Limit To Your Love (BBC Sound Of 2011, Live Studio Perfor...

Music video by James Blake performing Limit To Your Love. (C) 2010 BBC under exclusive licence to Polydor Ltd. (UK)

The album out now - CD: http://bit.ly/eD1VM0 iTunes: http://bit.ly/iakieB Vinyl: http://bit.ly/h1oMzo

Просмотров: 610545
Длительность: 4:22
Комментарии: 126

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Автор Asia Sinclair ( назад)
that's amazing. I love them

Автор The yLY & Ricky Show ( назад)
Sonically this song is stellar, I love how the sounds bleed together so well.

Автор Kay B ( назад)
PLAY THIS SONG AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE THROUGH YOUR CAR AND HEAR THE BASS I SWEAR IT WILL KILL YOU. It will sound like a whole new song. --- listen to it while driving at your own risk

Автор Sara Osorio ( назад)
I'm obsessed with this song, I believe its so good ❤️😭👏

Автор Corrie Le Bon ( назад)
Where is the original video? Can't find it :(

Автор MALUSI FUKUTHWA ( назад)
pure aunthetic charasmatic voice man this song kills me softly hey.....time does'n matter

Автор Hazem Haidar ( назад)
he really sounds like that or does he have more than reverb put on his voice?

Автор One2three4abc ( назад)
Pretty cool. Haha but it got kinda awkward at the end when the rest of the band was looking out, are we done yet???

Автор Kyle Cleary ( назад)
Headphones on Blake are Beyerdynamic DT770s

Автор Hugh Porter ( назад)
jimminy cripets he is good!

Автор Roy Savage ( назад)
Cool vibes

Автор Elsa Ymeri ( назад)
His voice is brilliant!

Автор Marvin Cruz ( назад)
Yeezus brought me here 

Автор Toni Benvenuti ( назад)

Автор fuckoffyoutube ( назад)
ADBLOCK PLUS , problem solved

Автор Angelina Mora ( назад)
ross lynch likes your song

Автор One2three4abc ( назад)
too many awkward silences

Автор g1ang11 ( назад)
so great!

Автор juanwas ( назад)
Download Addblock man...

Автор Stewart Mena ( назад)
Dude this guy voice is incredible!!! He reminds me of frank ocean

Автор polkie45 ( назад)
absolutely love

Автор shaydaye1 ( назад)
This is pure genius. Love Love Love

Автор Macha Bolk ( назад)

Автор ValentinaImpossible ( назад)

Автор Rizki Asasi ( назад)
nice song, be sure to check out badbadnotgood's cover :)

Автор Mark M ( назад)
It's so cool to see how he can produce all those harmonies that were perfected in a studio in a live setting!

Автор rogasSM (1533 года назад)
we are all equal. he is living his choises.

Автор Winston Smith ( назад)
Jack Steadman on drums?

Автор Akshay Sharma ( назад)
just an automated 1/16th delay with the mix being ridden.

Автор מעיין שירים מהבטן ( назад)
stunning. just stunning.

Автор eASToNE ( назад)
The edit of this song by Daniel Bortz ROCKS!!!

Автор Adi Boldea (881 год назад)
I loved that movie! :D

Автор Nikolaj Vendelbo-Korskjær (1918 лет назад)
what's ed byrne doing on percussion

Автор Savannah ( назад)

Автор nightonthesun ( назад)
James Blake is so attractive.

Автор Danielle McCook ( назад)
your voice is incredible. i listen to in my car while im driving home.. so peaceful...its like it carries me away :)

Автор TheBite1993 ( назад)
I listen to this song every morning to dry my hair using my subwoofer as a hairdryer.

Автор radjadswordfishcat ( назад)
hahah! i got cartoon psy and a horse

Автор Jason Stein ( назад)
Is it just me who can't hear the bass part? Works fine on my iTunes version, so I don't think it's the speakers.

Автор Jamie B ( назад)
Cool story bro.

Автор maria dias ( назад)
I'm staying here *

Автор Alex Rempel ( назад)
What is he using on his vocals?

Автор thereorwhere ( назад)
in those last few moments of the song i can feel the communication from james blake to the other instrumentalists- as though he is simply expressing his pain to them and has done so throughout the entire piece. and it ends where the point of deep empathy is reached. including us, the viewers/listeners. proof of how music truly emotionally connects us. so powerful

Автор Laro Fep ( назад)

Автор 928kcg ( назад)
Your music is amazing! This is real music (:

Автор samantha gordon westcott ( назад)
everytime i hear this piece, i have to hold back tears. it's genius, that's all. shit like this, it shows how much music can accomplish

Автор Kim Torres ( назад)
I was about to google that because I was thinking the same thing ^_^

Автор syberia2official ( назад)

Автор taehnkim ( назад)
VEVO, please take nicki minaj off the background...it's freaking me the fuck out and making the videos hard to watch. thx

Автор Malanya Graham ( назад)

Автор Will Maher ( назад)
I didn't think the original could be any better...

Автор djjojo7 ( назад)
Lol, is the drummer hitting the air? xD

Автор rance ( назад)
Its a cover though!

Автор ARPSF7 ( назад)
This is fucking genius!! and we have to open our mind, this guy is like mozart composing.... and what a voice !!

Автор harry rodger ( назад)
he has salad fingers

Автор wildrawwr ( назад)
marry me. not because you're cute.

Автор Anna Davidova ( назад)

Автор RvdKlein ( назад)
Too bad compression is wrecking the bass in this song. Still an amazing performance.

Автор triandapane ( назад)
napoleon dynamite???

Автор French Kettle Station ( назад)
Oh no.. Polydor? Isn't that the label that fucked Talk Talk?

Автор hannesriemie ( назад)
@MrJamesohh: except of the tallest of all: Lebron!

Автор Scott Pederson ( назад)
@pepedunkley I was just think that Radiohead would approve of this music.

Автор Frank Perron III ( назад)
@19amf95 shuttup.

Автор Frank Perron III ( назад)
dude... you are SILLY for this one. Keep it up.

Автор alec ( назад)
@heartsnall adele is boring and uncreative

Автор Marc Jaskir ( назад)
definitely needs that bass, netheless, james blake is a boss

Автор Supergirl1gr ( назад)

Автор Fuukana-TV ( назад)
Need more BASS !

Автор fuelyournews ( назад)

Автор kevin dwan ( назад)
Check out THE STORY's remix! Follow my name.....kevdwan

Автор EdEmKay ( назад)
i know this isnt the original, but i found this one first and just listened to the feist version. its so strange, this version's so eclectic and experimental, not to mention beautiful, it's like this one should have been the original. have to say, i do prefer this one

Автор DJIGGZ92 ( назад)
The fact is, Feist did the original. You don't have to like the original, but you cannot discount it as shit when this track wouldn't exist without it!

Автор Obvious Bicycle ( назад)
For somebody only 21 he's got a good voice.

Автор Obvious Bicycle ( назад)
How he only came second is beyond me.

Автор Jeremy Abrams (2044 года назад)
RZA will sample this...

Автор snakesby ( назад)
man.......beautiful,gives me a chill.

Автор Alotte ( назад)
There's a limit to your cat. That's what I heard D:

Автор Martyn Levitt ( назад)
listen to this album in bed, sooooo relaxing

Автор Manchester Madhatter ( назад)

Автор m sears ( назад)
I'm loving what I heard from...very creative! Blessings to you on your career!

Автор pureimaginationn ( назад)
@heartsnall i was JUST thinking that! their voices would blend so perfectly together.. it needs to happen.

Автор Jordan Smith ( назад)
skinny white dudes have the most soul

Автор Sergio Tapia ( назад)
Music to make love.

Автор Eclectic011Princess ( назад)
I love this guy. He's super talented & his voice is so soulful.... Mmmmm great bed time music

Автор christietotheanna ( назад)
His voice is heavenly

Автор Robin Ward ( назад)
He inspires my dancer soul with this song

Автор James Ohh ( назад)
@HappinessHunter157 Yes that is a common skill those of us named james share. We are also quite good with our hands. Its when you combine the two that magical things can happen ;)

Автор HappinessHunter157 ( назад)
@MrJamesohh Your right! Dated a guy call James...and what he could do with his tongue ; )

Автор HappinessHunter157 ( назад)
@MrJamesohh Your right! Dated a guy call James...and what he could do with his tongue ; )

Автор dandygirl6 ( назад)
jamessss stop seducing me

Автор VampiroTV ( назад)
Totally looks like Napoleon Dynamite. So many skills!

Автор seventiesmovies ( назад)
@MrJamesohh Blunt?

Автор tehpr0lol ( назад)
anyone know what vocoder or harmonizer he uses with the prophet? such a nice effect.

Автор Donald Bogle ( назад)
@RescueSTA Glad to see a band inspired by Blake - i think hes awesome!

Автор Aaron Mohr ( назад)
@stul9045 A sampler, roland sp-404 to be exact. But thats not whats actually creating the sound he's just taking clips of the wobble bass and playing them back (sampling them)

Автор Scotty T ( назад)
What's that guy using to make the wobbly bass? I want one!

Автор tehpr0lol (1481 год назад)
wow. does anyone know what vocoder he runs the prophet through on the outro of the song?

Автор mariamariaa ( назад)
holy shit I need to see him live

Автор Eric Garcia ( назад)
@pepedunkley I thought the same thing. King of Limbs is my second favorite so far!!!

Автор Bacqué Huguette ( назад)
Tout bonnement magnifique.

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