We Tried To Re-Create This Black Ice Cream • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • "Are you a goth? I wish." Sponsored by Smirnoff.
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Comments • 4 679

  • ChillinWithAustin
    ChillinWithAustin 6 hours ago +1

    Andrew saying *"yah sprinkles are my personality* with an emotionless face 😐 is such a mood p. S. I'm not copying I already had it in my mind

  • Grimm Wald
    Grimm Wald 8 hours ago

    The shock - uneducated americans...

  • Dana Rivera
    Dana Rivera 11 hours ago

    I totally wanna draw you guys as powerpuff girls now lol

  • Gastrodonical
    Gastrodonical 11 hours ago

    Activated Charcoal is not healthy to eat...

  • Gxdxt
    Gxdxt 13 hours ago +1

    or you can just buy vanilla ice cream and add black food coloring

  • EdgyFluff
    EdgyFluff 16 hours ago +1

    Don’t eat activated charcoal if you take meds!!! Activated charcoal binds to most meds. If you take any medicine you need to live eating this could actually kill you!! Be careful loves. ❤️💕💓💞💕❤️❤️💕

  • absol1626 AJ
    absol1626 AJ Day ago

    who measures milk in grams lol

  • ᗸᘿᗗᔛᖍᖶᗗᒹ ᘿᒹᘿᘒᗗᙉᑤᘿ

    *You can find food-grade rose water in most indian grocery stores for future notes :)
    Always check that it's food-grade because while rose water itself is edible, there's often chemicals added that make it bad for you if it's not food-grade

  • Kev S
    Kev S Day ago

    Lmao how the hell is this edible 😂

  • Miss Cookie
    Miss Cookie Day ago +1

    'I didnt mention this throughout the entire video but im very lactose intolerant'
    - Annie

  • Libby Licious
    Libby Licious Day ago

    I know what dry ice is and I'm in year 5 (embarrasing!)

  • NoobyPerson1
    NoobyPerson1 Day ago

    Annie should be on more; she made me laugh throughout the entire video.

  • Shafayet Ahmed
    Shafayet Ahmed Day ago

    Adam gets a taste of it and drags it back to his den where he consumes it with animalistic fury and tbh that's a big mood

  • Benjamin Liang
    Benjamin Liang Day ago

    Dry ice works because of sublimation. The process of when a solid turns into a gas without any liquid process
    Edit: dang it they already mention sublimation BUT I DON’T CARE

  • Jack Gaitley
    Jack Gaitley 2 days ago

    "You know how much I like crows." I'm sleeeep

  • Lost Halo
    Lost Halo 2 days ago

    There are 3 types of lesbian , and all are represented here

  • biggreenleaf
    biggreenleaf 2 days ago

    Waffle isn't black enough
    Them: *add more charcoal*

  • daniel galvan
    daniel galvan 2 days ago

    That can actually be bad for your health

  • Masuma Khan
    Masuma Khan 2 days ago

    There is a gumtree growing on a hill and kookaburra sit and laughing at the sunrise 🌅

  • kiiroi akabeco
    kiiroi akabeco 3 days ago

    dry ice cream in?
    dry ice stainless bowl down at cold ice this!?

  • Meichelli
    Meichelli 4 days ago


  • Nancy Jane
    Nancy Jane 4 days ago

    You guys are the Asian trio of sumos

  • Lilpupper321
    Lilpupper321 5 days ago

    Those two and rie are why I watch tasty

  • Alabörü Ülübal
    Alabörü Ülübal 5 days ago

    *Try making Turkish icecream its called Maras Dondurmasi*

  • PaperParody
    PaperParody 5 days ago


  • Aadrian Regala
    Aadrian Regala 5 days ago

    You can make Soft serve with just regular ice but crushed

  • Cookees And ma
    Cookees And ma 5 days ago

    How to make black ice cream at home:
    Melt vanilla ice cream
    And ad black food coloring then freeze it

  • Belieber Forever
    Belieber Forever 5 days ago

    a lot easier

  • Raccoon Loves Rice
    Raccoon Loves Rice 6 days ago

    Annie is so cute lol

  • Melissa Moraru
    Melissa Moraru 6 days ago +1

    They could have made ice cream and died it black

  • Emily2618
    Emily2618 6 days ago

    I wonder if adding a few drops of vanilla extract would help the flavor... kind of counteract the charcoal...

  • Quinn Lindsay
    Quinn Lindsay 6 days ago

    Can't tell if the title is a little racist... Wait they are all Asians.

  • the vicious attack on the city of auspicious utopia

    “THiS bLacK iCeCrEAm” I hope you understand that most of these are made by using activated charcoal and a desired flavor lol

  • Mandy Lan
    Mandy Lan 6 days ago

    2:20 reminding me of evil from a fantasy movie.

  • crustypotatooo_
    crustypotatooo_ 7 days ago

    the ice cream is grey.

  • Bff galaxy squad
    Bff galaxy squad 7 days ago

    I'm not a hater ok

  • Bff galaxy squad
    Bff galaxy squad 7 days ago

    Omg girls you are doing great

  • jolie xyay
    jolie xyay 7 days ago

    Annie: we might kill our coworkers
    Nikki: ANDREWWW
    Me: hehe

  • Mad_ Hatter
    Mad_ Hatter 7 days ago

    Thanks for this guys! I really love black so much!

  • sirisha Pondugula
    sirisha Pondugula 7 days ago

    Annie looks like nervous when she saw Andrew😅😅

  • Ur doggo
    Ur doggo 8 days ago

    “This is just a *powdery* substance”

  • Eshal Mahmood
    Eshal Mahmood 8 days ago

    Anyone notice how they covered the apple logo on the computer with a smiley face😊

  • Ian McFadden
    Ian McFadden 8 days ago

    Nikki is a goth and a half

  • #1CAPS FAN
    #1CAPS FAN 8 days ago

    Do macaroni and cheese bun burgers

  • Carrie Jhannicole Campanon

    Is it just me or does Andrew and Niki look good together?🤷‍♀️🤣
    Ps. I know Niki has a wife

  • Zofeera mae Cortero
    Zofeera mae Cortero 8 days ago +5

    Who love rie?
    Because i love her
    Press tha like button if you love rie

  • TheCraftyDawg
    TheCraftyDawg 8 days ago

    Attempt number one. Double Double Toil and Trouble!

  • Xx theredninjacat xX
    Xx theredninjacat xX 9 days ago +1

    *MMmmMM FinGEr ICE*

  • megan guedel
    megan guedel 9 days ago

    i love rie she’s so cute :(

  • ronan doga
    ronan doga 9 days ago

    1000 GrAmS MILK

  • Zaid Ahsan
    Zaid Ahsan 9 days ago +3

    It tastes carbonated Coz dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide which is used to make fizzy drinks

  • Yuch Emey
    Yuch Emey 10 days ago

    Is it me or these guys looks like an anime show? put them in cartoon form, keep their personality, add some drama and it would make a great anime.

  • jungshooked
    jungshooked 10 days ago

    Niki: "Are you okay?"
    Annie: "I don't know."
    This is the definition of my life.

  • Cha MaDeSa
    Cha MaDeSa 10 days ago

    The black ice cream is activated charcoal we have activated charcoal ice cream in Philippines and it helps smoothen your skin

  • Darien Galvan
    Darien Galvan 10 days ago +1

    She should have called an old smoky Russian since the cream and charcoal make smoky and it looks classic

  • sadia ghaffar
    sadia ghaffar 10 days ago

    LOL! Asian power puff girls 🤣

  • The Wicked Musician
    The Wicked Musician 11 days ago

    Andrew and Annie are dressed like pugsley and Wednesday Addams

  • itsray yy
    itsray yy 11 days ago

    I love some asian trio ❤

  • Noah Hutchison
    Noah Hutchison 11 days ago

    did anyone else know niki is lesbian? just me? she says it in the giant macaroon video

  • Kermit Just because
    Kermit Just because 11 days ago

    “We are the Asian power puff girls”

  • Pplayz
    Pplayz 12 days ago

    its like a 5 minute crafts video lol

  • naomiii
    naomiii 12 days ago +1

    when im watching this, i remember the Threadbanger and your poop became black 😂

  • Alaina Chanel
    Alaina Chanel 12 days ago +1

    I just realized that Annie reminds me of Hwasa

  • k a i
    k a i 13 days ago

    Isn’t activated charcoal the stuff hospitals give you when you eat something like poison

  • No One Cares About It
    No One Cares About It 13 days ago +1

    Ew, who eats charcoal?

  • afiq danial
    afiq danial 14 days ago

    I thought we can't eat dry ice?

  • Mai Sienna Austin
    Mai Sienna Austin 14 days ago

    Asian powerpuff bubbles

  • Mai Sienna Austin
    Mai Sienna Austin 14 days ago

    Nikki: blossom
    Annie: buttercup
    Rie: bubbles

  • danis wara
    danis wara 15 days ago

    Dry ice is very cold, and since they put it inside the batter, ice crystal will form because it is too cold. that's why the ice cream looked chunky

  • Randy Butternubs
    Randy Butternubs 16 days ago

    Rie is Blossom, Niki is Bubbles, and Annie is Buttercup

  • superturbo2
    superturbo2 16 days ago

    I prefer salmiak ice cream...

  • Jonah Trujillo
    Jonah Trujillo 16 days ago +1

    I don't got the balls to eat charkle

  • Paradox
    Paradox 17 days ago +3

    Can you taste it?
    It’s just a powdery substance...
    The look on Niki’s face I’m dying 😆

  • AnimeGamerCreater
    AnimeGamerCreater 17 days ago

    ruclip.com/video/ApO4c2AkLqw/video.html look at wat they did to make that kind of ice cream and didnt turn out well

  • Jilian Steven Matabang

    White people has left the chat

  • Blizzard Fullbuster
    Blizzard Fullbuster 18 days ago +4

    We could basically kill our Co-workers.......

  • Patricia Larasati
    Patricia Larasati 18 days ago

    Rose water in Indonesia is for washing grave

  • Vieve Nelles
    Vieve Nelles 18 days ago

    Activated charcoal is safe for most adults when used short-term. Side effects of activated charcoal include constipation and black stools. More serious, but rare, side effects are a slowing or blockage of the intestinal tract, regurgitation into the lungs, and dehydration.

  • Eric M. Rivera
    Eric M. Rivera 18 days ago

    You should try making the black sesame cream chicken from sticky pot. Strictly dumpling reviewed the place in his fried chicken video

  • GayLoser
    GayLoser 19 days ago

    I saw sponsored by my favourite drink so I watched it

  • cris nikky cruz
    cris nikky cruz 19 days ago

    Ingredients to make icecream :
    And RIE

  • MiniteDude 20
    MiniteDude 20 20 days ago

    This ice cream can say the n-word.

  • Ishi &Mishi
    Ishi &Mishi 20 days ago

    #rinian for rie,niki and annie

  • Shivang Rawat
    Shivang Rawat 20 days ago

    you guys are so bad in science though....... lol...... the ice cream looks delicious though

  • Romaysa Z
    Romaysa Z 21 day ago

    8:07 it kinda reminds me of a bubbling boggy swamp gas lol

  • sleepy kat
    sleepy kat 21 day ago

    bruh her brows thicc

  • Marian Amatorio
    Marian Amatorio 21 day ago +5

    Tasty:Uses activated charcoal
    Black food coloring:AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  • ahayes8346
    ahayes8346 22 days ago

    1:06 best thing ever

  • Kurt is Stanley
    Kurt is Stanley 22 days ago +1

    This should be named adam challenged me

  • Drunqqn
    Drunqqn 22 days ago

    Do you mean adam eating your feed

  • Morgan Childs
    Morgan Childs 22 days ago

    This is the worst content... maybe ever? I can't square it. Rie deserves much better than this.

  • Morgan Childs
    Morgan Childs 22 days ago

    Rie: not only asian, also the only person with any skill in this video.

  • Manisha Narvekar
    Manisha Narvekar 23 days ago

    Rie is the only Reason I watch tasty video.!!! She's the best

  • Gaming Goat
    Gaming Goat 23 days ago +23

    Nikki: are you gothic?
    Annie: I wish
    It’s at 0:16

  • Naomi Yokoi
    Naomi Yokoi 23 days ago

    Annie is actually amazing

  • Piano Phantom
    Piano Phantom 24 days ago

    *Multiracial ice cream.*

  • Yaanaa Narula
    Yaanaa Narula 24 days ago

    You found dry ice but couldn't find rose water 😂

    • Cj Lopez
      Cj Lopez 23 days ago +1

      Ikr!!! Hahshahsha

  • aleZ
    aleZ 24 days ago

    You know I just notice how most of tasty videos where someone is trying to cook something
    Rei will be always helping or at least she will be there

  • Gacha Mona
    Gacha Mona 24 days ago

    Rie= Blossom
    Niki= Bubbles
    Annie= Buttercup

  • Jordan Power
    Jordan Power 25 days ago

    Is it just me or... Does this seem weird and unhealthy 😱.