RESIDENT EVIL 3 REMAKE Nemesis Trailer (2020) HD

  • RESIDENT EVIL 3 REMAKE Nemesis Trailer (2020) HD
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Comments • 80

  • MandatoryX
    MandatoryX 11 hours ago

    Im now sad that they changed the design
    To the octopus like face, and not the classic

    • MandatoryX
      MandatoryX 8 hours ago

      @Adam Cunningham true but it was more scarier

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 9 hours ago

      It looks fine, also they changed it because that is the point of a remake

  • Ben Kesh
    Ben Kesh 20 hours ago

    New Nemesis's design is not good. Remake of Mr.x was much better

  • Nathan Sanchez
    Nathan Sanchez 22 hours ago

    Capcom should have named him "Nightmare Fuel" because that's basically what he is

  • Anoscope XD
    Anoscope XD Day ago

    April 3rd that’s literally after my birthday

  • BrooklynTheGreat
    BrooklynTheGreat 2 days ago +1

    "the city is completely cut off. Isolated."

    yeah i feel you...

  • Zackerise Zeplane
    Zackerise Zeplane 2 days ago

    Everyone else is talking about nemesis, but is no one going to mention that that guy Carlos is voiced by the guy who did Javier Garcia in TWD S3? I know it’s not the best, but I would recognize that voice anywhere.

  • TNovix
    TNovix 2 days ago


  • Agusghau
    Agusghau 2 days ago

    the real word in 2 months

  • ิออน สก๊อตเคนดี้


  • Adroid 16
    Adroid 16 3 days ago +1

    Son Goku is not here!

  • Lucas Campos
    Lucas Campos 4 days ago

    Resident evil 3 trailer: just nemesis

  • Emmanuel Garza
    Emmanuel Garza 5 days ago

    That's Keanu Reeves right? Sounds like him. Looks like him. Did I not get the memo? I don't see anyone mentioning it...

  • Anders Mostue
    Anders Mostue 5 days ago

    Can’t wait for the remake for resident evil 4

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc Day ago

      No need for 4 to be remade

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 5 days ago +1

      Capcom stated that they have no interest in remaking Resident Evil 4

  • Harley Tumbel
    Harley Tumbel 5 days ago

    Great. Now nemesis have flamethrower😭

  • Alejandro Padrino
    Alejandro Padrino 5 days ago

    0:16 Melendi XD

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 5 days ago +8

    Can’t wait to hear Jill say: “You want stars? l’ll give you stars! “

  • Leon Scott Kennedy0
    Leon Scott Kennedy0 6 days ago +1

    I hope capcom add police station in this one

  • Denis Lukin
    Denis Lukin 6 days ago

    As a old, I knew that THIS part of remastered series will be the most badass and scary!

  • [OreoConCremita UwU]

    Pa cuando el remake del resident evil 0?:v

  • acortes31
    acortes31 6 days ago +2

    Resident Evil 3: Fine Young Lady™

  • Dr ZD
    Dr ZD 6 days ago

    5 августа стартую со стримом по re 3 подписывайтесь .

  • Butch Swim Productions

    Nemesis: what you got on my 40 homie

  • ocantu1987
    ocantu1987 6 days ago

    Recombination! play this game on the hardest difficulty! I played RE3 in 1999 alot and let me tell you, Nemesis is so much more than mr x

  • Nice video
    Nice video 7 days ago

    Old nemesis face looks better, i mean it looks more BADASS...they need to change it back, of course in modern day graphics, but this new face looks lame. like a NERD VERSION

  • Teepo
    Teepo 7 days ago

    It's all well and good having nemesis back... but is there a giant penis?

  • Winter Witch
    Winter Witch 7 days ago

    Why did they give him a flamethrower I like the minigin better

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc Day ago

      @Winter Witch well he still does grab and punch you lol he does has different weapons on some encounters tho

    • Winter Witch
      Winter Witch 7 days ago

      @Adam Cunningham it was More on the live action movie but why a flamethrower? I think it's More scary if he runs at you like before and tries to grab or punch you.

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 7 days ago +2

      He never had a mini gun in the original Resident Evil 3, also they gave him different weapons for him to use in the remake, not just the flamethrower

  • DarkSiriux
    DarkSiriux 7 days ago

    De donde CARAJOS esto es un rework ? nemesis con lanzallamas ? y el lanza misiles ? y la estacion de policia ? -.- siempre tienen que cambiar las cosas.... esto no es un rework es un nuevo resident evil 3 que mala costumbre

  • david ewart
    david ewart 7 days ago

    Nemesis cames couse. . SARS 😡😂✌️😂

  • 4hunnit&8
    4hunnit&8 7 days ago

    I was scared shit less to play it then and I'm still scared shit less to play it NOW with that high definition 4k makes it 2020 times scarier 🤫😂 good thing there's youtubers who live stream gameplay 😁

  • Areg Martirosyan
    Areg Martirosyan 8 days ago

    Me ........
    Nemesis STARSS
    Me 😵

  • Canal Pimba
    Canal Pimba 8 days ago +1

    Carlos Oliveira e brasileiro é meu primo meu nome e Lucas Oliveira.

  • JJisthe name
    JJisthe name 8 days ago

    Noooooo siiiiirrrrr

  • Gary Koeppe Jr
    Gary Koeppe Jr 8 days ago

    Classic Jill I.E. Tube Top Jill better be an unlockable skin!

  • MatDoesMC 2
    MatDoesMC 2 8 days ago

    1:33 Is that Mr. X? The hat gave it.

    • MatDoesMC 2
      MatDoesMC 2 8 days ago

      @Adam Cunningham really? I'm confused sorry. The arms gave it also, no equipments or tentacles whatsoever, just plain black like Mr. X in RE2. Hahaha sorry

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 8 days ago

      No, it's Nemesis and he isn't wearing a hat

  • Kaiser Wilhelm
    Kaiser Wilhelm 9 days ago

    Nemesis is basically capcom's mario at this point.

  • Philip Dove
    Philip Dove 10 days ago

    Include Jill's original outfit from the start menu that's her real style

  • hammerheaddummyface
    hammerheaddummyface 10 days ago

    did they have to give him a sideways nose

  • Brain rich
    Brain rich 11 days ago

    Carlos sounds like Keanu Reeves

  • Mr.M
    Mr.M 11 days ago


  • Kheo404
    Kheo404 11 days ago

    Gonna buy this

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 11 days ago +4

    Camera Man: Ok, Nemesis, stay right there. Say Cheese.
    Nemesis: STARRRS.
    Camera Man: No, say Cheese.
    Nemesis: STTTARRRRRSS.
    Camera Man: Alright, one more time. Cheese. Smile.
    Camera Man: No damit, Cheese.
    Nemesis lifts up his rocket launcher and targets the helpless Camera Man.
    Camera Man: What are you doing? You're in a of a photoshoot for the PlayStation Magazine.
    Nemesis fires a rocket. Camera Man got blown to bits.
    Ending Credits

  • Anders Johansson
    Anders Johansson 12 days ago

    Not Long now!!!

  • Harry the cat
    Harry the cat 12 days ago

    Imma be mad if "Allstar" doesn't become Nemesis' meme theme

  • Nuke Terrorist Israel!!!
    Nuke Terrorist Israel!!! 12 days ago +1

    This is lame!!!

    NEOS GUNDAM 12 days ago

    Anyone think Operation raccoon City will get a remake

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 9 days ago

      @NEOS GUNDAM I disagree, Operation Raccoon City sucked in my opinion

      NEOS GUNDAM 10 days ago

      Adam Cunningham i agree but if they do it would be cool

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 10 days ago

      I doubt it

  • Atriox
    Atriox 14 days ago

    es para que el trailer tuviera mas likes

  • Davide Bosisio
    Davide Bosisio 15 days ago +1

    Will nemesis got the rocket launcer

  • Kanian
    Kanian 15 days ago


  • Poth'm Panda
    Poth'm Panda 15 days ago

    The first scene looks bad ass as fuck

  • G BBarn
    G BBarn 15 days ago

    i just hope they didn't kill the game's haunting atmosphere, it was pretty unique

  • Stephen Sanders
    Stephen Sanders 16 days ago

    yeah to be honest i don't care if it is a One-Shot Resident Evil 3 Remake demo at least u can play Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo u can play it again and again until the full game

  • Stephen Sanders
    Stephen Sanders 16 days ago +1

    it better not be a One-Shot Resident Evil 3 Remake demo or i wlll be pissed than Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo u can play it again and again until the full game

  • Kawaii Cooki UwU
    Kawaii Cooki UwU 16 days ago

    tnediser 4 ekamer nehw?

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 10 days ago

      @Kawaii Cooki UwU Because RUclip is a public website, that's why. Oh and I like to answer people

    • Kawaii Cooki UwU
      Kawaii Cooki UwU 12 days ago +1

      @Adam Cunningham why do respond to every comment on the subject instantly? Just curious lol.

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 16 days ago

      Not happening

  • Unknown Death Korps Lieutenant

    1:03 Was that supposed to be a flamethrower or a fucking toy? Cause it's pathetic.

  • Edward Teach
    Edward Teach 17 days ago

    Mr.X: Who are you?
    Nemesis: better 😉

  • Cuervo
    Cuervo 17 days ago


  • solo_arturo
    solo_arturo 17 days ago

    remake mis huev... némesis no tenia un puto lanzallamas :V

  • Brandon Cantu
    Brandon Cantu 17 days ago +1

    Resident evil 4 REMAKE???

  • Nathan Sanchez
    Nathan Sanchez 18 days ago

    It's been 20 years, but I knew he'd return one day

  • Leonora Johnson
    Leonora Johnson 18 days ago +1

    Então tá né 🤷🏻‍♀️!

  • The Human Box
    The Human Box 18 days ago +1

    Wow Mr. X look scary

    HUNG MO 18 days ago +1

    This or Doom Eternal ?
    If you only can afford one?

  • Alex
    Alex 19 days ago +1

    Nemesis: *STONKS*

  • Keldor
    Keldor 19 days ago

    Carlos con pelo de vagabundo borracho XD

  • Rushy
    Rushy 20 days ago

    First they made the remake of re2 and now they making the remake of re3 I think they are going to make remake of every resident series now

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 18 days ago

      @Rushy How do I know? Because they actually stated that aren't going to remake the entire franchise

    • Rushy
      Rushy 19 days ago

      @Adam Cunningham how do you know that

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 19 days ago

      They remade Resident Evil 1 first actually, then 2 and then 3
      And no, they aren't going to do that

  • Memoo 22
    Memoo 22 20 days ago

    Me : Yo nemesis which house do you like the most in GOT
    Nemises : S. T. A. R. K. S!

  • Xristos Xatziantonis
    Xristos Xatziantonis 20 days ago +1

    Please remake 4

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 19 days ago

      @Xristos Xatziantonis It's fine the way it is, also Capcom stated that they have no interest in remaking Resident Evil 4

    • Xristos Xatziantonis
      Xristos Xatziantonis 20 days ago

      @Adam Cunningham why not?

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 20 days ago

      No, Resident Evil 4 doesn't need a remake

  • juni juni
    juni juni 20 days ago


  • Jordan
    Jordan 20 days ago +14

    8 year old me playing the original: Nemesis is really scary. I hope I don't see him again.
    23 year old me playing the original: Pffft I can't believe I was scared of this punk. I bet if they reboot it he would still be lame.
    *Capcom releases reboot trailer*
    23 year old me after watching trailer: 😐😐😐😐😐😐 *takes a walk outside*

  • dante lopez
    dante lopez 20 days ago

    Mí novia ese moustro está bien feo
    Yo bromeas es un papucho su rostro parece tallado por los mismos ángeles

    REZIDEN 21 day ago

    I remember when I was little girl and my brothers would play resident evil. Nemesis got me traumatized at the age of 5 😂

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost 21 day ago

    CJ : oh shit here we go again..!

  • Andres Jaramillo Herrera

    La decepción con ese nemesis

  • Camilo ^3^
    Camilo ^3^ 21 day ago

    A flamethrower ... for Real? xd

  • doodie
    doodie 21 day ago

    When you realise they will be releasing it on 4/20

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W 21 day ago

    So I heard that he can now follow you into save rooms as well😐

    • pretender xxx
      pretender xxx 19 days ago

      That was a misunderstanding. Capcom says he cannot.

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk 22 days ago

    I want code veronica x remastered

  • Tommy Cinders09
    Tommy Cinders09 22 days ago +1

    I was told he can break into safe rooms

  • hyurake
    hyurake 23 days ago


  • Maniac742
    Maniac742 23 days ago

    The should call this one Coronamisis.