• Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • Amazing beauty remedies to treat your skin
    Hey beauty lovers, in this video, I bring to you some cool and amazing recipes you can try at home to solve all the problems you come across in your pampering routine.
    - I show you how to create your own natural lipgloss using aloe vera juice and food coloring.
    - I show you amazing aloe vera recipes for every occasion. You can cut an aloe vera and massage your skin with it to get rid of wrinkles. You can also apply a leaf on sensitive skin to eliminate irritations. You can even use aloe vera as a brow gel for your makeup.
    - To get rid of dark circles, simply apply a couple of cucumber slices under your eyes.
    - I show you how to create your own natural hair mask to get rid of dandruff. Simply grate a cucumber, then add one egg and finally a tablespoon of salt.
    - I also show you how many uses you can get out of activated charcoal. You can use it to dye your hair, whiten your skin, and even create your own peel-off mask.
    0:27 - Amazing aloe vera benefits
    4:21 - DIY natural makeup remover
    5:44 - DIY cucumber crisps
    7:22 - How to get rid dandruff naturally
    9:28 - Cool hacks using activated charcoal
    14:12 - DIY blackhead remover
    15:57 - How to relieve irritated skin
    17:54 - How to make your own peel-off lipstick
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    Wow soo nice thanks for..........👌👍👍👏👏😊😊

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    roshan lal 19 hours ago

    Every Indian has know more than 400 uses of alovera

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    Jubay Blu 2 days ago

    It is safety or not pls tell me i am gonna try it all

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    Available homemade product.for beauty with best results

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    edith Isolina 7 days ago

    Bad breath ? Here’s a cucumber it takes the smell away

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    Dancing_M 8 days ago

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    Phil Bill 8 days ago

    Next video; crippling depression? Just use aloe Vera 🙃

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    Lindsay Dyndiuk 9 days ago +3

    5-minute crafts: use aloe vera as hair gel
    Me: um there’s hair gel right

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    itsjustkashii 9 days ago

    HAVE YALL TRIED THIS ? do they even work????

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    Someone’s falling apart
    5minutecrafts: PuT aLoE VeRa On iT

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    OO no dont you ever get a wound full prego 1:35

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    That sunburn was so fake and hilarious 🤣🤣

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    Just apply aloe to your sunburns you don't need to cut up a cucumber then blend it with water and aloe

  • lime slime best times
    lime slime best times 12 days ago +1

    Just wash your hair

  • Beatz and Boba
    Beatz and Boba 13 days ago

    Things aloe actually works for :
    Small cuts (on finger, face, neck, hands, arms, whatever)
    Burns (I’m not counting sunburns as this, I mean fire burns. If you have a welt or burn mark, try aloe)
    Stretch Marks

  • Shook Eth
    Shook Eth 13 days ago

    Here’s an important lesson taught to me by my wise uncle.

    *”if you get a bee sting, put an onion on it.”*

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    Aole vera va neega poduva athu allam skin kum othukum but lata reaction tharum athvetu cream ethu podathiga athu sikaram effect tharum but ethu chemical lo atha sikaram effect tharum

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    Crab Gal 14 days ago

    Drain the aloe before putting the aloe in your mouth. There’s a substance that can make it very bitter if it’s not drained out

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    from the first hack, i thought she will make money Hahaha

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    Why did you use cucumber, this is is supposed to be a aloe Vera video
    People these days

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    5 minute crafts: put aloe vera on her/him


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