Why Do People Want To Ban This Mousetrap? The AMDRO Rubber Band Mouse Trap: Mousetrap Monday

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • In this video we test out one of get most controversial mousetrap that I have ever seen. Currently it is illegal to sell or use in Ireland. In this video we test it out to see if it actually works.

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  • Shawn Woods
    Shawn Woods  3 months ago +412

    Thank you so much for watching my videos and for leaving comments/questions.
    You can purchase the AMDRO mouse trap through my Amazon Affiliate Link: amzn.to/2MEeKTJ

    • HavingA LittleFun
      HavingA LittleFun 15 days ago

      Shawn they say you cant show a mouse being killed in a trap yet on the history channel RUclip channel they show shelby return of the swamp man biting off the head of a snake like they show it yet they dont get demonitized

    • Road Run-r
      Road Run-r Month ago

      Peg leg skunk

    • NickShl
      NickShl Month ago

      You should use UV flashlight in dark on your Uranium mineral collection.

    • blue puppy
      blue puppy Month ago

      @so steve Even the one I use, the rolling log. I had a horrible mouse infestation in my house. Every night on my counters, they got into my stove, on the table. And many many other places in the house were invaded and colonized. They had learned to carefully lick my snap traps clean without setting them off. The rolli rolling log trap drowns them and I feel very bad for every mouse that dies. Not a quick death. But once I got rid of tbe original bunch I catch a couple once in a great while so there isn't any population in the house.
      They can't be in my house.

    • Starpal Snug
      Starpal Snug 2 months ago

      O rings ac and oil not rubber bands ya goof lol

  • ExoTiK mex
    ExoTiK mex 6 hours ago

    Shawn: no need to comment I am aware of what it looks like
    Me: jeez shawn. I wasn't even thinking like that

  • Simply Michael
    Simply Michael 12 hours ago

    Great video. Yes you have to be carful especially these days.

  • J Logan
    J Logan 2 days ago

    My only gripe is they don't seem to work for me. I bought two of the rat sized ones wnd rotated different Bait and locations and the rats just aren't interested
    Tried Nutella, peanut butter , bacon fat, dog food etc

  • Carl R
    Carl R 2 days ago

    you're a good guy shawn. 👍. hello from Christchurch New Zealand.

  • fbghetto5
    fbghetto5 2 days ago

    Funny voice

  • Blue lipped warrior
    Blue lipped warrior 3 days ago

    Probably vegans

  • Gary Heaton
    Gary Heaton 3 days ago

    You can drown a bucket full..and show it in here...but..choke one..and the morons want it banned! I would rather choke to death than drown!

  • Michael O
    Michael O 3 days ago

    'no need to comment' hold my Beer I'm gonna find the Missus!

  • a2pabmb2
    a2pabmb2 3 days ago

    I don't understand how this is supposed to be so much less humane than say your standard spring-loaded metal-bar mousetraps. If anything it's way more humane.
    As you alluded to, I'd be more concerned about all the rubber bands getting thrown out with the dead mice and whether that may have ecological impacts (nevermind having to buy them all the time)

  • Happy Gilmore
    Happy Gilmore 3 days ago

    Would you truly cut the rubber off the mouse.

  • tolpacourt
    tolpacourt 4 days ago

    Probably snaps the neck instantly.

  • Julian Moss
    Julian Moss 6 days ago

    I just bought one like it. I hope it works

  • Ice Fox
    Ice Fox 6 days ago

    We use normal traps always gets one

  • Never Snows
    Never Snows 6 days ago

    Honestly I dont like this trap for a few reasons:
    1. It would be 100% guaranteed fast death if you used a usual spring trap;
    2. A spring trap would be much more cheaper;
    3. A spring trap would be EXTREMELY more easyer to set up and to remove the rat (i mean, if you want that rubber band back, you gotta stretch it out of the rat's neck....);
    4. Why would you choose that trap instead of ALL the traps that you have showed so far?
    In my opinion: if you buy that trap it means that you are a chanel that reviews this kind of stuff, or, that you just wanted to have fun with a mouse trap, bcs i cant see any other reason to buy this. (And if you say that it is cleaner, he showcased manny other traps that are eficient, fast to set, and have a clean and instant kill).

  • Fast Internet
    Fast Internet 7 days ago

    The bands are reusable...duhh

  • tubeblack35
    tubeblack35 7 days ago

    I saw the whole video. The kill takes about 5 seconds.

  • Life Noob
    Life Noob 7 days ago

    Sure it’s a mouse but still

  • Rolando Mota
    Rolando Mota 8 days ago

    What part of Oregon are you from?

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 8 days ago

    1# that mousetrap is more humane than the old fashioned type.
    2# mice spread diseases through their urine and there feces. 3# people in Ireland kill each other because of different religion. 4# build one for drunken Irish people.

  • rg7488
    rg7488 8 days ago

    the dumbed down version of an A-bomb is two sub-critical masses of fissile material brought together quickly with a primary high explosive. You would need enough of a specific Uranium isotope to make it go critical and the only way to get that isotope is through a centrifuge process. it cant be mined

  • Tekstar
    Tekstar 8 days ago

    It should be called "the force choke".

  • That Guy over there
    That Guy over there 8 days ago

    The forbidden cheerio

  • Dell Johnson
    Dell Johnson 8 days ago

    You did not show the mice with the Bands around their face or head..they will die sooner or later though.

  • Tim Mitzlaff
    Tim Mitzlaff 9 days ago

    I can’t believe the is laws against types of mouse traps. What about the old fashioned spring with cheese in the middle traps. Those depending on where it hits crushes the skull and splats blood and brains out it’s mouth. Seems like the rubber band kind is more humane.

  • Richard Lozier
    Richard Lozier 9 days ago

    Breaking on the wheel and many other ways were approved for bi-peds..

  • savory chickens
    savory chickens 9 days ago

    “No need to comment, I know what it looks like”
    Sorry but I have to
    it looks like a condom being rolled on.

  • eight inches
    eight inches 10 days ago

    But in Ireland it's ok to use a trap that breaks a mouse's neck. smh.

  • Epic . Alex 27
    Epic . Alex 27 11 days ago

    Mouse trap Monday guy: look at this I have uranium

    FBI: ight squad 2 go to this address

  • CALTECH007
    CALTECH007 11 days ago

    I tried this trap and it is almost impossible to set it. Many others have complained about this problem. Save your money and forget this worthless trap.

  • Lumbago Forever
    Lumbago Forever 11 days ago

    I see why this would be banned, if the impact of band doesn’t kill them instantly, the poor bastard is going to to slowly and painfully die, I prefer traps that either let the mice live or it’s a clean quick kill. And y’all may say “stop being such a wuss” but let me just tell you something, I work at a grocery store and sometimes mice or rats get in while we bring in merch, and my co workers are very “macho” Mexican dudes, the ways they’ve killed mice and rats are the cruelest I’ve ever seen, and me having a dog (which is an animal ) makes me think what if the animal they were killing so cruelly was my dog....and so ever since making that connection I just prefer live catch or quick kills.

  • Aldo Perez
    Aldo Perez 11 days ago

    I hate soft people ruining the fun for others. If u don’t like something don’t watch it

  • Blank Barrier
    Blank Barrier 12 days ago

    It looks like a condom

  • downloadable Content
    downloadable Content 12 days ago

    When he said he knows what it looks like new to

  • crazy Robot 32
    crazy Robot 32 12 days ago

    There are some crazy people on the world

  • Dan Johansen
    Dan Johansen 12 days ago


  • Dan Johansen
    Dan Johansen 12 days ago

    It look like a mousetrap!

  • Rich H
    Rich H 12 days ago

    Very cool!

  • Ramikla 1
    Ramikla 1 12 days ago

    Why do you want to ban a mouse trap?!
    Unless you’re a mouse whisperer
    Your health and hygiene are more important

  • G SAU
    G SAU 12 days ago

    If the mouse is already dead, why not just cut its head off and recover the rubber ring?

  • henry stikman
    henry stikman 12 days ago

    Trap that releases a spring loaded bar onto a mouse's neck: nobody complains

    Trap that puts a rubber band around a mouse's neck, killing it bloodlessly and quickly: *everyone's triggered*

  • j k
    j k 13 days ago

    Mate i can help myself
    Looks like you have done that before
    There you go im out of here

  • cps bandit
    cps bandit 13 days ago

    No need to comment🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 might as well used a condom

  • R B
    R B 14 days ago

    The rings should be biodegradable

  • mr. 1.0
    mr. 1.0 14 days ago

    Sex ed with shawn woods today we will be learning how to put on a condom.

  • Bradley Games
    Bradley Games 14 days ago

    Is it safe for you to touch the radioactive ores?

  • Johnny Wang
    Johnny Wang 15 days ago

    i do not want to live where this guy lives, seems like there's mice/rats all over the place

  • 699Wild
    699Wild 15 days ago

    Fart squirrel :>

  • HavingA LittleFun
    HavingA LittleFun 15 days ago

    One of my favorite traps is a spanish windlass with a mace as the kill bar

  • No Name
    No Name 15 days ago

    Why? Because of leftists.

  • swdhj
    swdhj 16 days ago

    When I was in Morgantown, West Virginia, they used yellow powder uranium oxide for color in a glass blowing factory.

  • Jane Davis
    Jane Davis 16 days ago

    Love this channel! In the last three days I have trapped and killed 10 mice, mostly from my kitchen! I’m plugging holes, using screen and duct tape, aluminum foil and peppermint oil on cotton balls- (my kitchen smells minty fresh) the thing I objected to was throwing these critters away, seemed like a terrible waste. So I started stacking them outside-I’m hoping they get eaten! Was thrilled to see owls eating them in your video-we have many in the area.

  • Ente44
    Ente44 16 days ago

    Are you living in Ireland?

  • KhaoNeu
    KhaoNeu 16 days ago

    I would think they want to ban it because of the possibility of creating extra litter should the mouse survive long enough to get the band outside into the open.

  • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    This trap is far more humane than glue/drowning lol

    Besides, we are talking about pests here - they need to be put under control

  • Ewan Chalmin
    Ewan Chalmin 17 days ago

    One reason it is banned in Ireland is because many of our vulnerable native small mammals like shrews get caught in this trap, also the trapping law in Ireland bans any trap they does not lead to immediate death or immediate loss of consciousness that will result in death. Here this trap allows the animal to struggle before it dies therefore leading to its ban. Also glue traps and drowning mice traps are banned in Ireland for this reason

  • Lonely Ranger
    Lonely Ranger 17 days ago

    As soon as I saw the price of those bands I automatically thought of the castration rings used in farming...LOL

  • your mother is my wife

    Quite a phallic trap you got there you should have foreskinned cumments like these.

  • Pete Lorenzo
    Pete Lorenzo 17 days ago

    I haven't gone to the moon or mars "yet".. I also haven't built a nuclear bomb

  • Mahmoud Khalil
    Mahmoud Khalil 17 days ago

    Omg @ 2:18