The Mystery Of Jessica Chambers' Death

  • Published on Sep 16, 2018
  • The Mystery Of Jessica Chambers' Death
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  • Shelbie Alexis
    Shelbie Alexis 4 days ago

    This video is terrible and doesn’t explain anything. Buzzfeed needs to just stop.

  • Taylor Strong
    Taylor Strong 7 days ago

    She was taken to a hospital in Memphis which is where I live, those people on the news are our local news people.

  • Stephanie Leach
    Stephanie Leach 13 days ago

    who cares who narrated this, honestly they are a bit comedic for this story. Im from the same area she was and alot of locals believe it was white people who killed her bc she was dating black guys. This poor family needs prayers. lots of em

  • TheLDSGirl
    TheLDSGirl 13 days ago

    Have they considered that it could have been a suicide? She died because her vehicle was on fire; what if she bought all that gasoline and then lit it on fire?

  • Teuk Kun Maybeau
    Teuk Kun Maybeau 16 days ago

    I remember this in the news and us talking about our thoughts on it in class since we live so close to Clarksdale Mississippi. People saying that it isn’t properly publicized don’t think about the fact that it’s still talked about a whole lot in Mississippi, it’s definitely not something that’s been forgotten, just because it’s not making national headlines doesn’t mean it hasn’t been in our papers dozens and dozens of times and it’s definitely something a lot of people here have heard about and still spread the story around.

  • Hamburger Chef
    Hamburger Chef 18 days ago

    but did Eric do it??

  • Foxy Lady
    Foxy Lady 19 days ago

    How were they able to link Quinton Tellis to the crime scene or victim?

  • Emily K
    Emily K 24 days ago

    The whole time I was watching this, the only thing I could think was, "... but who's Eric?"

  • Ashley’s YouTube Channel

    “Normally when she FILLS UP, she buys 3-4.00 worth of gas” umm that’s not filling

  • Selena
    Selena Month ago

    The boyfriend has been shot and killed.

  • dinabana
    dinabana Month ago

    Dec 7... My birthday is Dec 8... Hmmmm

  • yamile I
    yamile I Month ago

    I get that this murder should defiantly have more suspects but people shouldn't be so rude about them not knowing who did it, Y'all aren't cops or detectives! You don't know how to find out who murdered whi

  • speed weed
    speed weed Month ago +1

    its not 'reverse racism' its racism

  • russiandude303
    russiandude303 Month ago +1

    I think she used the gas that she bought to burn her self I think that lines up perfectly, it was suicide

  • Awakened Masses
    Awakened Masses Month ago

    Ni**ers “When around blacks, never relax”

  • Dustin Bailey
    Dustin Bailey 2 months ago

    I bet it was CC Tinsley

  • Kln Kln
    Kln Kln 2 months ago

    it was most likely a suicide and "eric" is probs the one that pushed her to the edge

  • Lauryn Thompson
    Lauryn Thompson 2 months ago

    "eric did this to me"
    wOOWww what a mystery??? who could've done this???!?!!

  • Astronomical Gamer
    Astronomical Gamer 2 months ago

    Yo Buzzfeed you fucked up the my state abbreviation, it's MS not MO

  • Dommy Boo23
    Dommy Boo23 2 months ago

    Rest in peace beautiful hopefully soon you will get justice ❤️

  • Kayla Brown
    Kayla Brown 3 months ago

    What was the verdict y'all?

  • Josh Meade
    Josh Meade 3 months ago

    This is horrible storytelling. Speak clearly and write a script next time.
    I'd rather listen to "number 15 burger king foot lettuce guy" talk for an hour...

  • Kakakakkak2819 89
    Kakakakkak2819 89 3 months ago

    The person under me is right

  • Kessler Magat
    Kessler Magat 3 months ago +2

    Is everybody basically only talking about "Eric" here?? IT SAYS IT COULD NOT BE CONIRMED SO IT COULD BE FALSE

  • The Craft
    The Craft 3 months ago +1

    vocal fry

  • Rellie Wise
    Rellie Wise 3 months ago

    What if she said "A wreck did this to me"

  • Kevmaster2000
    Kevmaster2000 3 months ago +1

    I remember this, I live in Mississippi. These are my news networks, I watch Action News 5. It’s a shame that something this horrible is what gets my area on the map.

  • Kai Roleplays{!
    Kai Roleplays{! 3 months ago

    She died young

  • Abby Gretta
    Abby Gretta 4 months ago +1

    How'd the retrial go

  • Detroit's Reaper
    Detroit's Reaper 4 months ago

    Y wasnt this on the actual show

  • Jacqueline Morici
    Jacqueline Morici 4 months ago

    I read about this in a people magazine about cults #imwierd

  • Zahra Rochelle
    Zahra Rochelle 4 months ago

    Hmmmm maybe it was Eric

  • MidnightFlower13
    MidnightFlower13 4 months ago

    It's sacrilege, sacrilege, sacrilege you say....

  • Hiva La Chancla
    Hiva La Chancla 4 months ago


  • jonestowntea
    jonestowntea 4 months ago

    You guys should cover something on Jaleayah Davis. West Virginia native found in the road at mile marker 181.
    Her case is INSANE but was finally ruled accidental? Definitely worth looking into.

  • Jxck
    Jxck 4 months ago +8

    I think she hated Eric and tried to blame it on him because she wanted him to be guilty for a murder even though she commit suicide, Maybe he broke her heart so she wanted revenge
    Sorry I’m getting to into my theory in my head

  • Hubble Bubble
    Hubble Bubble 4 months ago

    Don’t get involved in gangs

  • Eleven 11
    Eleven 11 4 months ago

    yes i was waiting for this, i even watch the tv series of it 👏

  • SWVA MTB Rider
    SWVA MTB Rider 4 months ago

    Soooooo, silly question but.... who’s Eric??? 🤔

  • Jason Lancaster
    Jason Lancaster 4 months ago

    This is just a bunch of news clips...missing the normal BuzzFeed Unsolved walkthrough

  • yakult pen
    yakult pen 4 months ago

    This was published on my birthday 🍰🎉

  • Luke Payne
    Luke Payne 4 months ago

    But...she said Eric did this. Whos Eric?

  • Di Vepets
    Di Vepets 5 months ago

    It's not that complex. I don't know the answer but I feel like a good theory is being overlooked. She set herself on fire on accident. Maybe she was angry at someone named Eric when she made a mistake so he is to blame. Then again they found no one named Eric or close to it.

  • Lillie Wildman
    Lillie Wildman 5 months ago

    We need a full episode on this!!

  • Zahra Seavey
    Zahra Seavey 5 months ago

    maybe eric like did something to her that caused her to _maybe_ set herself on fire

  • Zahra Seavey
    Zahra Seavey 5 months ago

    eric. u ok dude?

  • Single Pringle
    Single Pringle 5 months ago

    This is not the most brutal or bad murder back in 2017 a family were brutally murder and then set on fire and I knew them

  • Ty Caines
    Ty Caines 5 months ago

    and reverse racism isn’t real.

  • Ty Caines
    Ty Caines 5 months ago

    y’all ignored the girl naming her killer. wow.

  • Ty Caines
    Ty Caines 5 months ago

    just talked to the chief. he said this video’s structure isn’t it.

  • Daisy
    Daisy 5 months ago


  • onesha mckinney
    onesha mckinney 5 months ago

    I live like 30 minutes from Panola County so when I heard this, it was so crazy.

  • Gim Lee
    Gim Lee 5 months ago

    Katie has annoying voice

  • Shi One
    Shi One 5 months ago

    there are soooo many dumbasses on here saying she committed suicide. look into the case a bit more & I promise you would stop thinking that. its disrespectful. stfu already.

    VEGANE AND BOBS 5 months ago

    Maybe thats why she said "Eric did this to me" was maybe because she was depressed on whatever happened to them (her and the Eric guy) then she probably committed suicide by setting her own car on fire

  • J Mac
    J Mac 5 months ago

    “Conservative “, lol. Several, different podcasts have made this story a topic of interest and have reached out to The mother. Many have interviewed her. I like how Buzzfeed asked the mother why she talks to these people? Why is she talking to you, Buzzfeed. 6 minute video where you think it is important to bring up conservatives and reverse racism. Nice.

  • real jew
    real jew 5 months ago +1

    "Eric did this to me"
    damn wonder who did this to her

  • Mathias Rain
    Mathias Rain 5 months ago

    Wow craziness I hope they find and punish whoever did this..she mentioned Eric or "Eric did this to me" maybe an Eric from 1 of her online groups?

  • LPS Moonlight
    LPS Moonlight 5 months ago

    Poor Jessica.

  • 'Berto O. A.
    'Berto O. A. 5 months ago

    But why did they think that guy was responsible?

  • Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
    Kalinna Vyacheslavovna 5 months ago

    The pictures of her body afterwards are brutal

  • Ashlyn Schaetzle
    Ashlyn Schaetzle 5 months ago

    I thought there was a video of a guy while she was in the store it shows a guy filling up a gas can and the video gets edited somewhere but that it showed the guy getting in the backseat of her car maybe hiding does anyone know what I am talking about?

  • Krysta Renee
    Krysta Renee 5 months ago

    the fire themed font isn't very tasteful...ha

  • SaySay Lona
    SaySay Lona 5 months ago


  • Whisper McGaughy
    Whisper McGaughy 5 months ago

    They tried him twice,both times a hung jury..The state has no case..I have many theories but the fact is,they bungled the initial investigation by not properly preserving or searching the immediate area,so I think the only way this will get solved is by a snitch or confession..

  • brisaespi99
    brisaespi99 5 months ago

    Maybe she was runing away from this eric guy because he was planning to kill her... and so he did

  • Cat Crupi
    Cat Crupi 5 months ago

    It’s sad what the internet did to her family.

  • Rivers
    Rivers 5 months ago

    “Eric did this to me”
    *Police**: nah nah my dude, eric cool we aren’t gonna suspect him

  • Fátima Palacios
    Fátima Palacios 5 months ago

    but... but... who the hell is Eric? why put that in the video if it makes no goddamn sense?

  • Brooklyn Darius
    Brooklyn Darius 5 months ago

    The buzzfeed reporter actually is in the Jessica Chambers series that recently came out.

  • Monica Erwin
    Monica Erwin 5 months ago


  • Aegkmorsy
    Aegkmorsy 5 months ago

    damn, leave Katie alone. her voice is fine

  • AlexNicole'sJourney
    AlexNicole'sJourney 6 months ago

    Was I the only one that is questioning who's Eric??? Because before she died she said "Eric did this to me!" So how did they end up with a guy who's name isn't anything close to Eric?

  • X-RYA
    X-RYA 6 months ago

    How would she have time to write Eric did this to me if he did? I think she comitted sucide and blamed it on him
    Edit: or she was forced to write it and it was blamed on Eric by someone

    • Tiana Guy
      Tiana Guy 5 months ago

      She didn’t write anything. She verbally said it before she died at the hospital

  • Bratayley Forever
    Bratayley Forever 6 months ago

    What if she got into a depression due to Eric doing something which caused herself to basically commit suicide

  • Noghtmore Doshie
    Noghtmore Doshie 6 months ago

    The trials on Wednesday next week I hope whoever killed her gets put in jail or prison

  • gunbroker11
    gunbroker11 6 months ago

    The only thing more dangerous than setting a match to gasoline is burning coal.

  • Kitty Hello
    Kitty Hello 6 months ago

    this video was trash. why even make this if there's no new leads or info? plus, the commentator sounds like a high school girl.

  • Naomi Coraggio
    Naomi Coraggio 6 months ago +14

    Umm... reverse racism? wtf??

  • TalatLuna
    TalatLuna 6 months ago

    I stopped watching this midway because of the voice over. I just can't. -.-

  • Kris Bentos-Pereira
    Kris Bentos-Pereira 6 months ago

    Maybe there was a mechanical problem with her car and the engine caught on fire and she didn't have enough time to escape before the car exploded? I was thinking that considering they couldn't find any suspects or anything, but maybe I'm wrong idk

  • storylover niwa
    storylover niwa 6 months ago

    Sounds an awful lot like she set herself on fire because she was upset about this "Eric".

  • rjkbuny
    rjkbuny 6 months ago

    She may not even be contemplating suicide if she was still alive enough in the car to talk... Maybe she just wanted to blame a murder attempt on someone then accidentally killed herself? All of a sudden buying extra gas and happened to be set on fire is fishy...

  • Jenna
    Jenna 6 months ago

    how does she spend $4 on gas that’s like. one squirt wtf

  • Alexander Haubert
    Alexander Haubert 6 months ago

    The burning title in the beginning isn't tasteful.

  • kawaiidoru
    kawaiidoru 6 months ago

    or maybe it was the gas "cleric"

  • Real Life
    Real Life 6 months ago

    Uh, this is a far stretch, but what if she committed suicide? I know! It seems crazy! But maybe she got dumped and blamed the suicide on him. Crazy

  • Tanya Castaneda
    Tanya Castaneda 6 months ago

    This video is lacking so much information and the journalist's voice and narration are not fit to tell crime stories. Please take some notes from a youtube channel called Horror Stories. The guy who runs the channel has a great voice and you can tell he does his research before posting his videos.

  • 11pinkmouse11
    11pinkmouse11 6 months ago

    Getting a little lazy on the videos huh.

  • Jesus Kristy
    Jesus Kristy 6 months ago

    What if she died from spontaneous combustion

  • Chingu Kwon
    Chingu Kwon 6 months ago

    I thought kourtney kardashian was reporting

  • Kxng Kat
    Kxng Kat 6 months ago

    Family 💕😔🚶

  • tai-ray
    tai-ray 6 months ago

    for anybody wondering about the retrial, the jury could not come to a verdict again. so nobody has yet been charged with her murder.

  • Camilla Braukman
    Camilla Braukman 6 months ago

    maybe she killed herself and really hated this so called "Erick" and wanted him to go to jail

  • Katelyn Bell
    Katelyn Bell 6 months ago

    I’m thinking this dude Eric probably got into her head and said lots of stuff like “death will feel nice” and things like that and encouraged her to commit suicide and she did it and then it probably wasn’t so good being set on fire soo she blamed this Eric dude because she let him get into her head and demolish her.

  • Destroyer_5 Rockz
    Destroyer_5 Rockz 6 months ago

    Either Eric killed her, or she committed suicide and said it was Eric because Eric might have broke her heart or something.

  • Bradley Miskelly
    Bradley Miskelly 6 months ago

    Batesville, "MO"? There's not even an "O" in Mississippi

  • Ikilleddave
    Ikilleddave 6 months ago

    yo where's the short guy and the guy with the big head at?

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan 6 months ago


  • Sam Paul
    Sam Paul 6 months ago

    What even was this? Im more confused