3D Sound - WEAR HEADPHONES - Virtual Reality Audio - WWI

These 3D sounds were originally mono recordings. Then mixed into 3D binaural audio. Virtual Reality sound. Film by Joe Higgins. Sound by Sozo 3D Sound Design - sozo3d.com

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Длительность: 3:20
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Автор Marcus Tullius Cicero ( назад)
I though this was going to be asmr...

Автор Officialvladimirputin ( назад)
this is fucking horrifying

Автор Unoriginql ( назад)
i feel like the shell explosions would be a lot louder.

Автор Undead Equestrian Gamer ( назад)

Автор Tired Chara ( назад)
some bullshit right here, abusive player voice chat then spawn camper using the mortars. ugh, servers nowadays. smh

Автор Ezcomer ( назад)
10000% fake

Автор Jake Stutzman ( назад)
not the best audio but cool

Автор ZSX 3000 ( назад)
do u fuckin know how many times I shat meself

Автор Joshua Williams ( назад)
was this real

Автор Please Stop ( назад)
RIP headphone users

Автор Stealthyhunter ( назад)
You know for couple of seconds I actually smelled smoke and blood.

Автор SuperPonch1978 ( назад)
not the greatest

Автор Edit Gaming ( назад)
Hey I just finished this in school.

Автор Handy Andy ( назад)
audio is shit, explosions lack bass, making them sound super artificial. poor display of 3d audio.

Автор Imhere4real Mccabe ( назад)
Headphones in headphones out no difference

Автор Mr. Crazy ( назад)
this sounds we hear it everyday in Syria..

Автор aye lmao ( назад)
battlefield one

Автор Jstew ( назад)
Poorly directed and scripted

Автор Slightly Sophisticated ( назад)

Автор Cole Kilby ( назад)
I get it's for sound and all, but this was really cheesy.

Автор Banana Hammer83 ( назад)
You should have soround sound headphones

Автор Diego Ferreira ( назад)
The best moment: 1:36 lol

Автор stadoblech ( назад)
this is actually most realistic visualisation of WW1 i ever seen... this footages you would get if helm cameras would be available at the time of ww1

Автор SgtPnkks ( назад)
now imagine it with the artillery explosions a thousand times louder

Автор VsavageTv ( назад)
got some battlefield 1 action going on😂😂😂

Автор Sam Hinchy ( назад)
Not enough bass

Автор Area51 ( назад)
the first shell that flew by scared the living shit out of me

Автор T1 Under 5150 ( назад)
Did I died?

Автор José Luis Jerez ( назад)

Автор Nate4Life01 ( назад)
bruh I'd be rushing up that ladder like a Mexican climbing over trump's wall

Автор mihnlee7 ( назад)
War. War never changes.

Автор vearing islife ( назад)
saving Private Ryan a movie that's nearly 10 years old has better 3d sound quality and graphics then this shit

Автор Daniel Shultz ( назад)
What language they speaking?

Автор Ram_Tay ( назад)
Doesn't sound like a round snapping by at all

Автор Charlie Dick ( назад)
how do I respawn?

Автор Brandon McBadass ( назад)
See, what gets me is the explosions (I know I know) and the officer. The officer never leaves. The rule was "Up and Over, or you get shot by friendly fire by the guy to your left." For him to go first is insane, between u and me, I'd just say fuck em

Автор jejuminn ( назад)

Автор ManzoManMCX ! ( назад)

Автор Knife Lover ( назад)
I ducked several time, god damnit bose headphones

Автор Penguinssss ( назад)
Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Автор Payton Cortez ( назад)
so umm uh were only I 5 guy squad facing 20 battalions of Germans OK I'll go

Автор SOZO 3D ( назад)
3 Million views! Thanks, everyone! Check out my new stuff - the sound is much better than this.

Автор Ibraheem Lazim ( назад)

Автор Mirek4004 ( назад)
Surround effects poorly made.

Автор worthatronproduction ( назад)
no machine gun fire?

Автор ian fit4task ( назад)
Uk working class men coned into Believing Germany was the Enemy,German men sold the same lie.Who was responsible? just look at the Shit hole Europe has become.mass uncontrolled invasion from Animals​ from Muslim monsters who shit and piss and Rape there way in our Towns enter and control our City's... Actung white European Christians.have faith in RUSSIA and Embrace Each other...

Автор Phat K [Locksmith Thailand] ( назад)
too afraid T. T

Автор علي محمد ( назад)

Автор Dystopic ( назад)
Fuck! 1:38 that shit scared me so badly, that whistling sounded so near even when I'm playing on speakers

Автор Farid Rhamdany ( назад)
I suggest WW2.. because it more crazy.. more blowing.. and more frightening ;)

Автор Dark Rim Films ( назад)
Only thing is the uniforms are way too well kept, but I understand they're props.

Автор SuicideSmackledorf ( назад)
It triggered my PTSD, shot up school, 9/10 would watch my friends die again

Автор Andrew Rice ( назад)
That's the fastest I've ever clicked the like button.

Автор Jesús Díaz ( назад)
3:03 that part really made me feel weird.
I don't know why.

Автор zay the great kill em ( назад)
battlefield 1 with no hud

Автор Hugemonkeyman ( назад)
This is sketchy

Автор I kinda work for the government. ( назад)

Автор PocketplayerXtreme ( назад)
Battlefield 1

Автор Generik ( назад)
Just so you know... If a mortar actually did land on you you would never hear it whistle... If you hear it whistle it means it has passed over your head... If it actually hit you you would hear nothing because you would be dead... You would be lucky if there was enough of you to be buried in a soup can...

Автор Jonathan Bealsly ( назад)
I actually jumped at explosions

Автор Aqua Galaxy ( назад)

Автор 227 Bomber ( назад)
That's a helluva way to die getting directly hit by a artillery shell.

Автор Rogino Apacible ( назад)
w0w thats just amazing.

Автор Spooderman ( назад)
I'm almost death but the sounds make adrenaline I'm pumped right now

Автор Emitv ( назад)
how coe my battlefield 1 isn't like this what graphics card you use

Автор Roderick Van Hees ( назад)
great vid! side note, when a mortar shell will land on your position, direct hit, you will not hear the shell coming. the whistle is the sound that the shell makes when it passes over your head.

Автор sKrN N3XU5 ( назад)
My war flash backs

Dark days

Автор Battleboy43 ( назад)
I don't understand the concrete firebay, because of course concrete can set in a rainy area.

Автор Dosedmonkey ( назад)
sorry wasnt impressed. It felt like a group of 20 guys not thousands. There should of been more sound coming from down the line, don't a single whistle but one the watch timing there would of been whistles all down the line.

Автор Marek Lewczuk ( назад)

Автор max tippett ( назад)
0:35 I threw me laptop across the room from that passing shell XD. Just be blessed that neither any of you had to experience that dreadful war.

Автор Umut Özdemir ( назад)
tipini siktigim ne bagirıyon

Автор Jude Plays ( назад)
I had to throw off my headphones

Автор Mirko ( назад)
Vietnam flashbacks

Автор Sam Farnsworth ( назад)
Just to make sure you get killed one of your own people is waiting with a gun

Автор KingAnnihilator7 ( назад)
would this work if I download the mp3

Автор SpookeyLordzey ( назад)
*vietnam flashback*

Автор Jon Peter Tirad ( назад)
DID YOU HEAR WHAT HE SAID NO MAN LAND definitely Its the game from


at 1:26

Автор cc7112 ( назад)
excellent and so realistic video!!

Автор Gangster Aapjes ( назад)
this is roun sound a=nd 360 degree not 3d sound and virtual reality

Автор Jonathan Wiking ( назад)
I don't think they would assult while being shelled and also there would be a lot cooler if you heard some machine gun fire and other soldiers screaming and officers whisels

Автор Khánh Lê ( назад)
Viet nam cái con card

Автор The Krunchman ( назад)
Well at least I died fast

Автор New edge Guy ( назад)
anyone else reminded of medal of honor frontline?

Автор Minestrone -_- ( назад)
And loud

Автор Minestrone -_- ( назад)
Holy shit war is fuckin hell

Автор eXxTreamGamer BG ( назад)
OMFG this is awewsome ... :X Good job bro :D

Автор CorporalPig22 ( назад)
This isn't even VR

Автор Casanova 70 ( назад)
My Great Grandfather was a soldier in WWI But survived some hiw

Автор Jackie ( назад)
This is cool

Автор stoplol ( назад)
2this is hella cool

Автор RF FeaRLy ( назад)
Allahu ekber!

Автор Slinkylabcat ( назад)
Where do I get more of this?  Fuckin', I'll pay a bastard.

Автор Bugsy Del Rosario ( назад)

Автор Christopher C ( назад)
Well I was listening to quiet asmr relaxing sounds as I slept, but then somehow this came on at 3 am and woke me up

Автор Freeze ( назад)
I do not get the effect, do you need special headphones?

Автор SenorQuichotte ( назад)
fuck whomever did the sound editing is damn good. someone should have fragged that officer.

Автор Alex Schuster ( назад)
At 0:46 this guy says asshole

Автор koolerpure ( назад)
Not very 3D if all the sounds are in front of you

Автор Robih Alghifari ( назад)
That Last Part Scared The Shit Out Of Me.

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