How To Read ANYONE

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  • How To Read ANYONE
    Today we are going to cover the skill of reading people. Which is an awesome skill - to be able to know what someone is thinking or feeling will save you a lot of grief. You won’t look silly talking to someone who is not interested, you’ll get a better of idea of who is interested and isn’t saying anything.

    But we won’t stop there

    Because one of the most amazing things that developing your ability to read an individual does is that it enables you to improve. And I saw in the comments, a lot of you were asking what I studied to be able to do the charisma breakdowns - truly there was no class - it was just a matter of doing these steps over and over. And there is a science to it.

    So let’s get into

    1. Increase self-awareness
    2. Find where their attention is (eye contact is huge)
    3. Get good at identifying micro-expressions, potentially use this site:
    4. Identify common patterns
    5. Make predictions based on people's body language
    6. Experiment in your own life

    Hope you find that helpful in identifying the body language to read people.

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      Will do... Thank you Charlie

    • Charisma on Command
      Charisma on Command  Месяц назад

      ~ Glad they're helping man! We actually did one on storytelling - feel free to check out "Kevin Hart's 3 Secrets To Hilarious Storytelling" :-)

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    connected 72 Месяц назад

    Can you please explain the difference between reading someone or having a perceptions of a person's actions vs labeling a person's motive? In healthy psychology, we are told that labeling a person's motives is wrong and their are a plethora of other unknown factors that can be influencing that person's behavior. In your example, you mention subtle behaviors, like a quick smile and then neutral body language. Couldn't that person's quick smile be motivated by a variety of this? Maybe they are nervous and this is a survival technique they learned when they are nervous. Maybe they had a funny thought pop into their head in that moment, that was unrelated. The list can go on. Generally I would agree with all these identifications your describing, but I've recently learned that the labeling is wrong. I'm extremely confused and it's a little frightening, because it makes me question my intuition and perception that I've been told by so many is spot on. How do you balance this? If you don't label a person's behavior as toxic or dangerous, you could be putting yourself in a bad situation. I'm so confused, please give me your thoughts on this. Thank you!

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    So, i learned all that to a junior high school equivalent, i try to tell people, but because they fear the consequences of my knowledge of their actions, they choose ignorance, repeating things like "you don't know me".
    Also, attempting to ease tensions by being accepting of their mistakes wouldn't work, because they are deathly afraid of the consequences, they'd be dead to me, as i am to them...
    How do you manipulate them into coming out?
    They made such awful mistakes that would make any future relationship a formality, meaning the time invested would never make them worth trusting with my life again. They know that, so they choose to be ignorant about any evidence i have on them. They try to kill me. They kill my children by making me infertile. They entice literally everyone into taking some ownership of their cause, and thus preventing my options for seeking help.

    How do you get a confession out of anyone?... keep in mind if you don't get a confession, they will continue to try kill you and continue to be nasty in anyway they can think of because it's easier to do that than have any descent in their ranks...
    (You didn't "ask" for this... but i found an excuse to write it)

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      P.s. my skill in this area may actually be in senior high school. If you think about each level of school as a conscious grasp on the final level, which would be where someone like Derren Brown attends.

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    yeah but how do you stop thinking about these things whenever you interact with people? having these things in mind seems to take away from the validity of the moment and I get caught up in trying to change my expressions... does this go away after a while or is this like a permanent problem with knowing this knowledge? whats your experience?

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    Only one thing; don't speak about other people to others. They'll pick up the type of person you are which is NOT a good person.

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