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We've got our hands on the new Nintendo Switch and diving into some more intense mini-game mayhem!

Welcome To Game Bang, where the whole Smosh Games crew gets together to play in an EPIC CHALLENGE every Friday!

Play with us!
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Длительность: 21:39
Комментарии: 530

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Автор GDFireGaming1 ! ( назад)

Автор Hawkeye_ Gaming ( назад)
Ah oh sohinki fail😔 nice try better luck nice time 7:40

Автор Hawkeye_ Gaming ( назад)
Wow mari epic japan play 17:40🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔 11 sandwiches nice one

Автор Arnold Hubbard ( назад)
Sohinki, stop being such a Dursley

Автор Lancey's loyal legionair ( назад)
19:56 lmao

Автор Charmaine Ireland ( назад)
i love all of Flitz's clothes

Автор robobatboy 9000x ( назад)
a real American boy like Peter akimoto

Автор Kayla Michelle ( назад)

Автор Rogue Knight ( назад)
Does anyone remember sohinki try hard mode 🤣

Автор starridergaming HD ( назад)
I wish ian and anthony play this

Автор Marco Jimenez ( назад)
Love l-corns face at 21:09

Автор Jacob Swan ( назад)
The editor sure had fun on the sandwich eating part

Автор Ozarukage ( назад)
The Japanese text at 17:58 translates hilariously (the amount that I understood, anyway)

Автор Audrey Keiko ( назад)
4:52 #marirage

Автор Experimental Animals ( назад)
Who else got a Nintendo Switch add on this video?

Автор Luranratis ( назад)
2:02 sohinkism

Автор Hannah Ciaran ( назад)
Bless the editors!!!

Автор Mari Mello ( назад)
I expect more for the nintendo switch

Автор Crystal Marquez ( назад)
if only it was sohinki against shayne on table tennis

Автор Abin Jones ( назад)
Anyone thinks that the previous intro was better for game bang?

Автор OCH CREATEX ( назад)
flitz is getting hype

Автор Tacos For Life! ( назад)
in the first game they did of ping pong pewdiepie is actually good he did a video with Marzia

Автор Is Lit ( назад)
Pause at 0:50 for a very angry looking Wes

Автор bossgurl 33 ( назад)
lasercorn 2017

Автор bouquetofllamas ( назад)
this is unfair. lcorns kid made him partially deaf

Автор Abigail Right ( назад)
Does anyone know what Mari's shirt is under the kimono?? Please and thank you.

Автор snorlax games ( назад)
joven please start dating mari for us

Автор TmanTube Gaming ( назад)
In the sandwich round we figured out that Mari is Joey Tribianni

Автор Lea Summers ( назад)
I love mari's outfits

Автор creepy nocuous ( назад)
i ended up pausing the video immediately and translated what it said at around 17:57

In order from top to bottom:

Happy Guitar Bus
Incredible Hands
I don't know Japanese
Mari is Chinese (like the language, not the ethnicity lmao)
New Record

The editing in this video was hilarious.

Also she then said 「 はい、出来ました。」 Which I believe means "Yes, I did it." or very literally "yes, I was able to." translating everything takes the fun out of the video but i couldnt help it.

Автор E I M M N ( назад)
I hope they do runway 😂😂😂

Автор Yvonne Labranche ( назад)
maricraft now

Автор Meudeujeu ( назад)
Mari is Chinese language?!?
The more you know

Автор Aeroite ( назад)
Mari is a boy, a really real boy.

Mari is a really cool boy

Автор Nick Cras ( назад)
flitz I'm pretty sure Arthur Ashe died in 1993

Автор Tamale ( назад)
8:20 to 8:21 And right at that moment is where I got a commercial for Cici's deep dish pizzas.

Автор Trent Van Slooten ( назад)

Автор josh littles ( назад)
why does west look so weird????

Автор Cael Levene ( назад)
you guys should play Project Diva Future tone for ps4

Автор Dravin Trujillo ( назад)

Автор Storm Troopah ( назад)
why does half of team have beached hair

Автор Jerome Waldron ( назад)
Flitz, there is actually a Marvel superhero like that call Big Bertha. Look it up.

Автор Aaron Joseph Umlas ( назад)
team peroidic table is so presumtious and they suck

Автор Mr Hotshotskull ( назад)
I just noticed that Wes if he got beard he would look like Dante from Devil may cry

Автор Coordinator ( назад)
If Joven gets the punnishment, put him in an inflatable suit and sneak on him and blow him up

Автор moviefreak91092 ( назад)
Haha the Japanese. It says "I can't believe it. I don't understand Japanese. Mari is Chinese."

Автор jepsan ( назад)
bring back the old intro please

Автор David Firesword ( назад)
Does it surprise me Joven has the best charging wand skill? He's a cowboy in GTAV after all.

Автор David Firesword ( назад)
Lasercorn is either QuickDraw Corn, or QuickDraw Magee. (Whatever that phrase is)

Автор David Firesword ( назад)
Right as I paused at 6:11 I saw Flitz' excited face. He also looks like an actual cowboy before they heard friends.

Автор David Firesword ( назад)
Why, Mari, why??? You're a samurai. You should be good at this. Embrace your Japanese heritage!

Автор Jason God ( назад)
Mari suck at table tennis?

Автор iRMB ( назад)
Has any1 ever noticed how sohinki kind of looks like the scientist from underdog? Also wes is as tall as him when wes is sitting

Автор ominousclaves ( назад)
At least Mari did well at the American stuff. Baseball, shooting people, and eating.

Автор Caleb Castillo ( назад)
at 18:52 he looks like sohinki

Автор Jalen Major ( назад)
Is Boze going to join you guys?

Автор Bsatboy24 ( назад)
5:10 Beauty and The Beast 2017 with Joven and what he thinks is Emma Watson Lol

Автор Bishop Pollock ( назад)
*In a standoff*
Hey, why don't we just be frie- HEY, YOU SHOT ME
thought you said fire....

Автор kody kriese ( назад)
Do a game bang that involves singing

Автор Mason Devlin ( назад)
last time jovin was a samurai master

Автор Fatman CSGO ( назад)
Not even smosh anymore, just some random team...

Автор KettouRyuujin ( назад)
You should make Mari play a MLB or Madden game.

Автор mike de roze ( назад)
I don't like Flitz's humor with Wes he feels like an asshat most of the time. Like the editing tho.

Автор LaNea T. ( назад)
God I haven't watch smosh in so long...so much has changed...

Автор Fiona Tamblyn ( назад)
I died when the brick art fell off the wall and it was only kept up with Scotch Tape!!😂

Автор Metroidkid 97 ( назад)
But... Where's Ian and Anthony

Автор Michael Samayoa ( назад)
it's because he has a unicorn shooting a laser out of it's horn

Автор Marco Vaggi ( назад)
Aria Stark looks so much better.

Автор Adrian Medina ( назад)
New Day Rocks

Автор _Kieran0223 ( назад)
Is it just me or does Joven remind me of Cyril Figgis from Archer?

Автор jumping gaming ( назад)
i want maricraft

Автор Cowen Erwin ( назад)
Where's Boze

Автор Unknown Gamer76 ( назад)
Joven calm down he's dead already 7:06

Автор Tyko otten ( назад)
Wes looks like draco malfoy

Автор Castle of Fiction ( назад)
Hate crime in the seventh minute

Автор TheRagingJoJo ( назад)
Add placement is👌

Автор webbyad ( назад)
Hey guys, when it comes out, can you play friday the 13th for Game Bang? I imagine Lasercorn would say yes.

Автор Fox Anair ( назад)
i wonder if they will still be playing with UUDD after the paige and xavier woods video leaked. watch out mari.

Автор Sophie Hughes ( назад)
Any1 think that baby corn and lazercorn have matching jumpers

Автор Glasses Squad ( назад)
17:58 I'm dead

Автор Alessandro Rivera ( назад)
Wes had too much Twitch tea

Автор Diana45251 ( назад)
Did she say I'm a real American boy hahahaha your a girl Mari lol hahaha 😂 she's so funny

Автор Diana45251 ( назад)
I haven't watched you guys in forever does Ian and the other guy Anthony come on anymore just wondering I haven't watched smosh in forever

Автор Theironlaser ( назад)
on the dance off one i flailed around like and idiot and won

Автор BigEWR ( назад)
Even before the video, I knew for a fact that the Japanese were good at baseball too.

Автор KenichiDC ( назад)
Flitz that was flop

Автор ANDRES OJEDA ( назад)
lmao 7m subscribers and 100,000 views lmao 😂😂omg

Автор OldSchoolLimp ( назад)
Yay, upupdowndown. They are great

Автор OldSchoolLimp ( назад)
Mari is right, baseball is boring. The U.S. has the best sport in the world (American football) in my opinion as a Mexican citizen, but they also have the most boring sports

Автор Samuel Manoucheri ( назад)
I have lost at the quick draw game by a thousandth of a second. I still can't get over it.

Автор hinasakukimi ( назад)
they're such children i love it

Автор CaveManDude ( назад)
Wes looks like a lesbian lol

Автор Riley Jay ( назад)
my bday is on 25 march

Автор Ashaiz Khan ( назад)
Im just a little jealous because i really wanted nintendo switch but I'm grateful At Least they have it :)

Автор Gamingonding ( назад)
I guess you could say flower is sohinki's TRIGGER WORD 🌸🔫

Автор Lee Rhyne ( назад)
Fake out stand off at 5:50

Автор Jack Perry ( назад)
Flitz eats his sandwiches like his dicks

Автор Miki Sauska ( назад)
For board af do a different zombicide game

Автор Myszka93 ( назад)
20:51 ghost in the background?! haha :D

Автор Ej Marbella ( назад)
:0 is wes married yet or are they in the engaged stage still? also i don't really know how the switch works but from the commercials i thought it had a screen thing with it? i didn't realize the controllers were removable XD

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