Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Keith Urban | "Old Town Road" | CMA Fest 2019 on ABC

  • Published on Aug 6, 2019
  • Music video of Lil Nas X with Billy Ray Cyrus and Keith Urban performing "Old Town Road" in Nashville, TN at the Ultimate Country Music Fan Experience, #CMAfest. Watch this performance plus many more on "CMA Fest," the Music Event of Summer, Sunday, August 4, 2019 at 8|7c on ABC. Plus, catch up On Demand, On the ABC App and with Hulu.
    Four-day passes for CMA Fest 2020 (June 4-7, 2020) go on sale Friday, August 2, 2019 at 10 AM|CT on A portion of proceeds from CMA Fest supports the CMA Foundation and their mission to shape the next generation through high quality music education. Purchase a pass to make a difference in a child's life.
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  • gk waras
    gk waras 4 hours ago +1

    All the 9 year old fortnite kids:omg omg omg omg

  • pushistikya
    pushistikya 6 hours ago

    Loooveee iiiit ❤️❤️❤️

  • Railey Cavener-Garman
    Railey Cavener-Garman 10 hours ago

    I love this shit

  • Marcello de Carvalho
    Marcello de Carvalho 15 hours ago

    good...very very good!

  • Daniel Ewenkhare
    Daniel Ewenkhare 16 hours ago +1


  • solar fucking r
    solar fucking r 19 hours ago

    poxa só queria ter uma live assim com o namjoon tmb, serà q é pedir demais

  • Lucas Pires
    Lucas Pires Day ago +1

    Top music! Salve do Brasiiiiil!!!🇧🇷

    BEER MAN Day ago

    R yup good

  • Issa Jazmyn
    Issa Jazmyn Day ago


  • Rennan Victor
    Rennan Victor Day ago +2

    Queria está no show

  • Diego Oliveira
    Diego Oliveira Day ago


  • Ryan Livingston
    Ryan Livingston Day ago

    it kills me every time they edit out "marlboro man" lmfao yeeeeeeesh

  • Helena Richter
    Helena Richter 2 days ago


    VERY FK GOOD 2 days ago

    เชื้อชาติสีผิด ต่างก้ร่วมรักและผสมเข้ากันได้ สุดท้ายก้มิตรไมตรีกันต่อกัน ถือว่าดีที่สุดแล้วครับ
    (ผิวขาวคันทรี่- ผิวดำแร็ฟ)
    +ผิวขาวแร็ฟเทพ ก้เยอะ
    +ผิวดำคันทรี่เก๋า ก้แยะ 🥰🥰รักกันๆๆๆ

  • Jhonpaul Palta
    Jhonpaul Palta 2 days ago


    TOMATO_HEAD 2 days ago +1

    Pls staph showing people's faces which I dont even know them

  • Hamica George
    Hamica George 2 days ago

    I just love Lil Nas X . and the way he put his voice to sing

  • Donald Thomason
    Donald Thomason 2 days ago

    Hell yeah!!!

  • Ns train boy
    Ns train boy 2 days ago

    I hate this song with a passion. I mean it's not even country.

  • Ramzy Berri
    Ramzy Berri 2 days ago +2

    Man this is one of the coolest live i ever seen

  • Ramzy Berri
    Ramzy Berri 2 days ago

    1:22 them vocals tho

  • Aliyu Abubakar
    Aliyu Abubakar 2 days ago

    lil nas is awesome

  • Lampcap
    Lampcap 2 days ago +1

    A black hip hop guy and country twins. Nice!

  • Johnny Makes a Panini [Ma.P]

    If this song meets migos 'bad and boujee' . I mixed it ~ visit my channel

  • Anahit Adamian
    Anahit Adamian 3 days ago +1

    Cover with bro )))

  • Y Z
    Y Z 3 days ago

    This been hell lot better if Billy Ray was not in it. Sucks

  • Casey Lewis
    Casey Lewis 3 days ago +1

    Now that's how you write a country rap song. Take notes Florida Georgia Line. Lol

  • Esdras Games PS2
    Esdras Games PS2 3 days ago +1

    Nice nice

  • Brandon Richardson
    Brandon Richardson 3 days ago +2

    Wow. I never thought I'd hear Keith Urban say "Lean all in my bladder"


    Ouvindo pela 20a vez! Som top!

  • Andreas Urke
    Andreas Urke 4 days ago +6

    Lil nas x: GOT the Boot’s that’s black to match

    Also Lil nas x: wears white boots

  • Deni Lukman
    Deni Lukman 4 days ago

    Old town road👌

  • Zonnie Hoffer
    Zonnie Hoffer 4 days ago

    KEITH APPA!!!!!!

  • Zuni Cat
    Zuni Cat 4 days ago +4

    you always see Keith Urban in a black t-shirt and then you see this and i'm like he had a colored shirt this whole time?!

  • Antonio Br
    Antonio Br 4 days ago

    Uhulll Brasil

  • Muhammad Nor
    Muhammad Nor 4 days ago +51

    Did i just saw a special edition white Jordan+Cowboys boots???

  • Flare King
    Flare King 4 days ago +4

    If lil nas x brought his horse and ride it on the stage that was gonna be funny lol

  • Doug Gunner
    Doug Gunner 5 days ago

    cringe one hit wonder

  • kieran storey
    kieran storey 5 days ago


  • Jasmin Ruz
    Jasmin Ruz 5 days ago

    isn't hes voice diffrent than the Uhhh...

  • Bacon YT
    Bacon YT 5 days ago

    those colors are pewdiepie colors

  • ByeBuBle
    ByeBuBle 5 days ago +2

    Keith Urban's vocal's amazing

  • lindomarcos fernandes

    Eu sou o brasileiro que você está procurando. Que delicia de musica!

    • lotz
      lotz 4 days ago

      pois é

  • Reginald Greene
    Reginald Greene 5 days ago

    Most white folks do not want to see black folks. Shame we could all do some awesome things together.

    • Reginald Greene
      Reginald Greene 4 days ago

      Wilson I sure hope so my man

    • Wilson Napitupulu
      Wilson Napitupulu 4 days ago +1

      What no, its only like small part nowadays. Not most

    • Reginald Greene
      Reginald Greene 5 days ago +1

      @Alexa Cabilatz well you have good and bad in all groups and sub groups. Hate is learned and inherited

    • Alexa Cabilatz
      Alexa Cabilatz 5 days ago

      I honestly think black people are great 😅💗 me and my siblings have the same thought, I just don't know why some people don't

  • AlphacyEdits
    AlphacyEdits 5 days ago

    History has been made.

  • USA Arts
    USA Arts 5 days ago +8

    Bravo. Great energy in the house. All three are having a fun time. Revisit this in 2029 & 2039

  • Joey Almeida
    Joey Almeida 5 days ago +5

    The happiness Lil Nas showed as soon as he showed up tells you everything. He’s happy as hell

  • DarthCipient
    DarthCipient 5 days ago

    This is how you bring people together.

    I HATE SNAKEU 5 days ago +1

    IM SOOOOOOOOOOO OBSESSED And does this remind any year 7’s of primary school

  • bia oficial
    bia oficial 5 days ago

    Lil nas de fan a cantante
    Y el papá de Miley 😍
    Mucho talento en una canción 😍😍

  • Mihai Petre
    Mihai Petre 5 days ago

    Next month Lil Nas ft. Pitbull

  • Эдгар Дега
    Эдгар Дега 5 days ago

    hello from russia, we have a long long long time road, and no horse can ride it

  • im i a joke to you
    im i a joke to you 6 days ago

    *take this hoe and shovel it up my ass*

  • Kristen Dunow
    Kristen Dunow 6 days ago

    I'm ment song

  • Kristen Dunow
    Kristen Dunow 6 days ago

    I love this dong

  • Meli's Madness
    Meli's Madness 6 days ago

    Where’s RM for Seoul town road?

  • Kevin Crispino
    Kevin Crispino 6 days ago +1

    Sad that an entire generation will only know Billy Ray Cyrus for this song...and that hurts my achey breaky heart 😂

  • Bronwen Naude
    Bronwen Naude 6 days ago

    a living meme

  • heartbreakj 13
    heartbreakj 13 6 days ago

    WTF?! White country conservatists cheering for a gay black rapper? I done seen it all!! Now I know how to get to the hearts of these folks

  • Jéssika meriy
    Jéssika meriy 6 days ago