Top 10 Mysterious Discoveries Found in Space

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • Top 10 Mysterious Discoveries Found in Space
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    Space, the final frontier. It is just so big and full of mysteries. We don't understand half of it. That doesn't mean we haven't made discoveries that are still mysterious to us. These are the Top 10 Mysterious Discoveries Found In Space.
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  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  24 days ago +64

    Do you want to go to space?

    • Pavan RANDHAWA
      Pavan RANDHAWA 12 days ago


    • John V.
      John V. 18 days ago


    • vilma salazar
      vilma salazar 19 days ago


    • Inger Rogers
      Inger Rogers 19 days ago

      Like yesterday and tomorrow.

    • Ashley Ramirez
      Ashley Ramirez 21 day ago +1

      I Love everything Space related, but i would be too terrified. Its the thing about not knowing whats around you.....above you.....below you......NO WAY

  • raising crazy
    raising crazy Day ago

    What if it came from before the big dang

  • Joshua Ballew
    Joshua Ballew 15 days ago

    QAY-ZAR >.>

  • Matt Diehl
    Matt Diehl 15 days ago

    I like this new host.

  • Danica Logsdon
    Danica Logsdon 17 days ago +1

    Quasar is pronounced "kway zar"

  • Amanda Permaul
    Amanda Permaul 19 days ago


  • Aidan DBD Gaming
    Aidan DBD Gaming 19 days ago

    I know kepler

  • Likeyou Care
    Likeyou Care 19 days ago

    y can't you stop moving? Crack? Coke? Speed? Meth???

  • Eric Cloete
    Eric Cloete 20 days ago

    Fifth state of matter

  • Ashley Ramirez
    Ashley Ramirez 21 day ago +2

    Just a tip, i'm not trying to be mean what so ever. Abby, try to make your sentences flow a little better. You stop too often. I would NOT do any better trust me! you are doing better than i would! You will find your niche :-)

  • CrystalCash
    CrystalCash 21 day ago

    top 10 mysterious cats in the world :)

  • Ampwich
    Ampwich 21 day ago

    How do they know we only discovered 5%? Wouldn't they have to know the universe at large in order to come to that conclusion of what amount we have explored thus far?

  • Qiushi Zhang
    Qiushi Zhang 21 day ago

    .... Mulk... did not like that.

  • Kyle Marz
    Kyle Marz 21 day ago

    You are so so so bubbly and bright I absolutely love your personality

  • Mikey.
    Mikey. 21 day ago

    Good video but I disliked for that “space joke”

  • xX_EmilyGirl_Xx UwU
    xX_EmilyGirl_Xx UwU 21 day ago

    1:36 No thats just the Diamonds attacking earth from in Steven Universe UwU

  • Fellgamer
    Fellgamer 22 days ago

    Nobody is ever willing to give up evolution, the Big Bang, and science when it comes to proving anything. Sometimes they can't be used to explain things, yet people just hold onto them, thinking they can explain away everything. They can't. And those people need to stop thinking it will.

  • Matthew Edwards
    Matthew Edwards 22 days ago +1

    Abbey you are your own kind of wierd i love it 🤣

  • RiotontheRadio
    RiotontheRadio 22 days ago

    This lady is fun and upbeat. I dig her videos.

  • james fry
    james fry 22 days ago

    Yet another dumb yank, who may have at most two brain cells to rub together

  • Zero Fucs
    Zero Fucs 22 days ago

    I had 8 ads on this 11min RUclip

  • NYC LEFTY Teen Countdown

    1 sounds spooky :)

  • Kuayin Al-kadir
    Kuayin Al-kadir 22 days ago

    What happened to Rebecca?

  • Kirk Baumgardner
    Kirk Baumgardner 22 days ago

    Perfect Dom I know I'm just one person so my opinion doesn't really count but hopefully it was somewhat helpful thank you and we will continue to keep watching yourself y'all rule

  • MrJermeyp
    MrJermeyp 22 days ago


  • cian mannion
    cian mannion 23 days ago

    Love the new girl keep up the good work

  • :3 *!-InkyGacha-!*
    :3 *!-InkyGacha-!* 23 days ago

    what blows my mind.....A bullet! :D

  • Michael Garrett
    Michael Garrett 23 days ago


  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson 23 days ago

    Did you guys make a video about the wow signal not that long ago

  • Zack Davis
    Zack Davis 23 days ago +1

    Need more space videos, please. 🚀

  • TRiSH Da MuH FuKN DiSH

    Oomuamua? Idk.. Looks like a turd. 💩 I prolly spelled it like 💩 too... 😂

  • Danilo Lopez
    Danilo Lopez 23 days ago

    I love her, she looks so hot talking about crazy stuff, like Enceladus

  • ZacFlipzYT
    ZacFlipzYT 23 days ago +1

    Yo btec Rebecca j felgate be doing a good job

  • anna morabito
    anna morabito 23 days ago

    You are starting to relax now
    You are doing great
    Love you
    Love your work♡

  • Momonga Ains
    Momonga Ains 23 days ago +1

    I'm a total space nerd so i could follow all 10 lol
    Nice topic Abbey :D

  • Plastic Friends TV
    Plastic Friends TV 23 days ago

  • Devoured by Hallyu
    Devoured by Hallyu 23 days ago

    No matter what people say, i still think she's the best host in this channel. Good job Abbey !

  • Madison Tarrance
    Madison Tarrance 23 days ago

    hi I like space and anime and you know what I did? I drew an anime eye with a galaxy as the eye color.

  • Myles Dawes
    Myles Dawes 23 days ago

    It's an alien YEET.

  • minda singh
    minda singh 23 days ago

    i have to say i have been watching ur channel for a few years n this presenter and fellgate dont know if i got her name right are the 2 funniest and best people to run ur channel givem both a raise n sack the rest🤣🤣

  • Jared Quinney
    Jared Quinney 23 days ago


  • Robert Luth
    Robert Luth 23 days ago +1

    How can you say that we have only studied 5% of the universe when we don't even know if there an End to the universe???

  • Pavan RANDHAWA
    Pavan RANDHAWA 23 days ago +1

    She is so boring!!!

  • Javaune Ricketts
    Javaune Ricketts 23 days ago

    What happened to Ayman?🥺

  • Captain Chaos 91
    Captain Chaos 91 23 days ago +3

    Oh Abbey, idk if you’re new, but your delivery and jokes need some practice. It was a little awkward and cringey....

  • Gabriel Perez
    Gabriel Perez 23 days ago +1

    Lol much love amazing fam

  • Escobed0_07
    Escobed0_07 23 days ago


  • Lizzy Baby
    Lizzy Baby 23 days ago +1

    Im ashamed that i pronounced “Enceladus” as “Enchiladas”
    You can see what i mean riiiiight...?

  • EraLater Rodriguez
    EraLater Rodriguez 23 days ago

    Dark matter is the call of duty rare camo

  • Jordan95 HD
    Jordan95 HD 23 days ago +1

    Mysterious discoveries, yet so fascinating! Great video, Abbey! ❤️

  • what’s a what boi
    what’s a what boi 23 days ago

    what if aliens are trying to be friends and to raid area 51 again

  • Melanie Spaur
    Melanie Spaur 23 days ago +1

    I still miss Rebecca....

  • Mr Spud
    Mr Spud 23 days ago

    Nice outfit Abby looks great

  • Kd Bennett
    Kd Bennett 23 days ago

    I wasnt taught pronunciation of Enceladus(I was taught in-sell-uh-dus) but i prefer it her way. Sounds so much prettier.

  • Manuel Ledezma
    Manuel Ledezma 23 days ago

    She's saying words I never thought back at school

  • Bryan Newcombe
    Bryan Newcombe 23 days ago

    The coolest thing about neutrinos is actually the fact that their speed doesn't diminish, no matter what form of matter it passes through. Whether it's travelling through the vacuum of space for a million years or through solid steel for a million years, its speed won't change.

  • Denis lol op 666 demon


  • MystiqueHorizon
    MystiqueHorizon 23 days ago

    Too much math!! 🤯🤯🤯

  • Rico Med
    Rico Med 23 days ago

    I'm sorry but this is the 4th time hare about the Wow

  • Mason Marinaro
    Mason Marinaro 23 days ago

    3:18 am I the only one who thought she hit the whoa 😂