3D Printed CO2 Rockets with ONBOARD CAMERA!

  • Published on Jan 19, 2018
  • In this video I attempt to install mini spy cameras inside of my homemade 3D printed CO2 rockets. These rockets snugly hold 12 gram CO2 cartridges that are normally used in airsoft and paintball guns. I also end up putting the cameras inside of some model rockets! If you haven't seen my previous video on these CO2 rockets make sure you go and watch that as well! The printed used in this video was the Creality CR-10.
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  • Chris Carr
    Chris Carr 11 days ago

    Put a bearing on it sideways, and spin that bastard up with compressed air, or some sort of motor. Basic gyroscope stability... (watch out for gyroscopic procession)

  • Cody Bryant
    Cody Bryant 17 days ago

    Would it be a dumb idea to use this as a booster to kinda hop off the ground to get the rocket going. You know how the huge rockets kinda take a few seconds to lift. This could be a fuel saver for the rockets just dump the tanks as soon as it let's all the co2 out.

  • Juancholoco
    Juancholoco Month ago

    Wow. So flat, where are you, Chicago?

  • Rc Dude '04
    Rc Dude '04 2 months ago

    Wow! something I wanted to try for a while.

  • Patricio Cordova
    Patricio Cordova 3 months ago

    In Australia this is a firearm and you can go to jail for up to 14 years for making firearms. Our gun laws are just ridiculous.

  • Contialp
    Contialp 3 months ago

    If you want to add a parachute, you could just somehow attach it to the top of the rocket with some strings. Like that, when it's flying upwards, the parachute is being held down by the wind that is produced by the motion of the rocket. When it falls down though, the wind goes under the parachute and the rocket can get to the ground much more safely. I'm not 100% sure this'll work with a rocket as it might disturb the flight path, but we did a similar thing with a meteorological balloon, and it worked like a charm.

  • Robert Reynolds
    Robert Reynolds 3 months ago

    Yea ok.

  • Lukas Thorwald Hey
    Lukas Thorwald Hey 3 months ago

    Just in case you still have problems with rotation: Check out how the made it with the AIM-9 Sidewinder fins. It's purely mechanical :-)

  • Almost Mr. Worldwide
    Almost Mr. Worldwide 3 months ago

    I am going to assume based on the weight of the empty CO2 cartridge and the aerodynamic housing, these rockets could pose a serious risk to people and property around you as they fall to the ground. Something akin to shooting a gun into the air. Another note to add is that the CO2 performance is heavily dependant on the ambient air temperature, launching these rockets in summer temps could yield significantly better results. Why not modify an existing model rockets to accept a homemade CO2 rocket motor instead? Much safer

  • FingerAngle
    FingerAngle 4 months ago

    Check out my Trebuchet darts. I've been wanting to install a camera in them.

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby 4 months ago

    The issue is the “shutter” speed of the camera.you should look for a faster camera with a higher exposure for better images while rotating

  • yeetus deletus
    yeetus deletus 4 months ago

    i found the rocket

  • Brian Cochrane
    Brian Cochrane 4 months ago

    I know this is an older video but I have a few ideas for you. Spring-loaded fins that swing out bigger after the rocket leaves the launch tube. Helix the fins so as the rocket creates spin is the other idea. You are actually better off with a rounding nose cone. The other idea would be to also have some forward fins. Peace

  • wvXvxvXvw
    wvXvxvXvw 4 months ago

    You could have saved a bunch of time and money. Buy the "shaft" at an adult store and just add some fletchings. They look exactly like your rocket body.

    On a serious note, you could get a lot more stability if you installed the CO2 cartridge backwards, then route the gas to the nose with a hose or line. At the nose, add a nozzle that distributes the gas evenly through the port holes in it. Something like the air cap on pneumatic paint sprayers should work perfect. That would also allow you to make thrust adjustments by changing the size of the nozzle. With the CO2 cartridge at the bottom there would be a static stability meaning if you drop it, it will always land vertically. With the gas venting from the nose rather than the tail you also get a thrust based stability meaning it will always fly straight and never tumble. When you have the gas pushing from the tail, the body is inherently unstable because the fulcrum is above the thrust point. Think of it this way: When you balance a broom in your palm, you have to constantly fight gravity and move your hand to keep it from falling. Now grab that same broom by the head and let gravity keep the handle perfectly straight without requiring any correction or input from you. The broom is in the same orientation, has the same weight distribution and is pointed in the same direction but one of them is extremely unstable while the other is 100% perfectly stable. Just something to think about the next time you build one.

  • mohawksniper79
    mohawksniper79 4 months ago

    Jest change the rocket that you bought into a CO2 rocket

  • Tristan Morrow
    Tristan Morrow 4 months ago

    Streamers = fins and parachute

  • Gert Bester
    Gert Bester 5 months ago

    You have to add a centifugal bearing to the top or middle of the rocket. before launch add compressed air to the spinning centrifugal. the forces will keep the rocket straight like an arrow no matter the weather.

  • August Jensen
    August Jensen 5 months ago

    You could buy a drone with a camera on.

  • Redfish Incorporated
    Redfish Incorporated 5 months ago

    This doesn't need pop out fins. Take a lesson from the estes rocket and use a guide rod instead of a tube launcher. The spring loaded piercing device can still be used to activate the co2 cartridge. By using a rod or rail instead of a tube you can simply add larger fins to your rocket. However you'll never get the efficiency from co2 propulsion that you get from chemical rockets.

  • Michael Finner II
    Michael Finner II 5 months ago

    Find a way to incorporate an LED for the tip of the rocket, that way you won't lose it as easily.

  • munchiemaniac
    munchiemaniac 5 months ago

    You could heat treat the head of that nail to harden it

  • Zauroxx
    Zauroxx 5 months ago

    es un dardo no un cohete

  • Stephen hathaway
    Stephen hathaway 5 months ago

    Maxed out on cheese

  • Chris S
    Chris S 5 months ago

    Co2 is to cold

  • Jello Slime
    Jello Slime 5 months ago

    If the rocket spins, you can make a 3d map using the footage

    BRADYN LEE 6 months ago

    Say by to your house bro

    BRADYN LEE 6 months ago

    Anet really

  • Jay Burke
    Jay Burke 6 months ago


  • Trondyne
    Trondyne 6 months ago

    What we learned: That rockets fly better with rocket motors.... Who knew?

  • Mark Deters
    Mark Deters 6 months ago

    Behind every successful man is a woman laughing her a$$ off!

  • P. Ricard
    P. Ricard 7 months ago

    May "Yo-Yo despin" be an option?

  • teissir toutou
    teissir toutou 7 months ago

    Make a flexible fins

  • Norm Vance
    Norm Vance 7 months ago +1

    You can vastly improve your rocket motor by making it a solid fuel unit. Let the gas out of the cartridge. Cut the heads off of many book type safety matches. Drill out the cartridge hole till a match head will just fit through it. Load it full and put a fuse in the hole with the last match head. Make whatever body you want to hold the cartridge. I found putting the fins on at a slight angle will make the rocket spin and thus stabilize. If you want a good view of your neighborhood try Google Earth. Do not, I say, DO NOT, be anywhere near it at take-off. Next I'll do two and three stage missiles! Norm Vance

  • hypnoticatrance
    hypnoticatrance 7 months ago +1

    Why not making a cabsule for the cam and parachut for fly down? That would be a cool improvement, I think.

  • DuskyTheHusky
    DuskyTheHusky 7 months ago

    they make an estes rocket with a camera in it already. its the older style uses a roll of film and takes one areal shot per flight. it activates when the nose cone ejects. :)

  • Josh Deighton
    Josh Deighton 7 months ago

    Solid fuel

  • Sajid Sony
    Sajid Sony 7 months ago

    Put a GPS on it

  • JookiChewaka
    JookiChewaka 7 months ago

    maybe you should make a jacket similar to the projectiles railguns use on launch that get shed as soon as the projectile exits the barrel, this jacket would serve the simple purpose to make it air tight-er and more stable while inside the barrel.
    here an example

  • Michael Closson
    Michael Closson 7 months ago

    Im tempted to build a gigantic rocket launcher that uses a firing pin to release CO2

  • Games-Galore
    Games-Galore 7 months ago

    Oml I have wanted a 3d printer for so long so when I see these videos I am like "Well thats another reson to try buy one!" but when I see your videos I am like "WELL NOW I BLOODY HAVE TO HAVE ONE!"

  • Space Corp
    Space Corp 7 months ago +1

    NEVER drill in line with your finger or any other direction which may cause bleeding of any kind ! and wear goggles when launching !!

    BARBARIAN757 7 months ago

    should attach a LED light on rocket

  • Layton Pratt
    Layton Pratt 7 months ago

    Slant the fins. It will make the rocket spin.

  • sorryociffer
    sorryociffer 7 months ago

    Your "Launch tube" is a BIG problem. To FLEXY....It will/can bind/grab the rocket when bent at worst or at best impart an off cant trajectory when it leaves the tube because it's wobbling all over...

  • Culturedropout
    Culturedropout 7 months ago

    You need one of those little Bluetooth locators in your rockets so at least if you get close you can find them.

  • Daniel Holland
    Daniel Holland 8 months ago

    Print shorter “stubby” 3D rocket with larger fins that’ll accept a D cell booster. On the 3D rocket attach the straw or just print on the rocket the tube for the launch stand. And do the camera into the nose cone again and fire it up.

  • Magnus Thompson
    Magnus Thompson 8 months ago

    The co2 doesn’t work any good in the cold 🥶

  • siemprefidelis7
    siemprefidelis7 8 months ago

    On the CO2 rockets use a more sturdy pipe not flexible. It's like shooting a gun. Any movement will mess up the flight. You definitely do need larger fins on the CO2 rockets.

  • Impassive Bru
    Impassive Bru 8 months ago

    What about having two poles holding the rocket for even distribution of weight when the thrusters go off?

  • Mootaz Bouchekoua
    Mootaz Bouchekoua 8 months ago

    you can put a feather in the base f the rocket, it should stabilize it.

  • Kent Harris
    Kent Harris 8 months ago

    Instead of using a nail to puncher the CO2 rocket, I was wondering if a model rocket igniter would melt the seal on the CO2 cartridge?

  • Paul Ayala
    Paul Ayala 8 months ago

    You might be able to make some curved fins (that hug the body of the missile) that are spring loaded. A good example being . ruclip.com/video/z2QsKDHgJ6c/video.html

  • Edward Piner
    Edward Piner 8 months ago

    Cool video I just subscribed an hit the bell too thank you so much

  • Star Fighter
    Star Fighter 8 months ago

    The fins have to protrude beyond the body of the rocket. It's a dart/arrow affect. The heavy tip is centered by the drag/directional providing fins.

  • Stefan Jensen
    Stefan Jensen 8 months ago

    what if you made thinner fins, the turns a bit around the rocket, to make it spin and keep stable? :)

  • Elias Krumsvik
    Elias Krumsvik 8 months ago

    Is this sheldon ?

  • Husky Studios
    Husky Studios 8 months ago +1

    Your luck is very bad. But your dedication and motivation is amazing. So I subscribed :). Btw younguys look like a great couple! :)

  • How to fun
    How to fun 8 months ago

    I am your 102,000 subscriber!!!

  • Sam Bowen
    Sam Bowen 8 months ago

    That's top bad about the lost rocket :(

  • buckwild ghettocowboy
    buckwild ghettocowboy 8 months ago

    As far as launching goes the only way I can think of to get around it would be to use a larger tube so you can have larger fins make the rocket body still about 3/4 inch diameter though fins that fit almost tight in a 1 inch tube should work good for that body your fins don't need to be much bigger but they do need to be