Joe Rogan Experience #1208 - Jordan Peterson

  • Published on Nov 30, 2018
  • Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.
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  • John O'Neill
    John O'Neill 15 hours ago

    It's official. He's a junkie. Explains a lot. Won't be surprised if he suicides.

  • God's God
    God's God 18 hours ago

    How to succeed in life: Identify an angry group of people and write books and do interviews that pander to their cause.

  • John Michael Elizares
    John Michael Elizares 21 hour ago

    I am kind of bothered of how joe's table is so messy.

  • Joshua Cazoe
    Joshua Cazoe Day ago

    What exactly did people click the dislike button on this video for? many videos in ones lifetime watching RUclip vids have they needed to click the dislike button.

  • Lauren Vaughn
    Lauren Vaughn Day ago

    Yes to productive and conscientious talk

  • Trevor Serra
    Trevor Serra Day ago

    Fantastic discussion, very meaningful and productive. :)

  • Red Riojas
    Red Riojas 2 days ago

    Jordan probably an 80% male audience because most girls feed on RUclip is probably celebrity drama, cute animal vids, and makeup tutorials.

    • God's God
      God's God 18 hours ago

      I think it's more that incels are drawn to him

  • Vic 2.0
    Vic 2.0 2 days ago

    "How bout people with XY chromosomes can't fight people with XX chromosomes?"
    Won't work. Since the idea is that we deny science and observation in the first place, they'll just "identify as" someone with XX chromosomes, and any challenge to that is hate speech.

  • Lex Poleta
    Lex Poleta 2 days ago

    Best twitter thread is from @naval 🔥

  • TheGamingCloud
    TheGamingCloud 2 days ago

    Jordan "I was in a whole foods" Peterson

  • 27kdon
    27kdon 2 days ago +1

    44:49 Jordan warns against ego inflation..
    44:53 Joe attempts to inflate his ego 😂😂😂

  • t0ypuddl3
    t0ypuddl3 2 days ago

    Gettin’ kicks on the similar tone of voice Jordan has w/Bob Odenkirk 🤪

  • Waylay Life
    Waylay Life 2 days ago

    He who would be greatest among you must serve. And in order to serve, one must be competent...
    He who would be greatest among you must be competent.

  • Fredrik
    Fredrik 2 days ago


  • sailorbychoice1
    sailorbychoice1 3 days ago

    1:38:00 I have always said, "Sports and games do not build your character as much as they evoke character." I Do Not Do Business with a Cheater or a Poor-Sport.

  • Hristiyan Minchev
    Hristiyan Minchev 3 days ago

    Guys, while I am listening to you my mind is making so many connections. Amazing content

  • Dusk
    Dusk 3 days ago

    *incoherent mobs blaming each other*
    Jordan Peterson: "...we oppress ourselves with our own malevolence and stupidity."

  • Dusk
    Dusk 3 days ago

    1:09:49 - fantastic idea for a genuine new rule!!

  • Morgan Mac-Smith
    Morgan Mac-Smith 3 days ago

    I could watch this 10 times and learn something new every time.

  • Dusk
    Dusk 3 days ago +1

    Jordan is a man reminding society how to teach boys to become men.

  • Varun Sharma
    Varun Sharma 3 days ago

    1:27:00 have to disagree. I think they’re complaining about the implicit oppression in the hierarchy. They were always treated at a lower lever on that hierarchy.

  • David K
    David K 3 days ago


  • Real-Batman
    Real-Batman 3 days ago

    "Be true to thyself", be a critical thinker, investigate and do swallow anything without doing research. Be Awake. Peace

  • Flerinz 1234
    Flerinz 1234 4 days ago

    when I watch Joe and Peterson, Peterson is pretty agreeable with Joe so here I am thinking that if Peterson agrees that much with joe , Joe is a good man! thank you for this podcast

  • Iron word
    Iron word 4 days ago

    This is truly Breathtaking....

  • Just_guy_ stuff
    Just_guy_ stuff 4 days ago

    Man joe really needs to have Jordan back on

  • Gautam Malhotra
    Gautam Malhotra 4 days ago

    ugh time to clean my room

  • TrainspotterFlirt2210

    is there anyone out there who have been to a jordan peterson lecture?

  • caihrn
    caihrn 4 days ago

    This is the most understanding i've seen Joe so far, jordan peterson's iq has influenced him a lot here

  • PhazonXL Productions
    PhazonXL Productions 4 days ago +2

    Jordan Peterson's face is going to burn into my TV.

  • Asrael
    Asrael 5 days ago

    This got to be the only episode where someone brings chimps up before Joe.

  • Asrael
    Asrael 5 days ago +1

    I love when Jordan takes breaks in between sentences and waits for Joe to react / catch up / respond / see if he gets it or whatever. Jordan is genuinely interested in a conversation even if he's the one being interviewed. I don't think you find this quality a lot these days considering how many people in comparative positions like to hear themselves talk.

  • Henry True
    Henry True 5 days ago

    I’d love for JR and JP to watch Person of Interest. Does a great job of talking about ethics and ASI.

  • Vic 2.0
    Vic 2.0 5 days ago

    5,099 uncleaned rooms

  • 00Brace00
    00Brace00 5 days ago

    I just noticed that they aren't wearing the usual headphones.

  • Jesse Murray
    Jesse Murray 5 days ago

    thank God for Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson

  • John Galt
    John Galt 5 days ago

    21:1 like to dislike ratio. Nice.

  • Jesus Moreno
    Jesus Moreno 5 days ago

    Jordan “yep” Peterson

  • Luckma1
    Luckma1 5 days ago

    Please Jordan make a Infofilm on Huxley!!!! Everyone thinks that he thought of this is how the world would be and how cruel and bad that was, but in reality he was a member of an idiologicle and politic circle that wanted to make that a reality! Look for Fabian Society.

  • lina xander
    lina xander 5 days ago +1

    Damn didnt know Abraham was out there playing video games

  • eircification
    eircification 5 days ago

    He is amazing

  • Andrew Cosgrove
    Andrew Cosgrove 5 days ago +5

    Time for Jordan to come back on! We were blessed for a couple years to have him every six months or so but it's been almost a year now!

  • *enthusiastic approval of science*

    These podcasts with Jordan Peterson have changed my perspective on religion, opposing views, and life in general for the better. Thank you.

  • Dana M
    Dana M 5 days ago

    From a woman's point of view I find Jordan's talks extremely informative. I'm so glad I listened to this show as I didn't know that Jordan's talks attracted men. (The photo is my husband.)

  • Junius Argonon
    Junius Argonon 7 days ago

    The EATR part was misinformation and just a bunch of bullshit. Check your facts instead of spouting nonsense, Joe.

  • Roy Andrada
    Roy Andrada 7 days ago +3

    Jordan Peterson comes to communities in disarray like a father who comes home, and people just sort their lives.

  • Flora Flora
    Flora Flora 7 days ago

    Jordan “and I really believe that” Peterson.

  • Ja Grack
    Ja Grack 8 days ago

    Jordan Peterson is like the Michael Jordan of interviews

  • SnakeAssKing
    SnakeAssKing 8 days ago +3

    4:06 i wish someone looked at me the way joe looks at mr. peterson

  • Shawn Hudson
    Shawn Hudson 8 days ago

    So Jordan, your saying KISS? You know what I mean and it applies to economy of culture. Sort of the important thing is economy because it is the game we should be most rational about.

    Mostly, because it extends from the lowest to the highest level. All of the opposites as well as the concurrences are because of circumstance. Even within the same species.

    Time changes everything via evolution.

    So is the evolution of our minds, the very thing that brought us here, changing this?

    Intelligence in and of itself is a product of evolution.

    Perhaps it's just one aspect.

    Since we can control it, well what we know of it, aren't we just being us?

    Cooperation is competition

    With little or no oppression.

    I guess it's easy to do.

    Oppress things.

    But I prefer


    She is

    It's storming here in Florida

    Gottta let you guys go.

    Thanks Joe and Jordan.

    I appreciate ya..


  • Shawn Hudson
    Shawn Hudson 8 days ago

    So your saying you learned something from Steve? Outstanding! You seemed out of place at times. You challenged yourself just like Jordan is talking about and you recognized it because you already did it. Good pull from your experiences because they add a lot to this conversation. Nicely done and completely in substance. He adds a lot more though. Thank you for bringing a big contender to the day. You were both very considerate. I appreciated this view from you both. Instinct and it's psychology. Great job Joe.

  • The Goose
    The Goose 8 days ago +1

    I appear to be among my people here.

  • The Rook
    The Rook 9 days ago

    proud to have seen this man speak live

  • Navnit Kumar
    Navnit Kumar 9 days ago +1

    Joe comes off as a blow hard testosterone loaded brute of a man when talking MMA and stuff but it's podcasts like these that really show his level of intellect.
    Jordan is the intellectual superior in this conversation but Joe really keeps up very well with him and asks the most relevant questions to keep JBP going.

  • Jerome Schmidt
    Jerome Schmidt 9 days ago

    I need to listen to this about 10 more times. My brain is saturated.

  • Lost Pr3acher
    Lost Pr3acher 9 days ago

    A bunch of the dislikes are cult followers of the flaccid phallus that is Owen Bearjamin.

  • Apex Lion
    Apex Lion 9 days ago +1

    Joe "That doesn't even make sense now that I'm thinking about it" Rogan

  • OlgaLety Alvarez
    OlgaLety Alvarez 9 days ago

    Grateful for having Jordan Peterson at a click away. If I may say so, he is also a very attractive man.

  • Cham Wae
    Cham Wae 9 days ago

    I actually get excited while listening to them. Their innate energy is contagious.