London Fuller (young Carol Danvers) talks girl power! |Captain Marvel Red Carpet Premiere

  • Опубликовано: 5 мар 2019
  • London Fuller (Young Carol Danvers) stopped by our livestream to talk girl power and what it was like working with Brie Larson.
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Комментарии • 95

  • yerdevesi
    yerdevesi 11 дней назад

    Everyone says she's cute and adorable and stuff. I will say that she is really intelligent, speaks clearly and gets her point across, even in a stressful situation when she's surrounded by cameras and microphones.

  • Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana
    Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana 12 дней назад

    She seems adorable. Jackson Robert Scott who plays Georgie from IT is an adorable child actor.

  • Rae Lynn
    Rae Lynn 15 дней назад

    what a sweetheart. i love her purse!

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena 16 дней назад

    I'm surprised she isn't British.

  • princeofpersia
    princeofpersia 18 дней назад

    When an 8 year old girl shows more maturity and is a better feminist than Brie Larson

  • harry tenesen
    harry tenesen 18 дней назад

    Stupid girl, watch dragon Ball

  • John Powell
    John Powell 18 дней назад

    Alita March 8th.
    That is all.

  • mic chequeone
    mic chequeone 18 дней назад +2

    Lil queen 👸

  • Alex Wallet
    Alex Wallet 18 дней назад +2

    Oh so cute little women XD

  • TrickyPanda 65
    TrickyPanda 65 18 дней назад

    This is a marvel movie?

  • RedandPen
    RedandPen 18 дней назад

    She can't help but laugh

  • MrScarLord
    MrScarLord 18 дней назад +1


  • Ice Fury, Director of Shield
    Ice Fury, Director of Shield 18 дней назад +1

    0:09 Wow.... This kid has a great sense of humor!

  • Urayoan Ruiz
    Urayoan Ruiz 18 дней назад +2

    Toxic Comment section

  • jeffrey murray
    jeffrey murray 18 дней назад

    If only brie Larson wasn't part of this movie

  • XΛNDΞR :]
    XΛNDΞR :] 18 дней назад +3

    So cute omg

  • Henry K.
    Henry K. 18 дней назад


  • EchoFilmHD
    EchoFilmHD 18 дней назад +5

    SHES SO adorable i’m crying

  • Akhil Global
    Akhil Global 18 дней назад +3

    💪💪👌👌💯💯Captain Marvel💯💯💪💪👌👌 അടിപൊളി

  • Mg Reyes
    Mg Reyes 18 дней назад +1

    Can we just let her live and be a kid, why we asking such deep questions to someone who maybe just turned double digits? She's cute and doing her thing, imma leave her be

  • Rahul Borah
    Rahul Borah 18 дней назад +9

    She’s so lovely ❤️

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 18 дней назад +8

    Great now I want to visit London

  • el erick Rodriguez
    el erick Rodriguez 18 дней назад +1

    The last four days for captain marvel

    KUZTOMIX 18 дней назад

    Can't wait..but I just wished a 100M+ movie could have matched the eye color of the 2 actresses. Probably easier than erasing a moustache.

  • RedandPen
    RedandPen 18 дней назад +6

    She looks so nervous

    • Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana
      Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana 12 дней назад

      I would be feeling nervous for any child actors to do interviews. Like the way IT premiere, I also felt nervous for Jackson Robert Scott (Georgie) when he was interviewing how he plays Georgie in IT 2017. Jackson Robert Scott doesn't seem get nervous to do talks and interviews. He kind of shy to me but he don't seem to be scared, he isn't scared to talk about his role of Georgie, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, The Loser's Clubs and everything at all. This girl could be so nervous. Oh, I would be nervous for the new child actors and actresses to speak with interviewers and reporters.

    • RedandPen
      RedandPen 18 дней назад

      Thanks for the highlight marvel love all the movies

  • David Roller
    David Roller 18 дней назад +2

    Sounds like she was spoon fed!

  • Theman Joe
    Theman Joe 18 дней назад +7

    I really hope there's more to this film's message other than just "girl power", because from what I've seen, that's the sort of vibes of gotten unfortunately.

  • dontcallmewave
    dontcallmewave 18 дней назад +4

    She should have been the star instead of Brie “ I hate men” Larson

    • xenoslayerlv426
      xenoslayerlv426 18 дней назад +1

      cristiano Ronaldo I hv article proof saying she does

    • cristiano Ronaldo
      cristiano Ronaldo 18 дней назад +8

      dontcallmewave 😂 i have a Video proof brie clearly saying she don’t hate white man.

    • Tay Clark
      Tay Clark 18 дней назад +13

      she never said she hates men

  • IAmVenom
    IAmVenom 18 дней назад

    They should've let her play Captain Marvel

  • Oliver Kennedy
    Oliver Kennedy 18 дней назад +61

    Please don't bring any controversy into this comment section this girl is too innocent

    • Ryder Dunsworth
      Ryder Dunsworth 13 дней назад

      She’s my cousin she really nice

    • blue the blues
      blue the blues 16 дней назад

      +Admiral Snackbar i watch videos do you think he should go up against trump in next year

    • Admiral Snackbar
      Admiral Snackbar 16 дней назад

      +blue the blues there a ban Shapiro video you should watch,

    • blue the blues
      blue the blues 16 дней назад

      +Admiral Snackbar lets don't forget rey from star wars is good example of how to be a overpowered character with no dept i gotta say i saw Alita it was awsome so was wonder woman heck they should made black widow movie in phase after Captain America winter soldier

    • blue the blues
      blue the blues 16 дней назад

      +Admiral Snackbar well didn't mean like that i look at these comments in full red carpet video some people even said that they force little girls to interview but i don't believe that plus i can see why people are not likeing Captain Marvel and i hope in endgame she does not one shot thanos

    ABHI USTAAD 18 дней назад +3


  • bruce lau
    bruce lau 18 дней назад +40

    OMG that’s totally adorable tho , I love her , I just know there’s gonna be so much hate in the comments

  • lunar night
    lunar night 18 дней назад +8

    Wow good for her!

  • Trash Gordon
    Trash Gordon 18 дней назад +8

    Is claiming boy power considered sexist. Just wondering.

    • Trash Gordon
      Trash Gordon 18 дней назад +3

      +Noel Srx not the boys born today or in the last few decades. Are they gulity?? Come on give me some SWJ nonsense. Whats your stance on boys only being 35% of Universities or 27% of med school. Or the majority of the homeless population. Or vast majority of suicide? Have they been doing it for centuries?

    • Noel Srx
      Noel Srx 18 дней назад +5

      You've doing that for centuries.

    • Mari Randle
      Mari Randle 18 дней назад +3

      Trash Gordon As a feminist not at all

  • Invalidts2Official
    Invalidts2Official 18 дней назад +7

    This movie is gonna flop!

  • Dutch
    Dutch 18 дней назад +14


    • Dutch
      Dutch 8 дней назад

      +Kieron Campion 400 mill is a flop!? Lol it broke even and will get a sequel.

    • Trash Gordon
      Trash Gordon 18 дней назад

      +Kieron Campion still in the theaters

    • Jose Tobal
      Jose Tobal 18 дней назад +4

      Captain marvel on the 8th

    • Kieron Campion
      Kieron Campion 18 дней назад +6

      It was pulled from cinemas because it FLOPPED so hard!

  • Isaiah Davila
    Isaiah Davila 18 дней назад +25

    That’s pretty darn cute

    BSJ IN YO HOUSE 18 дней назад +17

    Shows more emotion than Brie.

    • DerpyFaceBoii 21
      DerpyFaceBoii 21 18 дней назад +2

      cristiano Ronaldo wow.. what a combat... he is so hurt right now....

    • cristiano Ronaldo
      cristiano Ronaldo 18 дней назад +15

      BSJ IN YO HOUSE Brie show more emotion then your entire family.

  • ReigningBatking
    ReigningBatking 18 дней назад

    0 views but 3 likes?... And it continues huh. Smh.

  • Gabriel Cesar
    Gabriel Cesar 18 дней назад +3


  • super k
    super k 18 дней назад

    Second kinda

  • Gnanam Saka
    Gnanam Saka 18 дней назад +18


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      Gnanam Saka 18 дней назад

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    • Matt J
      Matt J 18 дней назад


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    • Dintuk
      Dintuk 18 дней назад +1

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  • Hey Weenie Jr.
    Hey Weenie Jr. 18 дней назад +3

    technically this doesn’t count but first

    • Hey Weenie Jr.
      Hey Weenie Jr. 18 дней назад

      theroach 24k why you gotta be mad its a comment

    • theroach 24k
      theroach 24k 18 дней назад +1

      Hey Weenie Jr. shut your fucken mouth