10 Biggest Ships On Earth

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
  • 10 Biggest Ships On Earth
    10 Biggest Ships In The World

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    Videos from Creative Commons


    9. Dockwise Vanguard

    8. NIMITZ



    5. CMA CGM

    4. MSC OSCAR




    Facebook Page:- MESSEGE ME facebook.com/top10informationssss/?fref=ts
    Videos from Creative Commons

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    • Will Y
      Will Y 14 days ago

      The editor's work is very poor. The lens clip is very fragmented, the lens shakes too much, and you can't see the details.

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      You call that crap "Awesome Content"? So many mistakes in this video and the transitions are the worst! For this kind of content nobody should pay a cent so it dies out naturally :) sadly there are way to many people who have to much money and nowhere to put it :D for my self, i got a flashy new extention to block whole channels from appearing on my frontpage again, and I'm gonna use it right now =D

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      TOP 10 INFORMATION - TTI you don’t even record any content of you’re own & grabbing content from wherever possible shouldn’t be too hard considering you’re already making $$ of the views already. If so hard then don’t make videos.

    • will86
      will86 Month ago

      Hi,, Your number one biggest ship is a little on the small side. Offcourse the Dutch build huge floatable objects. As a finishing touch the gods created the Dutch.. The biggest boat in the world atm is the Pioneering Spirit. with a Maximum loaded displacement of 1.000.000 tons. And a width of 124m and length 382(hull) to maximum of 477m (incl. stinger and lifting beams). FLNG Prelude is longer (488m) but is with her max loaded displacement of 600.000tons and width of only 74m a smaller boat.
      At the moment, Pioneering Spirit's much bigger big brother is either on the drawing table or allready being laid down.

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  • Naruto Shippuden
    Naruto Shippuden Day ago +2

    Who would’ve thought you would have a mirror on a ship WOW! lol this is so wrong

  • royex madjos
    royex madjos 3 days ago

    with these gigantic shipping containers, they would enrich the pockets of corrupt personnels in the beaureu of customs in our country,philippines once they made it here.
    luckily,maybe,they hadnt chanced upon to deliver yet in our extremely corrupt country.

  • Dan Vaught
    Dan Vaught 3 days ago

    1:08. How the hell does that even work?

  • Jaime Beezel
    Jaime Beezel 7 days ago

    you show the harmony of the seas not the oasis of the seas

  • Daniel Pollard
    Daniel Pollard 8 days ago

    The ship CMA CGM 😂😂

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  • General Dakota
    General Dakota 10 days ago

    Biggest ship

  • Adam Vagaday
    Adam Vagaday 11 days ago +3

    I don’t understand how Moller Maersk can be the 2nd largest in the world when you named two larger container ships couple of minutes before... Anyway there’s a lot of weird things in this video which I don’t understand...

  • TTV imBoomin
    TTV imBoomin 13 days ago

    3:33 terrist

  • Will Y
    Will Y 14 days ago

    The editor's work is very poor. The lens clip is very fragmented, the lens shakes too much, and you can't see the details.

  • Shadow Mage
    Shadow Mage 14 days ago +1

    What kind of pollution and in what quantities do these ridiculous ships por into our air and Oceans !
    This sucks big time !

  • Sierra Cook
    Sierra Cook 16 days ago

    Oasis of the sea is my favorite boat, imagine it falling on to a house would really crush a house, though.

  • Steve Gad
    Steve Gad 17 days ago

    A ship shipping ship, shipping ships.
    (Yeah, I know something similar has been said. But I still like mine.)

  • K Tagarao
    K Tagarao 17 days ago

    Imagine all those ships combined it would beat the titanic

  • Brent Weeks
    Brent Weeks 20 days ago

    Your “whipping around” video gave me a facking headache. 👎🏻

  • Hayes424
    Hayes424 21 day ago +1

    3:34 it has small scale sh*t models

  • Ton Mussert
    Ton Mussert 21 day ago

    Prelude is not a ship. It needs to be towed.
    Pioneering Spirit is the largest at this moment.

  • PotatoKing
    PotatoKing 23 days ago

    what if they made the china shipping line ship so big so they could fit the name XD

  • Noah Grabowicz
    Noah Grabowicz 24 days ago +2

    I was he owner. Of the biggest yacht

    Then I woke up

  • emPtysp4ce
    emPtysp4ce 27 days ago +2

    Man, if that Oasis of the Seas ever sinks I hope it's in fairly shallow water, 'cause that's gonna be one hell of a scuba diving spot.

  • Bob Risse
    Bob Risse Month ago

    I am so impressed with human water ingenuity.

    • Bob Risse
      Bob Risse Month ago

      What do we do to make our lives better?

  • RonaldMoD
    RonaldMoD Month ago

    A peculiar accent the narrator has...

  • faderck :3
    faderck :3 Month ago

    What if noah ark was this

  • Chase Ryburn
    Chase Ryburn Month ago

    Do a video on largest towboats you'll be fascinated on what we can push just don't butcher it!

  • Chase Ryburn
    Chase Ryburn Month ago

    love how they no nothing about maritime they were calling some of the ships there company name?

  • Denise Smith
    Denise Smith Month ago

    Editing is SO fast and choppy you get little idea what you're actually seeing.

  • WoWo Wolfa
    WoWo Wolfa Month ago

    You completely missed symphony of the seas which is the biggest cruise ship in the world

    • Lesley Sniper
      Lesley Sniper Month ago

      OMG it's the allure of the seas not symphonyyy

  • TeamSquad TM
    TeamSquad TM Month ago

    Unbelivable the ship dosen`t sink with the huge oil rig

  • Utah Pere
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    Gave this video 8.6K likes 👍

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    Safi Graauw Month ago

    I heard you like ships, so I put a ship on top of your ship, so you can float while you're floating.

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  • Indo Surfer
    Indo Surfer Month ago +10

    7:28 A ship with an operating range more than 42 kilometres?

    • Andrew Ray
      Andrew Ray 11 days ago

      i think she meant stopping distance.

  • たまのたますけ


  • Abees Sharmarke
    Abees Sharmarke Month ago

    Woow ooh really lol that was so cool

  • Hughen Flint
    Hughen Flint Month ago

    The australian aircraft carrier is HMAS Canberra the capital ship of the Australian defence force, went on it, alot of steps.

  • Russ Serpico
    Russ Serpico Month ago +1

    What's with this "meters" and "kilometers" shit? Obviously she doesn't know the USA does not use the metric system. What blooming idiot!

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  • Øivind Solheim
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    Hi all you stupid Americans: It's Møller Mærsk, and not Møller Marsk!!!!!

  • Hank Roedell
    Hank Roedell Month ago

    Excessive fast scene changing, what the hell is your hurry?

  • Roxie Kelley
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    Thay or big you jests got to be saffe

  • Deliqat
    Deliqat Month ago

    I got lost in RUclip again

  • Brian Gorman
    Brian Gorman Month ago

    Ridiculous using the metric system to describe the vessels.. thumbs down

  • Jerry Jacques
    Jerry Jacques Month ago

    What happened to the super tankers

  • craig hoeftmann
    craig hoeftmann Month ago

    AWFUL VOICE.....

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    out of my mind

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    Cheap, I need a ship to transport other ships... what?

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    Why the hell does the script sound like it was written by a crappy AI?

  • lekroc
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    Anybody just skip to no.1?

  • Alexander Curtis
    Alexander Curtis Month ago

    So, where is the Seawise Giant?

  • Jason Bell
    Jason Bell Month ago

    The Nimitz class are not the best in the world. HMS Queen Elizabeth has far more better tech then the Nimitz class. The Queen Elizabeth class might not be nuclear powered and have not got cats and traps, but other tech overall is far more adavanced.

    • Jason Bell
      Jason Bell Month ago

      @Alexander Curtis true.

    • Alexander Curtis
      Alexander Curtis Month ago

      @Jason Bell Technically, with the Nimitz being 47 years old, its had most of its kinks worked out. The Queen Elezibeth might have problems at launch, like the new Ford class carriers. But eventually the Elezibeth will be a better ship.

    • Jason Bell
      Jason Bell Month ago +1

      @Alexander Curtis yes it's. But why say that the Nimitz is the best when they know the Queen Elizabeth is out. But I guess it depends when they brought the vidoe out. It is in service because its officially been comissioned. They just take their time.

    • Alexander Curtis
      Alexander Curtis Month ago

      Well the Queen Elezibeth is a brand new ship with fresh technology, Nimitz is a 47 year old design, and the Queen Elezibeth isn't in service yet.

    EDGAR JOSE Month ago


  • Michael the fish Animator

    At 2:23 is that GamingwithJen and JeromeASF's old Intro!?

  • Eric Jiong
    Eric Jiong Month ago +2

    Where do you put those huge giant - VLCC ? Very Large Crude oil Carrier

  • rodney kitchen
    rodney kitchen Month ago

    15 of the largest ships create more pollution than all the cars on the planet

    • GEES44DC
      GEES44DC Month ago

      That's such garbage. Ships are the most environmentally friendly way of moving freight.

  • 정아인
    정아인 Month ago +1

    South Korea, which built the largest ship, was the poorest country only 70 years ago!!

  • KENT VILLALUZ'S Vlogs and Gaming

    The biggest is freedom ship.

  • imnotmelvin3
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    More over..........

  • Mark See
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    hopefully your next video will have somebody with a voice even more annoying. if that's possible.

  • Mike Kozseluha
    Mike Kozseluha 2 months ago

    When will they build one big enough to carry printed books of all the lies and fake facts Trump has told ???

  • pedro barnito
    pedro barnito 2 months ago +1

    4:53 How did you calculate this 19,000 container capacity? !!! I could not fit more than 5,700 containers. max 6000 ,

    • GEES44DC
      GEES44DC Month ago

      The number is measured using 20 foot units. Also, did you include the containers that would be below deck in your count?

  • I Kan
    I Kan 2 months ago

    Not bad

  • factinator33
    factinator33 2 months ago

    Like to see a ship have a 9 hole golf course on it, with at least one a par 5
    I wouldn't be surprised one day....

  • Channel Juan
    Channel Juan 2 months ago

    nice video new fan here

  • Ceaser Hornades
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  • Danny Geerts
    Danny Geerts 2 months ago

    Most of these ships are around 400m in lenght...we can build them even longer and bigger, but the problem is that they wouldn't fit in the harbours, they wouldn't be able to unload their cargo.The last one was 488m, but is designed to stay in the ocean and never has to dock.

  • John Muhonge
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    I need ajob

  • srinath k
    srinath k 2 months ago

    How did they load?

  • Yuri
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    0:13 #10: a ship shipping ship shipping shipping ships :D
    Gotta luv dat ;)

  • Rens G T
    Rens G T 2 months ago

    where is JHARE VIKING? Though it is dismantiled some years back, it remains as the biggest object ever made by man.

  • Aaron Dickson
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  • Matt Lilley
    Matt Lilley 2 months ago

    What about Seawise Giant. Largest ship ever built

    • T Allen
      T Allen 2 months ago

      Seawise Giant is the longest ship (excluding Prelude FLNG) but not the largest. Other larger ships are out there such as the Pioneering spirit

  • Smokin4CHRIST
    Smokin4CHRIST 2 months ago

    Silly sweet tits you stuffed up when quoting the stats on MSC OSCAR you said. " it has a range of more than 42 kilometere." that it is correct but feel it would a range of maybe 42,00 km as it can travel 1,000km in 24hrs and use 280,000L of fuel. 42km would not get it out of some ports.

  • Abu Daud
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  • chio dub
    chio dub 2 months ago +1

    Ship dont look like carry more then 500 container😂😂

      POLISH BUILDER 2 months ago

      chio dub seriously it can’t. I counted the containers, 23 wide and 24 across. How the fuck can it carry 19,000 containers ???

  • Jb Mabanes
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  • Red Neckoleptic
    Red Neckoleptic 2 months ago +3

    Obviously, you didn't research Walmart's cargo ship! The largest!

    • Red Neckoleptic
      Red Neckoleptic 18 days ago

      it's own custom made docking facility! Something like 24 cranes a side!?

    • get firsted
      get firsted 18 days ago

      I thought you were lying

  • abhilash avvaru
    abhilash avvaru 2 months ago +2

    Where is knock Nevis in the list??

  • KiddoDAKid
    KiddoDAKid 2 months ago

    what about the titanic? the titanic used to be the biggest ship back then...why isn't the titanic there?

    • GEES44DC
      GEES44DC 2 months ago

      Because it's bug smear on the windshield to these boats.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 2 months ago

    This person’s voice is obnoxious

  • Plaxor
    Plaxor 2 months ago +2

    on the earth, where should it other be

  • Mahidhar Singh
    Mahidhar Singh 3 months ago

    where are the VLCC and ULCC ships? They are enormous giants upto 800 - 1000 metres long. Please include them

    • T Allen
      T Allen 2 months ago

      You are confusing your units. Longest VLCC/ULCC was Seawise giant at 458m (1504 ft) and that was scrapped since it had a single hull. Longest ships in service now are the CMA CGM 20600 TEU Class container ships

  • Heta Cook
    Heta Cook 3 months ago

    This girls voice is extremely annoying

  • Joshua Hardy
    Joshua Hardy 3 months ago

    @7:26 an operating range of more than 42km?...

  • Tomasjewski Stephane
    Tomasjewski Stephane 3 months ago

    this no1 ship is very very big.

  • J.D 2.0
    J.D 2.0 3 months ago

    They put all those tons of metal objects in the Ocean and wonder why sea level is rising.

  • Md Norman Malasiay
    Md Norman Malasiay 3 months ago

    Woiowowo Super

  • Dean Milan
    Dean Milan 3 months ago +1

    too much info is wrong, also the flashy transitions give me a headache

  • Hector Hawthorn
    Hector Hawthorn 3 months ago

    Please use feet

  • policethereal_ 1
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    Wut bout da tatianc

  • maxpuppy
    maxpuppy 3 months ago

    wheres the titanic huh

  • Jan Nygard
    Jan Nygard 3 months ago

    "which is the equivalent of 50 km/h on land". Can the boat go on land or is speed different on land?

    • p51mustang24
      p51mustang24 3 months ago

      Ship and aircraft crew tend to use knots or mach number (for airspeed), but the conversion to standard or metric is often provided for lay-people.

    • p51mustang24
      p51mustang24 3 months ago

      @Jan Nygard When you start dealing with aircraft it gets more complicated because you have ground speed ("normal" speed most people think of), air speed, and relative speed (because of the curvature of the earth + altitude).
      Air speed is your speed relative to the wind around the aircraft. Recently a passenger jet did mach 1.15 ground speed in the Jet stream over PA. The indicated airspeed was still the normal mach .82 cruising speed.

    • p51mustang24
      p51mustang24 3 months ago

      1 knot is 1.15 MPH. 1 MPH is 2.2 km/h

    • Jan Nygard
      Jan Nygard 3 months ago

      But km/h isn't an "on land" speed and knots isn't a sea (and air) only speed. 50 km/h is 50 km/h everywhere.

    • A
      A 3 months ago

      Knots to kmph

  • Lucid Drowsy
    Lucid Drowsy 3 months ago +1

    are u autistic

  • Hispanic Boy
    Hispanic Boy 3 months ago +1

    Tell me how she says "This container ship is currently the largest container ship in the world" For every single one.

  • Jbeck8524
    Jbeck8524 3 months ago +2

    0:46 *70000 horse*

  • Bmps Bmp
    Bmps Bmp 3 months ago

    Very good.

  • Avery Matisons
    Avery Matisons 3 months ago +1

    Pretty sure you’re forgetting about the Gerald R Ford. CVN-78

    • p51mustang24
      p51mustang24 3 months ago

      Yep Ford is longer and more modern. She even said Nimitz was the best aircraft carrier ever.
      These kinds of video's are always made after 5 minutes of google searching to make clickbait.

  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago

    Negative commenting is easy. Your nit picking probably doesn't let you enjoy much in your empty shallow lives.