10 Things That Don't Make Sense About Overwatch 2

  • The announcement of Overwatch 2 brought some things that don't make sense. Why does bastion wear a hat? where's talon? When's the release date? Here are 10 Things That Don't Make Sense About Overwatch 2!
    Video by Rusty
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  • TGN
    TGN  2 months ago +143

    We want your best names for Overwatch 2. Our pick:
    Overwatch 2: The Overwatchening!

    • Max D
      Max D 5 days ago

      OwOwatch 2: Ewectrwic Boogawoo

    • PSadlon
      PSadlon 14 days ago

      @NazarusGG Considering they added a real campaign/story mode and RPG mechanics like leveling & skill tailoring as well as a graphical update. Its distinct enough to arguably merit its own title

    • Evergreen XCVI
      Evergreen XCVI 18 days ago

      Overwatch: Return

    • Pineapple Percy
      Pineapple Percy Month ago

      Overwatch 2: The merge of all archive events

    • Jackson Patch
      Jackson Patch Month ago

      Overwatch 2: Why are we still here?

  • Very cool gamer
    Very cool gamer 2 hours ago


  • Francisco Marques
    Francisco Marques 4 hours ago

    Dude... Did you just predict Corona virus? 9:53

  • Marthias Van dortmont
    Marthias Van dortmont 5 hours ago

    Oké this is fun and all but when is it coming out because you put RELEAS DATE? on you're thumbnail

  • The WeedWeeb
    The WeedWeeb 20 hours ago

    Bastion got a hat from Torb. You can tell. It's Torb's hat. From when Torb found Bastion in the woods in the comic.

  • Gaming Gengar_YT
    Gaming Gengar_YT 22 hours ago

    Overwatch 2 talon strikes back was that a reference to crash bandicoot 2 cortex strikes back?

  • Marija Bajkovec
    Marija Bajkovec Day ago +1

    How are so many damn people playing this game online while the public has to wait

    Maybe wait for the dumb virus to end!😡

  • Adventure Time
    Adventure Time Day ago

    9:48 well it kinda happened you know coronavirus

  • Sawyer Fisher
    Sawyer Fisher 3 days ago

    He got the epidemic right

  • Ashy Slashy
    Ashy Slashy 3 days ago

    Damn that plague joke did not age well

  • Landon Lacoste
    Landon Lacoste 3 days ago

    I don’t think you understand, Talon has been a team with nullsector ever since storm rising. DoomFist had a meeting with the leader of nullsector at the end of storm rising.

  • Jevyn Dennis
    Jevyn Dennis 3 days ago


  • Sush1i
    Sush1i 3 days ago

    9:52 magic

  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez 3 days ago

    while watching all of the gameplay things for overwatch 2 i realized that the "talent" system is just battleborn but good. I wonder who will get this.

  • KGE Pantherrr
    KGE Pantherrr 4 days ago

    this whole video is just, wrong.

  • Matu
    Matu 4 days ago

    He preticted COVID-19 at 9:45

  • Oriya Sofer
    Oriya Sofer 4 days ago

    All u do in this chanel is complain

  • silver foxx18
    silver foxx18 4 days ago

    Overwatch 2 story mode.

  • Daniel SERGEANT
    Daniel SERGEANT 4 days ago

    This whole video is bullshit most of the stuff he talks about will be revealed eventually

  • Mikkel Klausen Iversen

    your rigth a plake pandemedic is rigth before this game comes qout

  • cameron bamford
    cameron bamford 5 days ago

    9:51 Rusty predicted COVID 19

  • Glitch 52
    Glitch 52 5 days ago

    12:22 wait is that torbjorn's hat from his archive skin

  • Mythic Gamble
    Mythic Gamble 5 days ago

    “We will probably see another plague epidemic” overwatch 2 still not out and we are having the COVID-19 lol he fucking called it

  • Tayla Streeter
    Tayla Streeter 5 days ago

    I love bastions hat. Its adorable. Idk if you were being mean or not but his hat is awesome.

  • Ace
    Ace 6 days ago

    Rusty sometimes you are too toxic

  • Omni PremoS
    Omni PremoS 6 days ago

    hes wearing a hat because hes buddys with torb now duh

  • AnyMe
    AnyMe 6 days ago

    I have a bigger beef with the cinematic. We see Winston as solo tank for about half the cinematic. He acts perfectly in accordance to his character and yadda-yadda, but please, for the love of Jeff, explain me why the hell didn't he popped at least ONE bubble! He even moved a car (which would certainly provide everyone with more protection than his barrier, let's be honest). I spotted at least 3 scenes where I was: ok, here it comes, bubble up. But nein!

  • AnyMe
    AnyMe 6 days ago

    4:50 I think it's because that's HotS playstyle, and they didn't want people calling them out for ripping their own shit

  • Codex
    Codex 6 days ago +1

    Rusty is responsible for the epidemic

  • Mothkin
    Mothkin 7 days ago

    Is it just me or does bastions new hat look like torbs old hat?

  • underpanter
    underpanter 7 days ago +5

    We will be facing another plague epidemic before that happens. Im afraid rusty is to blaim for the outbreak.

  • EBtheBlue •
    EBtheBlue • 7 days ago +4

    Plague epidemic before overwatch 2 comes out? You called it...

  • El Muchacho
    El Muchacho 8 days ago +3

    9:50 Another plague epidemic before that happens
    Me seeing this in 2020: You son of a bitch, you knew it all along

  • BadRobot707
    BadRobot707 9 days ago

    Mossbag?! OoO

  • Selene Basaldua
    Selene Basaldua 9 days ago

    Everyone: Paladins is just a free copy of Overwatch but worse.
    Overwatch 2: WE NOW HAVE TALENTS

  • FriBinCringe
    FriBinCringe 9 days ago +1

    9:50 Proof Rusty can predict the fucking future.

  • Alfie Swindell
    Alfie Swindell 11 days ago +2

    You have cursed us
    You predicted a plague

  • agent64
    agent64 11 days ago +4

    uh, rusty? 9:50 might have been a prediction

  • Bayden Lowe
    Bayden Lowe 11 days ago +6

    9:50 this guy predicted the coronavirus

  • Duplighost Nero
    Duplighost Nero 11 days ago +1

    It pisses me off that you abbreviate Brigitte's name.
    I guess because it's hard for you to spell it.
    But it's not hard.
    Calling it Brig feels so unnatural.
    She's called BRIGITTE!

  • lamar guy
    lamar guy 11 days ago +1

    9:50 oh fuck

  • IHaveNoName
    IHaveNoName 11 days ago +1

    bastions wearing a hat because of torb taking him in and now works in the shop.

  • High Velocity
    High Velocity 11 days ago +1

    9:50 Hold up. Did Moxness here just fucking predict the Coronavirus?!

  • Josh Beaven
    Josh Beaven 12 days ago

    Just play the game

  • Poiz0n
    Poiz0n 12 days ago

    8:20 wtf is that skin?? i want it. is it posible to get?

  • machine snow
    machine snow 12 days ago

    Nice to see rusty has the ability to predict the future with that plague epidemic comment

  • Gamerbro 215
    Gamerbro 215 13 days ago +1

    This guy predicted a plague called COVID-19

  • Real Silent
    Real Silent 14 days ago

    just to start off tgn titan fall did it and the story mode was great what would be the difference here?

  • Lewis
    Lewis 14 days ago +1

    "We'll probably experience another plague epidemic before they release that shit"

    tgn predicted coronvirus

  • AlexIsACarrot 10
    AlexIsACarrot 10 14 days ago +1

    9:50 we gonna ignore the fact that you predicted the plague

  • PSadlon
    PSadlon 15 days ago

    Blizzard: Original game has a core gameplay that largely limits what can be used during play but runs a multimedia campaign, not completely dissimilar to the MCU movie lineup or .hack, that can be used to canonically introduce lore, new character/play styles and gameplay modes. Actually tries to introduce a storymode scenario and the main protagonists of OW2 in the form of Uprising event (and digital comic). Cameo's an OW2 character in said campaign. The gameplay trailer introduces an actual campaign mode and states Null Sector is not the only threat.
    TracersBum & TGN: It doesn't make sense because the original story had no story.
    Me: Wow, how could they miss all that?

    Seriously, the TF2 fans have more ground with Valve did it first. Though when people say that I think outside the Epic of Gilgamesh name one truly original & not at all derivative piece of media. And I enjoy both games for their own reasons.

  • Harvey Sullivan
    Harvey Sullivan 15 days ago

    I started this video enjoying it and agreeing with you, but I began saying to myself 'you don't know shit' increasingly as time went on.

  • txrquoise
    txrquoise 15 days ago +1

    9:50 he predicted the coronavirus i-

  • Error 404
    Error 404 15 days ago

    Literally predicted coronavirus

    CRAZY ZAK ATTACK 15 days ago +1

    9:51 what are the odds

  • Mai Waifu
    Mai Waifu 16 days ago

    9:51 annda oop

  • funnyshark54
    funnyshark54 16 days ago

    Funny about the game being released before the nest plague epidemic, seen coronavirus?

  • Izumu K
    Izumu K 16 days ago

    9:49 Nice prediction!!

  • Master MADNESS
    Master MADNESS 16 days ago

    This is what I was saying 😡 THINK YOU

  • Mason Gardner
    Mason Gardner 18 days ago

    You were sooooooo right that we are gonna have a plague guess what we now have COVID-19/coronavirus

  • A Floating Shopping List

    the comment on another plague out break is sort of correct now lmao

  • Sivaprasad Viswaraju
    Sivaprasad Viswaraju 18 days ago

    I hope ppl who own overwatch gets an offer for overwatch 2 as I’m not paying another full price just for the story mode while people who bought just ow 2 get both

  • idk 92
    idk 92 18 days ago

    I can't believe they have the archives event out right now and did not add a new mission... Blizzard is just coming across as lazy and holding all the content for a new game that doesn't even have a release date yet. No new character since August 2019 (7 months now), no new map, etc. And now in what would seemingly would be the "last" archive event before Overwatch 2 would come out and they didn't even bother to give another story mission. Blizzard is just coming across as lazy and as much as I love Overwatch, it doesn't need a sequel. Blizzard instead needs to fix issues within its original game and then release this and call it what it actually is: an expansion.

  • Bublegum
    Bublegum 18 days ago

    i figured it out. the pve version of overwatch isn't in a story but the story on story mode does

  • Evergreen XCVI
    Evergreen XCVI 18 days ago

    Should've named it Overwatch: Null Sector or Overwatch: Zero Hour.

  • rednael
    rednael 19 days ago

    Overwatch 2 is an other tf2 clone, this time trying to copy MvM. Cause all blizzard is good at is stealing idea's and making them look appealing. Basicly Apple but for video games.

  • JestJuster
    JestJuster 20 days ago

    Overwatch 2 is fine but is it better than Dota 2 tho ? 😕

  • Jackson Godfroy
    Jackson Godfroy 20 days ago

    would you rather have a new hero than a new game

  • xR Naughty
    xR Naughty 20 days ago

    Overwatch 2 Re:loaded doesn’t sound that bad

  • Jordan Hart
    Jordan Hart 21 day ago

    I dont want overwatch 2 to be released... my laptop can barely run overwatch and I won't be able to play ow2 with my friends

  • Toxic Boxic
    Toxic Boxic 21 day ago

    I just wasted 13 minutes of my life watching a guy cry over ridiculous things.

  • ItsPulsive
    ItsPulsive 22 days ago

    Hmm I wonder if there’s gonna be a beta

  • Yung
    Yung 22 days ago +1

    Lol well brig ruined overwatch for everyone except the ones playing her. She’s actually balanced now and you’re salty. 🤣

  • Sprint Wyvern
    Sprint Wyvern 23 days ago

    zenyatta needs rework

  • Sprint Wyvern
    Sprint Wyvern 23 days ago

    weirdly enough i could give a crap less that they made their game very badly with story...the whole monstrosity created great fan animations and memes so who should care about that clusterfuck feature? im psyched to see this game evolve :3

  • Matthew Wells
    Matthew Wells 23 days ago

    This video is a joke right, his just trolling RIGHT?

  • Snorre Productions
    Snorre Productions 24 days ago

    ok so I see a lot of videos complaining "overwatch is running out of content" obviously because overwatch 2 i coming and they want to focus on that instead of an old game. and here you are complaining that theyre making a new game instead of giving you free content for the game you already own. overwatch is five years old, why the fuck would they not make a sequel? be grateful overwatch is not like destiny, they had payed DLCs and a sequel a year later...

    • Snorre Productions
      Snorre Productions 24 days ago

      btw I didnt know overwatch 2 was a thing, I thought those pve gameplay videos was from some dlc I had missed
      so yeah, im not a huge overwatch fan

  • Mogsy Games
    Mogsy Games 25 days ago

    for the first one what about cod or bo

  • Marcus Ulin
    Marcus Ulin 28 days ago +4

    I like that you mentioned a plague would happen before OverWatch too and now we're dealing with the Coronavirus.

  • Broken Shadows
    Broken Shadows 28 days ago

    Overwatch 2: Mann versus machine