50 Best Viral Videos Of The Month - September 2019 (Top Virals)

  • Published on Sep 29, 2019
  • Here are the best viral videos of the month for September 2019!
    Showcasing the best viral videos of September, this compilation is guaranteed to entertain.
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Comments • 277

  • Ash K
    Ash K 8 hours ago

    Me - Finds spider like that move out. Goodbye country .relocating everything!!

  • Marilyn Charest
    Marilyn Charest 2 days ago

    La traduction c’est de la merde

  • Barrett Berg
    Barrett Berg 2 days ago

    What the heck is #15

  • sumit kumar
    sumit kumar 3 days ago

    Hahahaha...bomb was awesome

  • Sweety Kaul
    Sweety Kaul 3 days ago +2

    the dog who steal scooter, i saw a video there the people use to torture dogs so they can walk on 2 legs instead of 4 😕

  • Big John
    Big John 5 days ago +1

    What with the clickbait photo of the nude woman?

  • The_Loyal_Sif
    The_Loyal_Sif 6 days ago

    I had a CT scan ealier this year for the first time. The noise alone made me very uncomfortable along with the fact that I am claustrophobic. Seeing 13:41 made me realize under all that smooth looking plastic cone cap is a whirlwind of death. Cool ; u;

  • Manoj Kumar N
    Manoj Kumar N 7 days ago +2

    Baby : I have no idea abt it...
    Dog : let me show u...
    Baby: hey u... Heyy.... U weird creature get out of hear...!!!!

  • Andre Vazqyez
    Andre Vazqyez 8 days ago +1

    Lol,I don't know you guys but,the video from the 🦁 lion that one make me laugh so good

  • Adam Frank
    Adam Frank 8 days ago

    #42, 1:30 Arizona Black Hole Spider.
    I saw one of these for the first time in a hole on a wall. I had never seen one before in my 40 years, so I emailed the University of Arizona. The next day they emailed back with that answer.

  • Christy Dunlap
    Christy Dunlap 8 days ago

    What the fuck is he/she using to peel the potatoes with???

  • Archie Bunker
    Archie Bunker 10 days ago +6

    13:50 - Let's be honest. That's a time portal machine. When he finishes it, we're all doomed!

  • Miley onDisney
    Miley onDisney 10 days ago +2

    9:04 It's a timelapse, not a hyperlapse. The camera is not moving. That's what makes the difference.

    • TooSourFilms
      TooSourFilms 2 days ago

      Miley onDisney I’m not the only one who noticed that.

  • Marissa Bones
    Marissa Bones 11 days ago +1

    That dog's like screw you baby this is my ride

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 11 days ago

    👍👍👍👍 up from Rep Ireland 🇮🇪

  • txim tees
    txim tees 11 days ago

    The potatoes!

  • anna sisk
    anna sisk 12 days ago

    some of the animal videos are a disgrace...blatant animal cruelty. not funny. not good.

  • Liz Beth
    Liz Beth 13 days ago

    The girl getting out of the pool.. Bloody amazing control. Wow!!! The little guy in the toy car at 12:05. I doubt he will have a problem later getting his licence. Peeling the potatoes at the end. Great trick. I used to work at a place where they actually use a machine that uses this principle to rub the skin of the potatoes. Has water running through it and the potatoes are rubbed against the sides inside the machine where the inside walls are very rough.

  • Lan Dang
    Lan Dang 13 days ago

    #19 the baby doesn't look as if it's enjoying the singing much. :D

    • Archie Bunker
      Archie Bunker 10 days ago

      I don't blame the baby - they're very flat and monotone.

  • Trixster Million
    Trixster Million 13 days ago +1

    WTF is an ice lolly/

  • No Excuses
    No Excuses 13 days ago +1

    6:22 imagine you’re in a sunny lit dead Corel reef save one reef today!

    i20 PRODUCTIONS 14 days ago +2

    0:55 I feel bad for that dog those dogs are actually forced to walk like a human and to do that on the scooter
    They hit them with slippers and stuff to force them to do that since they r puppies 🐶 ❤️ 😢

    • Keila Prevette
      Keila Prevette 9 days ago

      U can train a dog without hitting them with slippers! Why would u say that they hit them with slippers and stuff? I’ve seen dogs that love to do things like that, the first day they see a skateboard they jump on it and ride it. Do you know those people directly or am I missing something?

    • No u
      No u 11 days ago +1

      How u know?

    MULLET MAN 15 days ago

    Awesome!! Too funny!!

  • Nimas Nitidiharjo
    Nimas Nitidiharjo 16 days ago

    Supirnya skil dewa

  • YourBusinessGenie
    YourBusinessGenie 16 days ago +1

    Ref film at 8:15 - that baby thinks it's woken up in an alternate universe! I would not be surprised if it developed a phobia of checked shirts...!!!!

  • Ebenizer B. Schlestertrapp Dumoulin

    The little girl walking for the first time got me crying...

  • Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez 17 days ago +5

    6:13 that was beautiful, closest thing to flying.👍👍

    • Spider-Man
      Spider-Man 5 days ago

      @Purselmer Fuck swimming

    • Purselmer
      Purselmer 10 days ago

      I find swimming the closest thing to flying. But this was super cool! :-)

  • MrAnQ2
    MrAnQ2 18 days ago

    WTF kinda societee we live in?? BITCH DORA NVR DID NOBODY HARM..

  • your right I'm sooo sorry

    Dog steals scooter! Lol

  • Michelle Theus
    Michelle Theus 19 days ago

    Ok, on 10:27, "Bin men gone rogue", there was a person walking up the hill towards the bins. Where did that person go?!? the truck clearly moved fast enough that you should have been able to still see where the person went, even if he went into the yard...Spooky.

  • Heyall
    Heyall 20 days ago

    14:51 Ok I need whatever this contraption is.

    • Archie Bunker
      Archie Bunker 10 days ago

      It's a toilet brush in a drill. Not sure I'd want to eat at their place.

  • Tim Hamlin
    Tim Hamlin 20 days ago

    The Epoch Times IS fake news. Check out what Wiki says about them.

  • clarkxxkent1
    clarkxxkent1 22 days ago

    6:58 cried... ALOT...not ashamed

    • clarkxxkent1
      clarkxxkent1 22 days ago

      The look on her little face says so much...you can see she is tired and maybe in pain but keeps going...She's my HERO!!!

  • NiteRow
    NiteRow 23 days ago +3

    Can anyone explain girl walking 7:00

  • Lem Barney
    Lem Barney 24 days ago +3

    The dog wearing the outfit....great expressions! He's none to happy with person operating the camera.

  • Mark Robert
    Mark Robert 25 days ago

    10:40 should not be in that truck

  • Mike Luch
    Mike Luch 25 days ago

    Real hip hop. RUclip Mike Luch. Beats! Lyrics!! Must hear this kid spit

  • Jared Weatherhead
    Jared Weatherhead 25 days ago

    the potatoes....why tho?

  • LJ H
    LJ H 25 days ago


  • Foxy and Lucy
    Foxy and Lucy 26 days ago

    3:21 From what I can see, that is the easiest puzzle ever. Every piece is exactly the same. Strange.

  • Gustav Kriel
    Gustav Kriel 27 days ago

    Wow, is that where they keep lions? Awfull

  • Mikky Al
    Mikky Al 28 days ago

    The little baby listened to the soccer fans and was thinking ...this is what drinking too much do to people?

  • Leroy Shipp
    Leroy Shipp 29 days ago

    Definitely going to remember that trick with peeling potatoes!!!😁

  • S J
    S J 29 days ago +2

    0:15 Cool! Tomb Raider!! :D

  • James Tea
    James Tea Month ago

    Okay over half of these were lame as hell then the other say 25% were cute then the other 25% was dumbass fuck. So outa 50 videos only 12 of them were worth watching.

  • Muhammad Arif
    Muhammad Arif Month ago +1

    That Pugs is literally MIB agent

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent Month ago

    Kill it with fire?

  • Rex Immortal
    Rex Immortal Month ago

    7:40 goddamn ninjas cutting onions...

  • Rex Immortal
    Rex Immortal Month ago +2

    4:50 take her for a walk you heartless monster

  • jack smith
    jack smith Month ago +4

    How many gallons of water wasted for peeling potatoes.

  • Breaumance
    Breaumance Month ago

    Cats are such worthless assholes. By STARK contrast, look at how smart that pug is.

  • gadgetsage
    gadgetsage Month ago +3

    That little girl walking up the aisle was cute but way too young to be getting married

  • Anthony New
    Anthony New Month ago

    Pugs in this one

  • communistjesus
    communistjesus Month ago +6

    09:14 I wonder if in the future, when the father is old and living in an old folks home he will wonder how he got there😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sumit Rangle
    Sumit Rangle Month ago

    11:26 where is this waterfall?

  • TruthMan
    TruthMan Month ago +1

    that kid at 12:25 parks better than someone from new jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!or an Asian

  • Pat66 Herbert66
    Pat66 Herbert66 Month ago

    After seeing the last one, about the potatoes, how many people on here tried it??!

  • Paul Millard
    Paul Millard Month ago +11

    The two that blew my mind :
    1. The four year old girl whom walks for the first time, this was brilliant.
    2. I want that spud peeling gizmo!
    The video was great tbh.

    • Nada VEGAN
      Nada VEGAN 22 days ago +2

      Except that the potatoes were half the size after..lol. I thought it was a cool idea

  • Cregg Lund
    Cregg Lund Month ago +1

    Whoa... i'll never consent to a CT scan again.