How to be Ninja 2.0

Ever since we made the first How to be Ninja video, I've been asked to remake this. After nearly a decade later, here it is!
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Длительность: 7:48
Комментарии: 57215

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Автор Chaos Wind ( назад)
Press 8 for the best scream ever.

Автор Charlie HOCKINGS ( назад)

Автор Harley_Gamer 98 ( назад)

Автор QuintessenceTheRaven ( назад)
You are either good at editing or good at fighting.

Автор Darwin Agbay ( назад)
On 4:26

Автор Darwin Agbay ( назад)
I saw it when he said (the sentence)and "or even a ... Poo

Автор Ethan Playz ( назад)
Go check out me channel

Автор Livy the Unicorn ( назад)
that song sounds like the mortal kombat theme song

Автор 3ale Z3ayter ( назад)
i love your videos man

Автор Nick Miller ( назад)
I'm older than the first how to be ninja

Автор Pigi Nation ( назад)
This was a copy of naruto

Автор John Lee ( назад)
fuck her right in the *****

Автор Ethan P ( назад)
My name is. Boob.

Автор Darth Maul ( назад)

Автор Enrille Benedict Ocampo ( назад)
I just realize......

Read more

Автор Cindercrest ( назад)
I like how he said parody, but it still says 2.0

Автор Tylerplayz ( назад)
I was three when the original how to be ninja came out xD

Автор braylon Evans ( назад)
how to be ninja 3.0

Автор Syrupman ( назад)
"AAAH! Oh wait my line."

Автор Camereon Goodyear ( назад)
I genuinely don't see an issue in this video. I kinda think this video is just as good as its original

Автор DESTROYDRAGON 123 ( назад)
ah the naruto references are strong within u

Автор Rashidul Hai ( назад)
my name is Deez ya gota

Автор A Lee ( назад)
how to be gangster part 2

Автор Aaron Balmoress ( назад)
Dear Ryan, how to be ninja 3.0

Автор Liv ChimChim2904 ( назад)
6:25 that Jackson Wang move tho 😂😂

Автор why cant you have no peace ( назад)

Автор I hate my life ( назад)
Did anyone else notice that he held the DVD in his right hand whereas in the original he held it in his left hand.

Автор JAZ Alcantara ( назад)
It was 10 years ago I was like 4-5 yrs old lool

Автор CrazyMister ( назад)
i watch this one year later...

Автор How Does it Work? ( назад)
Is it really real

Автор Hyewon Park ( назад)
Definitely better than the original

Автор DJ LoccVex ( назад)

Автор sUPER LEX ( назад)
Do How to be ninja 3.0

Автор Bryce Radtke ( назад)

Автор NerdySlothStudios ( назад)
I must get the full versions of thede remixes.

Автор Shreya Shah ( назад)
How can anyone possibly dislike this

Автор M7_ NATION ( назад)
that edm 5:46 I need full version of that even I can pay in iTune.#dearRyan

Автор David Arnett ( назад)
Naruto everywhere

Автор The Intertrainer gamer ( назад)
dear ryan can you make back flip shot

Автор Noar AR 199 ( назад)
I'm sorry for all you original how to be ninja fans but this one (for me) was actually better.

Автор Thefunnylife Pack ( назад)
He said thee from chad wild clay

Автор XxShuriken21xX ( назад)
Does anyone realise there's Naruto jutsus

Автор Mr. mustache Freak ( назад)

Автор Lauren Hannah ( назад)
the naruto references give me life

Автор Chris ( назад)
Tomorrow is 1 year for this video 😄😄

Автор Andrew Bach ( назад)
Ryan held up 6 fingers on step five lol

Автор PaulTheCarman ( назад)
Tardis at 6:02! This proves nigahiga to be a Doctor Who fan!

Автор Beastmaster64 Jeff ( назад)
Well done!

Автор Leah Alvarado ( назад)
this is so funny 😂😂😂😂

Автор KingGhidorah5464 ( назад)
Remember when the great thing about Nigahiga was the low budget but still hilarious content? Yeah, those days are clearly no more.

Автор KingGhidorah5464 ( назад)
Trying to capture the magic from the original? Yeah, not a great idea.

Автор Brian Jin ( назад)

Автор Adrian Pena ( назад)
Please just make the song in another video the mortal kombat it's really good

Автор Cam101 gamerYT ( назад)
hey Ryan do how to move your moth like an anime

Автор Thelittlemonstar 14 ( назад)
Honda civic hahahahahahaha

Автор Gregorio Villongco ( назад)
Isn't the pink panther still copy writed?

Автор Minty Dragons ( назад)
The racist joke was the ninja instructor' s name.

Автор Comment Helper ( назад)
Lesson five! *shows six fingers*

Автор Nathon Perea ( назад)
how to be Ninja 3.0

Автор Aguster Burrowes ( назад)
I just relized that ninja star was made out of paper

Автор Jania Delacruz ( назад)
Omgggggggg watching again. The fact that I was able to see Ryan and Sean remake this is just amazing thanks so much for it guys. I wonder how many people actually had to go back to the original. I went back for sweet nostalgia

Автор LushShay thepro ( назад)
Is that really Judo

Автор SkyrimHub ( назад)
fag is a short for a cigar

Автор OneKillMe ( назад)
8:42 did any one notice there paper Ninja stars

Автор Billyawn The player ( назад)
Why honda civic

Автор doyoulikepie322 fd ( назад)
I've been a fan since 2011

Автор Zgamer TheMCPE ( назад)
Lol greenball did you quit Your job?

Автор Iron_Skull _ ( назад)

Автор HazelMMLife ( назад)
I've watched your videos since your first videos and I'm honestly still in love with all of your content. You never fail to make me laugh. ❤😂

Автор Nick Wilde ( назад)
The gangster was wearing a "chain"

Автор _ DJ OpticalSkull _ ( назад)
I love how everything in the video relates all at the end

Автор Kevin the Ender Dragon ( назад)
The watermelon cheated

Автор Abrigedvirus ( назад)
This song is copyrighted got me laughing

Автор Bryan Molick ( назад)
All those fatality are from naruto

Автор BubbleeGumm ( назад)
Sennen Goroshi!

Автор Robert Perez ( назад)
6:20 paper sreken

Автор Epic Assassin ( назад)

Автор Jasmin Manalili ( назад)
The end tho!😂😂😂

Автор H-R ( назад)
now a How to be Gangsta?

Автор Hammad Ali ( назад)
Can you make a part 3

Автор Mr Sheep ( назад)

Автор L.N.A Studios ( назад)
Hanate! Bob! Hanate! Bob! Hanate! Bob!

Автор Dylan's Lifetime ( назад)
Can you do a how to be ninja 3.0

Автор Timmy Lee ( назад)
Dear ryan can you make a fnaf movie trailer

Автор Isabelle Rodriguez ( назад)
Omg the chidori and rasengan tho 😂😂😂💀 (aka Naruto go watch it guys!!)

Автор daisy de la rosa ( назад)
you post to fall to the grond

Автор 『яж』Clan ( назад)
2:19 Herro my name is..... boob

Автор Rick21 JR ( назад)
dude what is the last song with ur scream and make it to m combat its cool

Автор Aqil Nerang ( назад)
nigahiga... the only person to ever produce quality content since he started

Автор Chara Dreemur ( назад)
Was the thing he said was the f** scene???

Автор Tasneem Suleman ( назад)
Did you really fight like that

Автор PotatoVillager ( назад)
this is more matrix lol

Автор Gameing With the pink guy ( назад)
Ho ho ho

Автор Gameing With the pink guy ( назад)
Oh I can dear Ryan dare you to be a man the is uglier

Автор Marisul Lapeciros ( назад)
how to be a ninja

Автор InsaneGG ( назад)
best video ever

Автор Limitless parkour ( назад)
just realized the fatalities were naruto jutsus

Автор DinoDragon GameCrew ( назад)
Dear Ryan make how to be gangster

Автор adam arnaiz ( назад)
cool video

Автор Gϋffy ( назад)
The battle at the end was really funny and cool!!! XD

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