How To Read ANYONE

  • Опубликовано: 13 май 2016
  • How To Read ANYONE
    Today we are going to cover the skill of reading people. Which is an awesome skill - to be able to know what someone is thinking or feeling will save you a lot of grief. You won’t look silly talking to someone who is not interested, you’ll get a better of idea of who is interested and isn’t saying anything.
    But we won’t stop there
    Because one of the most amazing things that developing your ability to read an individual does is that it enables you to improve. And I saw in the comments, a lot of you were asking what I studied to be able to do the charisma breakdowns - truly there was no class - it was just a matter of doing these steps over and over. And there is a science to it.
    So let’s get into
    1. Increase self-awareness
    2. Find where their attention is (eye contact is huge)
    3. Get good at identifying micro-expressions, potentially use this site:
    4. Identify common patterns
    5. Make predictions based on people's body language
    6. Experiment in your own life
    Hope you find that helpful in identifying the body language to read people.
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    Logicalicious День назад

    Whenever I talk to anyone I immediately tone in to how they are reacting with me and the way they are talking with facial expression. I also put myself in their shoes and think about how I’d respond to what I say if I was a regular human being. Such as statistics in a way. I look and observer with a very open mind. From that I just instinctively know what they are gunna day or how they are truly feeling.

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    Miguel Plata 19 дней назад

    Actual science research shows emotions are guesses and predictions of the mind, that are not always conscious and not express on the face. Our emotions are actually learned and these paterns are activated when aparticular estimuli triggers a memory and the reaction is the emotion, but as everybody has different experiences, people react different and some people don't even express emotions on their faces.

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    Jasmine Coker 29 дней назад

    I once dated a guy who would often "banter" with me by calling me awkward, nervous, gross or weird. The way he would say it seemed very cute and joking, but I noticed that they weren't really one-off things and he would constantly say those things to me. I would usually just own it and say things like "yeh I know that's why everyone likes me!" or "it's apart of my overall charm" and smile and brush it off, because I don't necessarily think these particular traits are always negative, and so you shouldn't have to be defensive. But if I ever said it to him, he'd go quiet or not respond straight away. This pattern in behaviour led me to believe that he was calling me these things because these are things that he himself is insecure about. I never ever felt like a shy or nervous person around anybody else except him. I could be wrong, but I think he was just projecting his own insecurities onto me? I'm not entirely sure, but has anyone else experienced this?

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    What have you studied? @Charisma on Command

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      SoniaK Mk 27 дней назад

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    • Charisma on Command
      Charisma on Command  28 дней назад

      ~ Philosophy and Spanish as an undergrad

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    There’s too much negative space around you. So for someone with ADD/ADHD (like me), it’s not very visually engaging. Maybe get closer to the camera and change your background to be a darker color. It’s going to be very engaging, even for people without attention problems.

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