Brad Makes Whole Hog BBQ with Rodney Scott | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

  • Published on May 21, 2018
  • Produced by Bon Appétit with YETI

    Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone is back for Episode 31 of "It's Alive." Brad learns the art of whole hog barbecue with legendary pitmaster Rodney Scott in Charleston, South Carolina. Join Brad as he chops and mops his way to a delicious plate of barbecue.
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    Brad Makes Whole Hog BBQ with Rodney Scott | It's Alive | Bon Appétit
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  • Brad Leone
    Brad Leone Year ago +8947

    What should ole Vinny and I get into next????

    • Big Piff
      Big Piff 6 days ago

      Brad Leone aerobics

    • kristein Thankachan
      kristein Thankachan 18 days ago

      The moon. You've gotta harvest some of that moon 🧀

    • Хангай Болдсайхан
      Хангай Болдсайхан 26 days ago

      Brad Leone Mongolian BBQ

    • Ducking Duck
      Ducking Duck Month ago

      Hey there BradyBoy

    • Mason Clark
      Mason Clark Month ago

      "People may disagree on who has the best BBQ," "Here, the brisket (particularly the burnt ends), pulled pork, and ribs are all of a quality that meet the high standards even of Kansas City natives. It's the best BBQ in Kansas City, which makes it the best BBQ in the world." - Anthony Bourdain
      Get youz and Vinny out to ole KC. KC Joes, Arthur Bryants, LC's, Slaps, Q39, and the Stack all phenomenal. The first and the latter 2 mentioned are a cut above the rest.

  • oldgoals
    oldgoals 3 hours ago

    To explain further on why they use coals instead of wood, when you put coals underneath wood like that it will actually off gas the liquids inside the wood. That gas is what is actually causing the flames to develop as that gas is burning. That gas can also change the taste of what it is cooking.

  • Felipe Brockveld
    Felipe Brockveld 4 hours ago

    I will visit this place! Please!

  • Felipe Brockveld
    Felipe Brockveld 4 hours ago

    Omg I would die for a piece of this meat!!!!

  • James L0w
    James L0w 21 hour ago

    this is probably the most watchable thing i have ever watched lol

  • ged glass
    ged glass Day ago

    australia is bbq ed

  • PollyPrissyPants

    Flagged for pornography

  • Ethen Rosas
    Ethen Rosas Day ago

    This video is much funnier if you pretend it’s made by sophisticated zombies

  • Vanessa und Max Hartmann

    yaay, brad got the yeti sponsorship!

  • Breaumance
    Breaumance 2 days ago

    Everyone likes Brad, though. Hard to not like a Golden Retriever.

  • Cole
    Cole 2 days ago

    Come do some KC BBQ Brad. you'll fit in just fine out here

  • Cole
    Cole 2 days ago

    still interested in his woood

  • ankokuraven
    ankokuraven 2 days ago

    oh the sound of bonesaws, ow
    bad memories

  • phil swifft
    phil swifft 3 days ago

    Rodney is like the John koffee of BBQ

  • TheJPJT1234
    TheJPJT1234 3 days ago

    God damm... I’m hungry AF now 😂😂

  • Keanu Huerta
    Keanu Huerta 3 days ago

    The way he said sorry and his face after spilling the mix 😂😂

  • eukatech
    eukatech 3 days ago

    North and South commin together with a whole lot of love!

  • Corey Ballenger
    Corey Ballenger 3 days ago

    Man, I need to make a roadtrip down here some day soon. The way people act is just so much different and more friendly than any place I've ever been. And the food looks good, too

  • Far Hama
    Far Hama 4 days ago

    Which restaurant is this

  • David King
    David King 4 days ago

    That place reminds me of a freaky crematorium

  • John The King Robinson

    Rodney is my new hero. Much respect

  • Will Howard
    Will Howard 5 days ago

    Who wants a six pack when you can have a keg.
    Haha said that my whole life. 😋

  • Bruce A. Ulrich
    Bruce A. Ulrich 5 days ago

    "You hear that guy's chain...that thing had a belly on it like me..." ha ha ha. Loved the episode!

  • Christopher Scriven
    Christopher Scriven 5 days ago +1

    Don’t worry I got the door vinny😂😂

  • C.S.H Church Street Hooligan

    I want a bite of that

  • April Kim
    April Kim 6 days ago

    That mop though 🥴

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 6 days ago

    I'm crying and I don't know why

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 6 days ago

    Brad is best dad next to my actual dad

  • Joe Trembly
    Joe Trembly 6 days ago

    This Jersey boys about to follow in ole Brady boys foot steps and go visit SC

  • DantalianTheWise
    DantalianTheWise 7 days ago

    I love that sorry part

  • Rory Bitcon
    Rory Bitcon 7 days ago


  • Lane Kamphausen
    Lane Kamphausen 7 days ago +11

    “It’s the technique”
    Spills everything

  • Tien Tran
    Tien Tran 8 days ago

    3s rule Brad.

  • 2 Claps and a Rick Flair

    What if Rodney and Franklin's got together and opened a place......

  • GaFoot72
    GaFoot72 8 days ago

    You're like the Detective Stan Switek of Miami Vice fame of the cooking world- you look like you could crush someone's skull with your bare hands, but you care about how someone's eggs are done. This place is literally on my bucket list, thanks for the head's up!

  • Pa gardner
    Pa gardner 8 days ago

    Charleston, SC

  • Calacoda
    Calacoda 10 days ago

    absolute gold

  • Justice Jones
    Justice Jones 12 days ago

    Brad is spread eagle for the first like 30 seconds of the video

  • Bot Ski
    Bot Ski 12 days ago

    Seeing brad cut wood is so satisfying to my soul, he has that natural lumberjack energy

  • Fourever Jasmine
    Fourever Jasmine 13 days ago

    Whooooo weeeeeee, Man U alright is all my uncles at the reunion to each other cooking

  • Lashane Hazzard
    Lashane Hazzard 13 days ago

    Gotta love the south

  • Rachel Newman
    Rachel Newman 15 days ago +3

    Low key humor in this vid. She’s a beaut.

  • Fossil Draws
    Fossil Draws 15 days ago

    I'd love to share a sandwich and a drink with rodney.

  • Annie Crawford
    Annie Crawford 16 days ago

    You crack me up. Holy Smokes it looks so good I almost starting licking my iPad. Makes me want real BBQ this minute. I will have to track some down. Minnesota in January has it’s challenges. Thanks for taking to see how the real thing works. Stay happy. 💐

  • Alex MC
    Alex MC 16 days ago +1

    I could watch him spill the salt and apologize on a loop for hours

  • Aidan Craig
    Aidan Craig 17 days ago

    Great episode. I need barbecue

  • Pancake Lizard
    Pancake Lizard 17 days ago

    DO more of this please

  • Bella Boo
    Bella Boo 18 days ago

    Brad repping Fretta’s!!! I miss that place so much!

  • Joseph Fox
    Joseph Fox 23 days ago


  • eric turner
    eric turner 23 days ago

    Awfully interested in rodneys wood

  • Chris Meadows
    Chris Meadows 24 days ago

    Some of the best BBQ in the country, I discovered Scott's BBQ in Hemingway through a RUclip video and now I see the Folks in Hemingway almost once a month. Well worth the 4 hr ride round trip.

  • Jami McNamara
    Jami McNamara 25 days ago

    That man LOVES his job.

  • Blake Martin
    Blake Martin 28 days ago

    Lol 💯 I live in Australia much love Rodney n brad

  • fucking-llama-hats
    fucking-llama-hats Month ago

    "Wood delivery"......
    Where do I sign?

  • Bryan Aiello
    Bryan Aiello Month ago

    True regional artisan, something that seems to be vanishing and might disappear entirely in less than a generation.

  • Elizabeth Russell
    Elizabeth Russell Month ago

    Brad chopping wood made me feel some typea way

  • Greystorm1619
    Greystorm1619 Month ago

    Good boy (slimy) was the best part of this vid, I love lizards!

  • Marcus Tranter
    Marcus Tranter Month ago

    This guy sounds like peele

  • ChallMoneeyyy
    ChallMoneeyyy Month ago

    Shiet I live in Australia... say no more

  • raf fy
    raf fy Month ago

    nun special just two straight guys talkin abt wood