Chris Brown Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Chris Brown Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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Complex's Joe La Puma goes sneaker shopping with Chris Brown at New York-based boutique Extra Butter.

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Автор Rap Life ( назад)
that dont look like chris brown

Автор Animu Cyubz ( назад)
only 145? only 2 shoes? I thought it would be like 5 and 2k+

Автор Pyrexaxion ( назад)
I fuck with his style

Автор Khi ' ( назад)
You think about it this nigga had no type of swag

Автор Great Gatsby ( назад)
"The Killer Whales"

Автор I'm Beautiful ( назад)
" so what shoes were you wearing when you clapped Rihanna"

Автор Nasir Ali ( назад)

Автор Kelving Delgado ( назад)
plzz do a sneaker shopping with j.cole

Автор Official DatGasKid ( назад)
what is that song

Автор David Sanchez ( назад)
True shoe salesman. Always asking/or pushing for the sale lol

Автор Mofrace Kay ( назад)
EZ respect

Автор المكتب الهندسي ( назад)
Hi, I want some one to download my files for 1 $.

Автор honey please stop ( назад)
chris cheap af

Автор Mr. Reverseking ( назад)
This dude is bigger (muscle tone)

Автор lucy Styles ( назад)

Автор dustin storks ( назад)
get kevin gates on one

Автор Kim McWilliams ( назад)
😍😍😍I LOVE CHRIS!!!!!😍😍😍😍

Автор bbcmotd ( назад)
He should've gone for Puma x Rihanna as BEATERS

Автор oGResolution ( назад)

Автор Drugedoutsmurph ( назад)
what shoes did he punch Rihanna in

Автор Gavon Marlow ( назад)
Dude was the only guy I've seen except for Kevin Hart that behaved like a respectable adult

Автор abdul bhatti ( назад)
That was like the cheapest

Автор C K ( назад)
Chris only spends his money on cars. 😆😆😆😆

Автор Breezy Mil Grau ( назад)
Chris Brown é foda!!

Автор Arie Crazy ( назад)
i know he buying those ungly chill shoes

Автор joe hardisty ( назад)
Respect for money

Автор talha93taj ( назад)
Joe the type of dude who only treats celebrities with a+ service and just treats "normal people" like trash

Автор Caleb Rankin ( назад)
Hi sub or die jk plz just sub or not

Автор Trell Jackson ( назад)
this is so lit bruh like what the you been with all celeberties

Автор Nijay Playz ( назад)

Автор KFC Challenges ( назад)
Who tf shops at a store called extra butter

Автор Joshua Gutierrez ( назад)
He is like the only rapper that doesn't end up with a big ass bill like the 2000+ range he is a reasonable shopper

Автор WLOGS ( назад)
I bet all of Chris Browns sneakers are beaters

Автор Wisam AC ( назад)
Why are people always so bothered by how much others spend? "glad to see he didnt spend over 1k" so what if other celebrities spend over 1k? its their fucking money whats ur problem lmao

Автор Bsneak L ( назад)
Cris reminds me of a friend that trys to be a sneakerhead but hes not good at it especially if he copped Roche's and vans

Автор QuisTheGoat ( назад)
Do g herbo

Автор YRN GAMING ( назад)

Автор YRN GAMING ( назад)
His shoe game ass

Автор YRN GAMING ( назад)
Bout half of them shoes ugly asf

Автор vasquez. i. ( назад)
i used to work at extra butter.
hot girls everywhere

Автор Darianna Cox ( назад)
Has he lost weight?

Автор Luiz Felipe ( назад)
Se eu compro esses dois tênis aqui no Brasil gasto quase 500 reais kkkk

Автор Elias Soto ( назад)
Ballin on a budget

Автор evilishness ( назад)
Chris brown a jerk beat up girls

Автор Swiggy TV ( назад)
Cheap ass nigga 😂

Автор Alex Gerlach ( назад)
Get Mike the Situation on here

Автор Im sexually identified as a king. ( назад)
Suprised he didn't hit the cashier

Автор Mizo- Alreadyburst ( назад)
I'm Chris Asian homie

Автор quad core ( назад)
I like to keep it real with Levi 501's and monochrome chuck taylors, but I also like to rock some Lee Jeans and some all black Vans Winston's too, but I also like to rock some wrangler relaxed fit jet black jeans with some new balances and a hoody and flip you off if you look at me sideways!!!

Автор Frazer aaa ( назад)
he really bought 2 shoes for 145$ new Zealand sells the exact pairs for 145 each

Автор Swag Swooze ( назад)
Cb ain't aggressive now all of a sudden fam

Автор TrillCornel ( назад)
UPDATE 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

Автор Dean Mathieson ( назад)
I really liked those vans

Автор Raul Flores ( назад)
Chris Brown has to have lowest total ever on this tbh 145$lmao I don't blame him tho he probably already got everything he wants in shoes lol

Автор Gamer Dude ( назад)
If your reading this click the PS3 controller to the left and subscribe! Thank you So much! 👌🏾🔥🔥🔥🤗

Автор Queen Breezy ( назад)
I wish i could meet him.He so hott boyy!!!!!

Автор Daniel Bassaly ( назад)
He should make a pair of shoes which you wear as beaters and call them "rihannas"

Автор Merna Habeeb ( назад)
Bro I love Chris brow he's amazing he's not like other people he don't care he so chill

Автор RO$$REVIEWS ( назад)
He doesn't call his beaters, beaters he calls them Rihanna's

Автор Jasmine Martinez ( назад)
The glo was real 😂💙👐🏽

Автор Deneka Lewis ( назад)
who still watching in 2017

Автор Selena H ( назад)
Get wiz Khalifa on this

Автор THÉO ( назад)
des français? ?

Автор jordan alvarez ( назад)
chris brown kept it westcoast

Автор jokes on u ( назад)
funny out of all the shoes the star wars vans

Автор OGxKC FGxFerrnagamo# ( назад)
Do Big Soulja

Автор TayDaGamer HD ( назад)
this nigga lost hella weight

Автор Tanaya Chavis ( назад)
love Chris Brown

Автор Anthony Batista ( назад)
bruh somebody what's that ez shirt called shit clean he does Stand out in the best of ways.

Автор chad Aldridge ( назад)
Broke nigga washed up only pays 145

Автор Anthony Emengo ( назад)
Kept it real. Half these other guys will drop a band+ on the counter just to show that they got it like that.

Автор j ( назад)
bruh I need one of these shops in ohio

Автор essa mikho ( назад)
cheap ass mofo

Автор Marcellus Bivens ( назад)
Wow he spent what I spend that's what's up😂💯

Автор AdventureswithAva ! ( назад)
that doesn't even look like Chris brown tbh

Автор dead meme ( назад)
I kinda have sympathy for Chris. He made a mistake when he was young and dumb and apologized for it and the victim forgave him and people STILL ridicule him for it. Being a woman beater isn't something to forget about but at least move on. It's between Chris Brown, Rihanna, and God- not some outsiders who very seldom knew of the situation.

Автор I am Killin' it ( назад)

Автор Nurul Chowdhury ( назад)
ar least he isn't an ass whole and gets shoes most people aren't into. I would expect him to get jordans. He is some chill dude.

Автор diet shazta ( назад)
but when he's buying coke?

Автор BroskiJeff ( назад)
Damnn this was 2014

Автор Raf Zero ( назад)
I relate to Chris alot on shoe game. When I was younger I wanted to fit in and buy Jordans all the time. But as I grew older I realized that I should buy what makes me happy and not give a fuck about what other people think of the shoes. I love wearing NB, and classic adidas shoes. And I also have a few jordans too.

Автор Qais Saeed ( назад)
Easy e

Автор bratha nice ( назад)
don't let him look u in the eye

Автор Shunny. V ( назад)
chris look funny then wit no beard

Автор Jose Benitez ( назад)
go sneaker shopping with sojia boi😂

Автор Jesus Munoz ( назад)
fuck the shoes were he get that hoodie tho

Автор KANYE WEST ( назад)
Isnt chris supposed to be a blood but he got EZ on his jacket 😂 is that allowed with gangbangers these days?

Автор Davy Innes ( назад)
yo wtf he aint a sneaker head, he goes to fresh butter and buys two such basic shoes that come out to less than 200, like put me in there...

Автор Davon Don't ( назад)
Chris brown was not trying to spends all his money 💰 even though he rich

Автор Keith Pecayo ( назад)
the most frugal shopper on these sneaker shopping episodes.

Автор jose al ( назад)
So wat u need to do

Автор The Bookster ( назад)
little spender. i like marshwn lynch spendin 5thousand

Автор Alex Sensei ( назад)
holy fuck those first blue shoes he picked up

Автор Amaan Fazal ( назад)
Damn son. Man spent 150.

Автор Geert Nijland ( назад)
Shoes are really cheap in new york wtf dutch are they Like double THE amount

Автор Chiroptus H ( назад)
Seeems like

Автор trinityxsavage ( назад)
they took him to that poop ass store lol thats why he couldnt find shit to buy lol

Автор Michael Naqvi ( назад)
Do one for lil yachty

Автор Milton Martinez ( назад)
zorri cris brow *

Автор Milton Martinez ( назад)
todo cría brow like the nike yeah good

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