Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Batwoman is coming Sundays this fall to The CW! Stream free next day only on The CW App.
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    Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW
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  • Home COMP
    Home COMP 6 seconds ago

    When CW tried to make a feminist show, they ended up making a sexist show about a blatant batman copy who's catchphrase is "I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work." The Irony.

  • Dallas M
    Dallas M 7 minutes ago

    While watching, this, all I could think of was how manly the main protagonist is. Interesting how when they want to represent a strong female character in film, they make her more masculine. Real female strength is different than male strength. It's intended to compliment male strength, and vice-versa. Make a character and television show with real female strengths, and maybe people will watch it. Think "Veronica Mars".

  • Anon
    Anon 55 minutes ago

    Do yourself a favor and read the comics instead.

  • Dev Env
    Dev Env Hour ago +1

    This comment section should win an award for most entertaining comment section of all time.

  • Dev Env
    Dev Env Hour ago

    This show will help convince a lot of people to VOTE TRUMP IN 2020! THANKS CW!!

  • User Addasi
    User Addasi Hour ago

    And here we thought klooneys portrayal of batman was the worst of all time

  • statesmanuel
    statesmanuel Hour ago

    Poor CW. Once you've signalled your going SJW, you will NEVER NEVER NEVER be far enough SJW for the SJW. Even the actress is getting shouted down for not being gay enough.

  • Jinn
    Jinn Hour ago +1

    And this is why I'm starting to like the CW less and less.

  • Rando Vids
    Rando Vids Hour ago +2

    Ofc they think you are batman female are not that fuckin strong and u break his suit use his gadgets and say "im not about to let a man take credit for a womans work"when he basicaly did all the work he didnt even need a thankyou and you are here begging for credit
    Edit:And pls sub to my chanel(you dont have to if you dont want to i respect your choice)

  • Anjurr Henderson
    Anjurr Henderson Hour ago +1

    So, in order to be a "strong" woman, Batwoman HAS to be portrayed as lesbian now?

  • Fullmetal Alkami
    Fullmetal Alkami Hour ago +1

    Jesus christ it looks so bad

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 2 hours ago +3

    It's like a visible Version of Autism

  • the normal gamer
    the normal gamer 4 hours ago +1

    whats wrong with bat MAN... i think everyone would have been hype for a new batman series but you have to go with the female lead... out of nowhere. this is bulshit. you can only have a female lead these days if she steals the super hero's identity

  • Andy McGibbon
    Andy McGibbon 5 hours ago +2

    This does no favours for the equality discussion. Poor work all round.

  • Xavier211e2 Xavier
    Xavier211e2 Xavier 5 hours ago +1

    I would rather have Batman with nipples on his suit

  • Mičo KSB
    Mičo KSB 5 hours ago +1

    I could swear there was much more than 'just' half a million dislikes on this video some time ago

  • Mando Reyes
    Mando Reyes 6 hours ago

    The Anti Feminists jumped out in these comments

    • Juicy Smellit
      Juicy Smellit 5 hours ago

      It's making the pussyhat brigade angry.

  • GigaSlayer 105
    GigaSlayer 105 6 hours ago +2

    All creative ideas for an possible interesting character has gone out of the window

  • Jason Horton
    Jason Horton 7 hours ago +1


  • MultiNightsniper
    MultiNightsniper 7 hours ago +2

    Batwoman the type of girl that wants to make things right and fight men, then get pissed off when they hit back.

  • grace grace
    grace grace 7 hours ago


  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing 8 hours ago +1

    She fights her enemies with the power of social justice!

  • sirsketches w
    sirsketches w 9 hours ago +1

    I can't believe they canceled swamp thing for this diarrhea

  • xXSimplyChamorroXx 20
    xXSimplyChamorroXx 20 10 hours ago +1

    Call her Batgina or Vatgina woman

  • White Candle
    White Candle 10 hours ago +2

    if people would just stop watching the rubbish on CW, and just let it collapse. Then the REAL TV networks might pick up the superhero series and do things right. Such as SHIELD on ABC.

    • Barone 888
      Barone 888 3 hours ago

      ABC in the recent years has been mishandling AOS. They didnt negotiate well and the tie in of last years season with IW was weird. And the current season doesnt have any mentions or connections with the Snap. Which means that the creators of the show were either not looped in the progress of Endgame or were prohibited from involving IW and Endgame story lines. In that case the creators should have stated before the season began that the show wasnt going to follow the movies and offered an ending of their own to the Thanos threat. Now putting the last 2 seasons aside. Yes AOS has been a good show. Unfortunately one criminally underrated. These days barely any good shows survive the axe or are given the chance to bloom.

  • sofea aziz
    sofea aziz 10 hours ago +1

    keep those down votes coming, lets see it goes up to 500k

  • jamarre barber
    jamarre barber 10 hours ago +1

    I hope they cancel the show as soon as it comes out

  • Omar Me
    Omar Me 10 hours ago

    What’s so bad about the show?

  • SlushyTurtle76 •Local Newbie•

    Anyone here because of Dr. Shaym?

  • Rebel Barnes
    Rebel Barnes 12 hours ago

    Somebody shoot me. Please.

  • HXSSON -_-
    HXSSON -_- 12 hours ago +2

    Man makes the suit woman I'm not giving you credit for your work because your a man

  • Supercroc
    Supercroc 13 hours ago +3

    My god, they just keep repeating the “girls are better than boys!” Message that it’s driving me insane! I’m a girl myself for Pete’s sake!

  • Kel T3CH
    Kel T3CH 13 hours ago +1

    I feel like joker is gonna be a woman

  • Ezio 499
    Ezio 499 13 hours ago +2

    Just quit ruining childhood with this feminist propaganda bulshit

  • Dangerous Devil Official
    Dangerous Devil Official 14 hours ago +3

    I am completely impressed...
    By the dislike to like count here... Keep up the good work public.
    Hollyweird, you have an EPIC FAIL on your hands here... 💯

  • Sal Vulcano
    Sal Vulcano 15 hours ago +1

    Men bad women good

  • xdoodlelover
    xdoodlelover 16 hours ago +1

    Fake feminism

  • Toornap Tarraa
    Toornap Tarraa 17 hours ago +1

    Hope this gets cancelled after 1 episode.

    • Barone 888
      Barone 888 3 hours ago

      @Toornap Tarraa Nope. Its the worst out of all the CW/DC shows. Its SJW propaganda central.

    • Toornap Tarraa
      Toornap Tarraa 13 hours ago

      @Osiris Rex That's because Supergirl is a decent TV series.

    • Osiris Rex
      Osiris Rex 15 hours ago +1

      It's on the CW. It will last for years. Supergirl is going on a 5th season and they are already making plans for a 6th season of Supergirl.

  • Aleks S
    Aleks S 17 hours ago +2

    looks like this comments are more interesting then this movie will be, but we will see how it end up

  • Raven Bloodrose
    Raven Bloodrose 19 hours ago +2

    This show could have been so good if it wasn't for how extreme they took the "progression" and how much bullshit the main character says

    • Barone 888
      Barone 888 3 hours ago

      My cousin who has read the original Batwoman comic books and who is a big fan of the character and who also has a good imagination and intellect could have definitely written a better Batwoman show than CW.

  • William Rhenquist
    William Rhenquist 19 hours ago +1

    And I thought Captain Marvel shoved it down our throats

    • With great powers comes great responsibility
      With great powers comes great responsibility 14 hours ago

      @Osiris Rex there is nothing wrong in captain marvel, maybe the actress but the movie brings balence between men and women.

    • Osiris Rex
      Osiris Rex 15 hours ago

      When they saw Captain Marvel make $1 billion they were inspired.

  • Jayde Flores
    Jayde Flores 19 hours ago

    No red hair

  • DJ Skip150
    DJ Skip150 20 hours ago +1

    I’m not sure if she’s a women or not.

    • Osiris Rex
      Osiris Rex 15 hours ago

      Watch the 3rd season of Orange is the New Black.

  • Happyflow YTB
    Happyflow YTB 20 hours ago

    Write what i say: in the middle of the show they will reveal that she is actually lesbian

    • Osiris Rex
      Osiris Rex 15 hours ago

      Or sooner. That is the reason she left West Point.

  • Hertulio
    Hertulio 20 hours ago +2

    It will be a Amazing serie!

  • Marco Sharko
    Marco Sharko 21 hour ago +4

    Well guys it’s official. No one can make a new good female hero without trying to make things PC overboard.

  • Zackery Bell
    Zackery Bell 21 hour ago +2

    Perhaps we were too harsh on Ben Affleck....

  • With great powers comes great responsibility

    This is worse than Captain marvel, she didn't say anything feminist in her movie. The actress is just misunderstood.

  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson 23 hours ago

    *BATWOMAN ------ please react to the new season of the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon and the new amazing Target exclusive SHE-RA dolls.*

  • Loxreaten
    Loxreaten 23 hours ago +1

    wasnt batwoman like an actual strong lesbian character whos properties and characteristics were more than just "is a woman"

    • Osiris Rex
      Osiris Rex 15 hours ago

      @Sinjin Smyth -- Batwoman existed before Batgirl.

    • Sinjin Smyth
      Sinjin Smyth 18 hours ago +1

      No, Batwoman never existed until some faggots took hold of re-writing the comics. Originally there was no Batwoman, but Batgirl!!

  • Yow Theng Lim
    Yow Theng Lim Day ago +1

    Bat WHAMEN!

  • Skidaddle Skidoodle

    Coming back to this video is my version of self harm

  • Marcos Figueroa
    Marcos Figueroa Day ago +2

    RUclip is deleting comments and dislikes!

    • Carlos Sanchez
      Carlos Sanchez 8 hours ago +1

      Marcos Figueroa They can’t stop all of us! Keep the pressure on them

  • Nour Ali
    Nour Ali Day ago +1

    how to ruin batwoman. why don't they just use the batwoman from batman bad blood. After that movie, batwoman became one of my favs in DC, but this.... is ruining that. And the actress is just so bad.

    • Nour Ali
      Nour Ali 18 hours ago

      @Sinjin Smyth Still, the batwoman from the movie was better, if rewritten or not. this is just a woman trying a man's role. especially when she compered herself to batman. the real batwoman never compered herself to batman. she was inspired by his actions.

    • Sinjin Smyth
      Sinjin Smyth 18 hours ago

      No, Batwoman never existed until some faggots took hold of re-writing the comics. Originally there was no Batwoman, but Batgirl!!

  • alex Dickson
    alex Dickson Day ago +13

    They been removing dislikes yesterday it was 500000 today it's 400000

  • Mr. Bleach
    Mr. Bleach Day ago +2

    The hero nobody wanted

    also didn’t need

  • Spungolicious
    Spungolicious Day ago +2

    Did Elizabeth Banks write, direct and produce this too??

  • somers peat
    somers peat Day ago +1

    Chirps him but then uses all his stuff

  • Niclas K.
    Niclas K. Day ago +3

    *batwoman saves first civilian*
    Civilian: is that you batman
    Batwoman: IT'S MA'M!!!

    • Osiris Rex
      Osiris Rex 15 hours ago

      I doubt Batwoman would use ma'am.

  • Jason Carmona
    Jason Carmona Day ago +3

    Who approved this?

    • Osiris Rex
      Osiris Rex 15 hours ago

      Greg Berlanti, who is gay and wants more of his people on TV. Every one of his shows has one or more gay characters. Alex Danvers, Sara Lance, Mr. Terrific,

    • Sinjin Smyth
      Sinjin Smyth 18 hours ago +1

      The League of Social Justice Warriors!

  • Nick Alex Cage
    Nick Alex Cage Day ago

    Come to think of it Bruce Wayne should have been a woman in the first place

  • Juicy Smellit
    Juicy Smellit Day ago

    This is even worse than Basmati Blues. Hard to imagine, isn't it.

  • Saijin' Raagz
    Saijin' Raagz Day ago +3

    I just can't bruh..I couldn't finish the trailer due to the physical discomfort I felt..

  • Tiago Paixao
    Tiago Paixao Day ago +1

    80.000 likes and almost 500000 dislikes, that says a lot, look's like it's mandatory to have woman taking the place of men in superhero roles and to ha gays in movies, it's becoming ridiculous. I won't see this fore sure

  • Jackylegz777
    Jackylegz777 Day ago +1

    The joke wouldnt even write this bullshit. Even if was ment to make Batman suffer

  • Alin Iliescu
    Alin Iliescu Day ago +2

    This is a comedy right?

  • Raven Robledo
    Raven Robledo Day ago +1

    I had hopes for this because I liked the actress, but it's just another one of those WAMEN ARE AWZSOME YOU SHOULD LOVE WAMEN DID I TELL YOU IM WOMFN

    • Raven Robledo
      Raven Robledo 13 hours ago +1

      @Sinjin Smyth I'm not going to watch it though, so I'm not sure what you mean by that. I'm not really into the whole female empowerment by superiority over men thing.

    • Sinjin Smyth
      Sinjin Smyth 18 hours ago

      people like you are still going to watch it, explaining its existence

  • Mahogony Weeks
    Mahogony Weeks Day ago +1

    Out of all the female lead shows in the world

    This has to be the worst 😒😒😒

  • Efe Deniz Dikbıyık

    Wish there was a double dislike button

  • Issa Meme
    Issa Meme Day ago +1

    The world has become retarded. They literally only made this because of the feminists, who are also retarded. This trailer can be used as a torture device

  • Michelgreat
    Michelgreat Day ago +1

    They should cancel the show before it even starts. It's just ridiculous. I love the fact that so many can openly show how they feel about this freaking thing.

  • Darth Pepe
    Darth Pepe Day ago +2

    BatWahmin: I want credit! Respect me because I have bobs and a vagene!
    BatMAN: It’s not who I am underneath.. but what I do, that defines me..

  • Robert Temple
    Robert Temple Day ago +2

    "Im not about to let a man take credit for a women's work"
    (Proceeds to steal a mans identity)

  • G Ingraham
    G Ingraham Day ago +1

    This is sexist

  • George Medina
    George Medina Day ago +2

    These comments are fkn comedy