How To Read ANYONE

How To Read ANYONE
Today we are going to cover the skill of reading people. Which is an awesome skill - to be able to know what someone is thinking or feeling will save you a lot of grief. You won’t look silly talking to someone who is not interested, you’ll get a better of idea of who is interested and isn’t saying anything.

But we won’t stop there

Because one of the most amazing things that developing your ability to read an individual does is that it enables you to improve. And I saw in the comments, a lot of you were asking what I studied to be able to do the charisma breakdowns - truly there was no class - it was just a matter of doing these steps over and over. And there is a science to it.

So let’s get into

1. Increase self-awareness
2. Find where their attention is (eye contact is huge)
3. Get good at identifying micro-expressions, potentially use this site: http://www.microexpressionstest.com/m...
4. Identify common patterns
5. Make predictions based on people's body language
6. Experiment in your own life

Hope you find that helpful in identifying the body language to read people.

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Автор James Kaeppel ( назад)
this guy should rename his channel "Lessons From People Watching" haha

Автор Minakshi! ( назад)
first you say that can you read any once mind

Автор Stephanie Burris ( назад)
talker that talk a lot bothers me lol idk I wanna go hide especially when I'm on the transit here. how can I adjust help lol

Автор Nasa ( назад)

Автор Bradley Nicklow ( назад)
the truth is your a dick
Charisma on Command and stop judging people

Автор CovertAgent7 ( назад)
First video I've seen of you because it showed up in my recommended sidebar. I was captivated by it. Subscribed so I can remember to browse more of the channel later.

Автор Azzrudin Jamil ( назад)
That tai-chi hand movements, looks like it could open portal to other dimension.

sorry i just had to...good clip btw

Автор Anita Sarmanova ( назад)
His smile is so adorable )

Автор specter290 ( назад)
pseudo science.

Автор AFrisk G ( назад)
i have a mentalism power
what will happened to me?

Автор AFrisk G ( назад)
i have a mentalism power
what will happened to me?

Автор Michael Morris ( назад)
0:24 .. it would not be Peter or John

Автор Habiba Naiel ( назад)
It'll be loaaaaaads better if u summarize the tips in visual bullet points at the end of the video

Автор JustKeith ( назад)
I like everything but his hair. Just buzz it short.

Автор Zo3yZed E. ( назад)
I am 19 years old ,low self esteem, low self confidence I am terrible at conversations , I feel like I am a robot , I am always out of a group I am so tired of this , sometimes I ask myself why I am like this I can't handle this anymore I wish that I could do something about that I watch a lot videos about improving myself but they didn't seem to have that impact on me 😔😔😔 can a person really change his personality ?!!!! What do I have to do ? I am lost ......

Автор The BeautyBenz ( назад)
lmao I loved the bug eye story I laughed out loud!

Автор Dermot Heaney ( назад)
Your channel is soooo good, I love all your videos. Please keep making them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Автор Doug Parker ( назад)
if aliens watched youtube...

Автор فيصل الخالدي ( назад)
the problem is at the first step, what is self awareness i don't get it??

Автор WinterWolf ( назад)
OH NO, i smiled when i saw this video. that cant be good

Автор BOY IN A BOX ( назад)

Автор Big Bopper ( назад)
And I can read that your gay so who cares

Автор Aya Jab ( назад)
Wow, his mouth is so huge

Автор Detest Star ( назад)
this guy is a twink douchebag and a con artist. READ

Автор Zeynep Şeyma DURMAZ ( назад)
i mean: true way of against these bad feature

Автор Zeynep Şeyma DURMAZ ( назад)
entire of these feature belongs to Prophet Muhammed.If you want you can search.

Автор Tad Poll ( назад)
You seem really young man. It's common young people think they have everyone and everything figured out. Reality, people are BEYOND complicated, and are constantly changing. They second you think you have someone figured out, they change. Stop trying so hard.

Автор LazyLies ( назад)
I'm an introvert with a very charming form of speech. I observe people a lot. So I can read them pretty well.

Автор Mad Hypertrophy ( назад)
when I watched this video, I saw how you moved your hands and body, and the way your face expression changes and I concluded that you are a very awesome guy who is very open and honest and truthful. Keep making more videos, I salute you!!!!!!!!!

Автор min suga infires meh turns out I'm roasted chicken ( назад)
you are a very interesting person. and a great teacher first video I watched and I learned a lot!! thank you kind sir. For that I will SUBSCRIBE 😊

Автор Clayton Kramer ( назад)
I'm so good I predicted that your name was Charlie!

Автор Wenceslao Futanaki ( назад)
now i get why i dont like americans, theyre a bunch of sociopaths fakers

Автор majorkonfuzion ( назад)
0_0 ......is it working???

Автор Conshe Tumare ( назад)
I can read you. You are a faggot.

Автор Mimi islam ( назад)
hi from egypt

Автор Ocean Wong ( назад)
I laughed out loud when you synchronized your glance up at the top right-hand corner with the pop-up ad there.
Nice use of direction our attention.

Автор tentimetex ( назад)
Yeah..the irony is that everyone watches videos like these, which means
everyone knows the techniques, which means that its no longer and
advantage to know them.

Автор clearevil ( назад)
he wears the same shirt in every video = pattern
you hate to do laundry. consider yourself read..

Автор Denis Daly ( назад)
This is jibberish. Charlie should educate himself.

Автор Walarion ( назад)
You're very attractive ^^ I like your eyes.

Автор Mazz ( назад)
your mouth looks cool, I like it!

Автор Sinenhlanhla Zwane ( назад)
ppl here on YouTube beat around the bush instead of getting to business..

Автор jbeckr13 ( назад)
10 seconds in, toooooooo many hand gestures. Super distracting.

Автор Fizzy pop ( назад)
that bit confusing me

Автор Matthew Bryan ( назад)
I don't know why this was recommended but God damn you are so hot

Автор x.mxllxe.x ( назад)
After watching every rupaul season i thought this was gonna be something else...

Автор Ivan Bnv ( назад)
this way you can spot thieves, pedophiles, etc...

Автор Elmari Jankowitz ( назад)
Wow! Great smile, but when you made your eyes big, you looked a little crazy. Great confirmation that I'm doing it right.

Автор GRIM ( назад)
"You can't be born uncharismatic"

Asperger's Syndrome.

Автор Anonymous Identity ( назад)
How to read ANYONE:
Anyone has two syllables. It starts with an (A) and ends with an (E).

Автор sigal8004 ( назад)
Finally someone who actually renews my knowledge!!!! THANKS!

Автор Charlene Leber ( назад)
Maybe all of this works, but are you really getting to know a person or just analyzing them?

Автор natasha davidson ( назад)
I would just be talking to someone and they start to give me the huge eyes. I wouldn't watch my back when I'm running

Автор Lucyann ( назад)
I'm starting a new school next year and I want to make many people like me, (not just my friends)

Автор mixed bag ( назад)
omfg!!wat a lengthy video it is! it cud be more interesting...and short !

Автор Rubin Labroo ( назад)
i dont get it, did you study philosophy or psychology?

Автор يوسف ترحبات ( назад)
I pretty much have figured out these tips already and to be honest it worked out for me and i think the simplest way to figure "read" any one out is to focus on their reaction from the simplest the matter to the biggest it tells you alot about their their mindset is and so about "them" .

Автор Kristin Grubbs ( назад)
when i saw this title i thought you read people but they were a book

Автор Michael Abdo ( назад)
The fact that this entire thing was unedited is simply amazing. 11 minutes of pure boss

Автор Mariachi ( назад)
Woah I self thought myself doing this 0.o. Cool

Автор Lemonz1989 ( назад)
I'm not a popular guy, but when I get someone's attention for an extended period of time, most people seem to like me in a way that they want to hang out with me. I really don't know why or how I do it. Some people have said I'm the nicest guy they've ever met... And I have no idea what that even means! :/
I'm quite shy and reserved, so I don't know if that has something to do with it...

Автор comet lecoultre ( назад)
A well fitted baggy t shirt can actually make you looked more jacked (sometimes)

Автор Danielle Beaton ( назад)
he's adorable

Автор Jayan Kk ( назад)

Автор vofs ( назад)
how can i get to the mountain rn? tryna BOARD HARD.

Автор Little Poet ( назад)
did y'all spot that microexpression at 4:03?

Автор E. Weiss ( назад)
dude. your mouth is HUGE. :-D

Автор Katerina Kadas ( назад)
Thank you for this I'm definitely subbing.

Автор Emma Wellness and Self Actualization ( назад)
This is gold!!! Thank you so much for these videos! They are incredibly helpful!

Автор Garaad :D ( назад)
i did n`t get what i came here ;/

Автор Hiba Belkadi ( назад)
I'm here only for that smile...

Автор Adja Gueye ( назад)
Actually I learned how to read people by standing back and letting people talk or just seeing others interact. I was always quite interested in being able to read people.

Автор prince mahin ( назад)
i normaly can understand anyone -
but i lose one thing my ex girl frd she lied me in phone but i never got it bcz i trust her and loved her and i was blind -_-
u can read lovers face ever

Автор bb Bhupali ( назад)
his beautiful, white teeth kept distracting me.

Автор Joshua Standrell ( назад)
This dude is cute lol

Автор Take Potato Chip And Eat It ( назад)
Random question, do you play any musical instruments, like the piano or the cello? It's just that I noticed that your fingers are long and thin, which can be an advantage.

Автор The Keklord ( назад)
I'm autistic I always look away it's strange to look in some ones eye

Автор Pranav Kumar ( назад)
I became a fan after step one ! Nice video mate ! :)

Автор Annabel - ( назад)
Who else opened this vid to know if someone likes you?

Автор Jordan T. ( назад)
he looks like my pastor

Автор Galaxy Gurrlll1900 ( назад)
A - ni - va - n

Автор JovaNa2028 ( назад)
as he was talking, i was looking at his mouth, and all i can see is Emma Watson's mouth talking. Am I starting to go nuts?

Автор Paul Seibert ( назад)
Okay my turn, you're insecure and you lack confidence which you attempt to fix by whitening your teeth, wearing a perfectly black shirt, styling your hair, having perfect skin, and creating this video in the first place.

Автор BlueEyedBeauty191 ( назад)
your teeth are like perfect...

Автор A kapoor ( назад)
do a video about book magic of thinking big

Автор Brave Soul ( назад)
You blink loads in the video

Автор Lightning46L ( назад)
this analyzing stuff is really interesting and it helps me to analyze too because there's finally someone who thinks like me

Автор Kiki Star ( назад)
wow you are quite the looker my friend holy cow.....um but yes this is a very good video

Автор Brandon Ishnook ( назад)
I literally had to look away from the screen when you did the big googly eyes.

Автор Bonnie Dedrick ( назад)
I'm curious...thinking back to childhood, can you remember being intune with your self & observing all of these things? I ask because you probably have always read people, but just weren't aware of your natural ability to do so, and when you became aware, you were smart enough to investigate & then Vlog...good job!

Автор Bonnie Dedrick ( назад)
Did you know that people trust what someone is saying more if they talk with both hands, but keep their hands between their waist & shoulders? If you go above the shoulders too much it is sub-consciously perceived as out of control. Thankfully for me, I am VERY self aware & Excellent on picking up on body language & energy...always have been, very keen intuition. To the point that as a kid my mom kept a journal of my predictions & observations.

Автор Soziana ( назад)
u dont look real.... u look animated

Автор fading colours Was Hit By A Giant Truck Named Kpop ( назад)
Dude, your hands are huuuuuuuuuge

Автор Kea Michelle ( назад)
Talks too much. Doesn;t say enough.

Автор minimooster-ASMR ( назад)
I've found I don't feel comfortable when I'm facing people, unless I'm very close with them, even then, I prefer sitting beside or both of us facing the same way...


Автор Natasha Yates ( назад)
interesting stuff. I do have a question about the method you use to read people.
Is the method you use not missing out on some important information. for example are there not too many factors involved in a persons behaviour to spot anything other than 'typical' behaviours rather than reading individuals. what I mean is doesnt spotting patterns gear us towards noticing and groupong together behaviour we see most often while not noticing information about behaviour that doesnt fit (confirmation bias) It akso excludes identifying unknown factors that heavily influence the persons begaviour speech and body language. information like whether they have a personal crises, what sort of mood they are in, mental/behavioural conditions, where theyve come from and what they are doing next, what their priorities are, whether they have their mind on something more genuinely more important, if they are in pain, gow busy they are, where they are, gow much time they have, the type if situation they are in, wjether they dully understand sometjing, if they are tired...the list is endless. These factors surely influence a persons behaviour and at any given time may be reflected in how a person behaves rather rhan who they are or how they feel about whats going on there and then. Ypu have to asdume everyone os 'presemt on the moment' and most people ate not which is why we spot THEIR patterns over time rather than patyerns wiyhin the general publoc or in certain aituatioms. we domt have all the informatiom we need to link X with anythiing we observe without kniwing wgat we are missing as well. as the pattern there may invalidate the one ypuve observed. Ask how you behave when sad, upset, disyracted worried timebound or late after a long meeting with a hang over etc. does it not effect your behaviour more than the wveryday situation you may be in at the time? withput knowing everything, behaviour may be attributed by you to something that fits with a pattern you have previpusly spotted ie: the way the other person does something leading to disintetest. and with that many unknowns there may be many like that. does that on fact not render the whole idea of a 'pattern' helping to read people, innaccurate in itself. what if only a third of those you spotted were due to X being connected Y and the rest were X and Y being present but X being due to A B or C. perhaps usually thise 2 thirds would not have even followed the X due to Y theory but X due to Z and this may have been the dominant pattetn while your connection was given more meaning than the pattern at first suggested.
sounds complicated I know. I apologise for that. If you understand my meaning id be interested in your thoughts.

Автор Carol Norton ( назад)
I cant focus with those two caterpillars crawling all over his forehead.

Автор Shak Os ( назад)
Subscribed, you deserve it so much man!!

Автор Mimi Alsaidi ( назад)
in my case its hard for me to read my emotions but i can easily read people without having to think or anything, it just comes to me and whats even more interesting is if there is someone i cant tend to read them for whatever reason, they grab my attention and id be more interested in those that i cant read more than people i can read b/c it get boring since i can easily read them

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