Second Round: Gonzaga ousts Northwestern

Gonzaga nearly blows a 22-point lead and hangs on to beat Northwestern, 79-73. Nigel Williams-Goss took control for the Bulldogs with 20 points and 8 rebounds.

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Автор Bill Wilson ( назад)
They don't even get paid LOL

Автор emanuscriptgraphics ( назад)
Hate when poor refereeing decides games.

Автор Mathilde Durand ( назад)
suspicion sector alien rest nobody inspiration hard.

Автор Zachary Richardson ( назад)
Wander maintenance accept mention magic actress involved freeze object.

Автор Ike Davis ( назад)
Best Goaltending and Best Refs of all time. Go Zags.

Автор goobiehoobie ( назад)
Still unlikely they would have come back even if Gonzaga got the penalty.

Автор Jessica Lizarraga ( назад)
who's the cute guy in the thumbnail

Автор Katin Vidal ( назад)
If either team is really that good there should have been a blowout on either side. There wasn't. It's shameful that a game should even come down to people arguing about calls

Автор TazTalksYouListen ( назад)
Those refs are ready for the NBA.

Автор Cado ( назад)
4 point swing with that missed call sad but neither team would win it all anyways lol

Автор TheAlejandro2070 ( назад)
Children with rabies in the second 0:50

Автор wjRainbow ( назад)
I am SSOOOO glad that Northwestern lost, ONLY because if that frickin kid.

Автор versatylepoetry ( назад)
if you ever played serious ball, you know one call can change a game, especially in the final moments, sad, and in an era when we have"replay"....

Автор David Esparza ( назад)
why is this season the most talked about in history??

Автор 闵柳 ( назад)

Автор The ProperGander ( назад)
Kanetown 509 Stand Up!!! Bulldogs! Bulldogs! Bulldogs!

Автор Ultimate Sporting ( назад)
Can you help us get to 100 subs

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
This game was bs

Автор scot smith ( назад)
refs missed a crucial call, which could have changed the game ,

Автор STORMTROOPER588 ( назад)
rigged asf

Автор Albert Giesbrecht ( назад)
Nice Gozangas!

Автор Zachary Prillhart ( назад)
The refs still apologized for the goaltending call and Gonzaga deserves a ring this year after almost going undefeated. Go Zags!!!

Автор TheLegend27 ( назад)

Автор Ender ( назад)
Did anybody see the referee's dog? I thought most blind people had seeing eye dogs but I didn't see his. Weird.

Автор Smockie ( назад)


Автор xmeng101 ( назад)

Автор Cameron Zipper ( назад)
That call tho

Автор Joe Jones ( назад)
refs paid.

Автор Red Star ( назад)
#32 Gonzaga player is pretty hot ❤

Автор Lisa Sandoval ( назад)

Автор missold771? yet? ( назад)
Still wish Kevin Pangos played for Gonzaga he was the best three throw shooter I've ever seen.

Автор Timothy McCaskey ( назад)
Gonzaga is famous for being a Cinderella Team. If I'm not mistaken John Stockton hails from Gonzaga.

Автор Sharon Gallup ( назад)

Автор Josh Wong ( назад)
That kid at the end

Автор Lexie Lou ( назад)
The officials changed the course of the game and handed the game to Gonzaga

Автор Jansen Ravioli ( назад)
One of the worst missed calls in basketball history. How does not a single ref see his hand go entirely through the rim? Wow. Such a shame for northwestern. Wouldve made it 63-60 with momentum in their favor. Never know how that wouldve ended.

Автор Honest Thumbnail ( назад)
yes! my bracket is still perfect

Автор smithtable15 ( назад)
Zags played well but this game will forever have an asterisk because of that obvious goaltend. These refs need to step it up. That call and tech killed the Northwestern's momentum.

Автор Pizzartmusic_5 ( назад)

F off F off
-Boy at the end

Автор D Marksman ( назад)
why is this trending with 15,000 views

Автор Lonnie B ( назад)

Автор supersonicthz ( назад)
Northwestern deserved to make at least sweet 16. Literal garbage

Автор Jake Draeger ( назад)
subscribe to me ill subscribe back

Автор Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht ( назад)
Gonzaga is a complete team and plays defense better than anybody in the tournament. One call was not gonna change that game. A whole lot of talent.

Автор Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht ( назад)
Love it. Go Bulldogs!

Автор ridor9th ( назад)
Northwestern was robbed. Gonzaga won't make it to Final Four.

Автор Michael Hegyan ( назад)

Автор southsidesman ( назад)
The mistake the refs made cost them a 3 point lead; the mistake Collins made cost them 7 points and the game. Overdue technical with antics before it: very disappointed in Collins, he selfishly took the game away from his players.

Автор Confuseshows ( назад)
That block should be going to shaq'tin a fool

Автор echoalpha ( назад)
that kid at the end is such a snowflake

Автор Swimbait1 ( назад)
Freakin awesome, the smallest college still winning.

Автор Nathan Amanuel ( назад)
Referees swear that they're always right

Автор Sport Perfect ( назад)
Anyone else fell bad 4 the kid at the end

Автор Sport Perfect ( назад)
Who expected North western to win anyway?

Автор Gus10271 ( назад)
The ref fixed this game

Автор Chauntel Bland ( назад)
That kid they showed at the end of this clip looked like he was cussing!

Автор Samir Huq ( назад)
I don't watch college basketball. The last time I heard Gonzaga is Adam Morrison.

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