Subnautica #18 - Cave Dive

  • Published on Mar 15, 2018
  • Once again we've crashlanded on an alien ocean planet teeming with hostile natives, and have to rummage through the sea water to make a cool base yadda yadda yadda.

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  • duy hoang
    duy hoang 8 months ago


  • Niji Sakura
    Niji Sakura 11 months ago

    When you purposely stay away from any story spoiler in the hope that one day... One day you are going to find a let's play that is actually enjoyable with an entertaining player and... you find this. Get addicted, start to binge watch and get the hope trolled out of you story wise. The base building and location was great compared to others though so there's that.

  • Rauminen
    Rauminen Year ago

    Goes down to magnetite mine. "No magnetite here though...."

  • tj13000
    tj13000 Year ago

    Last guy sounded a little like joe hills. No disrespect to joe.

  • FalcoGer
    FalcoGer Year ago

    seeds never go bad. some seeds you can eat, they go bad, but you can always plant them, even when they're rotten.

  • ZeUbinator
    ZeUbinator Year ago

    That was some beautiful trolling with the radio.

  • Davithjah
    Davithjah Year ago

    Whaha, trollmaster Zisteau at work :)

  • Fish in a Barrel
    Fish in a Barrel Year ago

    My dudes, unbunch your panties and stop getting so upset at how Zed chooses to play the game. If you want to see things in a certain way, go find another LP of the game, or play it yourself. Also, people saying he needs to play how the audience wants for entertainment? No, he really doesn't. If he only played how you wanted, he'd no longer be playing how he wants, and would soon lose interest in the game.

  • TheBrokenchalk13
    TheBrokenchalk13 Year ago

    5:03 i built my house right there, a bit laggy but i love the view. I lobe the fact that you think its a cool place

  • humblegar
    humblegar Year ago

    Thank you for the picture frame Z! I was getting worried for a while there :)

  • Liekki
    Liekki Year ago +19

    You know, I was going to make a comment about how much I don't appreciate the joke at the viewers' expense with the radio and shit but then I took a step back and thought to myself, "why the hell am I so emotionally invested in what some stranger on a different continent does or does not do in the made-up story in a video game?"
    So, have this, instead: the soft 'thunk' sound of little fish swimming into the Seamoth makes me laugh every time for some reason.

    • Dmytro Bogdan
      Dmytro Bogdan 11 months ago +1

      Probably Zisteau having a great time on this planet and don't want any radio calls. Its like a vacation on a paradise island when you turn off all your electronic devices and just relax :)

  • Aki San
    Aki San Year ago +2

    askes for magnetite... drives over like 8 of the little nodes.. they are the hexagonal shaped gray thingies.

  • KiwiGamer8060
    KiwiGamer8060 Year ago +1

    As someone asking zisteau to rebuild the radio, I’m glad he trolled at the start because now we know it’s a conscious decision he’s made, not just an ignorant mistake.

  • Charlie Dobbie
    Charlie Dobbie Year ago

    Bravo, Zed. Bravo.

  • The dude whose head is missing

    Wait... Did Z not see the "Who are you?" text while he was "hallucinating"? Anyways, I think I saw a big vein/rock of magnetite in this video. I only think it's magnetite, because it looked pointy and spiky like the small ones.

  • madison brown
    madison brown Year ago +1

    All hail zisteau, god of trolling. Maybe now those annoying radio comments will stop.

  • Dawn Orthen
    Dawn Orthen Year ago +1

    It’s... actually incredibly frustrating how much zistaeu is treating this game like Minecraft or ark.
    It ACTUALLY has a story and ACTUAL progression, and he’s ignoring it for mega bases?

  • GlassDeviant
    GlassDeviant Year ago +2

    F6 switches between 5 or 6 display modes, to hide UI bits, beacons, your hands, your feet, etc. for screenshots. It's a bit awkward for screenshotting monsters.
    P.S.: You want right past about half a dozen magnetite when you were exploring the jellyshroom caves.

  • Дat One Russian Guy

    You can replay the "What are you?" line in your PDA logs. I recommend you do it for the viewers who are interested in the story.

  • Дat One Russian Guy

    Every time you said the word "magnetite", you skipped past some of it.

  • DarkHanswurst
    DarkHanswurst Year ago

    Does this game have some brightness settings? The part where you tried the floating air pump, I could see nothing :(

  • Дat One Russian Guy

    Just want to get this out of the way: you CAN scan the crabsnakes. Things in this game are often bigger than they look, and, in this case, you didn't get close enough to scan it. It's just something you should keep in mind when you want to scan something really badly.

  • Дat One Russian Guy

    You can stretch pipes out by moving further away from attachment points. Fifteen would probably be enough to reach that cave opening.

  • Za11oy
    Za11oy Year ago

    I think that was one of the best exploration of the Degassi base of that cave I've seen in many of the LPs I've watched. Thorough, methodical, finding all the PDAs and scans. Really well done, pretty sure you got all or almost all the degassi stuff outside of the base too. Which is why it's so surprising you didn't find more then one chunk of Magnetite, that place has a loooooot of it laying around.
    Too bad for the Hallucination playing during a PDA, the sounds and voice going with it is really... Neat. If it's replayable somewhere on the PDA, don't hesitate to, it's worth it. Or look it up sometimes. Aha. That radio troll... was pretty bad. But well, I'm not really the type to care too much in which order peeps do whatever, so keep on doing you and being awesome, and I'll keep watching.

  • Azazial Verdantia
    Azazial Verdantia Year ago +1

    I could never play games like this on stream or youtube because discovery is the fun of it and I know people would ruin it for me just for the lulz. I had chosen to suspend disbelief that you were missing things on purpose even though I was pretty sure you were. Now that you've explicitly confirmed it I can't help but wonder how much else you're missing on purpose and the sense of shared discovery is gone. :(

  • Taras Datsiuk
    Taras Datsiuk Year ago

    This game is bugged as hell... because of that u missed the audio of "hallucination", and if you continue down with trolling - you will brake main story, so GL and HF...

    • Taras Datsiuk
      Taras Datsiuk Year ago

      you clearly do not get it...

    • donmab
      donmab Year ago

      You cannot break the main story. All that will happen is he will finish the game without some back story. The degasi stuff is the main info that leads you onwards to the end game anyway. Can't remember if you need the radio to build the rocket though.

  • Recon.777
    Recon.777 Year ago +1

    Rather disappointing bug in the game which Z accidentally discovered. When you're playing a voice log, if you also happen to get a game event (the one where he thought he was hallucinating) you cannot actually hear that the voice is saying. So he totally didn't notice what that was.

  • FlaySkayCZE
    FlaySkayCZE Year ago +1

    My god.. thath fail with pipes ...
    and god damn radio ...

  • Recon.777
    Recon.777 Year ago +6

    Great troll. However what Z does not realize is that there is no real fear of the plot pushing you through the game. There's a point (before too long where he is) where the game pretty much lets you loose for a while with no new radio promptings and it's up to you to figure the rest out.

  • Kingwut117
    Kingwut117 Year ago

    you can also attach the air pipes to a base

  • Roobitz
    Roobitz Year ago

    Z, you drove past so many magnetite ores throughout the episode. They're small and dark, you really need to stop and look with your flashlight to see them properly.

  • Daniel Burnley
    Daniel Burnley Year ago +7

    The hallucination thing was part of the story that you accidentally missed due to the pda playing. Also with the path tool if you don't know which way to go hop out and drop another marker

    • Rauminen
      Rauminen Year ago

      I was really sorry about that - I did not realise the "hallucination" was so much different without the appropriate sound... would have loved to see his reaction.

  • 23caterpie
    23caterpie Year ago +4

    I'm enjoying Zisteau's playthrough! I felt compelled to comment after reading the negativity in the comments.

    • mathig nihilcek
      mathig nihilcek Year ago

      You kidding? Him trolling these jerks who think they can boss Zisteau around is the best part of the video. I also love his way of doing things anyways.

  • Showbizzah
    Showbizzah Year ago +1

    Scuba skelly!!!!!!!

  • Tuxfanturnip
    Tuxfanturnip Year ago +5

    You know, when it comes down to it,. it's irritating to hear you talk about things not being explained adequately while willfully ignoring the explanations.

  • Jason McDougal
    Jason McDougal Year ago +18

    So if you want to see the game on your own schedule, maybe play it yourself? Zisteau is treating this game the same way he has treated others in the past, where exploration and building are king. That's how he plays most games, I'm not sure why you'd expect anything different from this one. Must be frustrating for him to read the comments.

    • \/
      \/ Year ago

      Don't worry Jason, after your ass licking comment he must be good again..

    • Its Snowing
      Its Snowing Year ago

      I mean it's not like the game give you pointers for cool locations to explore or anything haha I mean that would be dumb right?? /s
      the only reason to even watch a let's play is to see how other people react to the same situation.

  • Michael Kreitzer
    Michael Kreitzer Year ago +4

    LMFAO :D Well played, sir. Well played. :D
    BTW, with the picture frame you can put arbitrary images files in the folder your screenshots are saved to, and you can use them in game.
    Also, you were _surrounded_ by magnetite, dude. You were swimming past all of it! The Jellyshroom Caves are one of the best places to get it. :)

  • epigeios
    epigeios Year ago +5

    You couldn't scan it because you didn't get close enough. Your sense of perspective is off.

  • epigeios
    epigeios Year ago +11

    The pipes have a maximum and minimum length.
    You tested them at the minimum length. The maximum length would have had them go down to the cave entrance, I think.
    This doesn't make them any more useful for you right now, but it does make them more useful than you're thinking they are.

  • zennou11
    zennou11 Year ago +11

    Lol, teasing us with finally rebuilding the radio only to deconstruct it, incorrectly assuming he can't scan the snakes (hitboxes in this game are pretty bad at times, I admit), then having the WORST timing when he got the "hallucination" scene at the same time as an audio log was playing (and thus missing out on hearing the voice that should have accompanied those three words).
    Quite the episode.

    • Дat One Russian Guy
      Дat One Russian Guy Year ago

      This is why I put "I adress this to people who find this irritating" on my comment.

    • zennou11
      zennou11 Year ago +1

      Oh, I quite enjoy this series. I wasn't yelling at things not going right; I was laughing at the comedy of errors.
      Zisteau's a funny guy with a nice voice, and his meticulous and creative building is well-known. The only thing that was an ACTUAL shame (in that he can't just do it later) was when he missed the voice clip, and that wasn't his fault at all.
      It's just fun to gripe about stuff, sometimes. : - )

    • Дat One Russian Guy
      Дat One Russian Guy Year ago +1

      I adress this to people who find this irritating:
      I understand all the frustration that may come out of this, but that's something you can learn to enjoy. There are lots of linear story-oriented playthroughs on RUclip - heck, if you want to see the game the way you want, play it yourself - but there's something charming about seeing things happen not how they're supposed to and not having the ability to do anything about it. It's so unpredictable. I personally have completed the main storyline and watched dozens of LPs on this game, so I find this rather refreshing. If you want the story - go ahead, either watch this playthrough untill the end, or find a better one. I'm here for the gameplay. Games like this are all about how you choose to play it, and I want to see what he can get out of it.

  • Can Of Crow
    Can Of Crow Year ago +3

    unfortunate that the "alien hallucination" got interrupted by the pda recording

    • Can Of Crow
      Can Of Crow Year ago +1

      you can relisten to those if you want too

  • Cassy Berry
    Cassy Berry Year ago

    Loving this so far Z!
    Your the first person i watched playing this game and it looks amazing cant wait for more :)

  • Bethany Weber
    Bethany Weber Year ago +3

    I thought the radio thing was funny, but I do wish he'd read some of the scanner data a little more carefully... especially when he keeps talking about not knowing things he'd know if he'd read some of his scans.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown Year ago

    Zisteau episode HOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Patrick Finton
    Patrick Finton Year ago +29

    I love the radio troll. Probably feels good after all the people slinging spoilers.

    • KiwiGamer8060
      KiwiGamer8060 Year ago

      Octavio Ferreira exactly!

    • Octavio Ferreira
      Octavio Ferreira Year ago +1

      I totally agree. I suspected that he was doing it on purpose. Now we got confirmation. :-)

    • KiwiGamer8060
      KiwiGamer8060 Year ago

      Patrick Finton I’m happy he did because now we know it’s a conscious decision he’s made, not just an ignorant mistake.

    • KiwiGamer8060
      KiwiGamer8060 Year ago +3

      Patrick Finton as someone who asked him to rebuild the radio I’m happy he did because now we know it’s a conscious decision he’s made, not just an ignorant mistake.

  • Mary French
    Mary French Year ago

    You should rebuild the radio its only 1 TITANIUM AND 1 COPPER just build even know you don't think of it as a story game there's still a story to it

  • Rob Rose
    Rob Rose Year ago +8

    26:20 you'd find more stuff like that if you rebuilt the radio

  • Yggdrasil42
    Yggdrasil42 Year ago +1

    The pipes extend if you swim down before laying the next one. Still not a great tool though if you have the seamoth.

  • Samuel Marsh
    Samuel Marsh Year ago +2

    Play The Voice log saying what are you

  • Korrina Corley
    Korrina Corley Year ago +3

    I've found that wall lockers are better for storage because you can name them. Sure they're smaller, but the organization potential makes them better.

  • Whicker493
    Whicker493 Year ago +3

    That area you were in is pretty much Magnetite central.

  • Korrina Corley
    Korrina Corley Year ago

    he was so close to replacing the radio

  • RedHeadGearHead
    RedHeadGearHead Year ago +1

    You can probably just place the starting beacon for the navigator thing then when you need to find your way back just deploy an arrow beacon rather than setting up loads of arrows along the way.

    • Za11oy
      Za11oy Year ago

      The problem with that, is that then you'll have an arrow pointing at the direction you need to end up in. But not necessarily which tunnel tortuously twisting around is the right one. Which is really what this thing is really meant for. Further more, you can then only deploy an arrow to see where you need to go once, since the next ones you deploy will lead you to the last one you put in, that is to say.. The one you used to know where to go, thus heading right back where you started trying to get out.

  • Andrew Wupori
    Andrew Wupori Year ago +3

    Seems you can only scan the head portions of larger/longer creatures. You simply didn't hover over the right area.

  • MagicLeaves
    MagicLeaves Year ago +72

    Thank god he finally made that picture frame

    • RobLPMG02
      RobLPMG02 Year ago +4

      He should definitely do this. A picture of it BLINKING, at that. Maybe even edit the picture so that it's circling/highlighting the blinking part...and then put it in a picture frame. XD
      ...I wonder if you could put animated GIFs/PNGs in that frame...if so, I'd totally make one of the radio w/the light blinking, and just put that in a frame, so people would be like: THE RADIO IS BLI-...oh.

    • Wintercreation
      Wintercreation Year ago +12

      I really wish he would actually place a picture of a radio in it!xD

  • Ultracity6060
    Ultracity6060 Year ago +2

    Some sunset pictures looking through the trees on those islands would be lovely.

  • I.M. Err0r
    I.M. Err0r Year ago +3

    2:25 Translation: "I'll do the story if and when I damn well please, so stop commenting just to tell me about it."

    • KiwiGamer8060
      KiwiGamer8060 Year ago

      I.M. Err0r I’m happy he did because now we know it’s a conscious decision he’s made, not just an ignorant mistake.

  • Scale
    Scale Year ago +1

    Master troll

  • kiroki
    kiroki Year ago

    I only started watching FOR the story. If he's not going to do it then I'm not gonna watch

  • technographical
    technographical Year ago +6

    Zisteau, that troll was wonderful

  • Entropy
    Entropy Year ago +8

    I'm getting the feeling that this is a game I'd rather play than watch. It used to be entertaining, but when we want to see you gain progress in the story, you throw it in our faces and concentrate on exploration and survival/crafting elements that are much less interesting. I know you've generally been the kind of content producer that plays for himself and uploads as a secondary priority, but I figure someone depending on the accessibility and enjoyment of their content as a livelihood would be more concerned with satisfying their viewerbase. I'm not saying you're bound to the whims of your viewers, but it seems like you're deliberately avoiding the radio just to piss us off. Do what you want to do, as you always have, but don't be surprised when people get sick of it.

    • mathig nihilcek
      mathig nihilcek Year ago +5

      If you don't like it, get out of here. This is Zisteau. He hardly ever plays a game as it was intended. That's his shtick. He's popular enough doing things his way, because people like it.

    • kyarri2
      kyarri2 Year ago +5

      maybe well luck out and all the ppl demanding how he plays will all leave

    • Robert Brown
      Robert Brown Year ago +4

      So far I'm not sick of it. I enjoy the open-ended style of Z's content.

  • Ghooostie
    Ghooostie Year ago +9

    Hey Z, small request, when listening to audio logs, could you try to avoid talking over them ? Makes it harder to hear what they're saying.
    On an unrelated note, those purple mushrooms if they drop seeds when harvested would be totally sweet for base decor.

    • Zisteau
      Zisteau  Year ago +3

      Ok, can do. I felt I was too silent so was trying to interject during those long audio files.

  • Its Snowing
    Its Snowing Year ago +11

    trolls viewers by saying fuck off I'll build the radio when I please and intentionally neglects the story elements. Yeah nah, lost a viewer here bro.

    • Fish in a Barrel
      Fish in a Barrel Year ago +1

      Gets offended by how someone else chooses to play and enjoy a game.
      Bye, snowflake.

    • MarioneTTe Doll
      MarioneTTe Doll Year ago +1

      Its Snowing There are hundreds of LP's following the story. Z is doing things differently. Relax and enjoy the free entertainment you're getting.

    • Its Snowing
      Its Snowing Year ago

      Are you joking? Why not both? It's not like they're mutually exclusive.... If you explore the entire map without the pointers to various locations the game loses some of its enjoyability. And the viewers don't get to see that in game interaction. But sure. I guess I have to be either entirely selfish or entirely altruistic.

    • Robert Brown
      Robert Brown Year ago +3

      You're not trying to improve his experience in the game. You're trying to improve your experience watching the game.

  • PsychoLucario
    PsychoLucario Year ago +1

    the episode where he (briefly) reconstructed the radio

  • Nefer007
    Nefer007 Year ago +5

    Z. If you wanna see that giant gun in action, you've gotta rebuild the radio (or perhaps go back to the lifepod and use that one.)

    • Tuxfanturnip
      Tuxfanturnip Year ago +1

      Please stop posting spoilers

    • SephK13
      SephK13 Year ago

      Why would he want to see the giant gun work? I think that would be a shame.

  • JadeofallTrades88
    JadeofallTrades88 Year ago +34

    AHH. I'm sad you missed the shadow figure actually TALKING to you from the PDA. The shadow figure will be important storywise later.

    • LV 426
      LV 426 Year ago

      Yeah, that's a huge bummer... This game miss a lot of coding details like that.

    • Salvage
      Salvage Year ago +5

      I'm actually kind of upset Unknown Worlds didn't code the visions to not trigger while a sound file from a PDA is playing. he missed the voice line of it completely. really unfortunate.

    • DwellerBenthos
      DwellerBenthos Year ago

      Yeah, it's NOT a hallucination ....

  • Behrens Julian
    Behrens Julian Year ago

    Seriously? He went into the cave where you can find lots of magnetite and he leaves without finding a single one.
    Oh and rebuild that damn radio.

    • Michael Kreitzer
      Michael Kreitzer Year ago +2

      He found one... only one. :D And swam right past 20!

  • Vinnidict Vulka
    Vinnidict Vulka Year ago +24

    You are not gonna like this, but there was more magnetite right next to the magnetite.

    • RobLPMG02
      RobLPMG02 Year ago +2

      Nah, there was literally a piece of magnetite right next to the magnetite that he found. I think there was at least 1 big magnetite outcrop in the area, as well (the area he was exploring, don't think it was RIGHT next to this one).
      Though he wasn't sure what it looked like at the time, and he needs the Prawn Suit anyway. Still gonna love every moment of how he tries to get the prawn suit in and out of his base with the way it's currently set up.
      Gonna be hilarious when he makes it, drops it in the ocean, and it immediately falls below its initial safe operation depth and gets instantly destroyed. XD

    • Viedra Lavinova
      Viedra Lavinova Year ago

      There was a shale outcrop at 32:10 if that is what you are talking about...

  • lucy bikerchick chadwick

    As much as i love Z why choose a story game n not play the story? I really enjoyed this story too it's a shame. Just hoping he gets round to that damn radio when hes ready otherwise this is gonna get boring pretty soon. Only so much u can do without following the bloody story x

    • RobLPMG02
      RobLPMG02 Year ago

      Yeah, not sure that there's really a need for a lot more "base building" episodes, heh. He'll probably still keep doing them, though. =x

    • Bonsly24
      Bonsly24 Year ago +3

      See i might be an outlier but i am watching zed's vids on this game because of the base building, I already watched another lp and the guy built the most boring base possible so I knew this lp would be better.

    • Vik Photo
      Vik Photo Year ago +1

      Z, what if, like your other series. Break it up into 3 types of episodes. Exploration, building, and story. I love your work but there are times that you go off trail too far which in turn I would burnout on the series.

    • EPGeek
      EPGeek Year ago +3

      I LOLed so hard at the troll. That said, at this point more "base building" is uninteresting to watch, and your exploration is frustrating to watch.

    • frodo0111
      frodo0111 Year ago +2

      And yet you listen to the PDAs. That's not a very consistent argument. I think you can finish the game sans radio, but the map is pretty damn big. Good luck.

  • Richard Rahl
    Richard Rahl Year ago +7

    18:27..Do you see the little grey thing before the big chunk? That's magnetite
    21:56 that was bad timing man, gettign that point during a PDA listening

  • Peter Baker
    Peter Baker Year ago +13

    You can stretch the pipes out and make them longer. They're great for gardening. Super predators need to be scanned by the face. Yeah it sucks.

    • Aggropop
      Aggropop Year ago

      It could be slightly useful if you need to harvest a lot of exterior growbeds.

    • Za11oy
      Za11oy Year ago

      How are they great for gardening? I gotta admit that part of your comment made me curious X3

  • smark667
    smark667 Year ago +121

    picture of a radio in the picture frame

  • Araknos1937
    Araknos1937 Year ago +17

    I'm still waiting for him to say: "AHA! Got your guys! I really do read comments and here's your radio!"

    • \/
      \/ Year ago

      Rob, one more ass-kissing comment and you will become Z's favorite sycophant xD

    • RobLPMG02
      RobLPMG02 Year ago

      Haha, yeah - I loved that. I bet the rage from some people was palpable. Least I know now that he's purposely avoiding it, and not just completely oblivious. XD

    • LemmHMG - Heavy Metal Gaming
      LemmHMG - Heavy Metal Gaming Year ago

      ArticulateDuck And we wouldn't have it any other way.

    • ArticulateDuck
      ArticulateDuck Year ago +8

      Well, here he all but said, "Ha! Got you! I really do read comments, and shove off, I'll build a radio when I damn well please!"

  • Sean Web
    Sean Web Year ago +8

    Dammit Z was just trolling us with the radio

  • Kristian Choate
    Kristian Choate Year ago +6

    do the radio

  • brillenfux
    brillenfux Year ago +102

    Somebody popped a vein in the beginning of this episode :D

    • \/
      \/ Year ago

      On the other hand, maybe he likes arse-licking sycophants like you Rob xD

    • tenebraebr
      tenebraebr Year ago +2

      Yeah, I'm with RobLPMG here. He did that just as a jab on the more heated commenters here. Definitely.
      I mean, he *can* be oblivious (remember the escape pod in earlier episodes). But this time it was a troll. 100%.

    • The Mad Zookeeper
      The Mad Zookeeper Year ago +5

      wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. if you've been around Z video's long enough... you know two things. both that he IS just that oblivious at times... and that he sometimes just does it to mess with people... or draw something out a bit more because he's having fun.

    • RobLPMG02
      RobLPMG02 Year ago +14

      I'm 100% convinced that he's doing that on purpose just to get people mad, lol (I bet there will be some people who threaten/do unsubscribe cause of that crap, too). XD
      I love it, though...and at least now ~I~ know that he's doing this on purpose and not COMPLETELY oblivious. That's what matters to me, heh. ^^

    • The Mad Zookeeper
      The Mad Zookeeper Year ago +1

      yea... was like oh dear god z, look at the pretty blinking light!

  • Leo Kullander
    Leo Kullander Year ago +38

    master troll lol

  • infinity
    infinity Year ago +1

    no Subnautica! YES Factorio sea block! plz plz plz

  • Xabaras
    Xabaras Year ago +14

    Zisteau, don't forget about the prawn suit, the seamoth is cool but there *are* other vehicles you could try to find the materials for. Also *PLEASE* use your eyeballs and take a more rounded approach to exploring, you are missing alot but fixating on the mundane and generally not spending enough time in the newer areas you do find yourself in, the terrain has a story to tell not to mention ore.

  • fangorn23
    fangorn23 Year ago

    you damn troll >_>

  • ThePinoin
    ThePinoin Year ago +7

    Noooo, rebuild the radio you're missing the story.

  • JaevlaSkit
    JaevlaSkit Year ago +34

    God damn it Zisteau with the radio.

  • Richard Guzinya
    Richard Guzinya Year ago +1

    I knew it was a kappa...

  • Diftor
    Diftor Year ago +5

    Kappa great start to the video ^.^, was waiting for you to explore the caves for some time :)

  • Shake'N'Bake
    Shake'N'Bake Year ago

    Wub wub

  • Hráško Mistr
    Hráško Mistr Year ago

    Sup bois :)

    BTW COOL VID, keep up the work :)

  • ThePinoin
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