"SWALLA" - Jason Derulo ft Nicki Minaj Dance | @MattSteffanina Choreography

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Song: "SWALLA" - Jason Derulo ft Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign
Assisted by: Trinity Inay
Filmed by: Typo
Edited by: Matt Steffanina

Check out the OFFICIAL "Swalla" music video by Jason Derulo here:

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Swalla dance Jason Derulo Choreography ft Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign

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Комментарии: 1963

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Автор Matt Steffanina ( назад)
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Автор Kenyston Killa ( назад)

Автор Acee Pelayo ( назад)
Kaycee Rice 😍😍😘

Автор Nino Judge ( назад)
They are all so great at dancing

Автор Bloopy Girl ( назад)
I was like "Where's Kenneth? Where's my baby?"

I honestly need help.

Автор Krista Bryant ( назад)

Автор Jazmin Barreto Rimay ( назад)
Aun no puedo creer que Matt estará viniendo a Perú

Автор Mehgan Thomas ( назад)
I feel like I've seen these exact moves before just to a different song..

Автор Shena Neville ( назад)
talk for me

Автор Aleizah Moten ( назад)
in the orange/pinkish shirt

Автор Aleizah Moten ( назад)
The girls who danced at 3:29 it that Gracie Haschak?

Автор Anthony Dap ( назад)
Amazing! 👏

Автор Niko Siavos ( назад)
3:03 epic moment! The guy with the gray hoodie killed the whole choreo actually..He should be in the middle! No shade to the other guys..they were totally AWESOME too!

Автор Itza Cruz ( назад)
matt ur the besttttt, i love u and love your choreoooos 😍😍😍 specially this one, I'm so in Loveee💕❤😍

Автор Wasim Waite ( назад)
that girl in the second performance omg I love her bailey sok

Автор omgitstaija x ( назад)
3:04 guy in the ripped grey shirt omggg😳he should have been in front!!

Автор Micaela Rotariu ( назад)
where's Dana?

Автор Maravilla OG ( назад)
I swear Kenneth makes my dancing look like shit😭❤ but he kills it 💯

Автор 1ash1 56 ( назад)
*speed up to 1.25*

Thank me later

Автор Jayonna Dallas ( назад)
i love you too much

Автор Jordan Viqasi ( назад)

Автор Anna ( назад)
Kenneth and Gabe omg 😭😭💗

Автор diamond brown ( назад)

Автор Frann Bogarin ( назад)
this is amazing ! ♡♡♡♡♡

Автор XromancequeenX X ( назад)
What studio is this?? How'd you join it? I've seen a lot of other Dance YouTubers who use the same place

Автор SAINT XD ( назад)
this is a first time i did not even watched to matt, this girl is amazing

Автор Damon Perry ( назад)
is dana gon she is the best you to

Автор studio qwarto ( назад)
What's the name of that grey hoddie where can i buy that hoddie

Автор Jada Wood ( назад)
can you teach us the moves

Автор Ma Sophia Canlas ( назад)
Ken is fucking lit 😍

Автор Lisalisa 1801 ( назад)
please can anyone tell me who's the first girl dancing with matt.I hope she's not his new girlfriend.😭😭😭😭😭I miss Dana😭😭

Автор madison j ( назад)
Is Matt class just for kids, I see some older people but I see majority of them are kids

Автор Nikitha Dinesh ( назад)

Автор Kavitha Raj ( назад)
The first girl killed it!!!!!! Bailey , Kaycee, Kenneth n Gabe were amazing too.....would love to have a tutorial ....wonderful cheography Matt!!!!!

Автор Skylar Edwards ( назад)
omg when Kaycee and Bailey were dancing and Matt was looking at them all proud it was so cute omg

Автор Rigersa Koka ( назад)
The third group was lit

Автор Elizabet Karl ( назад)

Автор Alishbah Ahmed ( назад)
The two in the third group that did the fast popping thing at the end of their performance was UNREAL

Автор Alishbah Ahmed ( назад)
The second duo were my favourite!😄😄😄😄

Автор Hailie UFC ( назад)
Kaycee and Bailey killed it WHOOP WHOOP

Автор Leonora Høgseth Nordeng ( назад)

Автор fiora sad ( назад)
I need the name of the guy with gray hoodie, of the third group, please

Автор AngelThe Det ( назад)
Pause 1:44

Автор Taurean Diamond ( назад)
Jeesus,fuck it its decided i can't dance..ill just study my medical surgical nursing textbook..i give up,always wanted to dance

Автор Ali Ammar ( назад)
so happy they used Nicki's part, keep up with the videos

Автор Dalaina Slack ( назад)
The first girl killed that shitt🔥🔥🔥🔥

Автор Sandy Remoreras ( назад)
KENNETH killed it🔥🔥🔥 He's the guy in the middle of the third group. As always he slays everything 😍

Автор Rycki Akbar ( назад)
Who's Name No 1, With @Matt Seffanina ??

Автор Nicouly Michael ( назад)
The first girl killed it

Автор Jaylin Smith ( назад)
2 mil views but only 60k likes, wow

Автор Gamer Girl ( назад)
Matt where's ur class cause I loveeeeee to dance

Автор Hannah Rose ( назад)
trinity killing it as per

Автор Hilary ayora ( назад)
Beautiful moment 2 12. Hello from Italy 😙😙😀💋

Автор Xuani Milagros Alvarez Bautista ( назад)
Does anyone can put the link of the tutorial of this song please?

Автор lidia carrillo ( назад)
los amooooooooooooooooo¡¡¡🙏

Автор Pamela Dominguez ( назад)
me encanto bravoooooooo

Автор ugandria womack ( назад)
I love how they have so much energy

Автор Lexyn Boahen ( назад)
Gabe,Bailey,Kenneth,Trinity 😍😍😍

Автор Patrycja Maksimowicz ( назад)
Tutorial... please *-*

Автор Patrycja Maksimowicz ( назад)
Tutorial... please *--

Автор Patrycja Maksimowicz ( назад)
Tutorial... please!!! ♥♥♥

Автор Patrycja Maksimowicz ( назад)
Tutorial... please!!! 😻😻😻😻

Автор D4 Dance Academy ( назад)
Wow... Jay Ho

Автор Shefali Timori ( назад)
Girls Really Rules It...
Matt Steffanina...
Amazing Moves....😎✌✌

The third group was best!! But all we're good!!

Автор Yessenia HLNLZ ( назад)
Kenneth and Gabe!!! 👏👏

Автор That boy Ash ( назад)
Not the best tbh

Автор mjb CS:GO ( назад)
video stars at 2:10

Автор Kendall Jenner ( назад)
Throwback to AUDC when I saw trinity

Автор Alfren Espejo ( назад)
Sobrang lala ni ate girl sa una. Pota!

Автор Silvia Vladimirova ( назад)

Автор Barnabas Waweru ( назад)
I think trinity should come lead in the next video maybe with kenneth

Автор Charlotte Sims ( назад)
I've honestly just noticed that the routines are the same, just with personal tweaks 😂😂

Автор Ganesh Ghag ( назад)
Is the tutorial posted?

Автор Siddhi Mittal ( назад)
Whoaaa! Your first partner who matched dana! She was on fire!
And amaze choreo

Автор Shabna Shihab ( назад)
Can you do Rolex??

Автор Vince A ( назад)
One of the best choreography !!

Автор Antony Lukhoba ( назад)
third crew 🔥🔥🔥...That Reverse killed 🔥🙌🙌🙌

Автор Yusuke Maku ( назад)
Gabe needs to chill lmao, they all killed it tho, my boy Kenneth always killin'

Автор Gabrielle Rodrigues ( назад)

Автор Laura wasabi ( назад)
what happened to his wife. did she have a baby

Автор Rasya 123 ( назад)

Автор ChickenGod ( назад)
He just wanted a high five

Автор Emilia Young ( назад)

Автор Coffe Addict ( назад)
Shame they took the diss part out of the dance! Would've been lit af! 🔥🔥🔥

Автор Giselle Jimenez ( назад)
Get It Alena!!!. (Little Girl In All Burgundy.)

Автор Mauicio Cala ( назад)
¿que tipo de baile es este?

Автор Agar Coins ( назад)
el mejor dúo

Автор Tianne Murray ( назад)
you guys were awesome!!!

Автор Breanda Helton ( назад)
kenneth is such a good dancer

Автор ilin 54 ( назад)
7:24 Bulls...

Автор Jannah Ruth Santonil ( назад)
Fudge my new favorite dance thanks MATT STEFFANINA

Автор Lola Lola ( назад)
That third group was fire!!! I've must to watch it couple of times. I couldn't just focus on one <3

Автор Jann's Corner ( назад)

Автор Karen Esqueda ( назад)
The girl and Matt kill it! I love it!

Автор alice vu ( назад)
Bailey Kenneth Kaycee Julian Gabe 😍😍

Автор Jarbas cassimiro ( назад)
sou fan de vcs parabens vcs São demais

Автор Cleverton Rodrigues ( назад)
cade os br pra domina
alguem de bom coracao pode me ajudar a chegr em 50 insscritos

Автор Alexia Gregory ( назад)
Matt and Trinity danced amazing together!👌👏👏

Автор Dilsia Saban ( назад)

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