Bizarre ER - Lock Jaw

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  • adorbsati
    adorbsati 21 час назад

    one side of my jaw is locked and has been locked for about 3 years now lol. not as bad as this case but is painful sometimes🤷🏻‍♀️
    (yes i asked about it and the solution is to get surgery ab every month and i’m not doing that haha)

  • ㅤ ‮
    ㅤ ‮ 9 дней назад

    me 2 hours into a tesla

  • GelloSniper
    GelloSniper 16 дней назад



  • iyhanaavent
    iyhanaavent 22 дня назад

    So scary

  • It's Keira
    It's Keira Месяц назад

    I may never open my mouth again...

  • Coltan Vollrath
    Coltan Vollrath 3 месяца назад

    What a little bitch just give him an uppercut

  • DIAMOND Girl
    DIAMOND Girl 3 месяца назад

    I fell sooooo bad for you

  • Fatima Altaee
    Fatima Altaee 3 месяца назад

    I cringed really hard after his jaw opened

  • Annalisa Mize
    Annalisa Mize 3 месяца назад

    who else can crack their jaw

  • Satan
    Satan 3 месяца назад

    I have tmj so i sorta understand

  • Bruh.its. Kenna
    Bruh.its. Kenna 3 месяца назад

    My jaw gets stuck....I always just pop it back into place usually it happens when I’m talking but all I do is just push my chin up and quickly snap it back in place

  • Wynter
    Wynter 3 месяца назад +2

    y’all know for damn sure tht shit didn’t happen because of a sandwich ;)

  • HDM Reviews
    HDM Reviews 3 месяца назад

    John Barrowman! Love Captain Jack!

  • TMDemon
    TMDemon 3 месяца назад +1

    "this isn't the first time albert's been left with a gaping mouth." lmao

  • I am Usher
    I am Usher 3 месяца назад


  • SSneekyViper
    SSneekyViper 4 месяца назад

    His law got jocked.

  • sami chowdhury
    sami chowdhury 5 месяцев назад

    Happened to me twice , really.

  • Sergeant Extreme
    Sergeant Extreme 5 месяцев назад

    He was eating a sandwich......a muff sandwich

  • Kayla - Azuro
    Kayla - Azuro 5 месяцев назад

    He be succing dick 😂😂
    Ok ok I'll go now, hope the sandwich was worth it.

  • Mason's Mocs
    Mason's Mocs 6 месяцев назад

    FUCK THAT SHIT, NOPE nope nope nope soooo much NOPE

  • Deuce
    Deuce 7 месяцев назад

    its not lockjaw... its a dislocation, lockjaw (trismus) is a muscle spasm that holds the jaw forcefully closed

  • Âļ¡ ßûbbļêš
    Âļ¡ ßûbbļêš 7 месяцев назад

    Good thing he wasn't eating something else, if ya know what I mean! *cough* gay *cough*

  • Some fuckface
    Some fuckface 7 месяцев назад

    Carlotta's a bitch.

  • muzicwonderland
    muzicwonderland 9 месяцев назад


    CARTMAN 10 месяцев назад

    That's my mom

  • PG Thirteen
    PG Thirteen 11 месяцев назад

    I have a cracky jaw. Should I see someone about it? Do I have a higher chance of getting it?

  • Riley Porto
    Riley Porto 11 месяцев назад

    Can I get one more sub pls

  • David Kimlinski
    David Kimlinski 11 месяцев назад

    I'm scared to yawn now or even open my mouth

  • Cupcake 21
    Cupcake 21 Год назад

    Omg the sou,d

  • Just_Chloe_ Indiana
    Just_Chloe_ Indiana Год назад

    My jaw dislocates it self 3x a week I usually pop it back in place

  • DudeFromEndor
    DudeFromEndor Год назад

    That pop, anybody else hear it.

  • Amy Parker
    Amy Parker Год назад

    lol, I was expecting to see a patient suffering from tetanus

  • Catherine Chuungwe
    Catherine Chuungwe Год назад

    bite down

  • Georgia Green
    Georgia Green Год назад

    it was a real sound? when his jaw went back ..... oh God creepy

  • Vivian S
    Vivian S Год назад

    My jaw is double jointed so i can do that with no problem i just pop it i scare people doing that

  • Mia Barragan
    Mia Barragan Год назад +1

    Oh god I heard that crack then I heard a POP?!?!?

  • Kenneth Jones
    Kenneth Jones Год назад +2

    That pop...

    QUEEN KEY Год назад

    it be hard to under stand cause my jaw keep lockin bite doooooown bite down

  • Mitchell Mitchell
    Mitchell Mitchell Год назад +10


    • Angel Lynn
      Angel Lynn 11 месяцев назад

      lol im dead

  • Leia Jones
    Leia Jones Год назад +1

    it be hard to understand because my jaw keep locking bite down bite down it toot a ***** up I boot a ***** up

  • Thylacina
    Thylacina Год назад

    Oooooh, I felt that! >.<

  • Ltecia Davis
    Ltecia Davis Год назад

    i have had this happen 3 times this year alone. and god they fucking hurt

  • Rinnegan Ice
    Rinnegan Ice Год назад +13

    ohh I heard that pop back in

  • SwiizYT
    SwiizYT Год назад +1

    It be hard to understand me cause my jaw keep locking.

  • Ashbash B
    Ashbash B Год назад +88

    Did anyone else cringe super hard when his jaw went back into place

    • NutBoi McSlave
      NutBoi McSlave 6 дней назад

      I almost fucking died

    • Xsuprio
      Xsuprio Месяц назад

      Thanks for the heads-up.

    • Angel Lynn
      Angel Lynn 11 месяцев назад +2


    • Jayda Davis
      Jayda Davis Год назад +1

      AshbashB Sisters me ugh it sound bad

  • Amari Holt
    Amari Holt Год назад +1

    it be hard to understand cause my jaw keep locking

  • lovelyxskinny
    lovelyxskinny Год назад +17

    lol I died at the doctor's monotone voice at 1:00 +

    • Elbarq Elsa3ek
      Elbarq Elsa3ek 7 месяцев назад

      lovelyxskinny I am actually glad he did it... Very educative

  • lovelyxskinny
    lovelyxskinny Год назад +1

    lol I died at the doctor's monotone voice at 1:00 +

  • Nerdstacheo
    Nerdstacheo Год назад +12

    That end noise 😫

  • Agent_Blackwing
    Agent_Blackwing Год назад +124

    I was expecting this...
    nurse- How did this happen?
    guy-I was eating a sandwich and it happened before.
    guy-Eating a sandwich.

  • Mr.Clout
    Mr.Clout Год назад +1

    It be hard to understand me cause my jaw keep locking.Bite down,Bite down.

  • Eldred Williams
    Eldred Williams Год назад

    it be hard to understand me cause my jaw keep lockin

  • Angela Calhoun
    Angela Calhoun Год назад

    Wow that looked like it it would hurt!

  • Kiara Robinson
    Kiara Robinson Год назад +1

    It be hard to understand because my jaw keep locking. 😂😂😂😂

    • Lil_Meat
      Lil_Meat Год назад


  • KidRaph
    KidRaph Год назад +7

    It be hard to watch the cash when the bands keep droppin'

  • Savannah Hamm
    Savannah Hamm Год назад

    he's hot

  • Nahje Mulligan
    Nahje Mulligan Год назад

    That thump

  • Nikki Dope
    Nikki Dope Год назад +25

    Bro! Quit questioning me until you fix my jaw LOL

  • Almighty Jay
    Almighty Jay Год назад +205

    It be hard to understand me cause my jaw keep locking

    • MZ J
      MZ J 14 дней назад


    • lil obesosa
      lil obesosa Месяц назад

      Damn u I was jus bout to comment that

    • Dark Wolf
      Dark Wolf 4 месяца назад +1

      hes not dumb if he bit down he wouldn't be here

    • Kdog 123
      Kdog 123 6 месяцев назад +1

      Almighty Jay lmfao i was looking up that song when i found this video 😂😂😂

    • Word Life
      Word Life 8 месяцев назад

      Almighty Jay Lmao, smh...this was the first comment I saw watching this.

  • Lost Silver
    Lost Silver Год назад

    I was trying to yawn but couldn't ;-;

  • Foxa 2.0
    Foxa 2.0 Год назад +1

    Isn't the pelvis the strongest bone in the body

    • Eve Richmond
      Eve Richmond Год назад

      I know right I saw her finger get stuck in know what I mean#blessed

    • OmgItsEmily
      OmgItsEmily Год назад


    • M1ND0FM1NE
      M1ND0FM1NE Год назад

      they said 'one of the strongest' not the strongest

  • kimmeliten
    kimmeliten Год назад +2

    i've had nightmares about this. thank god it hasnt happened to me yet. :P

  • mikakami93
    mikakami93 Год назад

    do not yawn so wide guys lmao

  • waleed yaseen
    waleed yaseen Год назад +3

    Ah fuck , that crack

  • Kiran Mann
    Kiran Mann Год назад +1

    That click must have been painful

  • Amygeddon GAMER
    Amygeddon GAMER 2 года назад +1

    John barrowman narrating cool lol

    • lovelyxskinny
      lovelyxskinny Год назад

      is it really???? sounds like him

  • 420BlazinDoritos
    420BlazinDoritos 2 года назад +91

    I have never been more scared to yawn in my life!

    • GGggr Aaaah
      GGggr Aaaah Год назад +3

      Marijuana Girl
      lame joke, kid

    • Britney Miller
      Britney Miller Год назад

      Or not.

    • Suzanne H
      Suzanne H Год назад +4

      Donald Trump then maybe you should always keep your mouth shut. Just a thought

    • Britney Miller
      Britney Miller Год назад

      It'll be tremendous believe me.

  • Melinaaaay
    Melinaaaay 2 года назад

    Does it hurt? (when they pop it back in place)

  • hisinternet
    hisinternet 2 года назад +1

    I never want to eat or yawn again. Fuck it.

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez 2 года назад

    the narrator kinda sounds like captain jack harkness

    • gorillaau
      gorillaau Год назад

      hehe. Torchwood did it.

  • kasimir ballard
    kasimir ballard 2 года назад


  • madison Furgus
    madison Furgus 2 года назад

    this happened to my jaw before and i just grabbed my bat and hit my jaw and it worked

  • Kelly H
    Kelly H 2 года назад +19

    I was bout to yawn but then after he said he was yawnin I was abit scared !

    • Iv_painful_vI
      Iv_painful_vI 2 года назад

      +Rylin Tackett class

    • Iv_painful_vI
      Iv_painful_vI 2 года назад

      i kowe right i was in claas

    • kasimir ballard
      kasimir ballard 2 года назад

      yep yawning can make other people yawn even saying it can make u yawn

  • Agent James
    Agent James 2 года назад

    If u push then it can't work then copy the move on Mortal kombat x -X ray

  • Cara Smith
    Cara Smith 2 года назад

    This made me so uncomfortable. Eughhhhh

  • Sonny
    Sonny 2 года назад

    i dont know why but it makes me cringe

  • Beyonder555
    Beyonder555 2 года назад +73

    If this happened to a girl, there would be so many sexual jokes

    • EMCCLUB200
      EMCCLUB200 Год назад +2

      There has.

    • OmgItsEmily
      OmgItsEmily Год назад +3

      It has I've watched a vid of it

    • UnderTemJoy :3
      UnderTemJoy :3 Год назад +1

      +Mersu i saw that one omg that was alot of popsicle sticks!

    • Pikachu 123
      Pikachu 123 Год назад

      +Meeri Koskenkangas (Mersu) idk Bizzare ER!!!!

    • Mesruksi
      Mesruksi 2 года назад +6

      well there was a girl who yawned in class and this happened to her. They tired her jaw muscels with popsicle sticks and her jaw was back to normal.

  • JJ James
    JJ James 2 года назад +1


  • carlover
    carlover 2 года назад

    Doesnt look like its the first time he had an old man in his mouth.

  • Darkenedbyshadows
    Darkenedbyshadows 2 года назад

    Now everytime I eat sandwiches, I'm so fucking paranoid. But my GF likes it, so it is worth it. xDDD

    • Oka Ruto
      Oka Ruto Год назад

      I was just gonna have sandwich for lunch.. but I rethink that

  • Derekjcb
    Derekjcb 2 года назад +16

    Mike Tyson should be doctor and give this guy an uppercut

    • OMG its Liam
      OMG its Liam Год назад

      +knowledge facts It wouldnt work like that because science proves u dont hit your hardest and you think and then hit which is about half ur strength

    • Sicktor
      Sicktor Год назад

      +knowledge facts Stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself

    • Yassine Messaoudi
      Yassine Messaoudi Год назад

      dude i just had this and i gave myself 3 hard uppercuts and it actually helped. I did have a crazy headache afterwards but it was worth it.

    • VioletImpact
      VioletImpact 2 года назад

      LMAO!!!!! 😂😂😂

    • Mike The Fox
      Mike The Fox 2 года назад +3

      +Derekjcb wouldnt that worsen the condition?

  • Somesweet Sunshine
    Somesweet Sunshine 2 года назад

    Omg really

  • FuzzOnMyNuggets
    FuzzOnMyNuggets 2 года назад +9

    that was the most satisfying pop I’ve ever heard in my life.

  • Christian Mora
    Christian Mora 2 года назад +6

    At the end it sound like it hurt

  • ayouknowzyoutuba
    ayouknowzyoutuba 2 года назад +37

    "Must have Hell of ah Sandwich".

    • Chloe Kendall
      Chloe Kendall Год назад +2

      +Kathastrophic Gamer "I'm simply one hell of a butler" 😂😂😂😂

    • Kathastrophic Gamer
      Kathastrophic Gamer 2 года назад +1

      Black butler anyone?

    • Tokken
      Tokken 2 года назад

      +ayouknowzyoutuba huh yes i do im level 40

    • ayouknowzyoutuba
      ayouknowzyoutuba 2 года назад

      +TechnoElf Lol, nah...don't even have the game. Just thought it was a cool emblem.

    • Tokken
      Tokken 2 года назад

      finally some one that plays desTiny

  • metalmaniacmat
    metalmaniacmat 2 года назад

    This happens to me alot, usually when I'm yawning. Most of the time I can get it back in myself within 20 minutes. I've only had to go to the hospital once.

  • Bishop Gainz
    Bishop Gainz 2 года назад +3

    Am I the only one who died of laughter at the beginning of the video? I felt bad to laugh though.

    • Chloe Kendall
      Chloe Kendall Год назад

      I laughed at "one hell of a sandwich" lol

    • DIANA Castine
      DIANA Castine 2 года назад +1

      +J Shmoney I laughed because It seemed like a funny matter to me :3

  • Tottykidd15
    Tottykidd15 3 года назад +11

    He's lying... He was eating ass and it got stuck

  • John Samanka
    John Samanka 3 года назад +2

    The look of relief at the end tho 😂priceless

  • Yenelly
    Yenelly 3 года назад +6

    My jaw gets locked too but in the opposite way ... I can't open it very much and it has been like this for a while

  • NattDoesRBLX
    NattDoesRBLX 3 года назад

    When he said eat he sound like a Mexican loll 😂😂

  • Jellya
    Jellya 3 года назад

    This happens to me all the time XD I always just fix it myself just like that doctor guy did.

  • Lime Lives Matter
    Lime Lives Matter 3 года назад

    Snaptrap(Search It, You'll Know)

  • kaila Brandley
    kaila Brandley 3 года назад +10

    Good dang I herd that pop

  • Jack Thornberg
    Jack Thornberg 3 года назад +56

    That was no sandwich. It was my cock

    • Mr. McCree
      Mr. McCree 2 месяца назад

      Nigga you gay

    • Isela Jimenez
      Isela Jimenez 3 месяца назад

      Rosalina Green n weakk

    • Rosalina Green
      Rosalina Green 3 месяца назад +1

      Jack Thornberg I wonder how he would've been able to get his jaw locked with something that tiny?

    • Jmack1lla
      Jmack1lla 3 года назад +5

      +Jack Thornberg i love youtube

    • Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright 3 года назад

      +Jack Thornberg get rekt m8 GG!

  • Amy Jarvis
    Amy Jarvis 3 года назад +9

    Watching this made my jaw hurt

  • Nolmamer
    Nolmamer 3 года назад +1

    That crack O.O

  • Gio Briano
    Gio Briano 3 года назад +30

    Ever since I watched this, I try to yawn with my mouth almost closed.

    • Beautygurl101
      Beautygurl101 2 года назад +3

      Omfg that Pop tho at the end

    • mark dunbar
      mark dunbar 3 года назад +1

      I do too cause before this one I saw a different one and now im scared that will happen to me and I HATE pain

    • ct92404
      ct92404 3 года назад

      I think you have to have some kind of condition that makes you prone to getting your jaw dislocated, or you'd have to have some kind of traumatic injury like crashing on a bike or skateboard and hitting your jaw. In almost all the videos I've seen, if someone dislocates their jaw from just eating or yawning or whatever, they say that it has happened before. So although this happens to a lot of people, it's probably pretty rare for most people. It's never happened to me and I personally don't know of anyone who had it happen to them. So you don't need to worry :)

  • HexedHax
    HexedHax 3 года назад

    Obviously has TMJ, I have it too and this happens from time to time. Usually snaps right back in though.

    • Amy Jarvis
      Amy Jarvis 3 года назад +3

      I have it also, and I HATE it! Can't chew gum much cuz I get headaches from it. And sometimes my jaw does get stuck, but not like his!

  • jaryhtx
    jaryhtx 4 года назад

    My jaw gets locked like that too :/ happens mainly when I yawn real wide It's so annoying ! And scary lol