My Go To Fierce Makeup Look | Jaclyn Hill

  • Опубликовано: 15 июн 2016
  • This is my everyday, go to makeup look when I'm looking for something a little darker, bold and fierce. This tutorial is great for evenings or a night-out!
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  • Jazmine Chavez
    Jazmine Chavez Месяц назад

    Okay but did anyone notice the JH on the white eyeshadow brush 👀 she was using a prototype from her new brush collection that’s coming out tomorrow!!😭😭❤️ she’s been working on them for so long and I’m so proud of how far she has come❤️❤️❤️

  • Rafael Castro
    Rafael Castro Месяц назад

    I just love the way the talks, tutorials can be pretty boring but i can listen to you darling the whole day long! i am gonna become a makeup expert in no time! Loooove you videos! they are the best!!!

  • Yamilet Felipe
    Yamilet Felipe 2 месяца назад

    Try Loreal liquid eye liner same round container as maybaline..

  • Sierra Burleson
    Sierra Burleson 3 месяца назад

    OH MY DEAR LORD I LIVE FOR THIS MAKEUP LOOK. Jaclyn, honey, freakin amazing!!!!!!! A million times, amazing 👌👏👏👏👏👏💜😍

  • Sara Louder
    Sara Louder 4 месяца назад


  • i love percabeth percy jackson and annabeth
    i love percabeth percy jackson and annabeth 5 месяцев назад +1

    I see you girl damnnnn you on fire🔥🔥🔥slayyy love this makeup look on you honey yasssssss😊😊😊❤❤❤😙😙😄😄😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥😚😚

  • The Token Vamp
    The Token Vamp 5 месяцев назад

    God she’s beautiful

  • Official 420 Baby
    Official 420 Baby 6 месяцев назад

    I find it disgusting how rude & disrespectful people are to someone they don't even know! This woman has given so much of her time to make videos for us, & the second that something doesn't go your way you haters go out of your way to be extremely cruel! While your being a crybaby over ONE item that you got your $$ back on (if you even purchased) she's working hard to put out not just videos but other cosmetics! Coming on here to write disrespectful comments really makes you feel better about your own misery? Grow up...

  • Neve Williams
    Neve Williams 7 месяцев назад

    So beautiful beauty's. She like white queen.
    Alice in wonderland AMV >видео.html

  • Danielle marie
    Danielle marie 7 месяцев назад

    Wow ♥️

  • alexandra ernst
    alexandra ernst 8 месяцев назад


  • Kelly Ressler
    Kelly Ressler 10 месяцев назад

    I love cat eye liner so much (obsessed)and I love your charisma, your videos always make me smile!

  • Amber Frazier
    Amber Frazier Год назад

    Girl, I am telling you, the Dior brow pencil is only like $5 more than Anastasia's and it is AMAZING! It is firm and tiny tiny on the top.

  • angela berry
    angela berry Год назад +1

    what shades of foundations does she use..she never say the shade

  • kathleen swenning
    kathleen swenning Год назад

    Oh my goodness you look gorgeous! You did such an amazing job with your makeup, and this tutorial!!!!

  • cath
    cath Год назад

    Let's all have a moment of silence for her eyes!💗💗

  • laura nunez
    laura nunez Год назад +1

    Inglot black eyeliner is better. :) i love maybelline blackest black but since I tried the inglot one I can't use another!!

    • Desi Chic
      Desi Chic Год назад +1

      laura nunez #77 all the way!!😁

  • Aoife Otoole
    Aoife Otoole Год назад

    Wat eyeliner brush is that by sihlgma

  • gabriella lynn
    gabriella lynn Год назад

    Still haven't heard her say what color the brow definer is

  • Gess
    Gess Год назад

    love it

  • Leighann m
    Leighann m Год назад

    I think this is a beautiful look .but we're not all makeup artists to much work for me lol .I'd look like a mess.

  • kayla kelso
    kayla kelso Год назад

    This by far my favorite makeup tutorial she has done she's just gorgeous and her eyebrows in this tutorial are serious goals lol 😍😁

  • Sydney 2819
    Sydney 2819 Год назад

    jaclyns channel is my happy place😊

  • Kelly Sykes
    Kelly Sykes Год назад

    I'm obsessed with my Josie Maran Vibrancy with argon oil foundation and it's cool to see you using it too! It's the first time I've seen it on RUclip. Also I am living for that whole eye look, expecially the eyeshadows! I've been wanting to try that lipstick myself but I've been afraid it'll be too light but after seeing it on you I might just have to bite the bullet and just go for it. The whole look is exactly my style and now I'm wanting to try all this out on me. I have the same hair color as you and just about the same complexion and I have blue eyes.
    Before I Forget would you please do a video about the best nude lipsticks

  • Samantha Acevido
    Samantha Acevido Год назад

    Can you do a tutorial about brushes? Like good and bad. What to do with which kinds

    • Jill Peterson
      Jill Peterson Год назад

      Samantha Acevido Shes just gonna tell u to use all Morphe brushes & to use her code!! 😂😂😂

  • Hannah Grace
    Hannah Grace Год назад

    Does anyone know what brush she used for the liner? I'm looking for a good liner brush and of course I trust Jaclyn and her brushes😊

  • Mandy Santiago
    Mandy Santiago Год назад +1

    I wanted to know if you've ever done the flash photo challenge? if you have how do you avoid the translucent powder mask? if not, basically it shows all the translucent powder that you've applied. And it makes a bomb face of makeup look like Casper. And I wanted to know how to avoid that.

  • Barbara McKinney
    Barbara McKinney Год назад +1

    I started watching you about 2 months ago. You have helped me soooo much!!! Love your style😀

  • Tenille Tollison
    Tenille Tollison Год назад

    I'm SO GLAD that other use liner in their water line!! :)) some people say NO NO NO...bc it makes the eyes look smaller.. for example in my wedding day.. the girl who did my makeup only lined part of my eye, and I couldn't help myself, I had to fix it.. lol I've tried the whole, using eye shadow under the eye as a liner (smudged) but I CAN'T SEEM TO DO IT RIGHT!!!! UGH...HELP PLEASE LOL

  • Tenille Tollison
    Tenille Tollison Год назад +1

    just a random question... lol I notice sometimes you use a bright color on the lips, and other times, nude colors or baby pink...which is your favorite and what helps you decide from day to day?? considering you have so many favorites!!! :) just like me!! it's so overwhelming to me sometimes to decide... and is hard for me to decide :/

  • V. Gil
    V. Gil Год назад

    I think this is my favorite of Jaclyn's videos. The look is fierce yet elegant. Appreciate the emphasis on brushes and using the right tools (I'm still working on mastering the techniques ha). Also, she's so dang funny.

  • Lauren Kimberlin
    Lauren Kimberlin Год назад

    Mary Kay liquid black eye liner

  • Ilove Cats
    Ilove Cats Год назад

    channels gel liner is REEALLY black and it's a fantastic product well worth paying extra dolars for .

  • Catherine Downs
    Catherine Downs Год назад

    These intros get me every time

  • crazycatlady
    crazycatlady Год назад

    ... you're not supposed to mix oil based and water based! I can't believe the nerve you have to lie about being a professional makeup artist (not makeup enthusiast but artist) to give yourself credibility. This is disrespectful to the pros that had to work their ass off.

  • Shanda Gibbs
    Shanda Gibbs Год назад

    I have always used black eye liner and bring it all the way to the rear duct

  • Shanda Gibbs
    Shanda Gibbs Год назад

    Mabeline gel liner is the only one I use too

  • Holly Baum
    Holly Baum Год назад

    Where did you get your necklace?!!! I LOVE it!

  • V. Gil
    V. Gil Год назад

    Jaclyn, your videos are freakin AMAZING. Love how much I'm learning...although I doubt any of these tips will look as good on me (oops haha)

  • Seaera Collins
    Seaera Collins Год назад

    Jaclyn what eyeliner brush do you use? I love it soooooo much!!!!

  • Greg Evans
    Greg Evans Год назад +2

    Jacklyn are there new tutorials coming out for 2017.... I don't see a lot of your tutorials anymore.... I love watching you put make up on and giving your wonderful advice.... I hope to see something new for 2017

  • Karmen Allison
    Karmen Allison Год назад +1

    Thank you for this tutorial! This is now going to be my go to! It looks so fire!

  • ccarter008
    ccarter008 Год назад

    My eyes are screaming. I could never do this. :( It is beautiful, but my eyes would water so badly.

  • Shawnee Martinez
    Shawnee Martinez Год назад +4

    Man, there is alot of shitty bitches always commenting under her videos. If she wear to much makeup in your opinion, then don't fucking watch. If her split ends and possibility of lip injections somehow bothers you so much that you feel the need to bring your negative ass comments, just don't fucking watch. jesus.

  • Lillian Lantis
    Lillian Lantis Год назад


  • Jess
    Jess Год назад

    If your browsing the youtube community and would like to show some support to my girl Kaitlan Banks make sure to check out her channel! Thanks xoxo

  • ortal hayut
    ortal hayut Год назад +1

    on this eyes everything look good

  • kelprincez23
    kelprincez23 Год назад +1

    My all time favorite look on you. So BEAUTIFULL. Stay gorgeous girl!

  • Leelou Smith
    Leelou Smith Год назад

    what is the name of your intro song?(:

  • Clare Vela
    Clare Vela Год назад +1

    maybelline instant age rewind concealor is THE BEST!!

  • Clare Vela
    Clare Vela Год назад +1

    omg!! this look has me gasping for air!!

  • Stephanie Lemire
    Stephanie Lemire Год назад

    I have rosacea...wondering if there is a full coverage foundation you can recommend? I have literally tried everything....

    • Stephanie Lemire
      Stephanie Lemire Год назад

      I just bought it! It helps a little bit...but I found that the Kat von d lock it foundation has amazing coverage and really works well!

    • Lori
      Lori Год назад

      Stephanie Lemire have u tried make up forever green corrector primer??

  • Yesenia Robledo
    Yesenia Robledo Год назад

    I like how you do your make-up.😄

  • Fulya tekcan
    Fulya tekcan Год назад

    IT looks so good

  • Daiany Jensen
    Daiany Jensen Год назад

    Does anyone know what eyeliner blue brush she is using ??? I need!!!!

  • chrisbang3811
    chrisbang3811 Год назад

    Jaclyn I love you ❤️ you are beautiful!!!!!

    HINA SAEED Год назад

    where i can find that necklace you are wearing in this vedio?

    • laciena
      laciena Год назад +1

      HINA SAEED it's the Lana jewelry mega sienna necklace . It was on sale at Bloomingdales and that's where i bought it, but it's on d'amore jewelry website for the full price which is over a thousand dollars. I got lucky I found it on sale plus I got an extra 25% off and my total was still over $700 lol.

  • Makeup by Nova
    Makeup by Nova Год назад

    the Anastasia waterproof creme color in Jet is SO BOMB

  • vera lucia paixao
    vera lucia paixao Год назад

    amei !!!!!!

  • sandra brown
    sandra brown Год назад

    love this look

  • Clarissa
    Clarissa Год назад

    Brrrruhhh. bitch look like Ronald Mc.Donald

  • Raaafed
    Raaafed Год назад +2

    My favorite makeup tutorial ever 🙏🏼💕♥️ 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

  • Love Child
    Love Child Год назад

    Oops I didn't finish my comment below lol. Well, I would like to say the gel liner I use is the Loreal one and I am wondering if you have tried this one before that maybelline one u use? If so, than I will know that Maybelline is a better one than the Loreal one.... Please let me know, thanks.

  • Love Child
    Love Child Год назад

    Hi Jacklyn

  • Celestia Elder
    Celestia Elder Год назад

    Anyone know what the name of that big fluffy brush is that she's using for her bronzer? I don't think she mentioned it and it's not in the details :(

  • Taylor Handley
    Taylor Handley Год назад

    do you wet your beauty blender??

  • Brittany Lopez
    Brittany Lopez Год назад

    What eyeliner brush is this omg 😩😩

  • Yola's Journey
    Yola's Journey Год назад

    I started this video I don't know when and barely reliazed it gosh wtf

  • Yola's Journey
    Yola's Journey Год назад

    I need brushes !! 😩😩😩

  • Shyanne Root
    Shyanne Root Год назад

    beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  • Lacey Hooper
    Lacey Hooper Год назад +1

    absolutely the most gorgeous look I've seen yet on RUclip!!!! I love it

  • a b
    a b Год назад

    I like that little description in the info box below your video about the comments and I follow the same thought in my life for the negative people. Well said. You are full of life. Love u 😘

  • Emily Hilgeman
    Emily Hilgeman Год назад +3

    warmer colors? What's new? 😂

  • Diana Hernandes
    Diana Hernandes Год назад


  • Laura Bevan
    Laura Bevan Год назад

    beautiful look

  • Yasmin Hendi
    Yasmin Hendi Год назад

    YSL gel liner!!

  • Hana Uddin
    Hana Uddin Год назад

    Does anyone know what that sigma eyeliner brush is called??

    • laciena
      laciena Год назад

      Hana Uddin sigma e65

  • Raquel D
    Raquel D Год назад +1

    DAMMNIT SHE DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg I love me some ms hill!

  • liizzarrdd
    liizzarrdd Год назад +2

    can you start posting what youre clothes are? cause you like fashion too(:

  • Nicoletta Carter
    Nicoletta Carter Год назад

    What is the song at the beginning??

  • Raven&Demo I&B
    Raven&Demo I&B Год назад

    Does anyone know what brush she used for the wing liner??

  • Minerva Cuevas
    Minerva Cuevas Год назад

    As soon as I saw the liner I was like woah!!!! 😍😍😱

  • Donna Laney
    Donna Laney Год назад

    sexy girl

  • ReesieRoo1
    ReesieRoo1 Год назад

    You look beautiful!

  • Rebecca Leah
    Rebecca Leah Год назад


  • Chantal’s Beauty And Cook
    Chantal’s Beauty And Cook Год назад

    omg i love your make-up ao much it's just to beautiful! i need you to do mind lol i'm just a hot mess😂

  • Cassie Bulzomi
    Cassie Bulzomi Год назад

    Do you use water with the foil eyeshadow? Mine is not turning out as smooth as yours

    • GYeonOh
      GYeonOh Год назад +1

      Cassie Bulzomi if anything, water will remove the product as you're applying it and any other makeup you've already applied underneath. She uses MAC fix+ and if you don't have fix+ you could use eye drops instead! I've never tried the eye drops but Jaclyn says it works just as good as the fix+ so you should give it a try!!

  • Irene Roga
    Irene Roga Год назад +4

    you're beautiful without makeup and your makeup is so clean, perfect and gorgeous 😍😍😍

    • Irene Roga
      Irene Roga Год назад

      and you explain really well, it's not like those tutorials you just watch for fun, you show us tricks and subscriber here!

  • Tojan Jamal
    Tojan Jamal 2 года назад

    You look sooo beautiful in this video 😩❤️❤️

  • jennyfin123
    jennyfin123 2 года назад

    yasss girl the highlight 😍

  • wolke 979
    wolke 979 2 года назад

    Oh my gosh her hair is soooo damadged

  • Laura Kohn
    Laura Kohn 2 года назад +1

    I've been binge watching your videos lately so its safe to say that I'm quite obsesses! But I gotta say this is definitely one of my favorite looks on you! You look absolutely flawless! And... that intro tho!

  • Tiffany Torres
    Tiffany Torres 2 года назад +1

    Jaclyn, you are seriously so amazing. You are THE MAKE UP QUEEN 👑! Thank you for teaching me how to properly apply my make up in so many different ways 😘😘 love you

  • sheela lyn
    sheela lyn 2 года назад +1

    So stunning ... this is the most gorgeous smoke out on the lower lash line. The look is amaznig!! :)

  • Jovanna Martinez
    Jovanna Martinez 2 года назад

    Love it!

  • Vickythinks
    Vickythinks 2 года назад

    I love your smokey eyes . I just love them! y pu r so great!!

  • guerrerob21
    guerrerob21 2 года назад

    what brush did you use for the gel liner?

  • Alice Zeng
    Alice Zeng 2 года назад

    I love her eye colour. and legit, i'm re watching my favourite videos.LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeffrey Waters
    Jeffrey Waters 2 года назад

    you are absolutely my inspiration, any time I'm making a decision on which new products to try or even whiwh eye shadows I would like to purchase I come to your videos to see your opinion. thank you for doing what u do! I'd love to see your updated favorite eye shadows and morphe brushes.❤💋❤❤💋💋

  • Jenny Nguyen
    Jenny Nguyen 2 года назад

    What brush do you use to wing your eyeliner?