10 Animated Movie Villains Who Turned Into Heroes

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • Did you know that Sid from Toy Story actually became a hero? 10 Animated Movie Villains Who Turned Into Heroes! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
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    Every story has a hero and a villain. The lines are pretty much drawn. It’s basic storytelling. You have a journey the hero goes on, he is tested by some obstacles and a villain tries to stop him. At the end of the day, the hero always wins. The hero is the good guy and the villain is the bad guy right? Well, as with most rules, story tropes are also meant to be broken.
    We have compiled a list of some animated villains who turned over a new leaf. One of which is of course Gru of the Despicable Me franchise. No it’s not just famous for minions, there is a great story arc involving the protagonist, supervillain Gru. He goes from planning villainous schemes to becoming a father to three adorable orphaned girls.
    And how about the iconic Grinch who despises Christmas so much he tries to stop it from arriving? He ends up learning the true meaning of Christmas and gaining friends.
    Let’s not forget the adorable, cute, and fluffy experiment 626, also known as Stitch, who was created to destroy everything in his path. He learns the meaning of family, which means that no one gets left behind or forgotten. He finds his sense of belonging and gains a loving family.
    How about Mewtwo, the cloned Pokemon in the first Pokemon movie? He was set on destroying humanity but learns that the circumstances of his birth don’t matter, it all comes down to the choices he makes.
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  • Thrusted Lightning Playz

    yaayy they did it🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

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  • Ramona Beese
    Ramona Beese 26 days ago

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  • oona magrath
    oona magrath Month ago

    The theory about Sid is pretty sweet . It's definitely possible

  • dazag20
    dazag20 2 months ago

    Frozen and Wreck It Ralph

  • Oliber rhy
    Oliber rhy 2 months ago

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  • Magda
    Magda 2 months ago

    1:52 ADORABLE?! i'm sorry but i hate them (no hate)

  • Onourbookshelf -Gaming and More!

    Frozen Fever!

  • nancy quiroz
    nancy quiroz 2 months ago

    Ralph wasn’t really a bad guy he’s just doing his job

  • Lucid Nightmare
    Lucid Nightmare 2 months ago

    They are talking about some games, like adults are watching this.

  • Alex toyworld
    Alex toyworld 3 months ago

    0:13 exept Avengers Infinity war

  • Lara Jesmin Vinoya
    Lara Jesmin Vinoya 3 months ago

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  • JR and me no name
    JR and me no name 3 months ago

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  • Sherri Pierson
    Sherri Pierson 3 months ago

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  • Kris
    Kris 3 months ago

    I wanna be the very best
    Like no one ever was
    To catch them is my real test
    To train them is my cause
    I will travel across the land
    Searching far and wide
    Teach Pokémon to understand
    The power that's inside

  • brent tupaz
    brent tupaz 3 months ago

    MEWTWO AND SID!!!!!!

  • christakisf Christakisf

    Actually if I were Sid and I learned they were alive I would conduct more "research".Homestly now, I would dissect them to see what makes em tick.

  • Mr bendy and Ninja toon

    I miss Pokemon

  • Xxxshadow girlxxx
    Xxxshadow girlxxx 3 months ago +1

    Answer frozen 2

  • Pat, Leader of PATSw0RLD

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  • Bill Tek
    Bill Tek 4 months ago

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  • Ernesto AntonioV
    Ernesto AntonioV 4 months ago

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  • Shelby Huston
    Shelby Huston 4 months ago

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    Awesome Guy6596 4 months ago

    The emoji movie is frozen 2

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    Ae Jay 4 months ago

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  • Funtime foxy x Funtime freddy

    Frozen Anna birthday

  • Maria Esther Selva Cardenas

    You forgot anastia from the cinderella franchise and lord business from the lego movie.

  • Lion Rock
    Lion Rock 4 months ago +1

    its ice cream cake

  • Brad Allen
    Brad Allen 4 months ago

    Ego its a villain he's just a unwelcoming guy

  • julia margarette aguda
    julia margarette aguda 4 months ago

    Hey when the day me and my sister when we go home saw a113

    REAL RANDOM NAME361 4 months ago +1

    4:06 I frickin love Napoleon dynamite

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  • BJ Nedia
    BJ Nedia 4 months ago

    lilo and stich

  • Abbenxena
    Abbenxena 4 months ago

    Sid shouldn't have been on this list, him becoming a good guy was just speculation, he could have gone through therapy and convinced himself that the toys being alive was just a vivid nightmare

  • l0vegirlgam3r
    l0vegirlgam3r 4 months ago

    I love the saying he’s so fluffy I’m going to die 😂

  • Denise Gittens-Duliepre


  • Alejandro Chaves
    Alejandro Chaves 4 months ago

    The Sid theory isn't a theory, since in the credits scene is his name

  • iamSketchH
    iamSketchH 4 months ago +2

    It might be a bit of a stretch to say Triton was a villain, as he was never designed to be a villain. Didn't see him that way even when I was little.

  • Shadow Jaxon
    Shadow Jaxon 4 months ago

    Ice cream cake

  • Rob Johnston
    Rob Johnston 4 months ago

    Ego isn't really a villain... He's kinda neutral

  • William Watkins
    William Watkins 5 months ago +1

    9:55 it’s “cuddly as a CACTUS!” And “Charming as an eel

  • Lion Runner
    Lion Runner 5 months ago

    The villian for ratatouille is chef skinner

  • Excelsior 1111
    Excelsior 1111 5 months ago

    Ash actually didnt always win (even if he has a picachu that wrecked a few legendary pokemon and lost to a snivy(i dont know how its called or written in english) lv.5 which he should onehit and his snolax with 6 attacks

  • Christine Joy Aquino
    Christine Joy Aquino 5 months ago


  • GrimSoul47
    GrimSoul47 5 months ago

    Hi hi everyone I just wanted to comment today because the video is really great but that I wanted a change of feel

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    HiHi guys

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  • Joshua Tyler
    Joshua Tyler 5 months ago +1

    Sad to see Stoick the Vast not on this list.

    • Icycamel Videos
      Icycamel Videos Month ago

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  • Lard Lover
    Lard Lover 5 months ago

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  • Bookgurl 656
    Bookgurl 656 5 months ago

    What about Woody? Don't forget, Woody is continuously trying to get rid of Buzz, and trying to kill him. Remember, he put Buzz under a truck tire and try's to crush him. Plus, he also likes to hit Buzz on his face.

  • AwsomePlayzYT
    AwsomePlayzYT 5 months ago

    Screen Rant if the little mermaid is podsaidens daughter then wouldn’t that make percery Jackson the Little mermaids half brother

  • Toy chica fan 08
    Toy chica fan 08 5 months ago

    My brother watched megamind and I watched the Grinch

  • Jayme Girl
    Jayme Girl 5 months ago

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  • Block Busters
    Block Busters 6 months ago

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    Evan Cruse 6 months ago

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    Ismael Ramirez 6 months ago

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  • VerdanaDaSkele
    VerdanaDaSkele 6 months ago

    The moon is not actually solid, so when gru took the mini moon down to earth it would have crumbled into dust. No saving it.

  • Lawren Phillips
    Lawren Phillips 6 months ago

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  • Ashley Pulley
    Ashley Pulley 6 months ago

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  • ZombieBlader EditsTv
    ZombieBlader EditsTv 6 months ago

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    Alyssa Davis 6 months ago

    NOBODY KNOWS WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE THE BAD MANNNNNNNNNN i cant watch this vid without singing it or thinking it lol

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  • Trying To Be Realistic
    Trying To Be Realistic 6 months ago

    10:53 if you read the credits of Toy Story 3, you’ll realise it’s fact.

  • Alex Garnica
    Alex Garnica 6 months ago

    To continue living as a bad person, or to change and turn yourself into good-Basically me... I used to be an ass towards everyone

  • virgil Ts
    virgil Ts 6 months ago

    honestly anton-ego (did i spell that right?) was never a villain he was a person doing his job..

  • Echo Solaris
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  • Qincatfirecat 360
    Qincatfirecat 360 6 months ago

    Minions are not adorable

  • Christopher Wiley
    Christopher Wiley 7 months ago

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    DinisourDoom roblox 7 months ago

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  • FNAFalie
    FNAFalie 7 months ago +3

    dark helment was created to destroy everything in his path. he can lift things 3 times his size and can see in the dark. sounds like a mithful human. even to danny and jack who see him come to earth to kill humanity. morritea ends up kidnapping danny and desighed to deliver him to president lootsnout to get revenge on the humans. dark helment ends up saving danny and setted down with the family mawg,barf. sweetest. villain.ever.

  • Marisa Medeiros
    Marisa Medeiros 7 months ago

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  • FNAFalie
    FNAFalie 7 months ago

    dark helment is tired of being the bad guy and ends up being good. when his boss is about to destroy earth, he has a change of heart.

  • Milly Bear
    Milly Bear 7 months ago

    I’m Jewish so that’s kind of offensive but I also celebrate Christmas so it’s fine

  • DP forever
    DP forever 7 months ago

    I’m gonna say something that is strangely satisfying BLACkTON BLACKTON

  • Julius Ceasar Paras
    Julius Ceasar Paras 7 months ago

    hey make this top 11 beacuse you forgot the villain that turn good is from the lego movie

  • Max2016
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  • Starsteps to heaven
    Starsteps to heaven 7 months ago

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    Groudon Gaming 7 months ago

    Good guys don't sometimes win

  • Hotslime
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  • PuppetManiac
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    Nilsperry 7 months ago

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  • Random :v maysaa Lol
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  • Henry Fleming
    Henry Fleming 8 months ago

    The actual reason that Mewto destroys the lab is because he had no compassion. If you actually saw the movie instead of just read some synopses online you would know that.

  • Big Bacon711
    Big Bacon711 8 months ago

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