WayV 威神V '爱不释手 (Let me love u)' Self-Filmed MV

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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  • Nabila Hanim
    Nabila Hanim 12 minutes ago

    Hope wayv will get more recognitions in future

  • A Sophia
    A Sophia 22 minutes ago

    I feel like I need to get a Keeping up with WayV after this.
    Their happiness is my happiness 💚😘💚

  • annoodles uwu
    annoodles uwu Hour ago

    Im crying because of their visuals and talent. ❤️ U cant leave anyone behind. Proud that all of em are my bias. 😋😍

  • سديم مساعد
    سديم مساعد 8 hours ago


  • سديم مساعد
    سديم مساعد 8 hours ago

    i loveee youu

  • kieu nhung chu thi
    kieu nhung chu thi 9 hours ago

    I think people didnt give some of them enough attention !Like what, why they could not notice that Xiao Jun, Hendery and Yang Yang are freaking handsome...?

  • kieu nhung chu thi
    kieu nhung chu thi 10 hours ago

    Me: oke fine, i will choose my bias after this video
    WayV: Hi
    Me: Yes now i know my biases are all of these handsome guys!

  • kieu nhung chu thi
    kieu nhung chu thi 10 hours ago

    No wait, it is not real...They can not be all so so handsome like that! Im mean i can not choose my bias.....

  • Maria Saavedra
    Maria Saavedra 11 hours ago

    WayV is cute

  • Pamela Villanueva
    Pamela Villanueva 16 hours ago

    This sent my heart to the heavens and my ovaries ablaze 😍😍😍

  • Nongnooch Srichum
    Nongnooch Srichum 16 hours ago

    LLL;pokroko klgpgyu,lhkhlkhyly;hlhiklh[lk;lul;lh;k,gu[

  • Donna O'Connell
    Donna O'Connell 21 hour ago

    That is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. They all look so sweet and soft. How is it possible??.🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Ployfonnjrm
    Ployfonnjrm Day ago

    I come back to this everyday cuz this make me smile and give me a lot of passion.💗 and I have 1 question to ask 3:09 whoes back is that? ☺😳

  • Ossy Wahyuni
    Ossy Wahyuni Day ago

    hendery stop being so handsome pls i can not;(

  • Mary Joyce
    Mary Joyce Day ago

    This is like the most beautiful song of them. I-

  • lovely subliminals
    lovely subliminals Day ago +1


  • Misae Nisihara
    Misae Nisihara Day ago

    I love Ten🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Some Person
    Some Person 2 days ago

    "Let me love you"
    no u. let me love you.

  • 百合孟
    百合孟 2 days ago


  • 百合孟
    百合孟 2 days ago

    Hendery young boy why are u shirtless

  • Park hyun Naa
    Park hyun Naa 3 days ago

    I'm falling in love you tooo 😘❤️❤️

  • Park hyun Naa
    Park hyun Naa 3 days ago

    Ahhh ten bikin saya jatuh cinta 💓💓💓💓

  • stephanie soto
    stephanie soto 3 days ago

    that awko taco moment when u tear up while watching this

  • Goh -
    Goh - 3 days ago +3

    this song is really so sweet and nice ,it deserves 200m views

  • Michi K
    Michi K 4 days ago +1

    Omg, I got an ad for this vid which was WayV's first korean music show broadcast of moonwalk!!

  • Fiona Nah
    Fiona Nah 4 days ago

    I'm in love with this song-song-song-song-song 😍❤

  • Fonda Tung
    Fonda Tung 4 days ago


  • Jj Rfh
    Jj Rfh 4 days ago +3

    i came again because i'm sad about how sm treat them when kun and xiaojun come to the dream show but sm being coward again for not post their picture with dreamies

  • Geneva Alim
    Geneva Alim 4 days ago


  • shise188
    shise188 5 days ago

    I love Xiaojun eyebrows 💚💚💚 2:43 so cute Lucas 💚💚

  • Alpaca Young
    Alpaca Young 5 days ago +3

    Honestly I like WinWin in WayV better than in NCT 127. He doesn’t really fit in NCT 127 because of language barrier, he hardly get any lines because of his pronunciation. He also seems very uncomfortable in NCT 127 because he can’t communicate with the members even though they are close. It’s seems like he can’t get his feelings out. And being close is not just the same as being able to actually talk to other in own language. It’s just different.
    A lot of fans wants him in NCT 127, and are disappointed because Jungwoo joined and WinWin moved to WayV. But I gotta say Jungwoo fits better in NCT 127, no hate on WinWin. Jungwoo has no flaws or what so ever and he gets used to things fast and get comfortable with members because he has no barriers like WinWin.
    And in DANCE and vocal he actually useful, and get a lot of lines. Also personality wise Jungwoo is very open and funny, which makes him him very likable. I am not being biased here, don’t misunderstand. I am just saying Jungwoo fill the spot better than WinWin. I’m not saying WinWin is untalented, just saying he has hard time to shine, because he bare talk or anything in NCT 127, and also NCT 127 have a lot of members who are very popular.
    And WinWin in the other hand seems very happy and bright in WayV. He gets lines and screen times. What more can we wish for, because he was basically invincible in NCT 127. I’m so glad he joined WayV.
    I really wish WayV and NCT becomes big like BTS in the NEAR future.

  • Valeria Holms
    Valeria Holms 5 days ago

    Мило, очаровательно, соблазнительно

  • MC Cervantes
    MC Cervantes 6 days ago

    You need a to support your gram feed like Hendery. *melting*

  • Nessmza
    Nessmza 6 days ago +1

    Like, I just discovered my weakness and it's calles Xiao Dejun 😍🤩 he's so precious I really can't

  • Sofie VdB
    Sofie VdB 6 days ago

    i didnt even realize i could smile this hard uwu

  • Rei kun
    Rei kun 6 days ago +2

    They did dirty on thumbnail...

  • Ini Bocil
    Ini Bocil 7 days ago +2

    Me: **tap this video and got moonwalk ad**
    Also me: *okay, lets don't try to skip this ad:>*

  • Thaye Lucas
    Thaye Lucas 7 days ago

    omg i love it

  • jams엔시티
    jams엔시티 7 days ago

    🥰🥰they are the sweetest

  • mapirin_P'M
    mapirin_P'M 7 days ago

    This hair style fit Ten the most. ;-;

  • na Naa
    na Naa 7 days ago

    OMG Lucas your voice so manly, I hope you can be solo singer...... #LoveWayV #LoveBabyLucas

  • S D
    S D 7 days ago

    torn between love talk and let me love u for having me an eargasm

  • Nicole Consulta
    Nicole Consulta 7 days ago

    love song of the century

  • Nicole Consulta
    Nicole Consulta 7 days ago

    my love song

  • Alvernon garga Vaughn


  • kimtaehyungish
    kimtaehyungish 8 days ago


  • Huiern
    Huiern 8 days ago

    Love them so much

  • Minjoss
    Minjoss 8 days ago

    Loving ten's smile always

  • Moomin Journal
    Moomin Journal 8 days ago


  • yunchi naja
    yunchi naja 8 days ago

    Ahh cute
    Feel good mv
    WayV is so so cute
    Their relations are so awesome

  • Trexie Karen Cadalin
    Trexie Karen Cadalin 8 days ago +1

    Finally lucas can sing even not rap lines😍😘😙

  • Cristina Navarrete
    Cristina Navarrete 8 days ago +1

    2:29 Kun pouting has to be the cutest thing on earth

  • Crystal Chen
    Crystal Chen 8 days ago

    Yuta must love this thumbnail

  • Moomin Journal
    Moomin Journal 9 days ago

    They all are so cutee💖💕

  • yellowbelly47
    yellowbelly47 9 days ago

    That's so cute barely I can handle it uuwwuuu~

  • Renata Nurfitriyani
    Renata Nurfitriyani 9 days ago

    Are you sure that winwin isn't a 5 y.o? I mean look at that cutie baby

  • 玫陈
    玫陈 9 days ago +3

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    These are the MVS for those who are new! Regular, Dream Launch, Take Off, Let Me Love U, Moonwalk and Love Talk.
    #Show your support on WayV

  • J
    J 9 days ago

    I don’t know but I can’t handle their cuteness...it’s too much hahaha, the whole WayV is just too much to handle 🤩

  • 0901 Kassar
    0901 Kassar 9 days ago