Our failing schools. Enough is enough! | Geoffrey Canada

  • Published on May 8, 2013
  • Why, why, why does our education system look so similar to the way it did 50 years ago? Millions of students were failing then, as they are now -- and it's because we're clinging to a business model that clearly doesn't work. Education advocate Geoffrey Canada dares the system to look at the data, think about the customers and make systematic shifts in order to help greater numbers of kids excel.
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Comments • 575

  • Jimmy Mapes
    Jimmy Mapes 4 days ago

    The main thing is to give teachers good benefits.

  • Robert
    Robert 14 days ago

    Schools our failing because they are run by the government, there is no such problems in private schools although they are so regulated. Imagine what would happen if there was real freedom in education system.

  • Gregg Everman
    Gregg Everman 17 days ago +1

    6 years later and I’m STILL trying to get him to stop being angry. 😁

  • JohnnyRock2000
    JohnnyRock2000 26 days ago

    Canadian Teacher: "Sounds like a lot of extra work to me. Overtime?? I only get $102,000 a year. Better check with the Teachers Union."

  • Jennifer Crawford
    Jennifer Crawford Month ago

    Just search school makes me in you hot bar or search bar

  • Brooklyn Style ☑️
    Brooklyn Style ☑️ Month ago +1

    Education is like the war on drugs . Education in the inner city is the war on poverty. Sadly war is a racket that the sheeple will never be aware of. Capitalism thrives on a slave class. The powers that be have no interest in ending poverty.

  • incog burrito
    incog burrito Month ago

    If you have 100 people in a class 3 are leadership material, maybe even a doctor or a nurse.
    The other 97 are trogladites that are only fit to be led.
    Many of the trogs will eventually catch on with enough inflicted pain, but the vast majority will never catch on
    Our school systems are designed to produce exactly the ratios that are produced. They work flawlessly .
    Of course there are better ways to educate people, but a thoroughly educated public will balk at the thought of driving a truck or plumbing a house or climbing on a rooftop to repair it.
    If the education system is "fixed" who will run a shovel? Not the man in the suit giving a lecture. No, not I, for my brain is far too big for that.
    So, we have a system that sorts people early and efficiently.
    Our schools have not failed, any more than any other market place system.
    If you don't display aptitude, ability and application early, then you are out.
    Children either come to the education system with the ability to excel and then they excel or they do not.
    Middle School isn't about the material, it never was designed for that. It's about the process.
    Your brain either works or it doesn't. Coddling children with weak genetics and probable lead poisoning won't turn them into leaders.
    Sorry, you are attempting to make a sleeping horse drink the water you led it to.
    You are interested in turning out a refined product every time. The quotas don't call for that.
    I don't want armies of well educated thugs roaming about and neither does anyone else.

  • Wazzuper 27
    Wazzuper 27 Month ago

    Teachers: *average is okay* not in today’s society Kids need to LEARN.

  • Natural Education
    Natural Education 2 months ago

    I was teacher in india Physics as a subject after 5 years I completely fed up with non sense educational system and remove my job And now from last year i am jobless but no problem at least now i am not following the nonsense. Also not injecting the unnessasory bacteria to the young minds due to non sense order of private bussinessman school bosses .After this whole journey at the last i got to understand einsteins saying he once said Your education start when you forgot all the thing you learn in school Now i understand why he said such lines...

  • RM Motivation
    RM Motivation 2 months ago

    Love ya uncle Geoffrey.......

  • Nicole Leitao
    Nicole Leitao 2 months ago

    I’m writing a letter to the minister of education in my province. But he’s a straight, white, male so he’ll probably just brush it off as a lazy teen

  • Paul Hue
    Paul Hue 3 months ago +1

    Poor people need to do more for themselves.

  • jim hump
    jim hump 3 months ago

    this is a reaSON WHY , CHILDREN FROM 3 5 HAve to go reading school on young age , diffren languages

  • Faridi Network
    Faridi Network 3 months ago

    In school classroom management is very important watch in the link below

  • Sunquad
    Sunquad 4 months ago +1

    "giving kids dance instructions to help them do algebra bettea"

  • Thinh Phan
    Thinh Phan 4 months ago

    walk up to the education ministry and punch em in the face

  • luxurxouslypale pie
    luxurxouslypale pie 4 months ago

    lol tbh they are slowing trying to get new things in my school and even renovate my school right now... i feel like it’s so they don’t look like bad guys and that whenever the need to argue with someone they can say that they do change their school.

  • luxurxouslypale pie
    luxurxouslypale pie 4 months ago

    ya know a few days ago i asked my teacher “why is homework important” and she said cause it helps your future, and then i went on to state my opinion... then she simply said “i don’t know what else to tell you, it’s life” i was like 🙄

  • Raniel Pangilinan
    Raniel Pangilinan 4 months ago

    REAL Education stands from Creativity and honesty.

  • Pulse_Spit Fire
    Pulse_Spit Fire 4 months ago +1

    The only reason this has less than 1 million views is because the government bullied you tube to make sure no one sees this.

  • Hüseyin Yurtbay
    Hüseyin Yurtbay 5 months ago

    keltoş babana koş

  • James Peterson
    James Peterson 5 months ago

    Didn’t really hear many solutions other then spans more 💰.

  • Eric Schiltz
    Eric Schiltz 6 months ago

    The problem with education is all of innovation being done and over 100 years of failed education reforms. But they keep trying to reform it. Education has worked for 70-90% of us from the 1970s onward. The bogus report A Nation at Risk, April 1983, had messed up education even more. With this big push to increase the number of high school graduates, we've dumbed down the curriculum. A college graduate today knows about what a high school graduate of the 1950s knew.

    Mr. Canada is wrong in that most everyone can learn at the same levels. The Gaussian/Normal/Bell-shaped Curve explains this.

    Most can learn Elementary School stuff, pretty much no matter how it is taught. Middle School (Junior High School) and each successive level the subject matter gets more complex and therefore more kids will fail to understand.

    If you look at the education reformers, most are not educators. Even Canada's Master's degree in Education is suspect. For someone with undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology the most common concentration for his Master's degree would qualify him as a school counselor and not curriculum designer. This is just a guess as I cannot find what his area of concentration actually was.
    It is funny that most parents think that their school is great and everyone else's suck. Why is that? Because of people like Canada. They show three schools in Waiting for Superman and say that all schools are like this, are representative of them. I'll stop here.

  • kingj411
    kingj411 7 months ago

    Anyone else looking for his crooked finger?
    Joking aside, this dude is an inspiration for all of us

  • David Perez
    David Perez 7 months ago

    Clyde Drexler

  • Larry Hammersley
    Larry Hammersley 7 months ago

    The teachers should know were the students are in learning for the month . should they not?

  • Reyansh Garg
    Reyansh Garg 7 months ago

    Me: *Opens the video thinking that schools will get roasted

    Guy: Kids shouldnt get summer break

  • Daniel Fitisemanu
    Daniel Fitisemanu 8 months ago

    This guy is amazing, off the charts. Loved the whole talk. Appreciate the passion you have Dr. Canada.
    But that right index finger was freaking me out man.

  • Soledad Evangelista
    Soledad Evangelista 8 months ago

    Go to school yourself be a teacher and teach yourself. To see to it what these teacher have been doing at school! Then judge afterwards when you yourself experience it.

  • sdozer1990
    sdozer1990 8 months ago

    He repeats himself a lot, that is that each school does the same thing each year.

  • michael Nardi
    michael Nardi 8 months ago

    I love the black angry man

  • shane hester
    shane hester 8 months ago

    what a bunch of crap.the problem is what we are teaching kids that will not help u get into college or a job.stop teaching feminist,gender and gay stuff and focus on things that get u a job.teachers unions have made teachers lazy and not caring and after 5 years u cant fire them short of murder.

  • Afce Smak
    Afce Smak 8 months ago

    Schools are not like traditional businesses imo. We need to stop trying to bring business culture to schools.

  • Vahram Tashjian
    Vahram Tashjian 8 months ago +5

    "because I actually like kids.."

  • Cara Crabtree
    Cara Crabtree 8 months ago

    I forget if it's Denmark or somewhere over that way, all the public schools are the same, equally great, private schools aren't allowed. Therefore it doesn't matter where you live or which one kids attend. So wealthy families want the schools to be good, wealthy kids mingle with poor kids, become friends, and when they grow up, don't want to screw over their friends. They have no homework, more "explore" and play time, arts etc.. less hours but do astoundingly better than us, learn several languages even, involved in the decisions in the education, critical thinking, positive consequences instead of mostly negative, etc..

  • hustlemade C
    hustlemade C 8 months ago

    His presentation is stellar and he would make a damn good politician

  • A bowl of salad
    A bowl of salad 9 months ago

    This guy’s like a Black Bernie Sanders.

    KUAROO 9 months ago +1

    Till now it’s still the same

  • David Southwell
    David Southwell 10 months ago

    Anything but IQ differentials.

  • Алена Шарахматова

    Hi, I am a student of Applied linguistics in Poland😊. In two months I will be having an oral exam and have chosen "Systems of education in different countries (especially France) as my main topic. I would be very grateful if you could share your experiences and opinions about education in your country (both at school and academic degree levels). What do you like and dislike about it? Is there anything to be changed or improved? This is not an official research or anything. I just want to learn something interesting about different countries and have an interesting conversation with my examiner😁Thanks in advance for your time and willingness to help and share your point of view:)

    • Arnulfo Laniba
      Arnulfo Laniba 2 months ago

      Hi, this is most surely late for your oral exam, but not for your own actual life. Since the topic (education) you were dealing with is not just for your course in school but also for your life, I still feel this reply will help you, not for your schooling anymore but for your life, I want to give you this advice which I am doing myself: TYPE "EDUCATION" IN RUclip, AND DOWNLOAD AS MANY VIDEOS AS RECOMMENDED TO YOU ON THE SUBJECT. Step 2: Click the three dots next to the word "SAVE" below each video, then, click "Open
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      The wordings of the video, if I may repeat, will be included if you had clicked the three dots next to the word "SAVE" below the video and clicked "Open Transcripts." This will save you plenty of time if you do the transcribing yourself. Be aware however that you may need to do some editing with the transcripts if it is machine-generated, not posted by the video owner.
      As the transcripts appear in the upper right side of your RUclip screen, you can read if it is automatically machine-generated or posted by the RUclip video owner.
      That being said, I wish to see you very successful 5 years from now, due to this activity that I am suggesting to you.
      God bless.

  • theChartist
    theChartist 11 months ago +1

    Entertaining but empty talk

  • karmelo
    karmelo 11 months ago

    Whats with those people who succeed in the education system from those who hate the current education system?

  • Ms. Aviation
    Ms. Aviation Year ago

    Mobile County school district needs to hear this we have 11 failing schools in the county of Mobile Alabama..

  • Austin.Park
    Austin.Park Year ago +1

    Its 2019 and nothing has changed...

  • John Ryan
    John Ryan Year ago

    High School is biggest failure in America

  • Jeremy Cornwell
    Jeremy Cornwell Year ago

    My school system did not fail me. Speak for you're self.

  • paulbsmokin
    paulbsmokin Year ago

    Haha! What a lying POS!

  • chad jones
    chad jones Year ago

    This ship has been gradually sinking for 50 years -- but the internet was the iceberg that just ripped open the hull. Perhaps centralized factory-style "eduction" was always a bad idea. The "educational cliff" we are facing looks like this: what happens when the internet provides, for free, a better product than government can provide with nearly a Trillion dollars annual spend? What happens when free education is not just better, but significantly better. What happens next when free education becomes orders of magnitude better? In fact, that is where we are right now. And the only question is how we are going to accommodate the new reality. Our kids are going to be much much better off, but for the vast government/educational complex, there is blood in the water.

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris Year ago

    At one point in History they tried having school in a pattern of 8 months and only 2 weeks off and it didn't work, and if that didn't work then having school year round won't work either.

  • ilive4god2007
    ilive4god2007 Year ago +1

    He is awesome! Preach, brother )

  • medved0987
    medved0987 Year ago

    Could make it to 5 minutes. "It is bad we need to make it better" with no indicators of how it is bad, or compared to what. Just massive generalizations. Now he may very well be right, but there is no way to know it from this talk so far. I bail.

  • Candace Carter
    Candace Carter Year ago +20

    Imagine if Geoffrey Canada was Secretary of Education instead of Betsy Devos...

    • Paul Jackson
      Paul Jackson 11 months ago +2

      Candace Carter it’s be basically the same. Both believe in charters, vouchers and E-schools.

  • Shay Monte'
    Shay Monte' Year ago

    god his voice is atrocious

  • shane hester
    shane hester Year ago

    it all goes back to the parents of the kids.

  • Abdulmoiz Ayyaz
    Abdulmoiz Ayyaz Year ago

    This ted talk needs to god damn be seen by Everyone

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah Year ago +1

    Everyone learns differently.
    Some are auditory learners, some are visual learners, so learn by doing, and some learn by reading.
    School assumes everyone should learn the same way, and enforces one style of teaching and learning,
    hence some students pass, and many fail, or do not get a good grade.
    Schools were developed to create workers who can do just enough to make the company run, without complaining.
    And this is reflecting in the stupidity of the people, who after 12 years of school education, still don't know how to manage money, how to do taxes, how loans and interest works, how to find their passion,
    and how to learn new skills.
    This is why most of the population is financially illiterate, and in debt, and why 75% of the people hate their job.
    We all know that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell,
    but we are not taught anything that is of importance in the market, and the real world.
    Schools were, and still are, a complete waste of time.
    You can learn and easily find all the facts and concepts they teach you in school on the internet these days,
    it takes less than a second to search who was the 21st president of the United States,
    yet, people are still being taught many useless facts and information that they will eventually forget.
    Schools need a revamp real bad, because technology and world is moving faster and faster these days, while schools are still stuck in the 1950s style of teaching.

  • Clarence McCall
    Clarence McCall Year ago

    I worked for Harlem Children Zone in the mid 2000s and it was a great experience. He is absolutely spot on when he talks about developing a network of support for students who've made it to the college level.

  • StealthCamper
    StealthCamper Year ago

    Is this a stand up comedian?

  • gothgay
    gothgay Year ago

    I'm sorry, was that John Legend?

  • Kyra Kaminski
    Kyra Kaminski Year ago +1

    5 years later, 2018, this still applies to schools today.