Sheriffs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • With over a thousand sheriffs up for election this year, John Oliver discusses how much power - and how little accountability - they have.
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Comments • 79

  • mack cummy
    mack cummy 8 hours ago

    Here in the part of Canada I live in Sheriffs just do court security and prisoner escorts.

  • Jamie G
    Jamie G 10 hours ago

    His wife should have had Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on her list. 😂

  • BeastNation2009
    BeastNation2009 10 hours ago

    Seeing as Segal supports someone who is clearly...Above The Law....I can't take him seriously as a police deputy.

  • D64nz
    D64nz 12 hours ago

    Me - read the title.
    Also Me - I'm not gonna like this am I.

  • Mitch Staff
    Mitch Staff 12 hours ago

    Sheriffs have a lot of power and that's why liberals hate them. Most are very good and are important to our freedoms.

  • AaliAL A
    AaliAL A 13 hours ago

    Why does America have so many elections???

  • Donnelle Johnson
    Donnelle Johnson 14 hours ago

    I am LOVING this show!

  • Welfare Queen
    Welfare Queen 14 hours ago +1

    I LOVE Liberals they pay me not to work! Gracias

  • WithTheWorks
    WithTheWorks 15 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that's /not/ what cattle rustling is,,,

  • David Kralt
    David Kralt 16 hours ago

    Western men are full of perspiring moments in which they persevere through problems. SO whats up with this.

  • Alu Pahrata
    Alu Pahrata 16 hours ago

    are we just going to ignore that "one disastrous batmistva" line?

    • Bryan Ekers
      Bryan Ekers 2 hours ago

      It's yet another delicious ingredient in the comedy casserole that is Rob Corddry.

  • Muds Kipper
    Muds Kipper 17 hours ago

    Screw you RUclip - I have told you 100 times that I don't want to see this garbage.......yet, it constantly shows up in my play lists......I am subscribed to over 100 channels - why do you insist on showing me trash that I have told you that I am uninterested in!!!

  • hey ewe
    hey ewe 18 hours ago

    Our sheriff has refused to enforce new laws with which she does not agree. She also has stated publicly she will not enforce the governor's rules about the COVID-19 outbreak. The old west really does exist and I live there. (She left her firearm on the back of a toilet in a casino bathroom. It was turned in to security. She hadn't realized she left it. Yikes.)

  • cumquatrct3
    cumquatrct3 19 hours ago

    America seems to specialize in randomly making powerful, potentially dangerous positions with low oversight elected offices open to racist assholes who should never be in a position of authority.

  • cumquatrct3
    cumquatrct3 19 hours ago

    America seems to specialize in randomly making powerful, potentially dangerous positions with low oversight elected offices open to racist assholes who should never be in a position of authority.

  • Alex
    Alex 20 hours ago

    Bring back Tar & Feathering for people like this

  • Land Dreugh
    Land Dreugh 21 hour ago

    My takeaway from this video: don't use drugs or commit crimes.

  • enigmaPL
    enigmaPL 21 hour ago

    "You nerdy, intelligent bastard."
    "Uh... thank you?"

  • Sandy Lynch
    Sandy Lynch 23 hours ago

    Stay sexy you equine beast

  • sanity check
    sanity check 23 hours ago

    A "man" who let a woman give birth alone screaming in an isolation cell...
    Well to the rest of us lads I'm sure someone knows who this guy is, and you know what to do...

  • Rick Kepple
    Rick Kepple 23 hours ago

    Good segment, John.

  • Rick Kepple
    Rick Kepple 23 hours ago

    Many years ago, the wife and I were talking to a state representative and he said, "I'm not passing a law to help a bunch of poor people," and implied that my Army veteran wife's word wouldn't count along with mine. As a news reporter, I printed that shit. A chief of deputies once told me that if there was corruption in his department that he'd resign. Two weeks later, he resigned. A paper I wrote in college on bias in the media was published and so years later, when I was told to tone it down, I instead wrote that payday loan managers were going to hell and lost the newspaper a lot of advertising. Advertisers always try to control media content and you can tell who the audience is by who is advertising too. You can even tell the health of a local economy by your local media. Our newspaper went out of business. I've thought of our studio doing a local news broadcast. Probably not. Norm MacDonald once said, don't behave brilliantly or the world will hate you. I've always been the brilliant, straight news kind of guy and yep, people have hated me. After the wife died, I create music videos, short films, documentaries and now series and features for fun. I do not wish to speak to state representatives or anyone in politics anymore, because liars annoy me. I have a bad habit for blurting out the truth.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 23 hours ago

    State Hatch Acts also do a lot to prohibit deputies from running against their bosses...

  • Magnus Johanson
    Magnus Johanson Day ago

    Anti immigrant means pro-American safety! I am all for it. Lets finish that wall!

  • Brennen Cox
    Brennen Cox Day ago

    10:13 Just because someone is a criminal (robbing and murdering) doesn't automatically make them liars.

  • Brennen Cox
    Brennen Cox Day ago

    So far (8:42) this episode is just talking about past points brought up in previous episodes. I'm not saying this is bad, but for those with a memory longer than 5 minutes, it's not informative or entertaining.

  • Brennen Cox
    Brennen Cox Day ago

    7:38 But people who smoke, wouldn't it be arguable that in this day and age, they are choosing to get cancer?

  • Nick
    Nick Day ago

    I've always agreed with every stance John Oliver took, but I'm gonna have to take the opposite side with drug addiction. Fuck those people. Let them all die and don't give them any attention. That will give kids something to think about before they try it. It worked for me.

  • Michael Muirhead

    Thing is... here where I live, "sheriffs" are the people tasked with enforcing ordinary eviction and property-condemnation orders, and sometimes with holding actions if no one else is available in a domestic dispute. Not only are they not elected, but they're hired employees, subject to and vetted according to every background check there is... *before* they're put in the hiring queue... and they're really just a rung or two up the ladder from municipal dog-catchers.
    What we have here is police forces. Not one of them is elected (the very idea of elected community law-enforcers is *insane*), they're completely independent of sheriffs, but sheriffs ARE entitled to pretty high priority in the policing queue when needed.
    This isn't an 1830s nation of tiny villages with no outside support within two weeks' call. At least not in Canada.

  • Court Ben
    Court Ben Day ago

    Why does Steven Seagal always wear that neck scarf? Internet just tell me why.

  • Illmatic Mobile
    Illmatic Mobile Day ago

    I am as unbiased as anyone can be. There was nothing wrong wit that PSA.

  • MrLoobu
    MrLoobu Day ago +1

    Thats so insanely stupid for 2020.

    • Bryan Ekers
      Bryan Ekers 3 hours ago

      2016 forced a mass recalibration of our insane-stupidity meters. It turns out America has vast resources of insane stupidity that are now being tapped. I call it the Teapot Dumb scandal.

  • PaPa Chaps
    PaPa Chaps Day ago


  • Victoria Young
    Victoria Young Day ago

    Yes! I know mine. Sheriff Dart, Chicago. He’s a great Sherrif, well loved.

  • Lucifer ZL1
    Lucifer ZL1 Day ago +1

    Ha.. sheriff Rob Corddry

  • Kenna
    Kenna Day ago

    I voted Joe Arpaio out in 2016, and just realized I have no idea what our current sheriff is doing. Turns out he's offering up a new jail facility to help with COVID-19 overflow.
    And Joe Arpaio has filed to run for sheriff again in 2020. Sorry, Joe, I like having a sheriff who isn't notorious across state lines.

  • Asim Malik
    Asim Malik Day ago +1

    Sheriffs, cops or whoever are crooks!😡

  • Grima the Fell Dragon

    The only good sheriff I know of is Parnell Mcnamara. He is constantly catching men in trafficking stings.

  • Tian Zhao
    Tian Zhao Day ago

    What's with British men and fucking horses? First Daniel Radcliffe and now John Oliver? lol

  • Blind Bob
    Blind Bob Day ago

    The prisoners made that place with blood & shit on the walls, they should live in it......

  • powerfrenzy
    powerfrenzy Day ago

    Kenny Boone is actually Hank Hill with Peggy & Bobby looking at him off screen

  • Baron Von Grijffenbourg

    I'd vote for Wilkerson. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a psycho with a badge!

  • JJ Verona
    JJ Verona Day ago

    is it bad that sheriff wilkinson is a mood for me?

  • sauropod
    sauropod Day ago

    This folks is what you end up looking and sounding like when you drink too much soy milk and talk like one has a carrot up the ass.

  • Matamune87
    Matamune87 Day ago

    My goodness! Do you really elect your police officers? That's total nonsense!
    Moreover, is that Tormund mthrfckng Giantsbane the guy at 14:46?

  • John Bidochka
    John Bidochka Day ago +6

    Talk to your kids about FELONY EMBEZZLEMENT. We need a PSA for THAT.

  • Alexandre Anderson
    Alexandre Anderson 2 days ago

    So what you should be really saying is; "If you are a genuinely good person of good intent, with the willingness to put forth your best attempt at delivering such to your community.. And none of that which is conceptualized within your mind involves or is even remotely connected to prejudice or bigoted narrowminded views of any kind of individual person... Maybe look into what it takes to be a sheriff, and apply?"...

  • uncle_jessie
    uncle_jessie 2 days ago

    At 3:24 we call that doing the "8 Mile" and just throwing all your shit on the table. Don't give'em nothing to come at you with.

  • Odin13XIII
    Odin13XIII 2 days ago

    Janice from Accounting isn't on John's list?

  • Tracinya Slinger
    Tracinya Slinger 2 days ago

    I'm starting to think John Oliver actually does have a thing for horses. He's mentioned it several times by now.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 2 days ago

    1:05 John, you're unfaithful to your Akhal Teke now? Well, I always liked this show, but that is a line not meant to be crossed. Unfaithfulness is the first way to hell. As John 3:12 said: "Have a fuck horse, alright - but do not dare to fuck a horse whilst having a side horse" Shame on you, Johnny Sleep-a-round! I'm done with you!

  • Fix News
    Fix News 2 days ago


  • Stoodmuffin Personal

    It wasn't Kenny Boon, It was Denny Bone. Easy mistake to make. He Looks like Kenny, and has an obviously fake mustache.

  • ThunderSky
    ThunderSky 2 days ago

    Canadian here (we don't get to see these on release). I know I don't have a sheriff, because that's just now how things work here, but I figured I'd google "who the fuck is my sheriff" for the kicks anyway.
    2 of the top 3 results were articles discussing this episode. So uh, marketing I guess?

  • l m
    l m 2 days ago

    No horse is shaggable.

  • Scott McDonald
    Scott McDonald 2 days ago

    Until this program, there was only one video of a dog walking in shoes for the first time...

  • Angry Ivan
    Angry Ivan 2 days ago

    Where's my sexy horse?

  • Blackpelt ofConfution

    Ya... Not funny this time

  • Judge Dredd Loc
    Judge Dredd Loc 2 days ago

    Yea in other words

  • Judge Dredd Loc
    Judge Dredd Loc 2 days ago

    Dick Jones need hi eyebrows lined up

  • Bosse Berle
    Bosse Berle 2 days ago

    Stupid ignorant poor examples of human beings kill others because of lies. America, you invaded and killed a Nation that was not even guilty. How can you not say you are sorry. Are you crazy?

  • Yaume Lepire
    Yaume Lepire 2 days ago

    Maybe it’s just because I’m not an American, but I have a big problem with electing every minor governmental official... why are Sheriffs, Coroners, Judges, etc. elected? It makes so little sense to elect people you would want to be impartial and skilled in their respective fields! It just opens up the system to easy corruption and flagrant abuse, especially since there is never that much turnout for smaller positions. Why not use rigorous vetting and selection committees or even sortition? Or keep them elected and have a non-elected, autonomous office to oversee them...

  • Bosse Berle
    Bosse Berle 2 days ago

    Republicans and Americans in general. Go to Church and pray. Pray for your life, pray in tongues, pray until you get blue, pray for your life. Remember, the rest of the world now there is not a God. Not an Allah. Nothing like it at all.

  • Keegan Power
    Keegan Power 2 days ago

    Pretty sure my Dad did atleast one copper run out to the mines whilst already riddled with cancer, so yea John's right

  • coolwyld
    coolwyld 2 days ago

    I never wanted Blazing Saddle more than today

  • RolIinStoner420
    RolIinStoner420 2 days ago

    no....thats not what im wondering John...

  • J Baldwin
    J Baldwin 2 days ago

    I get that the beastiality is meant to be a joke, but you wouldn’t say this joke about someone taking a flight to fuck a child. It’s completely the same. These are innocent beings and it’s not okay to make light of their abuse like this. It’s really inappropriate and in bad taste.

  • Ram Bikkani
    Ram Bikkani 2 days ago

    ahh so its bad when he's in black face but when Justin Trudeau does it u don't even say anything.

  • Roger Furlong
    Roger Furlong 2 days ago

    The Rob Cordry cameo made my day

  • Kasper
    Kasper 2 days ago

    Sold! I'm voting Scott Wilkerson in 2020.
    He's entirely unfit for any part of the position, but he speaks his mind so I'm voting for him. That's what's important, right?

  • Jameson Hamamy
    Jameson Hamamy 3 days ago

    Haha love the actor at the end

  • veccio
    veccio 3 days ago

    This Texan is looking at the Ohio Yankee with the wannabe Sam Elliot moustache and 10-gallon hat and- well, not laughing exactly, but dude. Give it up. Go work at King Ranch, far far away from where you "serve" right now, and where you can not help lose more lives in your rust belt shithole county.

  • af dadE
    af dadE 3 days ago +5

    "Wikipedia's page for Armenian genocide and tone it down a little" - too late Cenk Uygur beat you to it.

  • GregorianTube
    GregorianTube 3 days ago

    How about an episode for black face enthusiast Canadian prime minister Turdeau

  • Frank Suarez
    Frank Suarez 3 days ago

    Guam Has Been Saved II - RUclip (2) (1)

  • Dr. Richard D. Stiff

    Rob Courdry's still got it

  • Dave Dawkins
    Dave Dawkins 3 days ago

    Joe Arpaio is not anti-immigrant, Sir. He is anti-ILLEGAL immigrant. It isn't nice to lie.

  • mlu007
    mlu007 3 days ago

    The real question is why are some law enforcement and judicial offices elected? By the very nature of their functions, sheriffs, judges and prosecutors ought to be afforded the greatest level of independence, free from any possible political interference. By politicizing these people's offices, the State is effectively prioritizing political sensitivities over the principles of impartiality and neutrality that must guide these justice officers' actions and decisions. A sheriff is unlikely to investigate any alleged crime if he believes that in doing so, he risks losing an election. A prosecutor is unlikely to bring a case to trial if he believes that the potential outcome coud mean his electoral demise. A judge may be tempted to rule in a certain way if he believes that it could favour his reelection. Not every office should be elected.

  • Gloomy Blackfur
    Gloomy Blackfur 3 days ago +21

    Americans honestly don't give a crap about people in jails any more than they care about brown people.

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker 23 hours ago

      That's just because they are one and the same ^^