Sesame Street: Play Peek-A-Boo with Elmo & Julia

Meet Julia, the newest friend on Sesame Street. Julia has autism. She also has a stuffed bunny named Fluffster! She and Elmo are different in some ways, but they have lots in common too. Elmo brings his doll David to play with Julia and Fluffster, and the four buddies play peek-a-boo.

To learn more, visit http://sesamestreet.org/autism

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Автор Samael ( назад)
When i was younger i used to tought all the puppets were mental

Автор corjonbett ( назад)
I may say a few things depressing and negative about Julia, but that's just because I am worried about how the world will react to her.Some people honestly think Autistic people should be isolated from Neurotypicals.

On an unrelated note... if she is like me, I hope she never meets Oscar the Grouch... feeling like you've annoyed someone just by doing what you thought was right is one of the worst things about being on the spectrum!

Автор Bruh itz Trickshotzz ( назад)
Inspired by Jeffy?

Автор Regular Invader ( назад)
I like Julia. Hopefully children will understand how to communicate with autistic children.

Автор kftc88 ( назад)
This made me cry so hard. Both my younger sister and I are on the Autism Spectrum and this is exactly how we would play when we were little. Julia speaks and acts almost exactly like my sister did at her age. This is so wonderful. I wish Julia had been around years ago, as an example to explain autism to all the kids who were afraid of or made fun of my sister. She still wants to be friends and have fun; repeating and hand flapping are how she expresses herself.

Автор GGBABE ( назад)
aw cute

Автор Butt Cheek ( назад)
It doesn't look autistic or sound autistic, very inaccurate description of autism

Автор nyan123cat ( назад)
I'm sobbing. My family has been waiting for a character my autistic brother can relate to. Finally he can understand that there are others just like him!

Автор ShortneysLife ( назад)
This is so good and wholesome

Автор Parker Miller ( назад)
I like ho was the people at sesame street made a character who is autistic. it shows that we are all people and no discrimination should ever happen.

Автор Nara ( назад)
there already was bort

Автор Eliah Holiday ( назад)
Green screen? So not even in Sesame Street?

Автор Christy Walk ( назад)
As an autistic adult, this video really melted my heart. It's just the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Автор raffine1976 ( назад)

Автор Kimberly Ellen ( назад)
This is wonderful of Sesame Street to do this. I was diagnosed with Asperger's at 18 years old. This means the world to me. Sesame Street keeps getting better and better. First they introduced Brandeis, the guide dog and now Julia!!

Автор Dingus Flotbottom ( назад)
so i figure elmo has downs syndrome then?

Автор Katarina Myers ( назад)
I haven't seen much yet, but I already love Julia ❤

Автор Brittany McMullan ( назад)
Julia is adorable and I am so glad that Sesame Street is finally having a character like her on the the show. I think it is one of the smartest choices that they have ever made.

Автор Timmy N ( назад)
wow wasnt this video had only 1k or 2k views two days ago

Автор Moises Gomez ( назад)
New elmo voice is whack... the T's are pronounced wat too much.. non original voice, tries too hard.

Автор Jarred Can ( назад)
Thank god this is getting cut from the federal budget. What drivel. /s

Автор GameStation3 ( назад)
It's kind of interesting how they chose a girl to be an autistic Muppet, even though autism is more common in males.

Автор Juice Man ( назад)
watching this reminds me of my daughter who is autistic.

Автор Cool Dude ( назад)
As a person who doesn't watch kids shows anymore and actually has autism
I'd like to thank you for inspiring me and taking a hole new step in helping people understand the issue

Автор That One Name That Takes Advantage Of Youtube Not Having A Name Limit ( назад)
two days in an /pol/ has already claimed her

Автор Annie Tohill ( назад)
Me: This video is good and pure and has given me hope for the world!
Me: *looks at the comments section*
Me: Never mind.

Автор junejulyaugust ( назад)
I can't explain how much I love this. my 4 year old son has autism

Автор Aindriú Mac an Bhreithiún ( назад)

Автор Mac ( назад)
I got bitten by an autist once

Автор Julissa Flores ( назад)
my baby sister like Elmo but it's unoying to me

Автор TigerLily ( назад)
What a fantastic idea! I'm so glad that they've created Julia.

Автор Yuli Casallas ( назад)
Lovely and necessary to the audience

Автор Tia Harris ( назад)
I can relate to Julia because my brother has a disability as well, he looks around and but isn't verbal. I like Julia and sesame street.

Автор Jennifer Cochran ( назад)
I have a six year old daughter who is autistic and we are excited to watch Julia. Some of the comments from people saying negative things makes me sad though, but I'm glad to see there's more positive comments than negative.

Автор Number Zero ( назад)
Were they inspired by Jeffy to add Julia I mean they do both start with a j.

Автор King David ( назад)
I see a lot of people praising this move, and I do as well. As someone with Autism, I have found it difficult to speak clearly, and I occasionally do avert eye contact unknowingly. And seeing this puppet who is designed to represent such a disability makes me feel happy. She is just so innocent and kind. She's just hard to work with. And I'm the same way. However, there are moments where things can be taken too far, because I have seen time and time again characters that represent a minority just for the sake of having them. It just seems like they were shoehorned into it. This isn't the case. Julia is the newest member of the Muppet family, and she just happens to be Autistic. And from this video, I can tell she is a big sweetheart. I applaud you, PBS. You were inclusive, and you did it right.

Автор Kathy Jimenez ( назад)
Sesame Street is a puppet show (eye twitches)

Автор Daniel Ortman ( назад)
I'm 28, I have friends with autism, am physically "disabled," and have battled learning disabilities as well as depression and anxiety my entire life. Thank you Sesame Street for making an effort to be truly inclusive. My life is so much richer for having people in it who don't fit what is "normal." I know what it is like not to be accepted, and I know what it is like to need to explain that I am not trying to be rude or distant, I just don't do some things.

Автор Crusty_Shart ( назад)
Hopefully this will make kids more understanding of people with disabilities as they go into public schools.

Автор Tyler Huestis ( назад)
Cant wait to see gay down syndrome or a feminist one

Автор Hadoken Puncher ( назад)
Gotta go fast! SANIC!!!

Автор Seymour Butts ( назад)
Tyler1 no need to explain this is him pretty much in a nutshell

Автор EveWasTaken ( назад)
I think more preschools and kindergartens should be integrative so that children with and without handicaps can grow up together and learn from each other. I myself have been in one and my mum works in it and it helped me to be more understanding and aware about handicaps (be it autism, down syndrome or anything else) and that I don't recoil from it or make fun of it (as some countries president) but help and treat all like I would want to be treated.
So, kudos to you Sesame Street US, would love to see something like this on our German Sesame Street.

Автор Kimberly Sheckell ( назад)
I'm so glad they now have a character that's autistic. I have autism, and it is something people need to understand.

Автор funfetti ( назад)
really neat! i have a developmental disorder (sensory processing disorder) and it's cool to see that they are teaching kids from a young age that some of us have brains that work differently and that's okay. 😊

Автор 59ersfootball ( назад)
Why isn't Julia paying attention to Elmo? And why is he treating her like a baby

Автор Las MiLLpass ( назад)
Sesame Street the only good thing left in this world.

Автор uppermostking02 ( назад)
where's baby David in the toilet hahahahah

Автор Zelda Vuitton ( назад)
I have Aspergers and it makes me really happy that Sesame Street is doing something like this <3 i grew up watching Elmos World and if only i could imagine how different things would have been if they introduced her when i was a kid

Автор ThunderXTV ( назад)
awwww this is so precious :)

Автор austin bevis ( назад)
She seems like a handful. I hope I never have a kid with autism

Автор ZeeDerpyTurtle ( назад)
Elmo learns not to play with his food when he has a bad encounter with a potato

Автор David ( назад)
They should also have a puppet of her non-existent parents that caused the Autism.

Автор Omarkies TCB ( назад)
Weaponized Autism, a weapon to surpass metal gear

Автор R. A ( назад)
I've been sad all day but this made me smile

Автор Roxy Spence ( назад)
This makes me so happy

Автор Piss dog ( назад)
thank god their not in correlation with autism speaks good job sesame street I'm autistic and that autism speaks is bad

Автор Barbie Girl ( назад)
very nice

Автор Hail hydra ( назад)
But when will she pull off the autistic screech?

Автор Oxi Clean Bleach ( назад)
This comment is coming from someone with a mild disability. I've had trouble with executive function since I was little. I didn't know back then. I did notice there would be special "teachers" who would come by and have little "lessons" with me. I didn't really care most of the time. Then, when I was in 4th grade, some of my closest friends (I was mildly popular) started to notice. They joked around and said "who is that? Some kind of babysitter?" They were still my friends, and I knew they wouldn't do anything to hurt me, but I still felt terrible on the inside. Another time in 5th grade, I was doing pretty well. I spoke up about how I was uncomfortable about having a teacher work with me in the classroom, so we worked out an agreement where I would go to the special ed classroom every Friday to work with that teacher, at recess. One day, when we had an early release, we didn't have recess. So in English class, I was working with 2 of my closest friends, and a girl I happened to have a crush on, on a project. The day was going great. But then, I saw one of the special ed assistants walk in and I knew I was f*cked. She walked over, and told me to open my agenda so she could check it (That was one of the things I struggled with) Burning with embarrassment, I did. I had written all my homework down, except for math. She asked why, and I told her it was because I had math next period. She got kinda mad and she asked my friend what the hw was despite my protests. Then she left and half the class was staring at me. It was horrible. The rest of the year went pretty smoothly but I was always tense when I saw any special ed teacher, and I was always nervous. Fast forwards to middle school, where I am now. I have straight A's. It is rare that I miss an assignment, perhaps once a month. Yet I am still forced to go to the special ed class at study hall. With so many of my friends in the hallways, I have to avoid them and check everywhere so that they don't see me walk into the class, meaning I'm often late. I've had a few close calls. Once in the classroom, the teacher doesn't even notice me. I've talked with her maybe twice this entire year. She's to busy with the other kids. I've asked to be switched out but nothing has happened. This is why I hate "special ed". Instead of making "special" kids seem more normal, they do the opposite. They make them shunned and not welcomed. And they don't give the care and attention that you think they do, myself an example. Basically, if you have any minor disability you're thrown into a classroom and ignored. Even the name special is demeaning. When I was little I loved being called special. Now it's just another name for retarded. Ok. Rant over. Thank you very much.

Автор A O ( назад)
I love this so much.

Автор HipHopcheerleader ( назад)
I do not understand autism, but I'd like to. My nephew is autistic :-)
I look forward to learning more from you Julia, WELCOME to Sesame Street.

Автор Jaimetud ( назад)
This new character is adorable. I hope she has a good steady time on the show. I also hope eventually she moves on to being more verbal. It seems like a lot of the behaviors she's exhibiting are pretty on par with autism, but their verbal skills can extend far beyond repitition and echolalia. Or in this clip's case, one word sentences.

Автор Jimmy Nutrin ( назад)
jesus 53k views and on the trendimg tab

Автор My own hero Is only me ( назад)
This is the most wonderful short clip I've seen in a long time. I'm glad that there are still TV programs that teach positive social and interpersonal behaviors. It's unfortunate that we have people who don't have thoughtful or earnest reactions with each other. A character is showing what it means to be REAL. This is so inspirational.

Автор Emily Connor ( назад)
You know they don't have to point out that she has autism. She can just be. No label.

Автор slipping freedoms ( назад)
@ spiny that is a false argument, autism isn't simply a way of explaining away bad behavior and never was.

Автор Aesthetical Is Raymart ( назад)
Sesame Julia newest edition to the Sesame Street clan

Автор Paloma Harper ( назад)
This is really wonderful.

Автор funnyhappyharry ( назад)
I still think this character is over dramatizing the disorder since I have friends who happen to have autism and were never like this. Autistic kids aren't mentally impaired, they simply see and react to the world differently and usually it's a very minor occurrence. This character is stereotyping everything extreme that can happen in the disorder instead of the actual way of thinking itself.

Автор Exkcal AMVs ( назад)

Автор Luna Lovegood ( назад)
This makes me so happy. My 11 year old brother has asberger's, and people from teenagers to adults will still whisper to me or my parents "what's wrong with him?" Hopefully this will clear things up for younger kids.

Автор devilpupbear09 ( назад)
wonder if there gonna start putting on gay muppets.

Автор Brayden Beckham ( назад)
Waiting for youtube to take this off of restricted mode for sensetive content.

Автор Kyle Sekenski ( назад)
This is so sweet... I was diagnosed as an Aspie as a child myself, and it's so nice to see Autism recognized here in children's programming and embraced positively as just another characteristic that makes each of us unique in this world. Seeing this will help so many young children on the autism scale to feel better about themselves, and will help young children without it to be more accepting. 😊

Автор ghosly bomber ( назад)
this really melted my heart it is great they are showing children the value of different people

Автор 619 VAPE LIFE ( назад)
Oooh I can see the memes already XD thank you sesame street ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Michael Burke ( назад)
I feel like as adults we can clearly see what's trying to be taught about kids who have disabilities but for a child this will run right over there head and they won't take away the lesson. Regardless, some parents will definitely learn a thing or too and to me that makes it worth it.

Автор I like sandwiches ( назад)
man this is almost as depressing as the muppet with hiv

Автор Savage ( назад)
Anybody else just smile uncontrollably at this ?

Автор Victor Asack ( назад)
I am so sick of hearing the all school shooters are autistic argument, its grossly innaccurate.

Автор maximumlegends ( назад)
this is so cute and nice this is why I love Sesame Street

Автор Derpmanrules ( назад)
I have a few friends that are special needs I'm really happy to see this because today Autism is just a joke to people but I take it seriously because its not okay to joke about this those memes aren't funny there hurtful and I'm glad we're teach the next generation about this young thank you Sesame street for finally covering this

Автор Evan Wiseman ( назад)
Is it just me or are Gingers portrayed as autistic a lot in media? Serious question

Автор Andrew Patterson ( назад)
All I can say is thank you.

Автор lady wario ( назад)
is it just me or does elmo need a touch up his fur is starting to look faded or dusty

Автор Henry Adrian Rozo ( назад)
heart warming

Автор Messy Hands ( назад)
Ima be real here, no problem against autism are people with autism. But I'm pretty sure autism a problem for adults. What are kids going to do knowing this mental illness exists. Maybe they can help prevent it I don't know but I'm not sure having it be on the worlds biggest tv/cartoon show would be smart

Автор BugPope ( назад)
This is the kind of diversity that Sesame Street has always celebrated, and they're portraying autism way more realistic than most other tv shows do. I like it.

Автор Luke Ouellette ( назад)
I hate this

Автор SandyNag Doge ( назад)
When u let the autistic kid have a tv spot

Автор Incorrect Stuff Thingy ( назад)
And here it comes the normalization of autism, if that is a good or bad thing that would be a matter of personal opinion

Автор Squincent Martin ( назад)
normally I laugh at autistic memes and stuff but seeing this makes me genuinely happy

Автор Munch180 ( назад)
Where's the character that helps to teach kids to secure a future for the white race?

Автор Daphne Tran ( назад)
I'm so glad this is trending.

Автор MnMsandOreos ( назад)
This is the cutest. I love this

Автор Mikey Sal ( назад)
Oh lord

Автор Mikey Sal ( назад)

Автор Anti-Brony Missionary ( назад)
Wow, this is me.

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