Google in Africa...

  • Published on May 17, 2019
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  • Niek van Doren
    Niek van Doren Month ago


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  • Vanche Play
    Vanche Play Month ago +1

    Русский комент.

  • Mango man
    Mango man Month ago

    I have said Google wrong the whole time it’s gooloo gooloo

  • Roger De la cruz Rosero


  • Kailey Young
    Kailey Young Month ago

    :) :)

  • Kailey Young
    Kailey Young Month ago +1

    THis had me almost pee my ppppppants

  • Rayane E Rayssa Tubers


  • stuff
    stuff Month ago

    Is she trying to communicate with a Turkey?

  • Louts37 [ALB] free fire Vorbaj


  • kunai
    kunai Month ago +2

    work in class: 0:00

    the exam: 0:11

  • the gamerYT
    the gamerYT Month ago

    Soy el unico españ0l xd

  • Grétka Pustaiová
    Grétka Pustaiová Month ago

    Prepáčte že píšem po slovensky ale je to aj srandovné video a kde sa sťahuju hry tak na tik toke sú aj srandovné videa 😁

  • Adrian Celano
    Adrian Celano Month ago

    se. non. Mi. Conosci. Mi. Chiamo. Adrian

  • Hayriye Zorlu
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  • Pandar
    Pandar Month ago +1

    Dźiii,Dźiiiiiii,Ooooo,Ooooo,Ooooo,Ooooo,Dźijii,ijiiii, ELE,Ele, E,Iiii, GULU GULU!!!!!!!!,GULU GULU!!!!!!!,hahahahaahahahaha

  • Vina Baldeo
    Vina Baldeo Month ago +1

    Bruh I have been watching this everyday for the past week😂😂😂😂

  • Bęl ïbtįssęm
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  • elegamer argaez
    elegamer argaez Month ago



    Gulu gulu kkkkkkk

  • ItTookMe90FrickinDaysToChangeMyName Dorienn

    When Africa learns a new word

  • kweiny
    kweiny Month ago +18

    "Whats the Wi-Fi Password?"
    "It's on the back of the Router."
    The Back of the Router:

  • TheEshay Gang
    TheEshay Gang Month ago

    G O O G L E gorrilla glue

  • ExiDynamo
    ExiDynamo Month ago +1

  • Steve Diesel
    Steve Diesel Month ago

    "Google has left the chat room"

  • Grand Admiral not Karen

    She's speaking the language of a god

  • Wanderer in10452
    Wanderer in10452 Month ago

    Perfect English

  • قلبك اسود YT


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    Lemti XD Month ago


  • В Германии

    Google заплатит 1,5 млн за взлом смартфонов Pixel

  • Myllena Silva.
    Myllena Silva. 2 months ago

    Gulu gulu ;-;

  • Bhuttu Ali
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  • Lime Daily
    Lime Daily 2 months ago +1

    The very end sound like angry birds when you finish the round

  • Aleksandar Vasilev
    Aleksandar Vasilev 2 months ago

    The Time will come, some will rejoice, others will cry!
    From which, you want to be ..?
    Comes, this day, will come day - cruel and day - blessed, some will rejoice, and others will cry..
    Accept Christ you to be and save you ... not to have the death power over you!
    Accept Christ to be saved, let no death be upon you ...
    Time is short, Kingdom is near, choice is yours - Merciful I am, short is this, worldly delight, because it takes you to - a dungeon pit ....
    Time is short, Kingdom is near, choice is yours - Merciful Im, short is this, worldly delight, because it takes you to - a dungeon pit ....
    Time is short, Kingdom is near, choice is yours - Merciful I am, short is this, worldly delight, because it takes you to - a dungeon pit ....

  • Emerson Almeida
    Emerson Almeida 2 months ago

    Gluglu kkkkkk

  • Ghofrane Baazaoui
    Ghofrane Baazaoui 2 months ago


  • Pink Johamnia
    Pink Johamnia 2 months ago +1

    This is africa, when the class ends, they let go the Hyenas :v

  • Miguel Monteiro
    Miguel Monteiro 2 months ago

    Google AfricanofodaseKKKKKKK

  • Pedro #souemigrantedatwitch


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  • Gioco e invento vitiello

    Comment do not sense my Micheal and frencklin forever hahaha hello

  • kingpablo1984
    kingpablo1984 2 months ago

    Why do they sound like turkeys after? Lol

  • RBLXMinigunner
    RBLXMinigunner 2 months ago

    It is funny. I posted it on facebook.

  • Wolfy yy
    Wolfy yy 2 months ago

    BIG bRAIn Time

  • N¡co¿ ?Rūbîo
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  • Jes Bosbes
    Jes Bosbes 2 months ago

    Gulu Gulu

  • Jussara Câmara
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  • Tonbogiri
    Tonbogiri 2 months ago

    Not funny, didn't laugh.

  • Joseph Mung
    Joseph Mung 2 months ago

    People who had one job...

  • wehrmacht Heer
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  • Bli-B
    Bli-B 2 months ago

    Thicc teacher

  • dav .delagneau
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    Gooloogooloo Logo (.svg and .jpeg) here:

  • otter
    otter 2 months ago

    Points for trying.

  • Fede sas
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  • Emily Thomas
    Emily Thomas 2 months ago

    Gooloogooloo no it goooogl

  • David Arriaga
    David Arriaga 2 months ago

    Even the kid knew it was bad

  • sandrinha
    sandrinha 2 months ago

    Professora nota 1000 👏👏👏👏