Surgical Resident Breaks Down 49 Medical Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

  • Published on Mar 14, 2018
  • Annie Onishi, general surgery resident at Columbia University, takes a look at emergency room and operating room scenes from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate they really are. Would the adrenaline scene from Pulp Fiction actually play out that way? Is all that medical jargon we hear in shows like Grey's Anatomy and House true-to-life? Is removing a bullet really a cure-all for a gunshot wound?

    Correction: We misidentified the type of worm in the Grey's Anatomy episode at 5:23! It was actually Ascaris lumbricoides,not Strongyloides
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    Surgical Resident Breaks Down 49 Medical Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED
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  • Lou Lopez
    Lou Lopez 41 minute ago

    I agree, Annie is awesome, good job.

  • Ivan Espinoza
    Ivan Espinoza 47 minutes ago

    Can you do a Special Operations “Operator” reviews Hollywood. It can be Navy Seals, Combat Applications Group or 75th Ranger Regiment.

  • Eastdonochoco
    Eastdonochoco 3 hours ago

    OMG I LOVE HER! She's cute! ;)

  • Bearded Mythos
    Bearded Mythos 7 hours ago

    A wine glass?!?!

    • Lou Lopez
      Lou Lopez 25 minutes ago

      Bearded, long time ago my neighbor was an X-ray technician with a unique collection. You would not believe some of that stuff, like a light bulb, which is a lot thinner glass. Over time these people stretch their cavities to very unusually large sizes every night, and bucket full of lubricants.

  • Marshall L.
    Marshall L. 8 hours ago

    Attractive, funntly, and smart. whoa

  • Assistant To The Regional Manager

    Why I chose to watch this video while eating... the world my never know

  • alisoncircus
    alisoncircus 10 hours ago

    I've actually been in a hospital with patient care rooms on the ground floor. It was in England, however. Can't say "first floor" because that would be upstairs, and this particular hospital didn't have an upstairs. Everything was on the ground floor. Still didn't have windows that open, however.

  • Melissa Sterley
    Melissa Sterley 20 hours ago

    I love you ANNIE!!! My favorite new series on youtube its really great! Binging !

  • luke53285
    luke53285 Day ago

    I actually made a set of instruments for some orthos once. when you said they were picky... I felt that

  • egg yeols
    egg yeols Day ago

    She's so cool and informative!!

  • Onion TV
    Onion TV Day ago

    Bring her back!!! She must react to the good doctor!!!

  • Nilufer Sener
    Nilufer Sener Day ago

    Now i wanna study medicine... great.
    Time to quit my MBA

  • Steven Bear
    Steven Bear Day ago

    Madam, you are a treasure, funny, pretty, and knowledgeable to the nth degree. Thank you for your videos. By the way, can we get a little love for the pancreas.

  • R1CH13
    R1CH13 Day ago

    She misinterpreted the Harold and Kumar Scene

  • Shannon Garrety
    Shannon Garrety Day ago

    Dr. Onishi has really beautiful eyes

  • maxwellsdaemon7
    maxwellsdaemon7 Day ago

    Nice vid. While she was reacting to Hannibal, wonder what she thought of the brain eating scene.

  • MeMe Rice
    MeMe Rice Day ago

    1000% true. I sometimes spend 6-9 months out of the year hospitalized (ICU, 23hr floor, Reg rooms, 1-12 floors i.e. also reg floors ER all day or 22hrs) and the windows never ever open, or you might not have a window at all/or roommate has the window side. I am usually put in a room by myself because of my immune system but overcrowding (snowstorms, etc) they mandate roomies. Unless it is an explicit 1 room, no space for 2nd bed. Context: Been fighting for my life for 7yrs with an genetic terminal illness, so have had a lot of this done to me in the video. Excellent video! I think she did a great job and can also say, I never knew they taped my eyes and I have had many procedures.

  • Katiebug
    Katiebug Day ago

    chest compressions,
    chest compressions,

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H Day ago

    The Casino Royale scene:
    You can have a VT and be conscious for minutes or even hours.
    However, defibrillate in this instance might give the rythm back, but Bond would still be poisoned and likely get the arrythmia back very soon and he would definetily not be in shape to walk back in an play poker.
    If I remember correct, he was poisened witv digoxin or digitoxin and they will take days or even weeks to reach safe levels without an antidote.
    And as I recall, Bond doesn't use an antidote in the scene.
    (Correct me if I'm wrong about the Casino Royal scene, Bond may have used an antidote, and it just slipped my mind.)

  • Aa Bb
    Aa Bb Day ago

    I mean, she's probably right about all of it (I wouldn't know) but is it really fair to examine the farcical comedies that explicitly exaggerate and make up the medical procedures for comedic effect? I mean there's no point, it's not supposed to be realistic (i.e. Baseketball)

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H Day ago +1

    360 J and 200 J is both correct doses of energy, 360 J is the standard dose to use on a monophasic defibrillator and 200 J is the standard dose on a biphasic defibrillator.
    And if one of them is outdated, it's the 360 J, since new defibrillators sold today is biphasic.

  • Scott Brydle
    Scott Brydle Day ago

    "are those worms?" and the host has a full body shudder lol! I wonder if that brought up some real OR memories for her...

  • pool boy
    pool boy Day ago +1

    She's kinda cute.

  • Catherine Monckton

    I like her belt buckle, and she's super entertaining to watch.

  • R Hag
    R Hag Day ago

    She’s great ! I would want her to be my surgeon if I ever needed surgery .

  • AlienMissy 483
    AlienMissy 483 2 days ago

    Here the windows at the hospital open😂 at least at the two hospitals I've been to

  • Erika Faye
    Erika Faye 2 days ago

    In the greys anatomy scene were they are doing an Autopsy the surgeons were doing it because the family wouldn’t allow the doctor to do it and they (surgeons) wanted to know what happened that caused the patient to die they don’t always do it that was the first time.

  • Amanda Rickert
    Amanda Rickert 2 days ago

    I love this chick! She's hilarious!!

  • rcwhite18
    rcwhite18 2 days ago

    at 2:27 it's not exactly completely false or made up. Just wrong. Endotracheal tubes (ETT) are most commonly sized in millimeters. A typical adult male would normally use one that is 8mm. Usually the suction catheters used to suction the ETT are sized in French measurement. The French measurement, or gauge, is 12 in this scene. That would be 4mm in diameter, and the ETT that is 4mm would be much too small for an adult male. That size is used on children around 3 years old.

  • drewski west
    drewski west 2 days ago

    Dr. Onishi is cuuuuuute

  • james mchenry
    james mchenry 2 days ago

    A wine glass...?

  • Adamantium Scorpion
    Adamantium Scorpion 2 days ago

    Ahhhhh!!!!!!! House. I'm done. God bless you Annie!

  • Adamantium Scorpion
    Adamantium Scorpion 2 days ago

    You've seen all that IN PEOPLE'S....BUTTS?! What????

  • Adamantium Scorpion
    Adamantium Scorpion 2 days ago

    Is there a term for when the blood in my arms and fingers start going away...And my palms are getting sweaty!

  • Moosedraw
    Moosedraw 2 days ago

    I love the way she talks about everything.
    It’s just so nice.

  • Chanthavee Samountry

    Annie is a hottie! My temperature just went up... just saying.

  • Willaby Zarkute
    Willaby Zarkute 3 days ago

    wait wait wait.... they actually listen to music in the surgery room? that doesn't count as a distraction or anything? It seems so... normal.

  • Burtasaurus Rex
    Burtasaurus Rex 3 days ago

    So glad they had her back on. I want her to be a more regular presents, same as the linguistics expert Eric.

  • Princess BLARITY
    Princess BLARITY 3 days ago +2

    This should be next:
    "A financial Advisor watches Duck Tales"

  • Areta Figueiredo
    Areta Figueiredo 3 days ago

    I love Annie’s analysis of scenes! More Technique Critique with her, please!

    • Burtasaurus Rex
      Burtasaurus Rex 3 days ago

      I want her to be a regular like the linguistics guy, Eric. I was so tickled when they finally had her on again, but I need more!

  • panda
    panda 3 days ago

    shes so cute. whom here wants a smart doctor gf 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Paul the 2 marek Sørensen

    I really like her.she so cute

  • Iconic Killings
    Iconic Killings 3 days ago

    God she’s so beautiful

  • Kriste Isopahkala
    Kriste Isopahkala 3 days ago +9

    I was operated on and they put on some music and asked me if I minded it before starting. I was so drugged and happy that I just said "no, put it louder". They did and it was a good experience all around. Turned out my growth wasn't cancer.

  • Elliot Grant
    Elliot Grant 3 days ago +1

    "surgeons have ocd" or you could actually explain that it's easier to see what you're doing when the patient has less body hair???????

  • the silent farmer
    the silent farmer 4 days ago

    Is she a native American Indian. I love her humor.

  • Antoni Gates
    Antoni Gates 4 days ago

    I love these episode. This is a woman who takes her job very seriously, but the shiver at the worms revealed her humanity. Dope.

  • Andie Lollo
    Andie Lollo 4 days ago

    She makes me want to be a surgeon

  • halfgaregek13
    halfgaregek13 4 days ago +1

    At 3:22 she says the machine only goes up to 360. Most models of defibrillators go up to 360 joule, which is not the same as volts. It actually does put the patient under a voltage of around 5000 volts or more to overcome the resistance of the patient.

  • Natalia Quiroga
    Natalia Quiroga 4 days ago +3

    Well maybe she should try screaming "we're losing him!" to start the trend

  • Numan Karaaslan
    Numan Karaaslan 4 days ago +1

    laughing sooooo hard between exactly 09:20 - 09:30 :D:D:D:D

  • TheaDragonSpirit
    TheaDragonSpirit 4 days ago +1

    6:06 - Walks in to hospital and shouts... we're losing him. Ha.

  • Henry Marckisotto
    Henry Marckisotto 4 days ago

    She kinda looks like shs has a permanent frown that doesn't want her to open her mouth too

  • Erwin Broekhoven
    Erwin Broekhoven 4 days ago

    and why do surgeon get to listen to music and chemist in the lab not. I'm not allowed because it would be to dangerous

  • Erwin Broekhoven
    Erwin Broekhoven 4 days ago

    wait 15000 volts depends on the amperage if that is or isn't 320 joules at 0.021 amps it could be right which is possible since you don't need that many amps to start a heart

    • halfgaregek13
      halfgaregek13 4 days ago

      Most models of defibrillators go up to 360 joules, which is indeed not the same as volts.

  • Ghosteriz
    Ghosteriz 4 days ago +3

    2:16 v-tec ????? What is it honda??
    Doctor: *JOKES ON U CAR GUY*

  • Kevin Nowling
    Kevin Nowling 4 days ago +3

    When she said 007 I felt that... btw talkin about George O’Malley

  • Charles
    Charles 4 days ago

    Blindingly beautiful, excellent personality.

  • Allison Corona
    Allison Corona 4 days ago

    I guess this speaks to my thought process or my education but I feel like it would be kind of basic logic to use something with a significant base if you were going to do any sort of penetrative stimulation.

  • mugi wara
    mugi wara 4 days ago

    She is so cool! I wanna be her friend

  • Shanatsumomo
    Shanatsumomo 4 days ago

    Hey eyes are beautiful

  • Here To Procrastinate
    Here To Procrastinate 4 days ago +3

    it's like being a little bit pregnant 😂😂 lmao I almost spit out my drink

    • Burtasaurus Rex
      Burtasaurus Rex 3 days ago

      My sister actually said that to me when she found out she was pregnant. She said her test was "slightly positive ". I think the doctor may have said her
      hormones were slightly elevated. Because yeah you can't be sort of or slightly or kind of pregnant.

  • baktru
    baktru 4 days ago +2

    She's just great. Accurate and bloody funny :) More Annie Onishi please.

  • AJCrowley0153
    AJCrowley0153 4 days ago

    I can say for a fact I've dreamt under anesthesia

  • jenna sanchez
    jenna sanchez 5 days ago +1

    My neurosurgeon put Comfortably Numb on for me before I went under (well the anesthesiologist did) since it takes a bit to prep me for surgery. They actually listened to the whole Dark Side of the moon album while I was under. It was super cool.

  • Crystal Morrow
    Crystal Morrow 5 days ago +3

    I really enjoyed her breakdown. It was so enjoyable. Not cracking at Weird Al and the chainsaw was fantastic.

  • Trinity Stryer
    Trinity Stryer 5 days ago

    why is she literally so cute wth

  • Ciinsational Mii
    Ciinsational Mii 5 days ago

    I like her. She’s chill

  • Joe Varner
    Joe Varner 5 days ago

    dude she's so cool

  • Rose
    Rose 5 days ago

    A....a wine glass.....?

  • Boonxai
    Boonxai 5 days ago

    Yeaaah... I don't think that I would like to be operated by a surgeon that tries to beat their time record...

  • Rina Malka
    Rina Malka 5 days ago

    Why can't surgeons/doctors just ask the patient (if they're coherent, of course) what songs they like or ask to see their playlist, if they have one before an op? It would solve a lot of arguments.

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith 5 days ago

    The music in the OR thing being on before the patient is asleep seems to depend a lot on the surgeons. I have several chronic cardiac problems, so I've had way more surgeries than the average person. Somewhere in the mid-30s. Probably 3/4 of my surgeries they've had music playing before I was out. It's not uncommon for the nurses to ask what kind of music I personally like before I go in, or as I'm being hooked up.

  • Vincent Tseng
    Vincent Tseng 5 days ago

    I respect surgery residents so much OMG this is so freaky bloody.

  • TheFunnyBuddy
    TheFunnyBuddy 5 days ago

    2:16 Talking about Hondas.

  • Tanya Reavis
    Tanya Reavis 5 days ago +1

    When I went into the hospital to have my daughter back in 2001 a nurse used a razor to shave my pubic area because I was having a c section.

  • Sabrina Lim
    Sabrina Lim 5 days ago +4

    love this!! especially the number of greys anatomy scenes, but i expected more ER and scrubs too 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • PrincessSparkles
    PrincessSparkles 5 days ago

    Yall forgot about Dr Strange :((

  • Emily Barela
    Emily Barela 5 days ago

    hey, the house clip you showed for "things stuck in patients butts" wasn't actually a butt thing. the guy self circumcised with box cutters. do your research!

  • Jo Kim
    Jo Kim 5 days ago

    It’s not that I don’t believe her when she says they use an electric razor to remove hair prior to surgery, but I distinctly remember getting my back shaved by the nurse right before my scoliosis operation and she definitely used a manual razor instead of an electric one. How do I know that for sure, you might ask? I know it was a manual razor because I saw her open up the packaging. But this was back in 2006, so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Camryn Laurel
    Camryn Laurel 5 days ago

    Yeah but dr mike is better sksksk

  • Prinregan123
    Prinregan123 6 days ago

    How did I get here? I was studying forensics last I checked... why has it been an hour? God, I got distracted.

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    djaric 6 days ago

    "Those buckets are actually plastic" "Ryan Reynolds: But why?" Missed opportunity. :P

  • Emo Muzz
    Emo Muzz 6 days ago

    This woman's brain is enormous.

  • raisa 9
    raisa 9 6 days ago

    A carrot for vegan and organic organisms

  • Gabriela Cordero
    Gabriela Cordero 7 days ago +3

    I can't even begin to explain how much I love this video.

  • Pansy
    Pansy 7 days ago

    Could we get a surgeon next time instead of a resident?

  • EnterTheNameHere Bohemian

    Seriously, no "however it's NOT A GOOD IDEA TO MAKE A HOLE IN A HEART by sticking a needle into it"!?!

  • Thjalfi Forrester
    Thjalfi Forrester 7 days ago +6

    That reaction to worms. The best. You need to show more of them actually reacting in this series, it's great

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    Georgi Ion 7 days ago

    19:50 but... how did the bomb get in there in the first place??

  • labber
    labber 7 days ago

    why are there no "emergency room" clips? imo the best hospital tv show ever.

  • Stevendoesstuff
    Stevendoesstuff 7 days ago +4

    I imagine the music they could use while using epinephrine is Kickstart my heart by mötley crue

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    Erin Athanassiou 7 days ago

    haha the music. i had my gall bladder taken out at the hospital i worked at. the surgeon who was doing my surgery let me choose the song i'd like to be anaesthetised to

  • Folarin Osibodu
    Folarin Osibodu 7 days ago

    3 weeks after rewatching , she does a new one. yay

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    A. Gold 7 days ago +4

    House was a phenomenal show and Awake is one of my favorite movies so it was good to see both mentioned here. 😃 Interesting watch.

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    gabriella buchammer 7 days ago

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    Kabyashree Pathak 7 days ago

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