As Seen Online - Funny Fast Food Car Products TESTED!

  • Published on Oct 14, 2018
  • We put these ridiculous fast food car products to the test. Are they useful or just a joke? Join us on our journey of discovery!
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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  Year ago +280

    Whoa! Thanks for tuning in, here are more videos you might like... or not like... we don't know... whatever...
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    • Outdoor and Gardening:
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    • M C
      M C 6 months ago

      I love the sense of humor in these videos, just randomly came across this channel like yesterday!

    • 1 2
      1 2 10 months ago

      Why would you try to cool a room temperature drink? Why wouldn't you show a test on how well it worked on maintaining temperature, just like you had done with the hot coffee.

    • Hotaru
      Hotaru 11 months ago

      I appreciate you giving the links, but the Google links exit the app on mobile and open a browser.
      Thanks though.

    • warlock040269
      warlock040269 11 months ago

      the road pro will cook stuff it is just the times which are way off. I used to use in my semi. I would stop 2 to 3 hours ahead of time, then line the inside with tinfoil and let it cook until I reached my stop for the night. You pull out the foil carefully and put on the plate. Then I got a microwave for the truck and the pro went into storage.

  • Marie x
    Marie x 3 days ago +3

    Ahhhhhh this video is driving me crazy lmao

  • Auto Blackout
    Auto Blackout 8 days ago +5

    You recommended a $12.99 French fry holder enven though its literally pointless

    • Auto Blackout
      Auto Blackout 6 days ago

      @Black Hat every recommendation is a joke

    • Black Hat
      Black Hat 6 days ago

      I think that one was kind of a joke. I mean...he drank soda and fries out of it, used it as a toilet paper holder, and recommended it as a “totally inconspicuous” way to sneak snacks into the movies.
      All signs point to that recommendation being a joke.

    • Auto Blackout
      Auto Blackout 7 days ago

      @Luke Tallwas watch their other videos and they actually say if they are crap or not. Some of the gadgets they have found are surprisingly amazing.
      Now it just feels like they are selling out

    • Luke Tallwas
      Luke Tallwas 7 days ago

      _Recommended in case you need it_ . Of course most of these things are pointless to 98.5% of the general population, but _IF_ you feel the need of a french fry holder for your car, get that. It ain't that hard to grasp what they're doing man, come on.

  • Ed Kummel
    Ed Kummel 13 days ago +4

    @5:40, when you were heating up the coffee, you do realize you were attempting to use a thermally isolated drinking cup, right? This is specifically designed to *NOT* allow temperature to transfer through the outside walls of the cup. So, kinda pointless.

    MARWAN AL-ALI 14 days ago +4

    U need to stop this , i can't stop watching these .. PLEASE STOP

  • Hanazakari Sama
    Hanazakari Sama 15 days ago

    Does it work with all cars ??

  • Vincenzo Sobowl
    Vincenzo Sobowl 19 days ago +2

    1885 original teeth eater 😂

  • Cabbage Boots
    Cabbage Boots 27 days ago +6

    What car is that?

  • lothean
    lothean Month ago +14

    I love the humor he adds with the products.

  • I like tractor S
    I like tractor S Month ago +15

    Now i just want some fast food

  • GTArmex
    GTArmex Month ago +30

    5:30 its supposed to keep stuff hot/cold not heat and cool stuff

  • Shay Detert
    Shay Detert Month ago +19

    I feel like for the smart cup, you miss used it. I feel like the cup is ment to keep drinks at or near there original temp, not get drinks to a desired temp

    • TiramiQ
      TiramiQ 29 days ago +1

      it didn't manage to do that though lol

  • Hamzi Abdallah
    Hamzi Abdallah Month ago +1


  • Nike konert
    Nike konert Month ago +1

    What car do you have?

  • The art wolf
    The art wolf Month ago

    Stop. Look and watch. Ready yet. Get set. Its alllllll that

  • MosiYeeto _
    MosiYeeto _ Month ago +8

    Tbh that car bed looks like something for somebody who sleeps in there car

    • Terry Rodbourn
      Terry Rodbourn 29 days ago

      MosiYeeto _ I did when I went to party far away to see old college friends I slept my drunk ass in the back (with the back seats down) and a traditional blowup mattress and sheets and pillow! The only draw back is fog from dreaming and breathing all night!

    • Mo
      Mo Month ago

      Or someone who fucks in their car

    • Matt Patton
      Matt Patton Month ago +1

      Brian Xu yeah but they’re still sleeping in it

    • Brian Xu
      Brian Xu Month ago

      The Horrible and terrible Peridot Maybe for if they get lost and stuck in a storm

    • The Horrible and terrible Peridot
      The Horrible and terrible Peridot Month ago +1

      Mosi Yeeto why would anyone else buy that if they didn’t sleep in their car

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith 2 months ago +4

    "Hey! They must of given me 1 to many" lmao

  • Latunsha Griffin
    Latunsha Griffin 2 months ago +3

    Was that a jumper cable he just used for flipping the 🌭 over 😆

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 2 months ago

    the hot logic is way better than the roadpro portable stove

  • Briksen Pavlak
    Briksen Pavlak 2 months ago +6

    Wait why are you using a jumper cable to pick up the hotdogs

    • Kevin Essiambre
      Kevin Essiambre 2 months ago

      How else are you to flip them when in the car? One tool for 2 things 🤣 that means less things to take with you.

  • Ella Webb
    Ella Webb 2 months ago +6

    This makes me hungry but I can’t go get food cause it’s fricken 2:30 In the morning

    • Jack Newton
      Jack Newton 2 months ago

      Ella Webb ah yes I forgot to factor in age, it is also very late and I’m watching these to go to sleep

    • Ella Webb
      Ella Webb 2 months ago

      Jack Newton true but my parents aren’t up and I can’t drive

    • Jack Newton
      Jack Newton 2 months ago

      Ella Webb what’s stopping you Macdonalds is 24 hour

  • Dream Goldé
    Dream Goldé 2 months ago +3

    Let me guess, your home?
    It was. . . ( 5:16 ) and it was beautiful.

  • loamda27
    loamda27 2 months ago +3

    The car bed will be your NEW best friend honey 𗁇💔👉🏼𗀽👋🏼bye bye!!!

  • WCTW Redux
    WCTW Redux 2 months ago +1

    If you slow down the video y will see that the stove actually Gets to 292

  • Bama899
    Bama899 2 months ago +1

    I’ve cooked all kinds of stuff in that stove at work it’s great

  • Bachz
    Bachz 2 months ago

    It goes too far

    AMERICANREBEL ! 2 months ago +2

    The back seat napper will also double as a beach float cushion!
    Cool video thank you.

  • Angelo Cardulis
    Angelo Cardulis 2 months ago +1

    This will be useful when I end up living in a car ;D

  • James
    James 2 months ago +10

    what a bunch of garbage.

  • Mir Mujtaba Ali Talpur
    Mir Mujtaba Ali Talpur 2 months ago

    BIN OF SIN hahahahahahha awesome

  • Rusty Nugget
    Rusty Nugget 2 months ago +1

    speakers on all these products would make them even more useless. wow!

  • Taco Cat
    Taco Cat 2 months ago +3

    Nice Manifest joke @ 2:13

  • Domonic Pratt
    Domonic Pratt 2 months ago

    Why didn’t you cool the coffee. Like if it’s too hot after the Starbucks drivethru 😂

  • Trx Patel 354 O
    Trx Patel 354 O 2 months ago

    I cooked Raman in the start cup 5star review

  • Juan Pardo
    Juan Pardo 2 months ago +2

    Wheel desk wont work in florida. You turn off the car and you now are all sweaty😂😂😂

  • Henti Kirby
    Henti Kirby 2 months ago +2

    I need that bed for college.

  • Thomas Hartshorn
    Thomas Hartshorn 2 months ago +2

    No one ever expects a fist fulla fries. A few fries more.

  • SepticSpring
    SepticSpring 2 months ago +3

    You put the drink in the drink holder lol

  • poncho iram
    poncho iram 2 months ago +1

    6:24 i love it..

  • Ben Morgan
    Ben Morgan 2 months ago +19

    10:03 bruh don’t complain I once slept in the fetal position for like 9 months straight

    • Supreme Overlord Skeletor
      Supreme Overlord Skeletor Month ago

      I used the middle seat of the car as a pillow. I'm 5'0

    • TXFranco Z
      TXFranco Z 2 months ago

      Why the fuck was it wet

    • batz10
      batz10 2 months ago

      Bro same we are like brothers it was really wet tho

  • Gary Voelker
    Gary Voelker 2 months ago +8

    I think the purpose of the car cooler/heater is that it’s supposed to maintain temperature not attain temperature

  • Birb Pope
    Birb Pope 2 months ago +9

    Do americans sleep with their shoes on?

    • so random
      so random 2 months ago

      I were steel toe boots with three pairs of socks

    • Birb Pope
      Birb Pope 2 months ago +2

      Nando Silva Got to be protected

    • Nando Silva
      Nando Silva 2 months ago +2

      we actually have shoes designated for such a thing. we also have optional bulletproof shirts and artery de-clogger at our 'water' fountains

  • Tyler Joseph Schommer
    Tyler Joseph Schommer 2 months ago +1

    La Croix is very American. Also, the laser of a laser thermometer is not where it reads the temperature from.

  • MAGA2020
    MAGA2020 2 months ago +8

    I purchased a Road Pro at a truck stop and you can buy aluminum pans separately or just use regular aluminum sheet to line it so you don't have a mess to clean. It works great but you got to keep it closed and give it time.

  • Aesthetic Deluxe
    Aesthetic Deluxe 2 months ago +18

    This video is shitpost gold

  • Viessfi
    Viessfi 2 months ago +19

    I thought this entire video was about food that he ordered online

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson 2 months ago +11

    why the hell do you drink lacroix

  • Doncella 13
    Doncella 13 3 months ago +13

    Did he use the car jumper to flip and grab the hot dogs?

  • Sandy DiVa
    Sandy DiVa 3 months ago +26

    I might actually look into that cup cooler. I always need a drink with me, I have a heath condition that makes me thirsty all the time. In the summer, even with the AC blasting, my iced coffee can literally get so warm it starts to turn in the hour -2 hours i drudge to pick up my spouse from work which, yes, I do 5 days a week. While it may not chill drinks, it might keep mine cool so that it remains drinkable and not start to go bad.

    • LuckyYt-_-
      LuckyYt-_- 2 months ago +1

      You can Always Get Thermos with ice
      But it does suck to keep a extra cup on you

    • JimiJimo
      JimiJimo 2 months ago +2

      What I was thinking aswell, Doesn't really seem like a way to cool a warm drink but to keep a cold drink cool.

  • no.
    no. 3 months ago +3


  • No Life Soccer Fan
    No Life Soccer Fan 3 months ago +5

    These videos keep my life going

  • Picco bow
    Picco bow 3 months ago +3

    These reviews are hilarious!! Keep up the vids!!❤️👍🏼

  • TheGringoJorge
    TheGringoJorge 3 months ago +11

    My boy said bin of sin 😂

  • xUndeadWitchx
    xUndeadWitchx 3 months ago +9

    What do you guys do with all the gadgets after the video, whether they work or not.?

    • xUndeadWitchx
      xUndeadWitchx 3 months ago +1

      @Experiment Zean LMFAO feel sad for the shmuck that buys it

    • Experiment Zean
      Experiment Zean 3 months ago +3

      I suppose if they don’t work they get either trashed or sold with highly inflated prices

  • trucker V
    trucker V 3 months ago +4

    I have that travel oven and it works fine. 10 min and hot dogs are cooked perfect and have also cooked a couple burgers in it. Obviously it doesn't cook like a stove at home but it does the job and actually browns the burgers. We don't use it all the time but when we travel especially in the winter it's nice to have in an emergency

  • James Cruz
    James Cruz 3 months ago +3

    Okay I know this was to make fun of the products but the cup holder Collier and heater is ment to keep already cool cool not cool down warm or hot

    • trucker V
      trucker V 3 months ago +1

      I agree. I was going to say the same thing. I don't really know of anything other than a fridge that will cool a room temp drink down like that. Just like my plug in coffee cup. It won't heat up my coffee but it works great to keep it at temp just as I'm sure if you put a cold drink in this it will keep it cold for a good while I'm sure.

  • Game God
    Game God 3 months ago

    i need that mattress

  • TheGamingOwl _
    TheGamingOwl _ 3 months ago +7

    “To set up your bin of sin.”

  • Team Techaholics
    Team Techaholics 3 months ago +2

    kinda funny how in the photo on amazon it shows a diagram of how to put the wheel desk on 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mrmusikman 82
    Mrmusikman 82 3 months ago +5