Bizarre ER - Lock Jaw

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Автор muzicwonderland ( назад)

Автор SMACKDOWN Live ( назад)
That's my mom

Автор PG Thirteen ( назад)
I have a cracky jaw. Should I see someone about it? Do I have a higher chance of getting it?

Автор Riley Porto ( назад)
Can I get one more sub pls

Автор david kimlinski ( назад)
I'm scared to yawn now or even open my mouth

Автор Cupcake 21 ( назад)
Omg the sou,d

Автор Just_Chloe_ Indiana ( назад)
My jaw dislocates it self 3x a week I usually pop it back in place

Автор DudeFromEndor ( назад)
That pop, anybody else hear it.

Автор Amy Parker ( назад)
lol, I was expecting to see a patient suffering from tetanus

Автор Catherine Chuungwe ( назад)
bite down

Автор Georgia Green ( назад)
it was a real sound? when his jaw went back ..... oh God creepy

Автор Vivian S ( назад)
My jaw is double jointed so i can do that with no problem i just pop it i scare people doing that

Автор Mia Barragan ( назад)
Oh god I heard that crack then I heard a POP?!?!?

Автор Kenneth Jones ( назад)
That pop...

Автор QUEEN KEY ( назад)
it be hard to under stand cause my jaw keep lockin bite doooooown bite down

Автор Mitchell Mitchell ( назад)

Автор Leia Jones ( назад)
it be hard to understand because my jaw keep locking bite down bite down it toot a ***** up I boot a ***** up

Автор Thylacina ( назад)
Oooooh, I felt that! >.<

Автор Ltecia Davis ( назад)
i have had this happen 3 times this year alone. and god they fucking hurt

Автор Rinnegan Ice ( назад)
ohh I heard that pop back in

Автор MilkyWayz ( назад)
It be hard to understand me cause my jaw keep locking.

Автор AshbashB Sisters ( назад)
Did anyone else cringe super hard when his jaw went back into place

Автор Amari Holt ( назад)
it be hard to understand cause my jaw keep locking

Автор lovelyxskinny ( назад)
lol I died at the doctor's monotone voice at 1:00 +

Автор lovelyxskinny ( назад)
lol I died at the doctor's monotone voice at 1:00 +

Автор Nerdstacheo ( назад)
That end noise 😫

Автор Agent_Blackwing ( назад)
I was expecting this...
nurse- How did this happen?
guy-I was eating a sandwich and it happened before.
guy-Eating a sandwich.

Автор HARAMBE ( назад)
It be hard to understand me cause my jaw keep locking.Bite down,Bite down.

Автор Eldred Williams ( назад)
it be hard to understand me cause my jaw keep lockin

Автор Angela Calhoun ( назад)
Wow that looked like it it would hurt!

Автор Kiara Robinson ( назад)
It be hard to understand because my jaw keep locking. 😂😂😂😂

Автор KidRaph ( назад)
It be hard to watch the cash when the bands keep droppin'

Автор Savannah Hamm ( назад)
he's hot

Автор Nahje Mulligan ( назад)
That thump

Автор Nikki Outside The Box ( назад)
Bro! Quit questioning me until you fix my jaw LOL

Автор Almighty Jay ( назад)
It be hard to understand me cause my jaw keep locking

Автор Lost Silver ( назад)
I was trying to yawn but couldn't ;-;

Автор Foxa 2.0 ( назад)
Isn't the pelvis the strongest bone in the body

Автор kimmeliten ( назад)
i've had nightmares about this. thank god it hasnt happened to me yet. :P

Автор mikakami93 ( назад)
do not yawn so wide guys lmao

Автор waleed yaseen ( назад)
Ah fuck , that crack

Автор Kiran Mann ( назад)
That click must have been painful

Автор Amygeddon GAMER (1868 лет назад)
John barrowman narrating cool lol

Автор 420BlazinDoritos ( назад)
I have never been more scared to yawn in my life!

Автор Melinaaaay ( назад)
Does it hurt? (when they pop it back in place)

Автор hisinternet ( назад)
I never want to eat or yawn again. Fuck it.

Автор Jesse Hernandez ( назад)
the narrator kinda sounds like captain jack harkness

Автор kasimir ballard ( назад)

Автор madison Furgus ( назад)
this happened to my jaw before and i just grabbed my bat and hit my jaw and it worked

Автор Kelly H ( назад)
I was bout to yawn but then after he said he was yawnin I was abit scared !

Автор Agent James ( назад)
If u push then it can't work then copy the move on Mortal kombat x -X ray

Автор Cara Smith ( назад)
This made me so uncomfortable. Eughhhhh

Автор Sonny ( назад)
i dont know why but it makes me cringe

Автор Beyonder555 ( назад)
If this happened to a girl, there would be so many sexual jokes

Автор Jayden James ( назад)

Автор carlover ( назад)
Doesnt look like its the first time he had an old man in his mouth.

Автор Darkenedbyshadows ( назад)
Now everytime I eat sandwiches, I'm so fucking paranoid. But my GF likes it, so it is worth it. xDDD

Автор Derekjcb ( назад)
Mike Tyson should be doctor and give this guy an uppercut

Автор Somesweet Sunshine ( назад)
Omg really

Автор FuzzOnMyNuggets ( назад)
that was the most satisfying pop I’ve ever heard in my life.

Автор Christian Mora ( назад)
At the end it sound like it hurt

Автор ayouknowzyoutuba ( назад)
"Must have been..one Hell of ah Sandwich".

Автор metalmaniacmat ( назад)
This happens to me alot, usually when I'm yawning. Most of the time I can get it back in myself within 20 minutes. I've only had to go to the hospital once.

Автор Bishop Gainz ( назад)
Am I the only one who died of laughter at the beginning of the video? I felt bad to laugh though.

Автор Tottykidd15 ( назад)
He's lying... He was eating ass and it got stuck

Автор John Samanka ( назад)
The look of relief at the end tho 😂priceless

Автор Yenelly ( назад)
My jaw gets locked too but in the opposite way ... I can't open it very much and it has been like this for a while

Автор NattDoesRBLX ( назад)
When he said eat he sound like a Mexican loll 😂😂

Автор Jellya ( назад)
This happens to me all the time XD I always just fix it myself just like that doctor guy did.

Автор Lime Lives Matter ( назад)
Snaptrap(Search It, You'll Know)

Автор kaila Brandley ( назад)
Good dang I herd that pop

Автор Jack Thornberg ( назад)
That was no sandwich. It was my cock

Автор Amy Jarvis ( назад)
Watching this made my jaw hurt

Автор Nolmamer ( назад)
That crack O.O

Автор Gio Briano ( назад)
Ever since I watched this, I try to yawn with my mouth almost closed.

Автор HexedHax ( назад)
Obviously has TMJ, I have it too and this happens from time to time. Usually snaps right back in though. 

Автор jaryhtx ( назад)
My jaw gets locked like that too :/ happens mainly when I yawn real wide It's so annoying ! And scary lol

Автор Shock Diamond ( назад)
Now if only one could apply this illness to anyone at random.

Автор Joseph Falcon ( назад)
um hearing that *cluck* sound makes me not want to open my mouth anymore...

Автор LakeBodomsReaper ( назад)
His girlfriend is with him? Suuure... he was eating a "sandwich." 

Автор Bri Willis ( назад)
my jaw used to do that all the time when I was little... I thought that was normal O_O I guess not.

Автор charlie creech ( назад)
1:06 hahah "ah i cant talk ah"

Автор Lagarda Lagarda ( назад)
that snap tho! :P

Автор Mar'von Lath ( назад)
dat face at the end.!

Автор Nush ( назад)
...who else found their mouth open the whole time until you realise you're doing it...

Автор Kiddo ( назад)
The snap

Автор Chrnan6710 ( назад)
That sound...

Автор Shwoopy cat ( назад)
yikes! i could hear it snap into place!

Автор Yahaira Campos ( назад)

Автор jackson perrett ( назад)

Автор piperkitty1996 ( назад)
Hearing it snap made me wanna puke

Автор jennifer vega ( назад)

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