Fed to conduct daily repo operations through Oct. 10

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • CNBC's Steve Liesman reports on new repo operations from the Fed and comments from the Fed's Eric Rosengren.

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  • J. Crow
    J. Crow 11 hours ago

    Seems like a big problem. We have gone past Oct 10. I hope you guys do some robust reporting on this. We need to hear the truth for a change.

  • Patrick W
    Patrick W Month ago


  • Jeff Lovejoy
    Jeff Lovejoy Month ago

    The FED did this on purpose. The REPO mess is their doing. They are a drug addict once again demanding their drugs. End them. End is enough. They will destroy the world.

  • Anthony's pocket Media

    People don’t understand how terrible this is.

    ROBERT NARDONE Month ago +2

    Boy , this doesn’t sound good ! Soon CNBC gonna start baking cakes 🍰 to offset the bad news !

  • Debra A.
    Debra A. Month ago

    Teetering on the edge. Even stock market is rigged for wealthy!

  • Prashant chainani
    Prashant chainani Month ago

    US banks are in serious trouble! Lehman Bro crashed for need of $600m!! And now they are pumping billions everyday to bail these banks out!!!!

  • chow tt
    chow tt Month ago +1

    Where did all the money Go?

  • youngsamuel1
    youngsamuel1 Month ago

    Layman here. Was this money added because someone or some nation dumped a form of US currency? In the form of bonds, etc?

  • Joseph Lim
    Joseph Lim Month ago +2

    Buy silver and gold. Cause with the amount of USD they’re going to print. Even the laundry detergent will appreciate in value. Just like Venezuela.

  • jack phillips
    jack phillips Month ago +1

    The Federal Reserve has destroyed the Free Market economy with eight years of Quantitative Easing and low interest rate manipulation. FED policy has caused massive asset inflation which causes higher mortgage, rent, gas, food, etc., charges so there is simply no money left to keep these stores in business. The Banks have won and the American people have lost just as Thomas Jefferson predicted.

  • Amed Sayed
    Amed Sayed Month ago

    One word, FED is terrorist and criminal.
    FED created this rigged game and Bernanke is one of the biggest criminal. Don't forget FED killed JFK
    So many idiots and nonsense guys like you.
    Recession is a part of the economy. Just like you sleep, take rest, kool down, get energized for next leg up.
    FED killed JFK, FED is absolutely a criminal entity, a Rothschild game. To make rich, richer. Keep slavery (modern style) alive.
    Wanna save economy in long run, hike interest rates. Common sense says high interest rates in real good economy. After a dacade, over $20 Trillions printed, unemployment rate all time low, still cutting interest rates??? Wow
    It's called Fony pumped in economy to save Rich and Banks and now Trump.
    Fed created this rigged game and Bernanke is one of the biggest criminal.
    It's very simple, not mind boggling, even a caveman knows that. It's called printing $Trillions and buying your own debt. This is the biggest criminal and ponzi scheme ever in US history.
    End the FED or face the coming consequences

  • Scott Engel
    Scott Engel Month ago

    There isn't enough hot air to keep this balloon afloat.

  • Eisen J Eisen
    Eisen J Eisen Month ago

    print print for hi-per inflation

  • Katie Adams
    Katie Adams Month ago

    They're going to print at LEAST $1.5T if they do it everyday, chances are this probably won't end well

  • Cameron Potts
    Cameron Potts Month ago

    Tha Default Bubble lmao hahah 2019

  • WC Evangelista
    WC Evangelista Month ago +2

    Buy silver.

  • Map115
    Map115 Month ago +2

    If anyone banks at JPMORGAN/Chase or Wells Fargo pull your money NOW ! Don't wait until it's too late. You have been warned.

  • Map115
    Map115 Month ago +3

    It's like a pay day loan for the bank. Not good folks.

  • Lena Romero
    Lena Romero Month ago

    Man the RICH just don't get it, it's falling apart on mainstreet, dammit the inflation is major, utilities, food, now gas, it's out of hand, 4 trillion being charged on credit cards , to buy food and pay bills, it's bad.

  • Vincent Perron
    Vincent Perron Month ago +9

    Basically the equivalent of a doctor telling you: " You are in perfect health! But Just in case we will send you in radiation therapy"


    Why is it when Republicans are in power they seem to screw up the economy. Looks like 2008 again. So much for Make America Great Again. Now it’s more like, Make America Fail Again.

    ALBERTO TOSCANO Month ago +1

    It’s time to run for the exits.

  • Electricos Cosmos
    Electricos Cosmos Month ago

    Fed causing boom and bust cycles since 1913, as classic as Coca Cola.

  • dj archee
    dj archee Month ago +1

    Be calm everyone! Your economy is collapsing :)

  • Victor Pati
    Victor Pati Month ago +2

    Short stories us government buying and selling high risk loans to daily to bailouts financial institutions to prevent economic crash

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Month ago

      @Victor Pati No. Knowledge is a wonderful thing. It helps to explain the inevitable. It can't stop the train, but you will know to get out of the way before the whistle sounds.

    • Victor Pati
      Victor Pati Month ago

      Wondering what going to happen next?

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Month ago

      Won't work.

  • Sergio Bowers
    Sergio Bowers Month ago +1

    Strange, this comes on the heels of Bakkt. Hmmm...

  • American Dog
    American Dog Month ago +1

    Focus on the collapse of the USAs economy

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Month ago +1

      The vortex will take the globe along for the ride.

  • Jorge Ponce
    Jorge Ponce Month ago +1

    Don't worry, Mr Rosengren. Fed will always be COWORKING with bankers, aka QE-ternally

  • Jaiber Porras
    Jaiber Porras Month ago +3

    That is QE4

  • Hoof Grip Weightlifting

    There’s a reason why the American Founding Fathers hated central banks. There’s a reason why the constitution states only PMs are to be used as money. Americans got lazy, and brainwashed. We should have listened to the wise men of yesteryears. History repeats itself because Human Nature is predictable. It’s game over. Let the empire fall, as all empires have failed in the past. Then we can restart, as many civilizations have done.

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Month ago

      The opinion on national banks was evenly divided. And human nature is very unpredictable, & at the worst times. Centrals are supposed to act as a counter balance.

    • Eric Yeung
      Eric Yeung Month ago +1

      Hoof Grip Weightlifting The founding fathers of the United States of America are some of the wisest people in Human history.

  • Eli In the Wolverine State

    Rich people are dumb the currency has no value because of debts on it
    They can't print enough money to cover the debts
    Thus they need credit because unpaid debts creating more debt
    Fiat debt crash because deflation of currency values kills currency

  • Red Pill Renaissance
    Red Pill Renaissance Month ago +7

    QE4 is going to be called “POMO”. POMO stands for Permanent Open Market Operations.

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Month ago

      @Seti Sabino New speak.

    • Seti Sabino
      Seti Sabino Month ago

      War is no longer war either. It's a military intervention.

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Month ago

      The more injections you get, the more you want. Such large open ended operations will steepen the yield curve & erode the dollar. But you had no plans to retire anyway!

    • Ted Striker
      Ted Striker Month ago +1

      POOMO Permanent organic open market operations. Powell said it would be organic.

  • sam Iaint
    sam Iaint Month ago +3

    This is a dire sign that lending is beginning to stall, and the Federal Reserve has to step in as lender of last resort.

  • Jacob Sanders
    Jacob Sanders Month ago

    DAILY bailouts...? Wtf world are we living in

  • Harry Chu
    Harry Chu Month ago +2

    Are they suggesting that the solution is for the Fed to increase their balance sheet by buying up Treasury Bonds and therefore creating artificial demand for US Debt? Thus increasing the perceived value of Treasuries which should lowing collateralize loans using Treasury bonds (e.g., Repo loans)?

    It sounds like we need to deal with our national debt rather than use these band-aids.

  • b t
    b t Month ago +2

    XRP baby!

  • Jose Sandoval
    Jose Sandoval Month ago +23

    A lot of fancy words which basically means banks are broke so the Federal Reserve has to print more money for these banks to borrow. 🤦‍♂️

    • Crypto Current
      Crypto Current Month ago +5

      Soooo exactly what they did leading up to 2008? 🤔

    • Victor Pati
      Victor Pati Month ago +6

      Yeah you are right, us government buying high risk loads to help the financial sector to survive, to preventing the economy to crash

  • Nick Chungo
    Nick Chungo Month ago

    These shitty ass banks get a trillion bucks over next 2 wks for not keeping their shit in line ? Must be nice

  • Harry Kiralfy Broe
    Harry Kiralfy Broe Month ago +2

    Banana republic.

  • andy
    andy Month ago

    2008 is still haunting the markets

    BLAKBODHISATTVA Month ago +3

    last time this happened was 2008 i guess history doesnt repeat itself so nothing to see here

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Month ago

      Every downturn in history has had its own distinctive traits. All belief in charts must be taken with an 80# bag of salt.

  • 59danton
    59danton Month ago +1

    When the shit is close to hit the fan...

  • Truth, and Faith
    Truth, and Faith Month ago +1


  • Go MGTOW
    Go MGTOW Month ago +9

    Breaking news = All of the banks are now on life support until Oct 10.
    How could that be 'good' news for the economy?

    • Victor Pati
      Victor Pati Month ago

      I dont know oct 10 sound like very much in front of us

    • John Drake
      John Drake Month ago

      Okay pontifex maximus 666 you go read your Bible

    • Crypto Current
      Crypto Current Month ago +3

      You shut up and watch America's Got Talent like a good American!!! 🤣

    • John Drake
      John Drake Month ago +4

      That means you might have until October 10th to get your money out of the bank

  • F.Sherlock
    F.Sherlock Month ago +30

    Economy so robust and healthy it needs a daily injection by the Fed for 3 weeks. Give me a break Mr. Tv man.

    • 007jjb
      007jjb Month ago +1

      Banks instead of changing their ways since 2008 only increased their gambling.

  • xxx111
    xxx111 Month ago +8

    Reposess the Fed's buildings. After not paying their tax

  • Sheldon Gray
    Sheldon Gray Month ago +2

    Everyday! I mean EVERYDAY! 😃😃📢🤯🤯😦😦

  • Joshua Beeler
    Joshua Beeler Month ago +4

    The beginning of the end

  • RandomUser123
    RandomUser123 Month ago +5

    Pay day loans for average Americans: 400% interest, collections and bankruptcy if they fail.
    Pay day loans for Wall Street:

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Month ago

      @youngsamuel1 MacCain-Feingold was killed in its infancy. Where was ur uproar? Or the outrage of ur parents? The bed has been made,

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Month ago

      @RandomUser123 Don't know much about gov't eh? Reply back after a few years in elementary school. Better yet, a HS diploma from a real school besides your parents.

    • RandomUser123
      RandomUser123 Month ago +1

      Thomas Headley
      Which voters voted for Greenspan? Who voted for Bernanke? What percent of the vote did Yellen get? How about Powell?
      Zero. None. They are unelected bureaucrats. They control the economy without receiving a single vote.
      And as a consumer I can assure you, the Fed is not helping us by inflating prices beyond our reach, effectively making us poorer each year.

    • youngsamuel1
      youngsamuel1 Month ago +1

      @Thomas Headley not exactly. We send them to D.C. and then that cesspool of lobbyists take over.

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Month ago

      The Fed is doing the bidding of voters & consumers. You get what you are willing to pay for. No free lunch, ever.

  • Reserved Risk
    Reserved Risk Month ago


  • Mr Underhill
    Mr Underhill Month ago +12

    so this is over a trillion dollars in daily repo being added to the balance sheet and it is no big deal??

    • Mr Underhill
      Mr Underhill Month ago

      do you know if there is a chart some where that tracks the repayments? Not that I don't trust them

    • AJP
      AJP Month ago

      @William Wilson He also said they will be extended to 14 days. You know they will extend that mother fucker into infinity. We are so sick and dont even know it.

    • Map115
      Map115 Month ago

      @William Wilson Exactly but not always understood

    • William Wilson
      William Wilson Month ago +4

      Mr Underhill The overnight repo loans are repaid everyday. It’s not cumulative.

    • Mr Underhill
      Mr Underhill Month ago +1

      they said they will be doing this everyday from the time they started (I think 4 days ago) thru Oct 10, at 75 billion a day.... so 75 billion x number of days -

  • Mr Underhill
    Mr Underhill Month ago +9

    Sounds like he is saying that when the small business owners go belly up in this 'recession' the owners of the real estate they rent will be in trouble ? Duh

  • Dow
    Dow Month ago +3

    Not good

  • Dewey Watts
    Dewey Watts Month ago +6

    2 guys: One says:How'd u go bankrupt? Other says: First slowly, then suddenly.

    • manofsan
      manofsan Month ago

      streets of gold, paved with good intentions

  • Inez Qtaish
    Inez Qtaish Month ago

    Inez Qtaish is suing 25 week 3

    DANNY BOY Month ago +1

    We love our cheap money

  • richard aurre
    richard aurre Month ago +6

    Not gonna keep the Empire afloat.

    • Donald Kasper
      Donald Kasper Month ago +1

      Going to prevent the Euro dropping against the dollar to hurt US exports, already weakening.


    When I run into liquidity issues I wind up at the Pawn Shop and some idiot calls in 10 experts to argue me down to virtually nothing in my place of desperation, when the big banks run into liquidity issues they get into bed with their Fed Mistress and get a lovely sweetheart deal. We went from too big to fail, to too big to bail so we are going to proactively bastardize every fundamental in a market. Keynes is smoking a cigarette in some dark place beyond as he looks down on this mess.☢☢☢

    • RandomUser123
      RandomUser123 Month ago +1

      Victor Pati
      Wars don’t fix economies, they break them.
      The Iraq War gave us the 2007-2008 Great Recession. The Gulf War gave us the 1990-1991 recession. The Vietnam War gave us the recession of 1970 and the recession of 1973-1975.

    • Victor Pati
      Victor Pati Month ago

      We will have war, war might fix this economy and war might gets th president for the second term

    • Sheldon Gray
      Sheldon Gray Month ago

      Bro we are f*&%$!

    • Tiitan Rutse
      Tiitan Rutse Month ago +2

      Yall boyS ain't too smart up there in government lol Iran is no joke this will backfire badly . DON'T LET YOUR KIDS JOIN THE MILITARY.... .

    • Tiitan Rutse
      Tiitan Rutse Month ago

      They are gonna push an a single stupid Iranian citizen to attack something link him with government in hopes of a retaliatory strick . 🤣🤣

  • Daniel Purdy
    Daniel Purdy Month ago +29

    Quantities easing in other forms. Recession is coming. Economy is NOT strong. Yield curve, 2018 job revision down 501k, PMI in contraction. Just to name a few.

    • darkhorse4955
      darkhorse4955 19 days ago

      Reset of entire economy

    • Rui Vaz
      Rui Vaz Month ago

      @Geovane Vasconcelos bitcoin 🤣 não seja tonto

    • Sour Wes
      Sour Wes Month ago

      Lol 😝 my guess is as good as all those so called “experts”. And it’s not 🧀; Invest in Parmigiana-Reggiano! At least you can eat that...

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Month ago

      @Sour Wes The stable genius will save us. He always saved his Swiss Cheese Empire.

    • Sour Wes
      Sour Wes Month ago +2

      Hang on to your a$$es, we’re about to go over that cliff...