 18 now, but I still have a soft spot for this show

Автор 𝔾𝕖𝕜𝕜𝕠 ( назад)
How old is Elmo? like is he supposed to be 8 or something? I feel like he's actually very young, were's his mom? Do they all play on Sesame street and then go home to their families? Like is big bird the oldest kid (high school/college/leaving college) and he watches over them? (I grew up watching this beautiful show and I still have questions)

Автор Mikaila Palm ( назад)
this video fed my family, paid my debt, and helped me win the lottery

Автор Dark Matter ( назад)
who made Julia a dank meme?

Автор sophie ( назад)
Sesame Street is never going to fail us.

Автор Roblox Adventures ( назад)
I have autism😥

Автор Whoami691 ( назад)
Avoiding eye contact. My god i relate so much to that. Thank you sesame street.

Автор The Golden Gamer, The Great Undertale Fan ( назад)
There are 3 genders, 4 genders, even 5!

Me:Sometimes Julia thinks differently because Julia has
*A U T I S M*

Автор Some fuckface ( назад)
Baby David x Fluffster.

Автор Justine Mcgraw ( назад)
Autistic fella here. I'm so happy about this, you have no idea. Elmo and Julia's interactions are so precious!!!

Автор Phanic! at the My Chemical Brides ( назад)
I love Julia and Elmo❤️️

Автор Toshimi1043 ( назад)
All the more reason to donate to PBS. They say it's "made possible by viewers like you" for a reason. We have to keep stuff like this going!

Автор Jazzy Puppet ( назад)
So cute!

Автор RocketeerRaccoon ( назад)
People have always hated Elmo but I'm so glad they introduced Julia. :)

Автор Kat's belly rubs ( назад)
why do people use the word "autism" as an insult?? autism shouldnt be considered an insult and insult somebody telling them "austistic". people these days dont respect :/

Автор MsVioletCuriosity ( назад)
This has made me so happy.

Автор thickterranarmor ( назад)
>it's a "Julia sees Grover/Cookie Monster and throws a 'tism tantrum over his blue arms" episode

Автор streamofawareness ( назад)
I'm autistic and it's like seeing myself when I was 4. You could put 4 year old me in Julia's place and the scenes would be the same. This is so meaningful and it will help so many kids AND adults by modeling autism acceptance in a healthy way.

Автор Joly Centeno ( назад)
good now julia is the only kid on Sesame Street has autism

Автор Drunken Baker ( назад)

Автор Kakka Carrot Cake ( назад)
All the autistic kids in my school ARE NOT like this... They cursed and make fun of themselves

Автор Brissa DLR ( назад)
I'm starting to like this Julia character. She does have autism like I do🙂.

Автор griffin 190 ( назад)
cute cute cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор dokurobesama ( назад)
Hi Julia !
thx Elmo !

Автор MyFriendsAreMyPower/Maddy Day ( назад)
So sweet <3

Автор Aalis Hart ( назад)
This is too pure. I'm so so glad that they included her.

Автор FleetingPrecision ( назад)
That's so cute!! positive representation like this is rare. thank you sesame street! <3

Автор Charles Randolph ( назад)
Favorite Mario Characters?

Автор 27johnnylove ( назад)
Thank you Sesame Street

Автор Thefallenninja ( назад)
I love on these types of videos everybody comes in and tells a sad sob story of them being autistic or someone else being autistic its strange to me don't ya think I think some people are just trying to get attention and I do have a friend who's autistic but its just the point

Автор EdgyTheEel ( назад)
what's julia's super funny and original /s4s/ tripcode

Автор L Piskura ( назад)
They got the mannerisms for Julia spot on man!

Автор Taydra姫 ( назад)
Awww! I was diagnosed with autism as a little girl! I finally have a muppet to relate to

Автор Alison McCoubrey ( назад)
Yay for Sesame Street! They get it. :) Too bad the rest of society doesn't.

Автор cameron cates ( назад)
I have autism and I relate to this muppet!

Автор Fall Solstice ( назад)
As an late-diagnosed autistic teenager, this makes me so happy that they included a character with autism :)

Автор Osiris Junk ( назад)
Everyone tolerates and understands someone with very mild autism, they're just a bit slower and don't pay attention to what you're saying sometimes. So there's really no need to have Julia, I didn't know what autism was until one of my friends explained to me why a boy named Dylan was threatening to throw a chair at his aid. When will you introduce the more extreme autism where they make noises and have tantrums? Or do you not want to because noone wants to pretend to be like that?

Автор CinnamonBun OwO ( назад)
I want to watch this episode even though I'm almost 13
Julia is so cute :0

Автор metkkldS3gR ( назад)
Absolutely disgusting that Julia gets disliked...Sesame Street is doing the right thing. Anti-vaxxers need to go live in another galaxy.

Автор TheSocko Show ( назад)
wow i love this new muppet.

Автор Courtney Coulson ( назад)
This is wonderful, Elmo doesn't expect Julia to be anything other than herself and let's her engage and interact on her own terms.

Автор hotmojoe. ( назад)
puppets playing with puppets

Автор JOBO ( назад)
who comes on sesame street and dislikes

Автор Marvelous Stephfo ( назад)
My brother has autism, but he's always on his tablet.

Автор Gerrad Reynolds ( назад)
its a good idea but a lot if kids watching this still wont really understand how mental insufficiencies work unless they see it in an actual person or are tought by thier parents....this only really serves to show that there are these people out there and they work differently, but the kids will still likely need tought about it more from someone else or when they are older (assuming the age of kids watching this are around 4-7 or 8)

Автор Aaron the Artist Guy ( назад)
Ok, TBH.. I dont find autism jokes funny... Autism is a very serious thing. Even i have autism. What will you ever learn....

Автор Nadya von KARLsHORST ( назад)
oh HEAVEN , autistic JULIA is beautiful , congratz Puppeteer Stacey Gordon 4 sure she has soo much to share & teach future Children to handle our overloading MULTImedia-WORLD. I already crushed into her! <3

Автор SairitaPinkStar123 ( назад)
So cute 😍

Автор Penomenal One ( назад)
my cousin got autism happy autism month

Автор spring girlfnaf ( назад)
Elmo s laugh is kreepy

Автор Henry and Andy's Sweatshop House ( назад)
What's wrong with that ginger puppet she acts like she's autistic or something

Автор DeadRaymanWalking ( назад)
I was real surprised when I learned that SS was getting a muppet with autism. I'm autistic myself.

Автор Sebas Chan ( назад)
It's so nice that autism is getting represented the way it actually is. Take it from me.

Автор Sphynia- Cat ( назад)

this warmed my heart ;;
I love what they've done.

Автор james smith ( назад)
Julia gulia

Автор Boxed In ( назад)
My nephew is autistic and behaves just like Julia. I'm pleased they added her to sesame street while he's still young enough to watch it growing up (he's six).

Автор maf ( назад)

Автор Meelzdiva ( назад)
My brother is mildly autistic but he used to act like Julia. But now he's 20 and his brain is so fully developed. He graduated from high school with high honors and he didn't need special needs classes

Автор Hain-Sing HSueh ( назад)
Hope she here to stay

Автор N R ( назад)
this is so sweet!!!

Автор TheShining Katana ( назад)
Cant wait for a Toaster to be a character

Автор Jasmine Sims ( назад)

Автор Marilou Garingo ( назад)

Автор Maddie Adams ( назад)

Автор Brianna B ( назад)
Julia acts very much like my autistic son in this clip..delayed response to name, not always looking at someone while playing, focus on her toy, repetitive actions. I love that Sesame Street has a character with autism. <3

Автор pawchoe ( назад)
My brother has suffered with autism for the rest of his life. I've had to watch him grow and live with something terrible. Seeing them do this makes me feel proud of them. Bravo.

Автор Julissa Flores ( назад)
it's not a he it a she for your information and SHE is a baby she can't spell yet genius and I know how to spell annoying it just didn't let me brown

Автор Jillian Tavares ( назад)
Julia is so cute.

Автор VeganVixen ( назад)

Автор DaSupahNinja ( назад)

Автор Avid Arois ( назад)

Автор Magster's World ( назад)
This is one of the cutest videos I've ever seen. This totally gets me to cry. I have a little brother who is autistic and I am so glad that TV shows like this are making other people understand what autisim is. I love how our world is expanding kid shows. 😍😍😍

Автор Professor Rosenstock ( назад)
My little sister is Autistic and so is my partner. I love what that they are helping kids understand.

Автор MooMooTheDuck245 ( назад)
You have no idea how happy I was to see an autistic character in Sesame Street. My two brothers are on the spectrum and they love Sesame Street. When I saw this episode I started to cry. I love this so much I just think it's so amazing! Good job Sesame Street! I love your idea so keep up the good work!

Автор Maland2016 ( назад)
They treat her maturely...

I'm not crying. Nope. *sniffs*


Автор Sakurai Kurosaki ( назад)
Thank for supporting kids with autism! My little sis (who has autism) loves your show!

Автор Jon Mann ( назад)

Автор neptunian ( назад)

Автор WHOL1KESAN1ME ( назад)
I cried

Автор Maya Corley ( назад)
this is too cute!☺☺

Автор Mitch Burdett ( назад)
Oh my gosh, she's so sweet. The other muppets are so good with her.

Автор jade ( назад)
this is so so sweet, i love it so much
sesame street gave me hope for the human race

Автор CeltycSparrow ( назад)
I think Elmo and Ms. Julia are going to be good friends. She seems to like him and they looked like they were having fun playing Peek a Boo together. He doesn't see her as being different...he just sees a new friend he wants to have play with.

Автор purplelolip0p ( назад)
I don't know why... this seems to be so heartwarming :')

Автор SirLinkOfKokiri ( назад)
It took till the last year of my high school before I was finally diagnosed with aspergers, which is on the autism spectrum. If Julia existed in Sesame Street when I was a kid, maybe my parents would've figured it out a lot sooner.

Автор corjonbett ( назад)
I may say a few things depressing and negative about Julia, but that's just because I am worried about how the world will react to her.Some people honestly think Autistic people should be isolated from Neurotypicals.

On an unrelated note... if she is like me, I hope she never meets Oscar the Grouch... feeling like you've annoyed someone just by doing what you thought was right is one of the worst things about being on the spectrum!

Автор My Name Is Skr1llex ( назад)
Inspired by Jeffy?

Автор Regular Invader ( назад)
I like Julia. Hopefully children will understand how to communicate with autistic children.

Автор kftc88 ( назад)
This made me cry so hard. Both my younger sister and I are on the Autism Spectrum and this is exactly how we would play when we were little. Julia speaks and acts almost exactly like my sister did at her age. This is so wonderful. I wish Julia had been around years ago, as an example to explain autism to all the kids who were afraid of or made fun of my sister. She still wants to be friends and have fun; repeating and hand flapping are how she expresses herself.

Автор GGBABE ( назад)
aw cute

Автор Butt Cheek ( назад)
It doesn't look autistic or sound autistic, very inaccurate description of autism

Автор nyan123cat ( назад)
I'm sobbing. My family has been waiting for a character my autistic brother can relate to. Finally he can understand that there are others just like him!

Автор ShortneysLife ( назад)
This is so good and wholesome

Автор Parker Miller ( назад)
I like ho was the people at sesame street made a character who is autistic. it shows that we are all people and no discrimination should ever happen.

Автор Nara ( назад)
there already was bort

Автор Eliah Holiday ( назад)
Green screen? So not even in Sesame Street?

Автор Christy Walk ( назад)
As an autistic adult, and a longtime fan of the Muppets, this video really melted my heart, it's so cute

Автор raffine1976 ( назад)

Автор Kimberly Ellen ( назад)
This is wonderful of Sesame Street to do this. I was diagnosed with Asperger's at 18 years old. This means the world to me. Sesame Street keeps getting better and better. First they introduced Brandeis, the guide dog and now Julia!!

Автор Dingus Flotbottom ( назад)
so i figure elmo has downs syndrome then?

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