Lunatic Trump Secy of Education DESTROYED At Confirmation Hearing

--Betsy DeVos, Trump's pick for Secretary of Education, has a disastrous Senate confirmation hearing, correlating proficiency to mastery and suggesting some schools might need guns to protect from potential grizzly bears


--On the Bonus Show: Google Maps may offer parking difficulty by destination, startup wants to restore youth with blood transfusions, controversial band takes on Supreme Court in trademark case and much more...

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Broadcast on January 18, 2017

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Длительность: 8:38
Комментарии: 1100

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Автор dufmor ( назад)
i wish you would stop taking and sniggering while the video is playing....!

Автор cingularfanboy ( назад)
This is Propaganda, Try looking up Thomas Sowell - a better path to education if you don't want to hear some obvious Propaganda think for you and want to hear the arguments for private school. try looking up what student improvement grants are and what a nightmare education has been for the past 8 years under the Obama Administration. throwing money at education even though this showed to have little improvement in best cases and a even a decline in others. But all of a sudden people seem to be experts on education. You idiots are buying into this brainwash garbage. Just as bad as the young jerks

Автор Peter Hendy ( назад)
Can't blame CNN for this bad press coverage.

Автор David Baker ( назад)
Still got the job though. I wish someone could/would explain that to me.

Автор John Helfrich ( назад)
The Republicans have cut back funding to education for many years. The dumbing down of America.  The end result being the election of the dumbest president ever. It really is a simple but effective plan. With DeVos as education secretary, along with the rest of the cabinet of deplorables,  the country will take a long time to recover. We must take our country back from these people. I am going to run for the next available seat on our school board, go to as many marches as I can, and write my congressman and senator. Not just on the federal level, but the state level as well. We need to FIGHT BACK !!

Автор Andrew Ward ( назад)
This is not funny for America...

Автор Raster Blat ( назад)
Excellent choice. President Trump is doing such a fine job. Better than I had hoped for.
Betsy DeVos will represent the best wishes of the Patriotic American people for their children's education.
Private school, charter school, and many other choices.
Democrats are a joke. All they can do is stonewall confirmations and create chaos by rioting (called protests) and fake news.
She is not a teachers union hack. And that is what we would have gotten if President Trump would not have won !
God Bless America !!
God Bless Betsy DeVos !!!
God Bless President Trump !!!

Автор matthew lambert ( назад)
Sorry America, but you're fucked.

Автор deepblue64 ( назад)
Everyone should have a grizzly gun...))). Children from 10 years on should carry a machinegun. Probably there is a bear.... or even more dangerous a polar bear. Hard to listen to this dump person.

Автор thenewyorkpauls ( назад)
Everyone quickly post a comment while America can still read!

Автор Education life nice ( назад)
Instructive Problem Solving(part-22)

Автор tiesiog ba ( назад)
this woman is stupid.

Автор relee67 ( назад)
The only Luaitic is the person who hosted this video. We spend more money on education than any other Nation and still have the worst schools. Thank you teacher's Unions.

Автор Tribble Booth ( назад)

Автор mosshark ( назад)
Secretary of 'Edgecation'

Автор rustytool100 ( назад)
Public education is "to great" so perhaps we need school vouchers and let inner-city public skrull techrs get a job flipping burgers. When its broke, fix it. We need a dramatic change.

Автор Kay Seward ( назад)
Unbelievable - how can she not know the difference

Автор 87PAULINO1 ( назад)
And yet she still got confirmed

Автор Straightupshooter ( назад)
God help America. Our kids of the future are in trouble.

Автор Thomas Fleig ( назад)
People criticizing her for this remark are idiots. There are places in this country that aren't in the city, where morons couldn't survive more then a week if the power grid went down. There are schools in places like Alaska, where the threat of a bear attack is real. Typical liberals, living in their own bubble, is the reason Trump got elected. I hope she dismantles the teachers union and the Board of education. It's the reason our country ranks between 17 and 24 among industrialized countries. It's also why many companies get graduates from other countries. Because they want people who actually have an education and not a participation trophy, called a degree

Автор Education and the Path to Wisdom ( назад)
Instruction and Real Life Challenges (part-44)

Автор Airplane ( назад)
Congratulations Ms DeVos. Ignore the stupid democrats and all the lazy bastards out there. Fire the teachers unions, they are as dumb as door knobs

Автор Nobody's fool ( назад)
It's just as difficult to watch Rachel. What a fuckwit.

Автор Gunnar Sohlin ( назад)
Ops, with a big OMG

Автор Matthew Thomas ( назад)
at least trump is getting some of that pussy.

Автор Matthew Thomas ( назад)
so an uneducated christian is in charge of stem?

Автор tool g ( назад)
i can't belive i never knew about your show dudes...you guys are my favorite crew ...good job on your videos and i love the way you bring the news to us....keep up the good work...i would definitely be sharing your videos with everyone i know ✌

Автор Joshua Barkley ( назад)
I don't think she doesn't know what they are asking, she just doesn't think their questions deserve an answer, for instance the "difference" between proficiency and growth, I'm not sure based on the senator's definition that there is a difference

Автор Joshua Barkley ( назад)
any of the school shootings could have been stopped by one teacher with one gun with one bullet

Автор Joshua Barkley ( назад)
can the "moderators" explain the difference between proficiency and growth

Автор Joshua Barkley ( назад)
you would think that the moderator would focus on being less ignorant himself

Автор Miracle Baba ( назад)
America, sold to the highest bidder. Oklahoma City? Wait and see how fast that (and all other home-grown, white-supremacists acts of terrorism) will be written right out of the history books, because there IS no terrorism outside of Trump's Bad Hombres and Radical Islam. SHAME on the GOP! Does ANYONE in the party of Lincoln have ANY integrity left? Any CONSCIENCE??

Автор Grace Bertrand ( назад)
She is vacant...

Автор sweetstacy Gagnon ( назад)
I just watched the 1st question and I'm in shock!!!
What a Scary World We Truly live in!
*Money Can't Buy Everything

Автор Ung Grabb ( назад)
Perfect misfit to trumps gallery of horror

Автор fast1919 ( назад)
D trump is the president of the USA end of

Автор Poe B ( назад)
My children will not go to one of her "fly by night" for profit voucher schools

Автор Lee Dowlin ( назад)
David Pakman is a Dog... don't come to this channel... 'Difficult to watch'... this fucktard is difficult to watch

Автор Kevin McCauley ( назад)
tim kaine is an asshole she answered the question

Автор TheMingoKid ( назад)

Автор Kevin McCauley ( назад)
in out town it cost the public school 13 grand a year to "school'  kid way over priced for a barbaric relic of the industrial revolution  a bullshit question

Автор Kevin McCauley ( назад)
david yer nutty

Автор Kevin McCauley ( назад)
Go Betsy destroyed LOL

Автор Chris Burke ( назад)
And clearly doesn't have any experience.

Автор Chris Burke ( назад)
And these people here in the U.S voted for,I thought that the woman most dumb in this lifetime was Sarah Palin, I think this bitch is even worse.

Автор Rajendra Desai ( назад)
I don't see any problem with her inteeligence. I'm a graduate of Trump University and she seams like a geanyus to me.

Автор MrSylvester1972 ( назад)
Here you see the intellect of the people who own the old money....my god so fucking stupid its almost retarded...should be a law against that kind of stupid....hell it should be a capitol offense.

Автор Silly Putty ( назад)
Why did Trump appoint this woman, I haven't heard his rationale

Автор Education free ( назад)
Advanced education and Society (part-60)

Автор Iamtop ( назад)
Looking forwards to even more kids not knowing what secularism is / what it brought us, not knowing the scientific method, etc... Great times ahead, a true Golden Age !


Christian radicalism is a big problem in the US, it has to be said. They are trying to sap the very foundation of our modern society: secularism. If you take your religious beliefs into account when you vote you are part of the problem. Our rights are supposed to be weighted against other's people rights not their religious beliefs, study History there is a VERY good reason for that.

Автор Tina Lopez ( назад)
omfg I am embarrassed to be American

Автор Cody Reuter ( назад)
fuck this "gods kingdom" bullshit. screw religion. it should never take any part in schools

Автор Clappeteer Creative Ventures ( назад)
Separation of church & state? Separation of stupidity & state? Separation of $ & politics?

Автор Dawn Piper ( назад)
God help the USA

Автор Angel McCosh ( назад)
hope yr show is BANNED...

Автор Robert Grigsby ( назад)
And the world laughs at us... If you voted for Trump and you work for public education in any way shape or form... Then you have voted yourself out of a job... Wake up and use your head.

Автор mike fister ( назад)
this is literally 1984 "treat them like mushrooms keep them in the dark and feed them shit" they want us dumb easier to pass off "double-think"

Автор Eve Nyamache ( назад)
😂😂😂😂😂😂 ohhh my God!!!

Автор Saul Slash ( назад)
She went to "In n out" college.

Автор Nonpareil1710 ( назад)
She's just pulling words out of her arse...

Автор D. Kirkwo ( назад)

Автор zorbatheok ( назад)
she is awesome

Автор Ryan Moulton ( назад)
FYI, she fully understood that accountability question. Since she's a charter school advocate, most likely because of the money that can be made on them, then it would stand to reason she would want to do everything possible to funnel as much free, federal money to the charter schools that she either owns/operates/lobbies for and by making the standards easier for the charter school but tougher for public schools, she can easily accomplish that.

Автор Bill Baxter ( назад)

Автор Rahim Sidibe ( назад)
I wish someone can ask trump constitution his gonna be like her

Автор Rob Shell ( назад)
People that dumb don't get embarrassed.

Автор Grand Wonder ( назад)
Keep in mind that this bitch owns a business that collects money from college students or people who are in debt with student loans! Now you know why she wants to privatize all of our schools and make it hard for people to get a good education because the hardship would only make it more profitable for her debt collection business! Read here about her companies in the debt collection and charter school businesses: http://www.denverpost.com/2017/01/17/betsy-devos-student-debt-collection-agency/

Автор Grand Wonder ( назад)
Beside being rich this bitch is probably the dumbest bitch I have ever seen! She is so lucky she born into wealth or she would be collecting welfare as her only source of income! How the heck you live as long as she did and still be this stupid and clueless? It is very obvious right now Trump is intentionally picking the worst, least qualified candidates to fill whatever department that is needed to be filled! I get the feeling this conman is trying to destroy America, not make America great again!

Автор Linen Gray ( назад)
All I can say is wow. It would be more interesting to hear the whole thing without the background comments. Commenting is fine but do it after not during the clip. I missed what was said a couple of times because of the over talk.

Автор Alfred Sanford ( назад)
Arab echo offer anger miracle identification Asian moreover.

Автор Jocelin Segundo ( назад)

Автор Rita G ( назад)
The public schools SHOULD just turn over the entire process to the private schools and give up. They have FAILED so badly, its simply horrible to see these poor school laws and the crazy laws are "well their are no words to describe it" it just needs to quietly go away and we need to give it back to the communities "totally" they failed they can't do it.

Автор Linda Root ( назад)
Call your Congress rep & beg them not to vote for her confirmation!!!

Автор Linda Root ( назад)
She's stupid

Автор jsilence418 ( назад)
Hey look it's that contentious Jewish kid no one watches, this is your life my little yiddisher kop ?
to have nothing of importance to say, but only show your hurt feelings? oy vey .

Автор Steve Jarrott ( назад)
Franken is out of his tree! I've been involved with education and our teachers go the extra mile for all students; both over and under achievers.

Автор Steve Jarrott ( назад)
Al Franken is a complete embarrassment in himself.

Автор Steve Jarrott ( назад)
Well of course we need armed guards at schools because of left wing lunatics like you who believe criminals should all go free.

Автор Alma Velazquez ( назад)
what i want to know is..how do the people in the room keep a straight face? lol

Автор 23640631 ( назад)
This show is just part of the Democrat losing the Nov. 8, 2016 election, and against President Trumps Cabinet.

Автор Luhkey Slurbage ( назад)
You know, it's difficult to get into these videos, trying to understand your point, when you can't keep your mouth shut. You are not a good commentator, you are annoying, and you should shut up and let the material speak for itself. God, what nonsense. Like I said in another video I TRIED to watch, you really need to learn something about journalism. That's it for me, you've turned me off permanently.

Автор nanpopco nanpopco ( назад)

Автор bluegold21 ( назад)
DeVos also describes publicly funded schools as (tinged with sarcasm) "a nice idea" . She wants to create an idea of class division in each child from the moment they start school.She is the epiphany of right wing christian evangelism and-as she said herself-will support the president(one can only guess that she means D.Trump) in whatever he wants to do.Talk about blind leading the blind. He has less experience than she does in education and both have had failed education schemes added to their portfolio.How..?H...?...I'm lost for words.See.They are already destroying my ability to think.

Автор Brandon 51801 ( назад)
oh god save America please

Автор Kathryn Pignon ( назад)
And this is what Trump wants as Secretary of Education in a country that isn't even in UNESCO's évaluations citing the top 25 countries in the world in education

Автор Susan Coon ( назад)
This broad gives "dumb blond" a new meaning

Автор Mike B ( назад)
Just for the record I voted for trump. But this Betsy chick is just not going to cut the fat here. Trump really needs to reconsider someone else for this position.

Автор mrcynthiag ( назад)
I know you all are anti-Trump here, but I do believe he made some good picks for his cabinent. But THIS ONE.............OMG.. does she know her head from her ass?? Can anything be done to stop her from getting in???

Автор Melody LaPier ( назад)
Betsy DeVos received her position from trump as payment to:her brother Eric Prince for his assistance in helping trump, @rudyGiuliani, @JamesComeyfbi, with their conspiracy to harm Hillary Clinton with the "October Surprise"as Rudy Giuliani called it before it had ever happened. the it being the release of the false inflammatory letter James Comey released regarding wieners computer and false claim of new emails. all have confirmed guilt in conspiracy

Автор Frank Grimes ( назад)
So once again David fails to mention Bernie's contribution. He always seems to slight Bernie. I'm done with Pakman and his boring show.

Автор Nevi Gabriel ( назад)
A good demonstration of why Kaine ended up as a nobody..whatadweeb!
You got any freebie deals Pakman??..u know..like free education etc?..oh..I forget..you need money.

Автор Riku Pakarinen ( назад)
Ivanka got also high education from Trump University

Автор LATINA PATRIOT ( назад)
you are a  faggot and a liar this didn't happen

Автор Temptuous2112 ( назад)
What do socialists have against accountability in the teaching profession?

Автор Laura Vargas ( назад)
David Pakman is a Lying con artist, he came from a socialist argentina and wants to make USA a socialist/communist country, so he is at war with democracy, He Lies 80% of the time and mixes Truth and lies to deceive people into his anti-american agenda

Автор Mark Potter ( назад)
David Packman, you're a typical pseudo-intellectual pin-head. If she doesn't believe what you believe she must be stupid. Oh gosh, I am in awe of your awesomeness, your brain is clearly able to leap a tall cracker in a single bound. Yes, yes, yes, she is clearly more stupid than you, but then again, she's going to be Secretary of Education, and here you are putting up dopey videos making fun of people who are not like you. Way to show off your diversity dude. But then again, since I don't agree with you, you are clearly the intellectual giant of the two of us, I.Q. tests aside.

Автор cuatropuntos2000 ( назад)
more stupid kids for the next 4 years HAHAHAHAAHA

Автор benevolent jezebel ( назад)
what did Trump say,I have the highest IQ cabinet. he is equating money to brains,and when you here her you have to do some subtractions here.

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