Sesame Street: Play Peek-A-Boo with Elmo & Julia

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  • misplacedstoic
    misplacedstoic 17 дней назад

    This made me tear up for all the good it can do for a new generation!

  • Phoenix Fire
    Phoenix Fire 21 день назад

    She is so pure <3

  • Crystal Clods
    Crystal Clods 22 дня назад

    My older brother has autism and this really helped me understand what he goes through.

  • Steven Tutty
    Steven Tutty 27 дней назад

    Can I just say that the way Julia moves is very specific to the mannerisms that a lot of autistic people have??? Like not only is she written well, but the puppeteers did a FANTASTIC job

  • Steven Tutty
    Steven Tutty 27 дней назад


  • Steven Tutty
    Steven Tutty 28 дней назад

    Me, an autistic™: **crying** THIS IS THE CONTENT I SIGNED UP FOR

  • Rainy Jane
    Rainy Jane Месяц назад +1

    I once saw a book called "every cat has Aspbergers" - and I think I can see why they would say that ^^ What do you guys think?

  • Dictator Arren
    Dictator Arren Месяц назад

    my shipping powers calls me

  • MatixPolska
    MatixPolska Месяц назад
    **claps slowly**

  • Mr. Zing
    Mr. Zing Месяц назад

    Noice green screen you got there

  • Drew Hager
    Drew Hager 2 месяца назад

    Dear Sesame Street, Can you do a Parody of Star Trek? (with Ernie as Captain Kirk, Bert as Spock, Elmo as Sulu, Abby as Uhura, Grover as Chekov, Cookie Monster as Scotty, and Count Von Count as Dr. McCoy.)

  • StuffHappens
    StuffHappens 2 месяца назад

    look at the dislikes :p

  • Tomato Yuya
    Tomato Yuya 2 месяца назад

    I thought I was gonna hate Myself for having Autism and leading I had it this year but now watching these videos brings a Waterfall To My eyes

  • * NerdyPerson *
    * NerdyPerson * 3 месяца назад

    My little brother has Autism, and it warms my heart to see Julia join the Sesame Street family.

  • Raze Arts
    Raze Arts 3 месяца назад

    This is so pure that it gets disturbing when you start to think about how the characters could get killed.

  • Heidi Hernandez Lopez
    Heidi Hernandez Lopez 4 месяца назад


  • Kvng.X.manny
    Kvng.X.manny 4 месяца назад


  • The Sombrero Cat
    The Sombrero Cat 4 месяца назад

    This is the most brainwashing video ive ever seen...

  • lucaz TheForest
    lucaz TheForest 4 месяца назад

    you had to make her a ginger, right?

  • Emma Bathum
    Emma Bathum 4 месяца назад

    I love Julia so much she's so inspiring to people with Autism

  • EarthShakingThing231
    EarthShakingThing231 4 месяца назад

    thx for being my pre school to kg favourite channel

  • Autumn Dulong
    Autumn Dulong 4 месяца назад

    That green screen though...

  • WatevBoi23
    WatevBoi23 5 месяцев назад

    Ok, Julia is flat out adorable

  • Katie Grande
    Katie Grande 5 месяцев назад

    As someone who understands what autism is and how it affects people, I support Sesame Street and Julia 100%. I have ADHD, which affects my attention span, and Asperger's, a form of autism that affects my social thinking.

  • sunshine girl
    sunshine girl 5 месяцев назад

    I love Julia and she is so important in educating young people about autism.

  • Mysky. stuff
    Mysky. stuff 6 месяцев назад

    I love sesamestreet

  • princess of adventures
    princess of adventures 6 месяцев назад

    mu sister autistic

  • Tambry 0152
    Tambry 0152 6 месяцев назад

    She is too precious.

  • AuroraLights
    AuroraLights 7 месяцев назад

    they have to keep her for future seasons

  • Aurochs hunter
    Aurochs hunter 7 месяцев назад

    Elmo's favourite toy is baby David, is that supposed to be after the character David played by the late Northern Calloway?

  • Sarah Grayson
    Sarah Grayson 7 месяцев назад

    im watching this with my autistic brother and he was playing peekaboo with them too

  • sunset moonrise
    sunset moonrise 7 месяцев назад

    Okay Julia is adorable

  • karl
    karl 7 месяцев назад +1

    Too pure for this world

  • onmas909
    onmas909 7 месяцев назад +1

    Julia is too cute!!

  • Milly Kitty
    Milly Kitty 7 месяцев назад +2

    This is so sweet

  • Tristan David
    Tristan David 7 месяцев назад

    This is beautiful not only because it's including an autistic character on the show, but this video in particular is truly beautiful because Elmo is playing with Julia with his doll, David, who he named after the character David, played by Northern Calloway, who left the show in 1989 and died tragically in 1990. To see his legacy being carried on into a new generation of children with his new character is truly a wonderful thing.

  • Ryan Richardson
    Ryan Richardson 8 месяцев назад

    so cute😊

  • k-bob potatoes
    k-bob potatoes 8 месяцев назад

    Julia is sooo cute I love her the creators did an amazing job!

  • MeeMaw Phillis
    MeeMaw Phillis 8 месяцев назад

    Meet Julia, the newest friend on Sesame Street. *Julia has autism.* She also has a stuffed bunny named Fluffster! She and Elmo are different in some ways, but they have lots in common too. Elmo brings his doll David to play with Julia and Fluffster, and the four buddies play peek-a-boo.
    way to keep it subtle

  • TeaCup
    TeaCup 8 месяцев назад +8

    the world: *gives us a sweet and pure representation of autism, when people usually make fun of autism*
    some 27 year old man, pulling out his vape and scratching his neckbeard: i cant wait to ruin this

  • ELITE-DELTA -117
    ELITE-DELTA -117 8 месяцев назад

    Julia has *Autism*

  • Kelsey
    Kelsey 8 месяцев назад

    This is adorable! I'm so glad she's a regular character and not just a one time thing!

  • Specter N
    Specter N 8 месяцев назад

    I think almost every character have autism in this serie.

  • meme special fresh
    meme special fresh 8 месяцев назад

    A U T I S M

  • T Siorida
    T Siorida 8 месяцев назад

    i have autism and i dont act like that

  • dalek bieber
    dalek bieber 8 месяцев назад


  • Tara Rice
    Tara Rice 8 месяцев назад

    Awwwwwww <3

  • GamingTerminator
    GamingTerminator 8 месяцев назад +1

    this was my childhood and i still love this show and keep it close to my heart anyone else

  • PokéMarioStudio101
    PokéMarioStudio101 9 месяцев назад +2

    This was so adorable ^w^ I may be 18 now, but I still have a soft spot for this show

    • Autumn Dulong
      Autumn Dulong 4 месяца назад

      Why that picture though.

  • Francis Haertel
    Francis Haertel 9 месяцев назад

    How old is Elmo? like is he supposed to be 8 or something? I feel like he's actually very young, were's his mom? Do they all play on Sesame street and then go home to their families? Like is big bird the oldest kid (high school/college/leaving college) and he watches over them? (I grew up watching this beautiful show and I still have questions)

  • Mikaila Palm
    Mikaila Palm 9 месяцев назад +1

    this video fed my family, paid my debt, and helped me win the lottery

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter 9 месяцев назад

    who made Julia a dank meme?

  • sophie
    sophie 9 месяцев назад

    Sesame Street is never going to fail us.

  • Random Roblox!
    Random Roblox! 9 месяцев назад

    I have autism😥

  • Whoami691
    Whoami691 9 месяцев назад +1

    Avoiding eye contact. My god i relate so much to that. Thank you sesame street.

  • The Memer Of Youtube
    The Memer Of Youtube 9 месяцев назад

    There are 3 genders, 4 genders, even 5!
    Me:Sometimes Julia thinks differently because Julia has
    *A U T I S M*

  • Some fuckface
    Some fuckface 9 месяцев назад

    Baby David x Fluffster.

  • Justine Mcgraw
    Justine Mcgraw 9 месяцев назад

    Autistic fella here. I'm so happy about this, you have no idea. Elmo and Julia's interactions are so precious!!!

  • Phanic! at the My Chemical Brides
    Phanic! at the My Chemical Brides 9 месяцев назад +2

    I love Julia and Elmo❤️️

  • Toshimi1043
    Toshimi1043 9 месяцев назад +4

    All the more reason to donate to PBS. They say it's "made possible by viewers like you" for a reason. We have to keep stuff like this going!

  • Jazzy Puppet
    Jazzy Puppet 9 месяцев назад +1

    So cute!

  • RocketeerRaccoon
    RocketeerRaccoon 9 месяцев назад +1

    People have always hated Elmo but I'm so glad they introduced Julia. :)

  • Kat's belly rubs
    Kat's belly rubs 9 месяцев назад +6

    why do people use the word "autism" as an insult?? autism shouldnt be considered an insult and insult somebody telling them "austistic". people these days dont respect :/

  • MsVioletCuriosity
    MsVioletCuriosity 9 месяцев назад

    This has made me so happy.

  • thickterranarmor
    thickterranarmor 9 месяцев назад

    >it's a "Julia sees Grover/Cookie Monster and throws a 'tism tantrum over his blue arms" episode

  • streamofawareness
    streamofawareness 9 месяцев назад +3

    I'm autistic and it's like seeing myself when I was 4. You could put 4 year old me in Julia's place and the scenes would be the same. This is so meaningful and it will help so many kids AND adults by modeling autism acceptance in a healthy way.

  • Joly Centeno
    Joly Centeno 9 месяцев назад

    good now julia is the only kid on Sesame Street has autism

  • Drunken Baker
    Drunken Baker 9 месяцев назад


  • Asian Trump
    Asian Trump 9 месяцев назад

    All the autistic kids in my school ARE NOT like this... They cursed and make fun of themselves

  • Brissa DLR
    Brissa DLR 9 месяцев назад +1

    I'm starting to like this Julia character. She does have autism like I do🙂.

  • trtgameing rit
    trtgameing rit 9 месяцев назад

    cute cute cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • dokurobesama
    dokurobesama 9 месяцев назад

    Hi Julia !
    thx Elmo !

  • MyFriendsAreMyPower/Maddy Day
    MyFriendsAreMyPower/Maddy Day 9 месяцев назад

    So sweet <3

  • Bethdel or Beth
    Bethdel or Beth 9 месяцев назад

    This is too pure. I'm so so glad that they included her.

  • FleetingPrecision
    FleetingPrecision 9 месяцев назад

    That's so cute!! positive representation like this is rare. thank you sesame street! <3

  • Charles Randolph
    Charles Randolph 9 месяцев назад

    Favorite Mario Characters?

    • Carson Jay
      Carson Jay 9 месяцев назад

      Charles Randolph Hitler

  • 27johnnylove
    27johnnylove 9 месяцев назад +1

    Thank you Sesame Street

  • NinjaDoes2k
    NinjaDoes2k 9 месяцев назад

    I love on these types of videos everybody comes in and tells a sad sob story of them being autistic or someone else being autistic its strange to me don't ya think I think some people are just trying to get attention and I do have a friend who's autistic but its just the point

  • L Piskura
    L Piskura 9 месяцев назад

    They got the mannerisms for Julia spot on man!

  • Taydra
    Taydra 9 месяцев назад

    Awww! I was diagnosed with autism as a little girl! I finally have a muppet to relate to

  • Alison McCoubrey
    Alison McCoubrey 9 месяцев назад

    Yay for Sesame Street! They get it. :) Too bad the rest of society doesn't.

  • Mlg power force Power 4 life
    Mlg power force Power 4 life 9 месяцев назад

    I have autism and I relate to this muppet!

  • Pastel_Miilk
    Pastel_Miilk 9 месяцев назад +1

    As an late-diagnosed autistic teenager, this makes me so happy that they included a character with autism :)

  • Osiris Junk
    Osiris Junk 9 месяцев назад

    Everyone tolerates and understands someone with very mild autism, they're just a bit slower and don't pay attention to what you're saying sometimes. So there's really no need to have Julia, I didn't know what autism was until one of my friends explained to me why a boy named Dylan was threatening to throw a chair at his aid. When will you introduce the more extreme autism where they make noises and have tantrums? Or do you not want to because noone wants to pretend to be like that?

  • Jeibādo
    Jeibādo 9 месяцев назад

    I want to watch this episode even though I'm almost 13
    Julia is so cute :0

  • Cartoonfan67
    Cartoonfan67 9 месяцев назад +7

    Absolutely disgusting that Julia gets disliked...Sesame Street is doing the right thing. Anti-vaxxers need to go live in another galaxy.

  • TheSocko Show
    TheSocko Show 9 месяцев назад +2

    wow i love this new muppet.

  • Courtney Coulson
    Courtney Coulson 9 месяцев назад +1

    This is wonderful, Elmo doesn't expect Julia to be anything other than herself and let's her engage and interact on her own terms.

  • hotmojoe.
    hotmojoe. 9 месяцев назад +2

    puppets playing with puppets

  • JOBO
    JOBO 9 месяцев назад +1

    who comes on sesame street and dislikes

  • Shrek The Savage
    Shrek The Savage 9 месяцев назад +1

    My brother has autism, but he's always on his tablet.

  • Gerrad Reynolds
    Gerrad Reynolds 9 месяцев назад +2

    its a good idea but a lot if kids watching this still wont really understand how mental insufficiencies work unless they see it in an actual person or are tought by thier parents....this only really serves to show that there are these people out there and they work differently, but the kids will still likely need tought about it more from someone else or when they are older (assuming the age of kids watching this are around 4-7 or 8)

  • Aaron the Artist Guy
    Aaron the Artist Guy 9 месяцев назад +4

    Ok, TBH.. I dont find autism jokes funny... Autism is a very serious thing. Even i have autism. What will you ever learn....

    • Seeing Clearly Media
      Seeing Clearly Media 9 месяцев назад

      +Aaron the Artist Guy I am a very pro-cure autism activist if you are interested.

    • Seeing Clearly Media
      Seeing Clearly Media 9 месяцев назад

      +Aaron the Artist Guy

    • Aaron the Artist Guy
      Aaron the Artist Guy 9 месяцев назад

      How do i contact you? via Gmail?

    • Seeing Clearly Media
      Seeing Clearly Media 9 месяцев назад

      Aaron the Artist Guy please contact me.

  • Nadya von KARLsHORST
    Nadya von KARLsHORST 9 месяцев назад +1

    oh HEAVEN , autistic JULIA is beautiful , congratz Puppeteer Stacey Gordon 4 sure she has soo much to share & teach future Children to handle our overloading MULTImedia-WORLD. I already crushed into her! <3

  • Sahira Diaz
    Sahira Diaz 9 месяцев назад

    So cute 😍

  • Phenomenal One 2.0
    Phenomenal One 2.0 9 месяцев назад +1

    my cousin got autism happy autism month

  • Senpai Springgirlfnaf
    Senpai Springgirlfnaf 9 месяцев назад +1

    Elmo s laugh is kreepy

  • Henry and Andy's Sweatshop House
    Henry and Andy's Sweatshop House 9 месяцев назад +1

    What's wrong with that ginger puppet she acts like she's autistic or something

    • Tambry 0152
      Tambry 0152 6 месяцев назад +1

      Henry and Andy's Sweatshop House
      Dude, she IS autistic.

  • DeadRaymanWalking
    DeadRaymanWalking 9 месяцев назад

    I was real surprised when I learned that SS was getting a muppet with autism. I'm autistic myself.

  • George H
    George H 9 месяцев назад +1

    It's so nice that autism is getting represented the way it actually is. Take it from me.