Everything Wrong With Con Air In 18 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • Well, here's a late '90s action film that plenty of people love, but those people are all... wrong. This is a sinful movie. Con Air has lots of sins.
    Next week: animated Disney sins and music sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Comments • 3 390

  • TheBros2theend
    TheBros2theend Day ago

    Jesus Christ loves you God bless save and heal you

  • metalchono
    metalchono 3 days ago

    Wile Coyote called. He tried to say that the way Cyrus died was overkill... but he used signs... and his phone line got eventually disconnected.

  • Livinginlimbo72
    Livinginlimbo72 4 days ago

    "Why couldn't you just put the bunny back in the box?"

  • Murphy James
    Murphy James 4 days ago

    A cinematic gem. Under appreciated in its time. Nicolas Cage’s finest performance. “Put the bunneyy back in the boxx”.

  • SkRxipts Fedated
    SkRxipts Fedated 4 days ago

    The Bubba part made me spit out my eggs.

    Da BIGOMN 5 days ago

    I dun give a shit that movie is good and the best line nicolace cages says is when he says " put the bunny back in the box " with that deep southern accent. lol

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 5 days ago

    I don't think they did fuel the plane, i think landing in the desert was a waste of time for criminals cops and po

  • Lynn V.
    Lynn V. 5 days ago

    I liked the movie back in the day forgot Bout his horrible attempt at the southern accent 😂😂😂

  • Von Musklaus
    Von Musklaus 5 days ago

    Double Whammy for me , I can't stand John Cusack or Nick Cage. Anytime you see John Cusack's name , you already know it will be a terrible movie.

    • Von Musklaus
      Von Musklaus 5 days ago

      @Roy Bains Haha , Well thanks for your suggestion , you obviously like that movie and I am happy you do. As for me though, no. I didn't care for it.

    • Roy Bains
      Roy Bains 5 days ago

      Watch 1408... It will change your mind on Cusack

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 6 days ago

    A jet crash lands in down town in las Vegas,why not, and why didn't the bs us military check out the crash landed jet in las Vegas, that flew very dangerous prisoners that have done hard time cross country btw

  • Eric Mont
    Eric Mont 7 days ago +1

    If you watch an action movie and complain about logic you chose the wrong genre.

  • Eric Mont
    Eric Mont 7 days ago

    Hate the accent but enjoy the movie.

  • Alan Daniels
    Alan Daniels 7 days ago

    Welcome him with a carrot cake? Now THAT was funny!!!!

  • Ben Hur
    Ben Hur 7 days ago

    How did it not get a sin when Nicholas Cage hanging from the ladder in the firetruck somehow jam a piece of wood threw John Malkovichs ankle with absolutely no leverage? Lol

  • Grgy Gantz
    Grgy Gantz 8 days ago

    Judge was on the take.

  • gymguy25
    gymguy25 8 days ago

    Con Air is still one of the best movies I've ever seen :D

  • don
    don 11 days ago

    Monica Potter was such a cutie

  • mediumcase
    mediumcase 11 days ago

    one more, one more. how does it goes again. "i dont wanna cloooooose my eye babeyyy." are you shitting me for real!

  • Cq Thatdude
    Cq Thatdude 11 days ago

    I just found this in my recommended, and I love these videos

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife 11 days ago

    Put. The sin. Back. In the box...

  • AndrewNewZealand
    AndrewNewZealand 12 days ago

    I love all the "Con Air snowflakes" in the comments.

  • Ignition
    Ignition 12 days ago

    I just can't w/ ConAir. So bad.

    DEE GIBSON 13 days ago

    Where was the little girls parents and why was she in a drained pool??

  • Borocamo
    Borocamo 13 days ago

    This is officially my favorite episode

  • Mr. Reality
    Mr. Reality 14 days ago

    Yee haw! What's on your minds hillbillies?

  • duck dude
    duck dude 15 days ago

    I fucking love this movie

  • Sandra Lyn
    Sandra Lyn 16 days ago

    I've watched so many CinemaSins but this has GOTTA be one of the funniest things I've ever seen from this channel. Its GREAT AND I LOVE YOU!! ☺️☺️☺️

  • Ree Bryant
    Ree Bryant 16 days ago

    I laughed wayyyy too hard at this one... 😂😂😂😂😂

  • adf adf
    adf adf 16 days ago

    1:46 Narrator: "The most ludicrous thing about this ludicrous movie is the idea that a white guy getting this long of a sentence in Alabama."
    I missed you stating your deep expertise on Alabama jurisprudence.

    • adf adf
      adf adf 14 days ago

      @Shane Gallagher ruclip.com/video/4ti3chBx2Pc/video.html

    • adf adf
      adf adf 14 days ago

      @Shane Gallagher You win the Ironic Statement of the Month Medal. Triigered over some light ribbing of your RUclip hero?

    • Shane Gallagher
      Shane Gallagher 14 days ago

      adf adf - You're not very clever, are you?

  • adf adf
    adf adf 16 days ago

    1:36 Dale: "God, he's dead." Narrator: "And I can immediately diagnose this within seconds, despite being the bartender at the least-fancy oyster bar in Mobile, AL."
    You don't need a medical degree to take a person's pulse and determine they don't have one, and presume they're dead. How do you know it's the least-fancy oyster bare in Mobile, AL? What is your expertise on oyster bars in Mobile, AL?

  • adf adf
    adf adf 16 days ago

    1:22 Narrator: "Wow, in this fight against a highly-decorated Army Ranger, this asshole's first impulse is to rip off Cameron's f*cking badges."
    It wasn't a fight at that point. They wanted to incite Cameron, and a good way to do that was demean his military accomplishments.

    • Shane Gallagher
      Shane Gallagher 14 days ago

      adf adf - Did you write this fucking movie or something?

  • adf adf
    adf adf 16 days ago

    1:13 Narrator: "So these assholes waited for Tricia to finish working, THEN waited in this pouring f*cking rain, just to f*ck with Cameron?"
    Hmmm, let's see. That is what happened in the movie, so yes, yes to your question. You said it yourself, they're assholes. You don't know how long they waited. They could have left just before the bar closed and could have been waiting in their dry car. How do you call them assholes and then seem incredulous that they would do something like that, especially when you referred to them as "drunk" earlier? And f*ckety f*ck your f*cking unnecessary use of shift-8 encryption.

  • adf adf
    adf adf 16 days ago

    1:06 Narrator: "And if it's no big deal if she takes some time off, why didn't she meet Poe at the airport and erase the very stupid inciting incident for this movie?!?!"
    You ignorant clown. Tricia didn't know Cameron was coming home. He surprised her! Yes, let's erase all inciting incidences from movies so that no movie will exist ever, because the inciting incident was erased.

  • adf adf
    adf adf 16 days ago

    1:03 Narrator: "Isn't Tricia on shift right now? Shouldn't she be servicing this VERY busy oyster bar?"
    Clearly, she's not on shift. Perhaps her benevolent boss gave her a little time off to spend with her husband who's been away fighting for a lengthy period of time and had other employees who could serve this very busy oyster bar. I mean, if it's very busy, certainly they have more than one server, and I think breaks are common practice in many retail environments.

  • adf adf
    adf adf 16 days ago

    0:49 Narrator: Did he just throw money at him? So the insult is that he gives him the money for the drinks but wants him to be the middleman?"
    No, the insult is that he threw a crumpled up bill at his face. How is this confusing?

    • John S
      John S 6 days ago

      @adf adf Because 7 separate comments are totally necessary.

    • adf adf
      adf adf 14 days ago

      @Shane Gallagher ruclip.com/video/4ti3chBx2Pc/video.html

    • adf adf
      adf adf 14 days ago

      @Shane Gallagher Triggered over my triggering? But actually just pointing out a flaw in his criticism. I guess you kids like the word "trigger" so much, no one can criticize something without being "triggered." Why are you triggered over my comment? Was the narrator triggered over this scene? It wasn't a "light ribbing," he was wrong. There was no joke or "ribbing." If you get this triggered by my comments on "Con Air," you should stay away from the "Everything Wrong with Forrest Gump" video.

    • Shane Gallagher
      Shane Gallagher 14 days ago

      adf adf - Triggered over someone lightly ribbing your favorite movie.

  • Max Dembo
    Max Dembo 16 days ago

    Me and my best friend loved this movie when we were teens. Gotta love the 90s. It’s so cheesy but I have this nostalgic love for it. 😂

  • Tathi Dramatizoando
    Tathi Dramatizoando 16 days ago

    This movie is madly satisfying!

  • TheChooseyourtempo
    TheChooseyourtempo 17 days ago

    Dude you totally missed how Cyrus gets killed... seriously did you see that shit? I think that is like 5 cinema sins right there.

  • Jim Joynt
    Jim Joynt 17 days ago

    Seriously this one just tied your all time best review for me ..

  • German for nine
    German for nine 17 days ago

    I can still smell it!

  • mason hooper
    mason hooper 19 days ago

    thera only 116 actualy

  • Aedan Garza
    Aedan Garza 19 days ago +1

    15:06 add a sin for being able to see the green screen or are cockpits just naturally green. Also at 15:30

  • James the cat
    James the cat 19 days ago

    Audio outaks mess with your engagement scores bing

  • James the cat
    James the cat 19 days ago +1

    Audio outaks mess with your engagement scores bing

  • Sandra Grant
    Sandra Grant 20 days ago

    When I wanna belly laugh in seventeen minutes or less, I look for you. You are so damn snarky and irreverent and every other sarcastic .... I could binge on this channel.

  • Deutschland Berlin
    Deutschland Berlin 20 days ago

    [s] ==> cameron poe, reunite with your loving wife and daughter

  • Phantom__Pains The Guardian of Paragon

    Nicholas Cage is so fucking ugly

  • azure adams
    azure adams 21 day ago

    This is why prisoners need to be drugged up hard before transport.

  • M HR
    M HR 21 day ago

    Is this click bate junk written by a 5th grader?

  • chronic2501
    chronic2501 22 days ago

    17:55 lmfao love it

  • Jon Foeller
    Jon Foeller 22 days ago

    Those are called ribbons NOT BADGES 100 sins on you

  • FlamingAtheist
    FlamingAtheist 22 days ago

    immediately disliking this video because your fucking ass decided to crunch popcorn into the mic you fucking psychopath

  • Jesse arias
    Jesse arias 23 days ago

    1:45 i liked that you pointed this out

  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara 24 days ago

    Yep! Just sin this silly thing and do not forget to PUT THE BUNNY BACK IN THE BOX!!!

  • Billy Johnson
    Billy Johnson 25 days ago

    Its not a jet dipshit.

  • Vintage GameRoom
    Vintage GameRoom 26 days ago

    I was expecting a sin off in the arm shot scene badassery. Or a fuck ton of more sins..

  • baggrat
    baggrat 26 days ago

    Thank you for slagging the top two bad accents....

    MR SMITHERS 27 days ago

    "What are *you* lookin at, butthead?" lmao

  • Jake
    Jake 27 days ago +1

    I think if anyone but John Malkovich was cast as Cyrus the movie would have been unwatchable.

  • Dee Brown
    Dee Brown 27 days ago

    Lol it did make zero sense why nicholas was sent to prison 😆