Marion Reneau Expects Dog Fight With Bethe Correia at UFC Fortaleza

Marion Reneau discusses Bethe Correia's pre-fight trash talk, how she expects to beat her Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 106, Amanda Nunes' reign as UFC bantamweight champion, and much more.

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Автор Grandsport2010 ( назад)
My point is to hire an interviewer who can speak both languages fluently u fucken dumbsses

Автор Joe Baggerly ( назад)
Tie by Majority Decision by Corrupt Judges in Brazil.
Marion WON that fight 29-27
Bethe won the second round by a little.

Автор Igorfun ( назад)
Instainlove !

Автор Matt Skylar ( назад)
Reneau's body was looking good at the weigh-ins. I can't wait for this fight as well as the other main fight to see where, Vitor is more so than Gastelum.

Автор Undisputed Keyboard Warrior Champion ( назад)
Mild alert 😳

Автор James Ervin ( назад)
This interviewer seems more concerned about her age than both fighters.

Автор Tara Trevelyan ( назад)
She is very pretty.

Автор S D ( назад)
They think you're brazilian???????? You sound straight WHITE to me!!!! No charisma in your voice. You've lost yourself somewhere.

Автор Rodrigo Ferraz ( назад)
I'm Brazilian and the interviewer made me cring so badly.

Автор jiahkong96 ( назад)
I think she'll win

Автор maik lola ( назад)

Автор Mark Wheeler ( назад)
If you can't beat Bethe I don't think the UFC is for you I think Bethe is AWFUL I've got Marion definitely!

Автор Recaked Esquire ( назад)
She is going to get her ass eaten by Bethe Correia!

Автор Denise Noles ( назад)
She looks rough. Not trying to be rude. Just an observation.

Автор nicklion ( назад)
she seems a little small for the devision

Автор That1Dewd ( назад)
id rather see them make out and scissor than fight js. #UncleJoey #SniffThatMuffler #EatThatMonkey #BAM

Автор Grandsport2010 ( назад)
The interviewer is a stuttering idiot

Автор Lincoln Osiris ( назад)
Shes pretty. She does look stoned though.

Автор gjh gyjdg ( назад)
Assume the position lady!
🖑8===D💦 ( )( )

Автор Luke Alexander ( назад)

Автор Wrong Whey ( назад)
Two dog face girls....

Автор TheSolidus909 ( назад)
thumbnail is deceiving

Автор Kai ( назад)
All i'm expecting is Face down Ass up action

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