Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Live Aid 1985)

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • Queen performing at Live Aid in front of 72,000 people in Wembley Stadium, London on the 13th July, 1985. The event was organised by Sir Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise funds for the Ethiopian famine disaster. Broadcast across the world via one of the largest satellite link-ups of all time, the concerts were seen by around 40% of the global population.
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Comments • 21 716

  • Manows
    Manows Month ago +455

    Simplesmente o MELHOR!

  • Respiro Comida 😈👌
    Respiro Comida 😈👌 Month ago +930

    The level of respect this man shows to his audience can not be found in today's society. This legend will never be forgotten.

    • BakadereBat
      BakadereBat 12 days ago

      @Peter Ectasy there was never a cure

    • io ciccio
      io ciccio 21 day ago


      AYUWOKI HEE HEE Month ago +1

      Cómo que respiras comida jajajajajajaj😑😑

    • TEGames
      TEGames Month ago +12

      @Pawle ik what im trying to say is travis scott had no respect for his fans when the thing happened sorry if i didnt make it clear. im a massive queen fan

    • Pawle
      Pawle Month ago +4

      @TEGames cough as much as u like. But accept this: noone will ever come even close to this man. Ever.

  • Carla ♡
    Carla ♡ 29 days ago +346

    This man was out of this world. We will miss you forever, Freddie.

  • Reid Kyrzyk
    Reid Kyrzyk Month ago +390

    Welcome to the 80's everyone, no autotune, just raw talent

    • Zonzon Bonajos
      Zonzon Bonajos 5 days ago

      Real great voice. Hoping someday there wiill be another freddie to show up in music industries brings the same talent

    • Jefecino
      Jefecino 7 days ago

      @Thealvita light to me

    • Thealvita
      Thealvita 7 days ago

      @Jefecino You are naive

    • Mack Sparky 07
      Mack Sparky 07 11 days ago

      80's 🤢
      70's 😎

    • Jaden Nguyen
      Jaden Nguyen 12 days ago

      @Jefecino People ate meat in jello back during the 80s dude

  • sú cursino
    sú cursino 10 months ago +2220

    Aumente o volume e ouça uma grande canção que o tempo não apaga do nosso coração.

  • Radi
    Radi 2 days ago +24

    No matter how many times I see this live recording, I always get goosebumps

  • Pupi Sabino
    Pupi Sabino Month ago +4

    el mejor lejos, nadie va a superarte jamas freddy! :)

  • John Shields
    John Shields 24 days ago +79

    The way Freddie and the band played with such passion and energy, Freddie's sounded like he's at the peak of preforming, they literally stole the show.

    • io ciccio
      io ciccio 21 day ago


  • Irene Faria
    Irene Faria Month ago +16

    Adoro e agora percebo esta música

  • Marc Mark
    Marc Mark Year ago +16274

    This is not just a concert it is a historical event

  • Eliane Alves
    Eliane Alves Month ago +19

    Maravilhoso Forever 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • L Paula .
    L Paula . 18 days ago +27

    Sem palavras pra definir esse monstro esse mito Eteno ....

  • Mary S.
    Mary S. Month ago +423

    30 years since he passed into immortality.
    "I will not become a rock star. I will become a legend. ” ✨
    He once said, and it did happen. ❤️

    • Sy
      Sy Month ago +5

      I lived in the next flat to Freddie . He was incredibly shy.

  • Peeckle
    Peeckle 24 days ago +69

    The greatest musical performance of all time.

    • io ciccio
      io ciccio 21 day ago


    • Avinav Prasai
      Avinav Prasai 22 days ago +4

      Metallica 1991 moscow and ACDC in rivplate is up there too

  • Christian Santiago
    Christian Santiago Year ago +2994

    Freddie is not just a person, not just a singer, but a legend to everyone.

  • Artur Nebesnyi
    Artur Nebesnyi 5 days ago +37

    The best concert in history of music.Freddie Mercury and band Queen the LEGEND!!!!🔥

  • Vitor Souza
    Vitor Souza Month ago +40

    Tá aí uma voz que irá ecoar na eternidade!!!

  • Alex Mylonas
    Alex Mylonas Month ago +57

    Can we take a minute to appreciate that Freddy was also a technically complete pianist ? We tend to remember artists like Mercury or Bowie as singers/performers/style idols but both of them were technically great musicians.

  • Eren Gacha life
    Eren Gacha life  Month ago +59

    O único Homem que Não Usava Play black nos Shows Incrível 😍 👏👏👏

    • trash_zx
      trash_zx 4 days ago

      0% de autotune também, incrível!

    • João Diniz
      João Diniz 5 days ago +1

      @EHKExphenix oxi Hahahahahahah

    • io ciccio
      io ciccio 21 day ago

      @WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH ! 😢 😭 😂

    • EHKExphenix
      EHKExphenix 23 days ago

      @Gold fds jogador de fogareu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Gold
      Gold 23 days ago +1

      Michael Jackson tmb n usa

  • Shantanu
    Shantanu 2 years ago +26553

    It's a strange feeling to miss someone you never met

    • kina
      kina 22 days ago


    • Nykayla Hird
      Nykayla Hird 25 days ago

      Thank you, he truly was and still is amazing my God.

    • Shayden Hornsby
      Shayden Hornsby 2 months ago


    • SuperMaDBrothers
      SuperMaDBrothers 2 months ago

      Not in this case but yes

    • ᴢᴇɴɪᴛsᴜ ⚡️
      ᴢᴇɴɪᴛsᴜ ⚡️ 2 months ago

      @Orlando Perrone you can. Queen still does concerts. Adam lambert now sings instead of freddy mercury. Adam lambert is also an amazing singer.

  • Conntrol Gaming
    Conntrol Gaming 2 days ago +8

    I get teary-eyed thinking about somebody I never knew. What an amazing and inspirational musician, so otherworldly and beyond our comprehension. Rest in peace to the greatest.

  • Владимир Лисин

    Legendary group! Legendary performance!

  • Wendy Schofield
    Wendy Schofield 11 hours ago

    So wish I could have seen this spectacular performance from one the most perfect bands of all time🥲

  • Frederick Duff
    Frederick Duff 25 days ago +26

    The greatest live performance by any rock band . Other bands played incredibly- Queen played eternally.

    • Tomate
      Tomate 16 days ago

      @io ciccio hahahahaha why are you so mad ,imagining hating on one of the greatest musicians if not the greatest musician of our time

    • io ciccio
      io ciccio 21 day ago


  • kavin kumar
    kavin kumar 2 years ago +1761

    The greatest show performed live ever. The people who witnessed it are damn lucky.

    • Caroline Willoughby
      Caroline Willoughby 13 days ago

      In such incredible awe. What an amazing band and incredible song.

    • io ciccio
      io ciccio 21 day ago


    • StopB MAN 22
      StopB MAN 22 Year ago +1

      The thing is it wasn’t just Queen and there was such a huge reason for it that’s what makes Live Aid so special

    • RobloxGamer
      RobloxGamer Year ago +3

      They all have a thing in common...they didn’t do it for money or fame they did it for joy

    • Jeff Tyrrell
      Jeff Tyrrell Year ago +1

      i just realized you can time travel while in a lucid dream and being in a lucid dream is just like the real thing. i know where i’m going

  • Janaina Andrade
    Janaina Andrade Month ago +2


  • Eduarda Miranda
    Eduarda Miranda Month ago +67

    se eu através de um tela de celular consigo sentir uma energia absurda, imagina quem estava presente. não foi apenas um concerto, foi algo mágico e inesquecível.
    eterno freddie, eterno queen.

    • Peter Winkler
      Peter Winkler Month ago +1

      I was 18 years old when we saw his performance in 1978

  • Jazmin Hurtado
    Jazmin Hurtado Month ago +24

    Se me viene el recuerdo de mi grupo de seminario y mi primer paseó a la costa, fue fantástico!!

  • Valquíria Sky
    Valquíria Sky 21 day ago +19

    Quem está em 2022 e continua amando essa música? 🥰 É muito lindo, mas é tão lindo que parece ser fantasia, né?

  • PondTurtle
    PondTurtle 5 months ago +4825

    Bless the internet for preserving moments like these in music history.

    • Anna Maria Seminara
      Anna Maria Seminara Month ago

      Iijiiijiiiiiiiijiiijiiiibjiiiiii di cittadinanza attiva no ha i88i ii8ijiiii illecito amministrativo tel e bravissima persona o ente 8 vi invio Unë kam parë gjëra dhe ata kanë ii për mua së shpejti 8 Unë kam folur tashmë për bi familia natën vonë të ose tremujorin e III III që ii 8 i pashë në ii8ii

    • Anna Maria Seminara
      Anna Maria Seminara Month ago

      88 io ho un appuntamento in questo modo la tua hu il suo 888 hu 8i

    • Юлия Вишневская
      Юлия Вишневская 2 months ago


    • Marius Amarandei
      Marius Amarandei 2 months ago

      😅😅😁😁🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 ilovju dream I DENNiS,

    • fabi kazubek
      fabi kazubek 3 months ago

      Sim meu amigo!

  • Nol See
    Nol See Month ago +120

    The man for which the phrase “one of a kind” was made for. There will never be another.

    • Tomate
      Tomate 16 days ago

      @io ciccio that was George micheal

    • io ciccio
      io ciccio 21 day ago


  • Emilio alves fernandes filho

    Que talento maravilhoso.

  • Joao Fabio da Conceicao Reboucas

    Obviamente que teve muitos outros shows memoráveis nesse primeiro Live Aid, mas esse show do Queen há um peso emocional muito grande. Uma perfeita mistura de melancolia e alegria.

  • Simone Mello
    Simone Mello 23 days ago +8

    Meu coração é minha alma sempre estará com QUEEN....Freddie Mercury

  • Ali74
    Ali74 Year ago +2658

    Nobody has ever had a greater connection with their audience. He’s the greatest.

    • Ariel
      Ariel Month ago

      @Textrixa It's not a documentary. They had to make it it as entertaining as they could.

    • Textrixa
      Textrixa Month ago

      @Ariel the movie is full of lies and misinformation about freddies legacy and personality

    • Ariel
      Ariel Month ago

      @Textrixa We all have different taste 🤷‍♀️

    • Textrixa
      Textrixa Month ago

      @Ariel no its terrible lmao

    • Raider
      Raider 2 months ago

      @Bubba gaming and vlogs you are embarrassing

  • Micky Mois
    Micky Mois 9 hours ago

    I don’t know much about Freddie, I mean sure I watched the movie, read books about him and listened to his majestic music, but that doesn’t tell me much about him, but I think he was a very kind and funny person. I really wish I could have lived in his time to go to his concerts and stuff. His music makes me really happy.

  • Daffierpig6843
    Daffierpig6843 Month ago +24

    Such a beautiful and great moment in musical history. Queen ruled the world for 21 minutes. Rest In Peace Freddie Mercury. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN 👑

  • Danielle Jonas
    Danielle Jonas Month ago +56

    O milagre da internet. Como eu amo ouvir e ver o Freddie cantando.

  • Steven Verhaert
    Steven Verhaert Month ago +1

    The best live performance that i finally got to see ❤️ So talented these guys 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Claudia Camargo
    Claudia Camargo Month ago +51

    Não me canso de ouvir ,boas lembranças

  • Julieta Pardave
    Julieta Pardave 15 days ago

    Me encanta este hombre, que voz tan hermosa

  • Genivalda Santana
    Genivalda Santana Month ago +14

    Freddie Mercury saudades, você é inesquecível, de uma voz inconfundível!! Um monstro da música pop!! descanse em paz 🕯️ 🙏

  • Marcia Luciana
    Marcia Luciana Month ago +2

    Eterno ❤️♥️🌺🌻

  • Jsanta
    Jsanta 2 months ago +2854

    No phone recording just people enjoying a great moment.

    • Chris Wintherburg
      Chris Wintherburg 11 days ago +1

      not a phone in sight truly a sight to be seen i HATE PHONES

    • Lyricspin_GSIT
      Lyricspin_GSIT 16 days ago

      Saddly true

    • Jack Weah
      Jack Weah 16 days ago

      Init bro mad that in 1985 you couldn’t record this on your iPhone 13

    • El choco
      El choco 18 days ago

      Are you serious?

    • io ciccio
      io ciccio 21 day ago


  • Luis Bonilla
    Luis Bonilla 29 days ago +9

    This is true power when you don't have to sing cause the crowd is doing it for you. Awesome performance by QUEEN

  • Grzegorz Lesiuk
    Grzegorz Lesiuk Month ago +1

    Excellent voice!!! The best Singer ever!!!!RIP Freddie Mercury

  • akshay pradeep
    akshay pradeep 17 hours ago

    Still sends shivers down my spine...❤❤

  • Cameron Collier The Recovery Assistant

    Don't know how many times I've watched this but it's my favourite of all time on RUclip! MASTERPIECE!

    HATO PHI TIP ? 7 months ago +8152

    If you haven't seen this performance , your eyes are still virgin .

  • Olga Barrios
    Olga Barrios Day ago

    Lo mejor de este mundo 😍

  • Jared Jackson
    Jared Jackson Month ago +23

    This masterpiece never ceases to amaze me.😢 RIP Freddie.

  • Rubro Negro •
    Rubro Negro • Month ago +42

    This isn't just a song
    This isn't just a theme
    This isn't just a masterpiece

    It is an EMOTION...

  • Lvii
    Lvii Month ago +49

    It's crazy how many people come back to this song everyday this song is legendary

  • dyl
    dyl 2 years ago +1700

    Queen. Made history. Most importantly, made music unforgettable.

    • YTisDead
      YTisDead 4 months ago

      Wtf Queen did not make music unforgettable??

    • Thérèse Guénette
      Thérèse Guénette 2 years ago

      Merci beaucoup

    • Itamar Bushari
      Itamar Bushari 2 years ago +2


    • Baydzone
      Baydzone 2 years ago

      Proud to be the 915th like!

    • Angela Mcconnell
      Angela Mcconnell 2 years ago +1

      The best ever performance by Queen at live aid Freddie had the world in his hands amazing from Scotland

  • Mario Canales
    Mario Canales Month ago +49

    They need to put a statue of him with that outfit in an art museum bc that was THE GREATEST PERFORMANCE OF ALL TIME

  • Cami Hernández
    Cami Hernández 26 days ago +9

    Gran grupo y canciones llenas de puros sentimientos y alma que siempre estarán en nuestro corazón muchas gracias un beso al cielo

  • Rosita Sznejder
    Rosita Sznejder Month ago +5

    Música....letra... interpretação vem da alma!!

  • Pretinha Vale
    Pretinha Vale Month ago +22

    Eu sinceramente fico emocionada a ponto de chorar ao houvir essa música, a mais linda que já houvi em toda minha vida❤❤❤❤❤

  • Aiman Hakim
    Aiman Hakim Year ago +4826

    I was born in the right generation.... i can repeat this video for unlimited times

    • Olive Dog🐶
      Olive Dog🐶 Month ago

      @Rif 55 I was born in 1984, I think this was before I was born, but I grew up listening to all the legend of the 70’s and 80’s. Best music there is
      Edit: I was a year old when this concert happened

    • Olive Dog🐶
      Olive Dog🐶 Month ago


    • marc bertola
      marc bertola Month ago

      Tu fais partie des plus grandes

    • zieloslav
      zieloslav Month ago

      ok boomer

    • Nauctxz
      Nauctxz 6 months ago

      I would rather be the close up cameraman on him anyways

  • Pantano OsZk
    Pantano OsZk 14 days ago +14

    Pura energia. Felicidade um momento q vc deseja q nao se acabe.

  • The Authority17
    The Authority17 Month ago +28

    Sin duda alguna este es el momento más épico en la historia de la música

  • Vitória Portugal
    Vitória Portugal 12 days ago

    Magnifico 💕👏🏼🥰

  • Dense Silva
    Dense Silva Month ago +14

    Eu nasci na época errada como queria ter visto Freddie Mercury eterno maravilhoso cantar

      ANDERSON Month ago +1

      Eu tbm sofro disso, de não ter visto essa lenda em vida.

  • Jerry Frederick
    Jerry Frederick 9 months ago +1051

    "I don't want to die but, sometimes I wish I'd never been born at all"
    Possibly some of the greatest lyrics ever written.
    The ultimate duality.

  • Maury Freitas
    Maury Freitas 5 days ago +2

    Sim, Ele é uma lenda eterna

  • Malfoy
    Malfoy Month ago +9

    In Freddies words "I will not become a rock star I will become a legend" and he did. R.I.P

  • Hellen Kassia De Jesus
    Hellen Kassia De Jesus Month ago +15

    Esse concerto deveria ser tomado como patrimônio da humanidade. Lovequeen

  • Maria das gracas
    Maria das gracas 20 days ago

    Amo amo e amo este infinito cantor

  • Ranbir Singh
    Ranbir Singh 2 years ago +3339

    This version is better than the original song, in my opinion

    • Pokemon hunter
      Pokemon hunter Year ago

      Every live sung are better than original

    • Ranbir Singh
      Ranbir Singh Year ago

      @Blas sin Más I'd like to see you do better than Freddie Mercury (:

    • No Name
      No Name Year ago

      Ranbir Singh Well there’s no opera section so I don’t think so but this is still legendary

    • Blas sin Más
      Blas sin Más Year ago

      It's horrible... Spare notes, left behind, and more things... Musicaly, in my opinion, is horrible, but.. I guess is not bad at all for a live performance

    • Twixgod Brother
      Twixgod Brother Year ago

      Ranbir Singh Facts

  • nobody sou eu
    nobody sou eu Month ago +45

    Eu espero que essa preciosidade nunca seja esquecido

  • Rosa Martínez Loureda

    Era el mejor ...tenía una voz única...30 años sin el ..y para mi sigue siendo el mejor del mundo...inimitable

  • Derick Viana
    Derick Viana Month ago +21

    Sick, and going against his medical recomendations, this man manadged to give one of the greatest rock shows in history. What a legend

  • Rosan DI
    Rosan DI 22 days ago

    El Mejor por Siempre ❤⭐

  • Jimakos
    Jimakos 8 months ago +754

    0% autotune
    100% passion
    100% talent
    now this is real talent
    RIP Freddie

    • 🕊𝕃𝕖𝕠𝕟𝕎𝕖𝕖𝕕'𝕤🕊
      🕊𝕃𝕖𝕠𝕟𝕎𝕖𝕖𝕕'𝕤🕊 15 days ago

      the first songs with the use of autotune took place in 1998.

    • QueenFan05
      QueenFan05 Month ago +1

      Educate yourself before you comment…

      I’m tired of seeing this on every video about Queen. On 99.8% of their official releases, have been either; overdubbed, pitch corrected. Or both.. I don’t believe their live aid performance was overdubbed or pitch corrected, but that’s not my point, I see this comment on literally most Queen videos…. 🤦🏻

    • Jelly Meep
      Jelly Meep 7 months ago +1

      @Lukas Williamson I’m not saying Freddie is a loser, I was talking about someone else.

    • Jelly Meep
      Jelly Meep 7 months ago +1

      @Joeys World tour 1,000,000,000,000,000,000% A Loser

    • Lukas Williamson
      Lukas Williamson 7 months ago +1

      Fuck your guys saying Freddie is a loser. He experienced more than probably all of us in this comment section

  • Glaucia Caxito
    Glaucia Caxito Month ago +9

    Maravilhoso! Canta Demais! Sou Fã de carteirinha!😍😍

  • Anderson Olivar
    Anderson Olivar Month ago +49

    No les pasa que la escuchan y sus ojos aguan ,grande Freddie 🔥

    • Anderson Olivar
      Anderson Olivar Month ago +5

      @Josue Daniel Solis Chávez la verdad si, y suerte que dejaron esa música que salva los oídos de la música tan mala que quieren hacer en estos tiempos

    • Josue Daniel Solis Chávez
      Josue Daniel Solis Chávez Month ago +4

      Que suerte tuvieron los de esta época

  • Leslie Rosado
    Leslie Rosado 18 days ago +2

    The most beautiful voice ever! Is listening to heaven ❤️

  • carol Ama
    carol Ama Month ago +12

    se todos estivessem o bom gosto musical como este. o mundo seria melhor

  • Michael Choe
    Michael Choe 8 months ago +852

    The fact that this happened before I was born and kids today are still hyped about this song shows how legendary this song is

  • Gosia D
    Gosia D Month ago

    MMM głos nieziemski ...i love ♥️♥️♥️

  • Miss Grey
    Miss Grey 15 hours ago

    Что-то даже слезы на глазах! Как жаль, что я его не увидела

  • jj g
    jj g Month ago

    Eterno 💖

  • Fabio Guarezi
    Fabio Guarezi Month ago +8

    27/11/2021 essa musica é imortal, Queem, Fredy, realmente é para subir o volume, fechar os olhos e curtir.

  • Kriticality
    Kriticality 5 months ago +1085

    Something I loved about Queen's live performances, is that they never are the same to the official songs. They switch up the tempo, or tone. This is a true live performance. Because it's them live. It's not the original song played on big booming speakers with the singers and instrumentalists dancing to it, they're giving their all, live.

    • Ripple
      Ripple 4 days ago

      @Y.ɪɴɴɪᴇ II 陰陽 Ur def a BTS fan are you?

    • Юлия Вишневская
      Юлия Вишневская 2 months ago


    • Y.ɪɴɴɪᴇ II 陰陽
      Y.ɪɴɴɪᴇ II 陰陽 3 months ago +1

      @RUclip guy not in live performances tho. They do not lip sync and you can hear that they're not. Also how is being sensitive a bad thing tho????lmao. But yeah, I can agree with you about one thing- Freddie is amazing

    • Philosophy Of Élivágar
      Philosophy Of Élivágar 3 months ago

      It's one of the many things I love about Leonard Cohen too, most live performances had different lyrics to the song, I think Hallelujah has some 60 verses in total lmao

    • Commenter Josh
      Commenter Josh 3 months ago +1

      @HENA CHANDRA so true, humanity has fallen so far...

  • Kito diago
    Kito diago Month ago

    Une voix extraordinaire ❤

  • Xander Cage
    Xander Cage Month ago +16

    There is a reason this is the number one video on the Live Aid RUclip channel, ladies and gentlemen. Queen's return shook the music world to the core, and the very first song they sang Live Aid became the catalyst that led to a performance that, even by today's standards, is nothing short of "Legendary"!

    This is why I am proud to be a Zoroastrian like Freddy Mercury. Because he, along with his best friends, rose from humble origins to become the icons that we still listen to and remember today!

  • Jared Muskego
    Jared Muskego Month ago +9

    Beautiful, the power of music saved me.. Thanks Freddie for blessing us all with your music!

  • Ola zz
    Ola zz Month ago +11

    Legenda nigdy nie umiera! ❤️ Piękny, męski, silny głos bez komputerów itp.! Taka powinna być muzyka cały czas, większość obecnych wykonawców nie potrafi zaśpiewać na żywo. Freddie 🥰

  • Matt Parsons
    Matt Parsons 12 days ago +2

    If I could go back in time and see 1 concert live it would be this

  • Maria Doralice
    Maria Doralice Month ago +58

    Nunca isqueceremos esse mostro da música.muito 💘

    • io ciccio
      io ciccio 21 day ago


  • Jeff Holmes
    Jeff Holmes Month ago +21

    Greatest band ever. The music lives on forever.

  • Antonio tote Augusto


  • Gilberto S Esparza
    Gilberto S Esparza 10 months ago +744

    No autotune.. live music.. miss the 80's

  • Cibel Balsamo Etchelar

    Magnífico ❤

  • Olga Fernández oliver
    Olga Fernández oliver Month ago +32

    Es impresionante que voz nadie lo puede igualar gracias por dejar estas preciosas canciones nunca jamás habrá otro como tu quien sigue en noviembre 2021

    • 森加代
      森加代 Month ago


    • Martyn Sowerby
      Martyn Sowerby Month ago +2

      He is god, with just love and song, no war....

  • Wilson Roberto Linares
    Wilson Roberto Linares 19 days ago +3

    Magnífico, maravilhosa música, que pena que morreu por irresponsabilidade, era um gênio

  • Raymond Lucero
    Raymond Lucero Month ago +14

    Every time I hear this song and when he gets to the 2nd chorus I can't help but get emotional. It just feels so prophetic. On account of the way that death came calling for him. I just pray that he is now resting in peace. 'Queen' yesterday today and forever!!!

  • jash daftary
    jash daftary 2 years ago +3280

    I want to learn to play piano just to play bohemian Rhapsody

    • Cesar Perales
      Cesar Perales 8 months ago

      I did.

    • όνομα
      όνομα 9 months ago

      How is your progress?

    • Shrek is a Legend
      Shrek is a Legend 10 months ago

      The pam pam pam pam part is the only athing I know how to play

    • Agastya Raul
      Agastya Raul Year ago

      yvette griggs I’m 10 and learned the piano part to this song in like an hour

    • Margie Angeles
      Margie Angeles Year ago

      I want to learn to play piano to play bohenian h

  • samantha1170
    samantha1170 Month ago +36

    Why wasn’t I there? One of the best performances of all time

  • Maria de los Remedios Barros Sanchez

    magnifico la voz sin duda