As Seen Online - Funny Fast Food Car Products TESTED!

  • Published on Oct 14, 2018
  • We put these ridiculous fast food car products to the test. Are they useful or just a joke? Join us on our journey of discovery!
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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  8 months ago +249

    Whoa! Thanks for tuning in, here are more videos you might like... or not like... we don't know... whatever...
    • Home Gizmos:
    • Outdoor and Gardening:
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    • M C
      M C Month ago

      I love the sense of humor in these videos, just randomly came across this channel like yesterday!

    • Jake Freeswick
      Jake Freeswick 6 months ago

      Why would you try to cool a room temperature drink? Why wouldn't you show a test on how well it worked on maintaining temperature, just like you had done with the hot coffee.

    • Hotaru
      Hotaru 6 months ago

      I appreciate you giving the links, but the Google links exit the app on mobile and open a browser.
      Thanks though.

    • warlock040269
      warlock040269 7 months ago

      the road pro will cook stuff it is just the times which are way off. I used to use in my semi. I would stop 2 to 3 hours ahead of time, then line the inside with tinfoil and let it cook until I reached my stop for the night. You pull out the foil carefully and put on the plate. Then I got a microwave for the truck and the pro went into storage.

  • thelunar hotdog
    thelunar hotdog 3 hours ago

    Ah so yall live in the west coast sinfe you guys have carls jr. nice to know

  • TherealTizzyT
    TherealTizzyT 10 hours ago

    Your temperature tests are never long enough. Water holds heat very well. You wouldn't expect a room temp can to cool down in the fridge within 5-10 minutes. Be more realistic dude

  • LaTanya Porter
    LaTanya Porter 2 days ago +1

    This is funny needed it thank you 👍🤗👀

  • Yukari Ryuiko Shinoki The Awagai Empress

    Im sorry was that a walking dead pun two times in a row? Coral's jr and grimsey?

  • Jose Pina
    Jose Pina 4 days ago +1

    The "smart cup" would be better If It had more cooling surface on the cup or can. It barely covered a bit of the can.

  • blaa6
    blaa6 5 days ago +1

    I more so need something that can keep a bag or two of food warm if not hot. The one in the video looks a bit too small for my taste. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

  • Random Me
    Random Me 7 days ago +1

    Just use the part under your door handle to hold your fries 🍟 duh

  • Federico Basta
    Federico Basta 8 days ago +5

    4:27 I think it’s meant to keep it cold, not cool it.

  • Brant Gentry
    Brant Gentry 8 days ago +1

    They sell the road pro at truck stops for truckers

  • Challenging Gameplay
    Challenging Gameplay 9 days ago +2

    The frie holder would not hold Texas sized fries

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 days ago +3

    Backseat mattress? I could have used one of those about 15 years ago.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 10 days ago +5

    Wow a whole 11 minutes of completely worthless shit.

  • Verry Nice
    Verry Nice 10 days ago

    Try to review nail clippers

  • Zephus
    Zephus 11 days ago +3

    I've been gone for 10 years... what happened to this channel? Lol

  • Aston Tenby
    Aston Tenby 11 days ago

    10:15 Lol @ Elm Street🤣

  • Butterfly knife tricks master

    This is perfect for someone that lives in there car

    • Aston Tenby
      Aston Tenby 11 days ago


  • Liam Campbell
    Liam Campbell 12 days ago

    Shoto smart cup

  • Fuhq Ewe
    Fuhq Ewe 20 days ago +12

    You idiot, it's suppose to be used on a drink that is already cold, or already hot, to keep it at that temperature.

    • Martin Luque
      Martin Luque 13 days ago

      @Iri nah I mean it's common sense that it maintains temperature, or else it'd basically be portable ice, which is weird since you'd mostly use it on coffee from home (which is already hot) or drive thru drinks (which is already iced). the "idiot" bit was pretty uncalled for though

    • Iri
      Iri 18 days ago +2

      It says ”warmer” and ”cooler”, so they advertise it as something who warms or cools drinks, not a thermos

  • Mark Rayes
    Mark Rayes 20 days ago +6

    oh god with the first one you know some idiot will use it when they are driving and put other's lives at risk

  • Hemer Hernandez
    Hemer Hernandez 21 day ago

    Just got a subscriber
    great video 😹😹

  • Tehblood
    Tehblood 23 days ago +8

    The cup cooler/heater actually could be pretty nice

  • Gus Burton
    Gus Burton 23 days ago +3

    He only did this so he could eat fast food, "for science"

  • MVP11489
    MVP11489 23 days ago +9

    I've had that electric stove for many years (truck driver). It works beautifully. I can grab a bunch of burgers, biscuits, etc. The. Keep them in an electric cooler. I toss something inside, start driving. And after a little while, its nice and warm. Good for those who dont have a microwave or inverter in their truck. They have these electric coolers that work the same way as that cup holder. Uses a peltier cooler that can be hot or cold. I have 2, one on the top bunk pass side, as a fridge, and one on the top drivers side with the A/C vent pointed at it, which made it a freezer. Those peltiers make about a 40 degree difference then the outside temp IIRC. Which is why pointing an A/C vent at the peltier got the inside freezing

    • MVP11489
      MVP11489 19 days ago +5

      @jymz13 lol, that was such a creative and well thought out insult.

    • ThatOne Ginger
      ThatOne Ginger 21 day ago +5

      its a small child on his parent's device. pay him no attention

    • jymz13
      jymz13 23 days ago +1

      @ce neblock Mind your business.

    • ce neblock
      ce neblock 23 days ago +6

      @jymz13 what the heck is wrong with you?

    • jymz13
      jymz13 23 days ago +2

      Shut up you fat fuck.

  • D R
    D R 24 days ago +12

    I can finally sniff cocaine on the first product

  • Fett Up with Puns
    Fett Up with Puns 25 days ago +6

    How much did carls pay you?

  • Thechristopherryan
    Thechristopherryan 26 days ago +5

    My stove doesn’t have a door although my oven does.

  • Bonnie Amey
    Bonnie Amey 27 days ago +2

    Same lies they feed us when they tell us that there is no cure for cancer. Make an example of solutions that are targeted to fail. Makes us think that these inventions "don't work" .... however, they would work if manufactured correctly.

    • Travis Pratt
      Travis Pratt 5 days ago

      Wtf are you talking about Bonnie? Maybe it’s time to see someone about that paranoia...

    • グェンジェシカ
      グェンジェシカ 9 days ago

      Idiot, cancer isn't a single disease. It's many different diseases constantly evolving, stop downplaying science or, just go make your own cure for cancer....

    • beepboopbois gaming
      beepboopbois gaming 11 days ago

      Sir we are trying to watch car gadgets

    • Kaas Koekje
      Kaas Koekje 18 days ago

      Petrifiedwoodasslmao 😂

    • Petrifiedwoodasslmao
      Petrifiedwoodasslmao 23 days ago +4

      This is a video on car accessories

  • Bonnie Amey
    Bonnie Amey 27 days ago +1

    Manufactured in China?

  • MunnuM Khalid
    MunnuM Khalid 27 days ago

    i m more entrusted to buy that car of yours

  • MonsterLegendz Noob fallen_knights

    These products are so expensive

    Cuz i need a car to use them XD

  • Steve H
    Steve H 28 days ago +10

    I think that drink cooling gadget is meant to keep things cold or hot, not make warm drinks cold.

  • rewtuser
    rewtuser 29 days ago +1

    man i haven't seen this channel in several years, but i didn't realize that the host had become a complete prostitute.

    • olu0mg
      olu0mg 23 days ago

      Awww. So cute of you.

  • DAS Neuge
    DAS Neuge Month ago +2

    This reminds me of the Simpsons. Where Homer bought all those car accessories.

  • goodiesohhi
    goodiesohhi Month ago +2

    Water's high heat capacity makes it very hard to change its temperature.

  • Anders007
    Anders007 Month ago

    im eating carls jr watching this xD

  • T.H.C Mcgee
    T.H.C Mcgee Month ago +3

    That coloring cup I think is supposed to keep things cold and keep things hot, not heat or cool them

  • Joan Mezzacappa
    Joan Mezzacappa Month ago +3

    paper doesnt conduct heat hence the poor result from the cup of water

  • csknives2140
    csknives2140 Month ago +1

    its all chinese crap

  • Taha Iftekhar
    Taha Iftekhar Month ago

    9:55 even has a pillow wall to make sure you don't wake up in the front seat. LMAO

  • Dee Zee
    Dee Zee Month ago +1

    Hate how the dude eating the tenders is so obnoxious , slamming shit lol like chill.

  • roboticrainbow
    roboticrainbow Month ago +1

    I don't care about as seen on tv , and already live in Asia so I can get most of this stuff before the prices are jacked up and they are exported to the western world. So even though I don't have much use for the reviews I am subbing just for all the clever horror references dropped in the few videos I have watched. I am just assuming someone involved with making this content either has a similarly dark sense of humor and may also be a horror junky/nerd. Thus your channel must deserve my sub, hope to continue finding these little hidden gems in future content. You will keep a new sub if that turns out to be the case, and I will keep giving likes each time as well, nice work.

  • Sean McDonald
    Sean McDonald Month ago

    As a nurse who does lots of night duties in a hospital over an hour away from home, that matress looks good to me. I normally chuck a doonah in the back but maybe its time for an upgrade . . . . .

  • Sean McDonald
    Sean McDonald Month ago +1

    That french fry holder, worn around the neck, is actually a fantastic two way radio holder when you pair it with two lanyards. Its very convenient.

  • Belle Ariel Aurora Disneybust

    Only bad thing with tray its not made for plus size people

    • jesus bastidas
      jesus bastidas Month ago +1

      @Kaissner yep probably is, but thats there most likely client.

    • Kaissner
      Kaissner Month ago +6

      Tbh its for the best lol

  • BnT Smith
    BnT Smith Month ago +4

    steering wheel desk works well in my tractor trailer

  • Herk Ñ
    Herk Ñ Month ago +1

    Your voice just isn’t funny. The jokes are okay, but your delivery and voice just isn’t funny.

    • Tyee Baee
      Tyee Baee Month ago +1

      Obviously people like it. You just don’t.

    • Sailor Pupitar
      Sailor Pupitar Month ago +6

      Not entirely sure what you want from him. His voice is fine to me, if anything it's just slight deadpan, which isn't an issue.

  • Unknown Soldier
    Unknown Soldier Month ago +1

    How to live like an ideal American

  • Cloud9 Samqtpie
    Cloud9 Samqtpie Month ago

    Hiding the face i gotchu homie

  • Mr Brown Jack
    Mr Brown Jack Month ago +3

    Today I got the wheel desk and it's very good

  • beef4all
    beef4all Month ago +2

    You guys crack me up! keep it up, love your videos

  • Neri Matrixx
    Neri Matrixx Month ago +1

    Those products are all dumb...made for dumb Americans

    • redeye jedi
      redeye jedi 11 days ago

      Neri not true they're also good for weeding out racist Foreign assholes.

  • Raghda Mbaideen
    Raghda Mbaideen Month ago +2

    In my country (Jordan) Carls Jr. is called Hardees

    • Kristal C
      Kristal C Month ago

      Wayne Rookie Got it here In the east coast

    • Raghda Mbaideen
      Raghda Mbaideen Month ago

      Wayne Rookie thank you for giving me this piece of information :)

    • Wayne Rookie
      Wayne Rookie Month ago

      Raghda Mbaideen Carl's jr is only available in West coast USA. Worldwide, it's hardee's.

  • Bob From Oxiclean
    Bob From Oxiclean Month ago

    I'm the only one to notice how close the background music is to the discord ringtone : (

  • Tristan H
    Tristan H Month ago

    what the fuck is this American portion size

  • Nyx773
    Nyx773 Month ago +5

    4:05 I am completely disappointed that they didn't immediately heat some carbonated beverage. Not only because it would be funny, but it would be an important lesson to teach others "why".

  • yuvgotubekidding
    yuvgotubekidding Month ago +11

    These test/reviews are so entertaining. Much better than others that take 4 minutes to introduce themselves and the product before testing starts. Your sarcasm is the best, I smile through the whole video.

  • Cor
    Cor Month ago +2

    Things to make you more obese.

  • anne neilsen
    anne neilsen Month ago

    We don't have any these thing here in my country thank you for sharing

  • Ibraheem _
    Ibraheem _ Month ago

    Why in the thumbnail Subaru stering wheel is up side down?

    • Cameron Brown
      Cameron Brown Month ago +1

      What a stupid question. I mean if it wasn’t answered less then 1:30 seconds in the video.

    • danny Lee907
      danny Lee907 Month ago +3

      Watch the video and find out dude. 1:13 is your answer

  • Jay The First
    Jay The First Month ago +13

    This channel is a troll right?

    • PewDie Pie
      PewDie Pie Month ago +1

      Jay The First I don’t think so

    • Lorde Tanish
      Lorde Tanish Month ago +6

      Jay The First yes it is, it’s just that his voice makes it hard to find out whether or not he’s being sarcastic

  • Antonia Dehner
    Antonia Dehner Month ago +3

    "To make sure you dont wake up in the front seat" 😂

    • BadDriversOf Georgia
      BadDriversOf Georgia Month ago

      Back when I use to do the flea markets when I was in my early 20s I would use one of them air up float beds you put in the pool and a few times I did wake up in the front seat !

  • Prettyone118
    Prettyone118 Month ago +3

    Now with this video you could probably live out of your car 😂😅

  • Matt Boling
    Matt Boling Month ago +18

    I have that backseat mattress. I work overnight and have full duties at home so don't get a lot of sleep time. That thing is a lifesaver for catching a nap at lunch. I've even gotten sheets, real pillows and cozy blankets. It looks like a home. I love that thing. (It's also an extra security since I live with the constant threat of being homeless at any given moment :/ )

  • KrisMcCool
    KrisMcCool Month ago +4

    Dude, that cup was like a refrigerator, if you put room temperature water in don't expect it too cool down a lot more then slightly cool if you only put it in for 10 mins

  • nairblooc
    nairblooc Month ago +1

    Dont give up your day job....stand up comedy

  • Kevin Keck
    Kevin Keck Month ago +2

    These attempts at humor with the products are fucking cringeworthy

  • EmsyCish
    EmsyCish Month ago +7

    "It exceeds all 0 of our expectations"

  • Hannah Dee
    Hannah Dee Month ago +2

    "... gave us the opportunity to hit that whip and skip out on social interaction." Why is this so relatable?

  • Blue Yoshi
    Blue Yoshi Month ago +1

    Damn I’m hungry

  • Undead Slayer
    Undead Slayer 2 months ago +4

    Ka ka

  • Patrick Walker
    Patrick Walker 2 months ago +5

    The French fry holder jokes was kind'a corny.......bur yet informative 😂

  • 君rei
    君rei 2 months ago +11

    You know, that first product could be pretty good for homeless students/people who live in their car.

  • Isaac
    Isaac 2 months ago +10

    turn on your seat heater and leave your bag of food on the seat

    • Fu Sensei
      Fu Sensei Month ago +1

      Why not put them under the hood

    • Spoogly
      Spoogly Month ago

      Some seat heaters wont actually turn on without weight in the seat

    • Najassta Slays
      Najassta Slays 2 months ago +1

      I do this with my pizza on my 3 minute drive back home😂

    • Boi 1234
      Boi 1234 2 months ago +6

      Isaac bold of you to assume I have a seat heater

  • DogCat Dude
    DogCat Dude 2 months ago +12

    “It gives you that cozy feeling of flying on an airplane and landing 5 years later”

  • Chase Linden
    Chase Linden 2 months ago +5

    You know what would be cool if they made food look like they do in the commercials.

    • BadDriversOf Georgia
      BadDriversOf Georgia Month ago

      The food they show in the commercials is sadly not real at one time it was made out of clay but with todays time it all could be CGI Food !

  • TheBDGaming YT
    TheBDGaming YT 2 months ago


  • VitalExistence
    VitalExistence 2 months ago +2

    you're videos are so hilarious lol

  • Bastel Tanayao
    Bastel Tanayao 2 months ago +3

    "Bin of sin" 😏

  • alex tyler
    alex tyler 2 months ago

    we are stalkers we watched him go to sleep

  • Chuck The Zipper
    Chuck The Zipper 2 months ago +1

    1,2 Freddy's coming for you

  • hi spicy the real one
    hi spicy the real one 2 months ago +6

    1:40 when driving you see a guy cutting vegetables

    • Billy Bob
      Billy Bob 2 months ago +1

      Why r u top comment it has 1 like its mine

    • Trent Wickham
      Trent Wickham 2 months ago

      Horror movie scene

    LEGENDARY & EPIC 2 months ago +1

    Hut dog's?

  • Jay Mo
    Jay Mo 2 months ago

    The road Pro cook stove actually has aluminum inserts you can buy at most major truck stops. The aluminum inserts I made to cook in and throw away when finished

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith 2 months ago +7

    at 7:54 did he just use the jumper cables as tongs.

  • John Razon
    John Razon 2 months ago +1

    Subscribe to @Luke Razon

  • ray w
    ray w 2 months ago +2

    No one knows there was duct tape engineered into the 2017 impreza

  • Yawar Ahmad
    Yawar Ahmad 2 months ago

    Buy a evo

  • Dyani K.
    Dyani K. 2 months ago +4

    I sense a presense.. A slav presense...

    Iiiiiiiiis BORIS

    • DogCat Dude
      DogCat Dude 2 months ago

      Dyani K. These are the best ways to slav your car

    • TheNeoLeo
      TheNeoLeo 2 months ago


  • Mano
    Mano 2 months ago

    did he just make a manifest joke?

  • N Bologna
    N Bologna 2 months ago

    Ew i hope u washed that steering wheel desk before putting ur chickie fingers and carrots 🥕 right on it!!

  • Ryan Antczak
    Ryan Antczak 2 months ago +9

    Where was this back seat bed all those time I was too drunk to drive and I slept in the back seat of my car???

  • Ryanthekill8
    Ryanthekill8 2 months ago +2

    That tackle box looking heater , my brother had one for when he was OTR and my god it heats stuff up quickly and I burned myself with ravioli but it was soooooo good lol

    • mass
      mass 2 months ago +1

      I had one for keeping baby formula warm on a long trip. I couldn't cook things in it but it worked well for the formula. It did have a cooling feature on it as well. I forgot it in the truck one night and the next day my drinks had frost on them. I was pretty impressed. One of the other drivers had one just for heating and it worked well. Fifteen minutes would cook a dog until it was starting to split.

  • Danny Varghese
    Danny Varghese 3 months ago +3

    I have used the steering table its ok

  • Noah_Lawz
    Noah_Lawz 3 months ago +2

    Now I Want Carls Jr Lol

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K 3 months ago

    We live in Michigan and some one in my Family worked for Ford .
    Best Company in the world.
    Someone in my Family worked for the Government.
    We had a F-150 4.5 seat Truck a E-150 6.5 seat Van ,and a Ram Van owned by the Government of Michigan .
    The E-150 2.5 back seats became a Queen bed .It was going to be the my Van after I got my Driver's license. One day I all most crashed on a 4 way 55 MPH road with my Brother and Mom in the E-150 .So I went on a Dirt Road max of 55 MPH with my Dad for some time . I did not get my Hours and Miles in so that I can try for a Driver's license I ran out of time because I was 19.5 years old and did not want a 16.75 year old think that I was Stupid, and Mr. Obama sold all Cars ,and Vans to China . Let's just say I didn't vote for Him . They need Driver's School for people 20 to 79 years old. They need less 4 way 55 MPH roads in Michigan.
    They need to make Flying Cars for Normal people and let people that are : Blind , Death , Bipolar, have Dyslexia, ADHD , PTSD ,and Autism Spectrum disorder .Let not Normal people drive the older not Flying Cars ,and Vans .
    They let people with HIV ,and people that are Gay and people that are 3 feet tall Drive Vans and Cars .

    • banana cat
      banana cat Month ago

      Hey I live in Michigan

    • mass
      mass 2 months ago

      WTF. Are your parents related?

    • Ms. Smith
      Ms. Smith 2 months ago

      Its obvious this person is full of shit, he loves Found On Road Dead (FORD) 😛

    • YoungThug's readingglasses
      YoungThug's readingglasses 2 months ago +1

      You are so misinformed ignorant and stupid...what "they" need to do if anything is stop people like you from voting and make people with your simple mind take an aptitude test and a test to make sure you are emotionally sound to drive and work . you need someone who is a tolerant mature secure and intelligent person to approve of everything you do before you do it especially reproduce for now your banned from doing that until you are approved and have your test scores People like you alarm me and make me nervous like there's you and then there's more like you and it's like they let you have a voice and its like your voice is so loud but there's nothing worth while coming out. Who put those ideas in your head was it your bigot grandpappy or something your a fucking idiot case closed your banned from everything forever

    • Emily Harris
      Emily Harris 2 months ago +2

      @Mike Napier what an absolute load of cock and bull they're spewing.

  • Yuri eu
    Yuri eu 3 months ago +2

    French fries holder there is some ubiquitous thing about this acessory which gives me a strange feeling.

  • Krish Patel
    Krish Patel 3 months ago

    What about catch-up

  • Faith Smith
    Faith Smith 3 months ago +5

    How did the cup do with an actual cold drink

  • ZoahPorre
    ZoahPorre 3 months ago +2

    definitely added the stove thingy to my disaster kit...