Would You Take This Bet?

  • Published on Jan 5, 2015
  • How much would it take for you to risk $10?
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    Psychological literature shows that we are more sensitive to small losses and than small gains, with most people valuing a loss around 1.5-2.5 times as much as a gain. This means that we often turn down reasonable opportunities for fear of the loss. However over the course of our lives we will be exposed to many risks and opportunities and this invariably means that taking every small reasonable bet will leave us better off than saying no to all of them.
    NOTE: The video is not saying to accept every bet, only those with reasonable odds (preferably in your favour), and those which if you lose would not cause significant financial or other damage. In those cases it is wise to be loss averse!
    Filmed by Adrian Tan
    Thanks to Physics Girl for suggestions on previous versions of this video. ruclip.com/user/physicswoman

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  • Vegard Fjeldberg
    Vegard Fjeldberg 3 hours ago

    I think this is much more an issue of trust. What if the spectators doesn't know you? What if they think you are unwilling to give away this money? That you are a scammer, using the camera to create fake trust. Maybe they think you are giving away fake money and they don't know how to check if the money is real.

    In this experiment, no participant explicitly or implicitly communicated concern for distrust, but creating more trust, could make some of the participants more willing to go along.

  • Teagan P
    Teagan P 10 hours ago

    Because you're Veritasium, I would do it for 20. If you were a random stranger, probably 50+.

    I think I'd be more likely if it was $1/$2, or even $1/$1.50.

  • Jesse Brown
    Jesse Brown 11 hours ago +1

    It hurts me that these people exist. I would take it at $12

  • 1000 Subscribers With No Videos

    The tittle saying “Would you take this bet?”
    Me: “Bet!”

  • Cannons Collectibles
    Cannons Collectibles 15 hours ago

    Double sided coin lol

  • Jayneesh Mehta
    Jayneesh Mehta 17 hours ago

    i think this video might change my life

  • Mimi Jmi
    Mimi Jmi 17 hours ago

    lol at the end it's like he's trying to hide that he's actually upset about giving all that money away.
    "so if you like this video you should share it with your friends.. so that this actually turns out to be a positive bet..for me.. Yeah.. share i- share it with your friends. It's Veritasium. It's the name of the website... Veritasium." lol why is that so hilarious to me

  • Horace Codd
    Horace Codd 20 hours ago

    You have to consider that what you lose by losing 10 bucks might be worse than the benefit of gaining 20.

  • VictiniAnthony
    VictiniAnthony 21 hour ago

    They are retarded, if I were them, I’d ask him how many times I could take the offer lmao

  • Bassam salim
    Bassam salim 23 hours ago

    Do you guarantee that when you flip the coin 100 times it will be 50 times heads and 50 times tails?

  • Immanuel Ho
    Immanuel Ho Day ago

    Hes filming in chatswood

  • Dominyk Fraser
    Dominyk Fraser Day ago

    That's in chatswood

  • Timon Brandt
    Timon Brandt Day ago

    I'd be up for my 10 against your 15 if we do it 20 times :D

  • Space face22
    Space face22 Day ago

    I would take the 10 $ bet until I am positive

  • Tomas Beblar
    Tomas Beblar Day ago

    I'd take the $10/$10 bet every time. Win or Lose, it has the added value of entertainment and a fun story to tell.

  • Bryan Altizer
    Bryan Altizer Day ago

    Ill take the bet, 10 to 12 100 times....

  • apache tyson
    apache tyson Day ago +1

    Of cource I would 50/50 chance that's good odds I would of done it for couple hundred

  • Aaqib Khalid Alvi

    I'd be okay to play this game, ONLY if we play the game as many time as I would want. :)

  • Gaming Planet
    Gaming Planet Day ago

    I would give my 10$ for a chance of 20$

  • Shawn Hawkins
    Shawn Hawkins Day ago

    the amount of the bet, doesn't change the odds

  • Kristians Valtmanis

    Me: I got this feel...
    F.B.I: *Shoots 50. Cal* No don't you dare start this

  • Elee
    Elee Day ago +1

    I would take the bet at $15 dollars :/

  • Jack Kenny
    Jack Kenny Day ago

    Comments are full of triggered gamblers.

  • SpexPC
    SpexPC Day ago

    people are just scared

  • Hiep Nguyen
    Hiep Nguyen Day ago +1

    3 dogs if give me your dog
    i m w a i t i n g

  • Majksa
    Majksa Day ago +1

    $30 : $10

  • CJ Reed
    CJ Reed 2 days ago

    This is a fantastic video. People need to understand their own mental flaws. Humans are risk adverse by nature. We're not hard to injure, and evolution has made the risk adverse people survive longer. Understanding the type of risk and your nature can help you with your willingness to invest. Most people don't invest like they SHOULD.

  • Watches Sneakers
    Watches Sneakers 2 days ago

    Fear is the reason a lot of people don’t invest at all...

  • IceCreamOnYou ?
    IceCreamOnYou ? 2 days ago


  • Aleksandar Katic
    Aleksandar Katic 2 days ago

    I'd rather have 10 instead of 0, than having 20 instead of 10.

  • Kun Kodiik
    Kun Kodiik 2 days ago

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

  • Bence Sárosi
    Bence Sárosi 2 days ago

    Damn, I would've taken the bet before you offered $20. That's embarrassing.
    Sounds like another lesson to learn. Like base your decisions on all the information you can possibly have or something.

  • hasher22
    hasher22 2 days ago

    Flipping a coin is not 50 50 tho? I saw some doco because of the weight on each side of the coin, one side will land more. So if the person knows the coin flip outcome, lets say heads land 65% more than tails, then that person would bet.

  • Daniel Webb
    Daniel Webb 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who wouldve said yes for the first offer? 😂

  • Cory R
    Cory R 2 days ago

    Just ten honestly. It's a fair bet for both parties so if I had the ten I would take it.

  • Jason Zheng
    Jason Zheng 2 days ago +1

    How did they literally all win the bet

  • defaultthink
    defaultthink 2 days ago

    They would accept the bet right away if you at least let them roll the coin.

  • killerinside 22
    killerinside 22 2 days ago

    This is why they have 0 and 00 on the roulette table.

  • Joe 2.0
    Joe 2.0 2 days ago +1

    This video has definitely made money for him.

  • xNeurotic here
    xNeurotic here 2 days ago

    I would take it if you asked me

  • toolegit4you
    toolegit4you 2 days ago

    3:10 is there a way to get addicted to gambling??🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Madhur Mongia
    Madhur Mongia 2 days ago

    3:55 Vsauce cameo😂😂

  • Steven White
    Steven White 2 days ago

    Im risk tolerant. So anything above 50 percent is worth the risk.

  • Maybe Keith Chan
    Maybe Keith Chan 3 days ago

    How to tell the value of money in a country without looking at its economy and inflation

  • jakob
    jakob 3 days ago +1

    lets do 10 games in a row and im in!
    Oh you did offer that too lol, i was too early to comment :D

  • WarblesOnALot
    WarblesOnALot 3 days ago

    All that and a bag of Potato Chips.
    And the fact is that the only people who Believe that they can win in the long run by GAMBLING...; are the Idiots who constitute the 10% of the population who provide 90% of the entire annual Income of the Gambling "Industry".

    Only 40% of Australians bet on anything, at all, ever ; and 25% of them are the "Problem Gamblers" who will lose their Bank Account, Car, Job, Home, Marraige and Family.., to the Poker Machines and Bookmakers.
    Veritasium you are a total FUCKWIT..., to be suggesting that "Statistics" will make Betting break even for the Punters - if only they make enough Bets.
    You, you fool, are probably sufficiently STUPID as to buy a "Life Insurance Policy"...; which is a Bet which the Punter has to DIE TO WIN, and ALL Insurance is designed so that the Cost of the Premium is ALWAYS about SIX Times the Price Of The actual RISK.
    Guess who used to sell Life Insurance (?).
    You idiot.
    Take it easy,
    Such is LIFE.
    Ciao !

  • gerald h'ng
    gerald h'ng 3 days ago

    This is because it is still the same 50/50 chance the risk of lost is same as winning

  • AidanvbaFTW
    AidanvbaFTW 3 days ago

    Alright bet, let me just go down to the casino and do this with $100 100 times

  • Coltsters 45
    Coltsters 45 3 days ago

    Rust be like

  • Epic Lightning
    Epic Lightning 3 days ago

    I'd take your initial offer in a heartbeat if I didn't know you would up the ante because I'm a real wizard and probability means nothing to me.

  • PowerLifting 101
    PowerLifting 101 3 days ago

    I would do this bet for $10.01 as long as i knew the person who was doing the bet with me wasnt capable of cheating

  • Alan Roberts
    Alan Roberts 3 days ago

    Geez these people are idiots

  • Alan Roberts
    Alan Roberts 3 days ago

    I'll take anything over ten all day everyday

  • tangerine BETA
    tangerine BETA 3 days ago

    thank you man

  • Anthony Lane
    Anthony Lane 3 days ago

    Ask vsauce and he will win by calculating the rotations of the coin, the force exerted on it and where at on the edge of the coin (how far away it is from its center of mass at with his thumb will be flipping it, resulting in the rotations)and come to a conclusion of which side will land upright and then bet on it.

  • carly200
    carly200 3 days ago

    really good video

  • Cameron Boroumand
    Cameron Boroumand 3 days ago

    U had me at $12 ..

  • Chris Ethans
    Chris Ethans 3 days ago

    I would have done it for 10 just for shits

  • imbetterthanyouis
    imbetterthanyouis 3 days ago

    fun fact , theres a little mass quirk with most australian coins where they typically land tails , yep we mythbustered this before mythbusters were a thing there was credence to the old saying " tails never fails in new south whales " , so yeah id take that bet actually

  • jmkbartsch
    jmkbartsch 3 days ago

    I was game when he offered 12 bucks.

  • J.P. Brichta
    J.P. Brichta 3 days ago +1

    I am literally screaming at my screen, "Shut up and take my money!"

  • Skydoeskey
    Skydoeskey 3 days ago

    50/50 This is my strategy. Bet 100 dollars if lose. Bet 200 dollars. If lose bet 400 dollars if lose. Bet 800 dollars If lose. Bet 1600 dollars. And this way you garante to get your money back.

  • Yusuf Challenge
    Yusuf Challenge 3 days ago

    RUclip: here you go, learn something

    me: sure

    also me: what am i doing with my life

  • Carl Willows
    Carl Willows 3 days ago

    Money comes and money goes...
    It's all about the adventure to me!

  • Agnoletto
    Agnoletto 3 days ago

    That's why many people stay poor. This help all the smart guys, that maybe got bullied at school because they were smart, to get their life.
    IIRC there was somebody famous that said lottery (or similar) is a tax on idiots

  • The Batman
    The Batman 3 days ago

    I'd have taken the bet at $10

  • Oscar Rasmussen
    Oscar Rasmussen 3 days ago

    I'd do it

  • Oscar Dee
    Oscar Dee 3 days ago

    Bet a hand shake or a smile and everyone would bet.

  • alejandro ojeda
    alejandro ojeda 3 days ago

    Four words: they don't trust you

  • Ryan Aghazadeh
    Ryan Aghazadeh 3 days ago

    I knew the reasoning for why you should take the 10 times in a row etc before he said it, seems so simple yet nobody on the street got it :(