How To Crack Every Nut | Method Mastery | Epicurious

  • Class is back in session! Today, chef Ann Ziata from the Institute of Culinary Education walks us through the best method for opening and preparing nearly every nut you’ll encounter in the kitchen. Watch as she cracks, hammers, and pries her way through the list, so you’ll know precisely what to do the next time you feel like going nuts.

    0:42 English Walnut
    1:42 Black Walnut
    2:11 Brazil Nut
    3:06 American Chestnut
    4:10 Hard Shell Pecan
    5:02 Paper Shell Pecan
    5:49 Almond
    6:53 Macadamia
    7:18 Dwarf Chestnut
    7:56 Hazelnut
    8:37 Acorn
    9:55 Peanut
    10:44 Kola Nut
    11:19 Soft Shell Almond
    11:47 Pili Nut
    12:24 Gingko Nut
    13:10 California Pistachio
    14:04 Turkish Pistachio
    14:41 Pine Nut
    15:51 Young Coconut
    17:29 Mature Coconut

    *Please note that this episode contains flashing graphics which could affect viewers with photosensitive epilepsy*
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    How To Crack Every Nut | Method Mastery | Epicurious

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  • José Pavez
    José Pavez 33 minutes ago

    "How to crack a walnut...
    Use a nutcracker."

  • Dionosaur Brando
    Dionosaur Brando Hour ago

    15:18 actually one of the best methods to open pine nuts without destroying the "meat" is... Rocks!
    I'm italian and when me and my friends were kids, we used to take the pine cones that fell off the trees and eat the nuts, cracking the shell by smashing it with a rock, it may sound weird but it works beautifully cause it's like using a hammer but it's way more gentle. It's almost a tradition here, at least in the zones where there are pine trees :')

  • Lynn Kaye TAN
    Lynn Kaye TAN Hour ago +1

    step 1: have a macaw

  • Hudson’s Wildlife

    Wait wait wait wait humans create tools to bust nut

  • Mango Juice
    Mango Juice 2 hours ago

    December: *comes*

  • Dark Pit
    Dark Pit 2 hours ago

    "I'm not gonna bury my nut in dirt"
    Of course not, you're supposed to bury it in other people

  • Eleana Southwind
    Eleana Southwind 3 hours ago

    Next nut my nut

  • just Music
    just Music 3 hours ago

    This is nuts

  • George Japaridze
    George Japaridze 4 hours ago +1

    and im here cracking nuts with my hands lmaoo

  • ចាន់ សីលា

    These nut

  • eXpcat
    eXpcat 4 hours ago +1

    Cracking nut video exists:
    Everyone: time to make some testie jokes...

  • That racer boi
    That racer boi 4 hours ago

    There's another way

  • Ashlee Tandy
    Ashlee Tandy 5 hours ago

    why am i watching this?

  • ᴍᴏᴛᴏ ᴍᴏᴛᴏ

    I, too busted a nut while watching this

  • F&H
    F&H 5 hours ago

    Take a shot every time she says nut

  • F&H
    F&H 5 hours ago

    I only know how to bust one

  • scrap P
    scrap P 6 hours ago

    Does the woman have something to do with the title?

  • Sebastian Maliszewski
    Sebastian Maliszewski 6 hours ago

    Nut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Mike !
    Mike ! 6 hours ago

    She has a very sweet voice

  • Robert Emanuel
    Robert Emanuel 7 hours ago

    Nut milk

  • Fybron
    Fybron 10 hours ago

    I think she forgot one :)

  • Gamer929
    Gamer929 11 hours ago +1

    Coconut ain't even a nut

  • Vuph 2
    Vuph 2 12 hours ago

    My nuts are hurt from watching this

  • iateaplumandifeelweird
    iateaplumandifeelweird 16 hours ago

    Old meme: *pop* Nice
    New meme: *drinks* Yum

  • cat Ramirez
    cat Ramirez 17 hours ago

    They stole from ice age 8:48

  • Zey Rold
    Zey Rold 17 hours ago

    When she's cracking a nut try to close your eyes, it feels like you're watching a chiropractic therapy.

  • skalzy
    skalzy 17 hours ago

    Yoda : There is another

  • Stephine Jose
    Stephine Jose 18 hours ago

    "Now, the coconut nut is a big, big nut
    But it's delicious nut is not a nut
    It's the coco fruit
    Of the coco tree
    From the coco palm family" - The Coconut Song ( Da Coconut Nut )

  • High Odds
    High Odds 21 hour ago

    It hurts hearing this

  • N G
    N G 22 hours ago

    What about deez nuts

  • Lil nigga
    Lil nigga 22 hours ago

    They forgot a set of nuts

  • JRO
    JRO 23 hours ago +1

    There is another way...

  • Arif Setiawan
    Arif Setiawan 23 hours ago

    Are you going nuts after watch this?

  • Alexander Barrak Rame
    Alexander Barrak Rame 23 hours ago

    She didn’t bust mine

  • Emma Barbosa
    Emma Barbosa 23 hours ago

    For the first one you can also use a door

  • Patryk Wieczorek

    You can also... buy them shelled

  • Cheesy Nachos
    Cheesy Nachos Day ago

    Coconut aint a nut, it's a fruit, it grows on tree

  • Legends of speed

    But can they crack mine?

  • 32k_slimj 1
    32k_slimj 1 Day ago

    Is it funny that in my elementary we would have a pecan tree and when there where pecans on the ground we would break em by stepping on them😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Shawn DiSalvo
    Shawn DiSalvo Day ago

    Why is noone taking about the adorable tada after every nut?

  • Dylan Johnson
    Dylan Johnson Day ago

    Hot too bust a nut

  • xtian carello
    xtian carello Day ago

    Asians are furious right now

  • 541V470R3 91
    541V470R3 91 Day ago

    This video broke me, so many sexual innuendos

  • Mystic Umbreon Haunts

    This is literally How To Bust a Nut

  • kedarreis kirkendoll

    My life would be com pl late if the title was "How to Bust every Nut"

  • lightning plays skyrim

    The Coconut isn't a nut though

  • that kid.mp4
    that kid.mp4 Day ago

    she's a nut master

  • Không Vlog
    Không Vlog Day ago

    Ann:crack guy nut

  • R a f a e l
    R a f a e l Day ago

    I beat my nuts every morning plus coffee ugh heaven

  • Kristen Woolery
    Kristen Woolery Day ago

    This may be a dumb question. But do they sell nuts with the shells on them at the stores?

  • al- Lutjanusi
    al- Lutjanusi Day ago

    Chef, that is not the best way to crack the mature coconut. You make it worse.

  • Allie Vodden
    Allie Vodden Day ago +2

    Why am I watching this, I’m allergic to all nuts...

  • Jamel Mitchell
    Jamel Mitchell 2 days ago

    All these nuts jus for one lady

  • DraconisRose
    DraconisRose 2 days ago

    "Do it the most civilized way" by hammering it lmao

    • Sean Hamilton
      Sean Hamilton Day ago

      At least they didn't have a canned audience saying "Use the hammer! Use the hammer!" like in the how to slice every fruit episode.

  • junonás
    junonás 2 days ago

    why would you do coconuts so dirty

  • Mulm Verbot
    Mulm Verbot 2 days ago

    u forgot the strawberry 🍓 since it is actually a nut 🥜

  • Ernesto Rafael Diaz
    Ernesto Rafael Diaz 2 days ago

    Here in Brazil we call the "Brazil Nut" castanha-do-pará

  • KatGuy
    KatGuy 2 days ago

    I thought chestnuts were Spanish...

  • Игорь Т.
    Игорь Т. 2 days ago

    I thought she would leave her finger on table next to pecan shells !

  • Azhar Dhoomun
    Azhar Dhoomun 2 days ago +2

    Chef: "nuts are so delicious and nutritious"
    Me: tht is all the info i need

  • Monika Baird
    Monika Baird 2 days ago

    I don’t care about this video. I’m so allergic

    MICHAEL ZIGAH 2 days ago

    Did you know a coconut is a seed not a nut

  • Snappy
    Snappy 2 days ago

    I just clicked on the video to scroll down and see the comments 😂

  • Mauro Sison
    Mauro Sison 2 days ago

    You cut the coconut wrong

  • Your best Fan.
    Your best Fan. 2 days ago

    blisters shows experience.

  • Bleach in ur eye
    Bleach in ur eye 2 days ago

    This girl knows a lot about nuts 🥜

  • Mahi Mahi
    Mahi Mahi 2 days ago

    You really don't need anything other than the hammer

  • Mars Au
    Mars Au 2 days ago

    Do they know that a peanut is not a nut it is a legume?

  • SmollLzir
    SmollLzir 2 days ago

    Ya know... theres this one nut that can be cracked by hand..

  • Jancel Melanis
    Jancel Melanis 2 days ago


  • Neil Joseph
    Neil Joseph 2 days ago

    That's not how u open a coconut. ..and that's not the flesh.....

  • Zolteanu TigrulPinguinA

    idea : how to crack every egg

  • gamingstars 123
    gamingstars 123 3 days ago +3

    Her: you can also make almond milk with it

  • twisty twisties
    twisty twisties 3 days ago

    Im highly allergic to walnuts and mildly allergic to hazelnuts and I feel so bad about not being able to eat em because i love em

  • SkilfulHippo 823
    SkilfulHippo 823 3 days ago

    How many times does she say nut

  • Achille Parent
    Achille Parent 3 days ago


  • Mario Andrei
    Mario Andrei 3 days ago

    There is a reason why a female chef is doing the video.

  • Lord Squirrel
    Lord Squirrel 3 days ago

    Well Logan Paul is the king of cracking nuts 15 percent of all his nuts are cracked

  • Sherwin Celeste
    Sherwin Celeste 3 days ago +3

    Her: *sliced the young coconut husks* And that's your coconut meat.
    Me: F. that's definitely not the meat.

  • Sherwin Celeste
    Sherwin Celeste 3 days ago

    Video: How to crack every nuts
    Me: Just smash it