The Reality of a 12-Core CPU in 2019

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    AMD's comeback continues with the 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X... a 7nm chip with excellent boost boost frequencies, modest power draw, and a decent box cooler (which we'll test in a separate video). But despite its performance and relatively decent value, should you even consider one for gaming, streaming, and/or content creation?
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Comments • 80

  • Greg Salazar
    Greg Salazar  8 months ago +166

    @6:14 "mpbs" RIP.

    • Ryoku Hasu
      Ryoku Hasu 4 months ago

      Funny enough one of my most played games does use all core optimization so I'm in a use case where more IS more.

    • Probably Not A Chicken
      Probably Not A Chicken 7 months ago

      Mega Penis Bat Shit
      Mega Penis Guano
      Large Dick Guano
      Immense Richard Shit --------> IRS

      Tax Fraud Confirmed

    • Goku1080 Ti
      Goku1080 Ti 8 months ago

      Diego Ignacio Falcone with a 2080, if you’re playing at 1080p you may consider the 3700X

    • deminybs
      deminybs 8 months ago +1

      @Diego Ignacio Falcone hey we running the same parts, is yours the gigabyte white version ? Lol
      I plan on getting really any of the 3rd gen Ryzen chips to upgrade early next year. only games I play that doesn't push 144fps to match monitors refresh rate is BFV, & tomb raider games @ max settings @1440p.

    • deminybs
      deminybs 8 months ago

      Nice video!!
      question: does anyone know if the headphones listed at the beginning are comparable to my Oppo pm-3's ? Love them but thinking of getting and open back pair as well

  • Vas Vryus
    Vas Vryus 7 days ago

    "Do not buy a 12 core just to say you have one" - Well.. 8 months too late to see this video. Oh well, opening task manager to see all my beautiful, powerful cores is still very therapeutic.

  • SMGVirus
    SMGVirus 11 days ago

    I upgraded from the 3600x OC'd to 4.4GHz to the 3900x OC'd to 4.375 and honestly i don't see much a difference in games but that is expected i play at 3440x1440p with a 2080ti. But in synthetics there is a decent bump in scores. In some games i noticed better utilization of the 2080ti however but it was pretty rare TBH. The 3700x is the sweet spot for Ryzen and gaming for sure. In a year or two i think this will change however the new CPU's will be out and i would assume that in gaming the new "4600x" if that's what it's called will beat the 3000 series anyways by then with the faster IPC just like the 3600x is faster then the 2700x in gaming. I had a 1800x OC'd to 4GHz and even my 3600x beat it in synthetics in multi scores. I bought the 3900x because i got it for $385.

  • Tro Danko
    Tro Danko 14 days ago

    Just got one for 420 bucks, lets get faded

  • H Gravelode
    H Gravelode 15 days ago

    1440p or 4k ..

  • Armani Rocha
    Armani Rocha 16 days ago

    In brazil the 3950x is double the price '-' sad

  • GameyDaddy
    GameyDaddy 19 days ago

    But its 12-Cores!

  • Airforce One
    Airforce One 23 days ago

    Im kinda new, somone know whats a 12core? Is the octa core better than the 12 core? Hexa core is lower than the octa core?

    DESTROYER 27 days ago

    guys, i am selling this PC with ryzen 9 3900x for only $1400 cause i have to travel today 3/3/2020,

  • thelaughingman79
    thelaughingman79 Month ago

    for 250 bucks you can buy a 12 core Threadripper 1920X. but you'd be really disappointed. because it gets eaten by the 2700x and 3600x. Theres always something faster around the corner. no need to go crazy to get the fastest chip.

  • Rory Witham
    Rory Witham Month ago

    Well, that kinda gave a answer.
    I found it too hard to.
    I have 8, my daily was four, and it wasn't struggling.
    But I have 16 also...
    But I'd go not for the GPU, but the mobo...
    The extra pcie makes a difference.
    But like everything, software and users all have different requirements.

  • I Hendrycks I
    I Hendrycks I Month ago

    I think what people are saying with consoles is that when the PS5 and Xbox Series X comes out, they're using higher cores/thread CPUs so that'll trickle down to PCs as well. Any console ports will start utilizing more than a quad core and so you'll get way better performance on most PC titles sooner or later.

  • Steven Martell
    Steven Martell Month ago

    I'm using dual xeon x5670's 12 cores 24 threads from 2010 I got for dirt cheap and they seem to just be getting better as time goes on.

  • Aes Cyprium
    Aes Cyprium Month ago

    10:36 yeah youd have to be some kind of idiot to be doing that...
    *scans room nervously*

  • Shaxuul
    Shaxuul Month ago

    I built a system with a 3700X last October (was previously on i5 2500K), and was able to get even MORE fps out of my aging GTX 1050 Ti (compared to my previous CPU). It absolutely rips through everything it is put through.

  • Ravi Peiris
    Ravi Peiris 2 months ago

    Regards to Pepsi

  • Tullerion
    Tullerion 2 months ago

    *looks at his 3900x and 2080ti *cries a little

  • White Legend
    White Legend 2 months ago

    the game industrie needs to push the manifacturing industrie to make next step on the market evolution with better games = needs better pc so 2020 starts with an epic 550€ cpu with 12 cores, i mean its WOW !!! i own one and i fuk everything :DDDDD

  • White Legend
    White Legend 2 months ago

    i figured out that After Effect ignoring anything in that multicore thing. i tested 4k 60 fps and you CANNOT scroll timeline smoth and fast, on a 5- 10 min timeline with 4k 60 fps is so laggy i wonder my self. rendering its a monster ! but structur interactive moving it nees more pwer from the software. premiere pro is perfect with this CPU, i wish AE has the same support in 4k videos like premiere pro. but its ok. adobe rocks anyway ! premire pro (+ cinema4d) boom, but After effect boooh ? why ?

  • Filetsteak
    Filetsteak 3 months ago

    fortnite uses all cores

  • Brian Shears
    Brian Shears 3 months ago

    So your saying a 9900K run at 5GHz beat the 3900X running at 4.3 Ghz, but not by much. Seems to me the 3900X is better. I'll buy that just to say I have one!

  • Philip Wood
    Philip Wood 3 months ago +1

    I'm buying a 12 core because I am hardcore!!!!!!

  • Rainbow Cookie
    Rainbow Cookie 3 months ago

    You need to have 12gb ram to have the best performance

  • Mike Mckay
    Mike Mckay 3 months ago

    Youre actually way off the mark by saying consoles are a completely different thing
    That USED to be true, but the next gen consoles are basically PC hardware in a console. So yeah its still optimised, but I will bet you that the optimisation on AMD console chips will then ALSO be used for the AMD desktop parts in the PC versions of the games as any development company would be stupid to maintain parallel development teams when the hardware has stopped being dissimilar
    This "might" also be able to be transferred to the PC version running on intel/Nvidia systems, but its quite possible that differences in the sub architectures might mean that once optimised for Xbox and PS5 they run smoother on a desktop based around RDNA and Ryzen than they would on intel/Nvidia either helping AMD to catch up with the top Intel chips or perhaps even surpassing them depending on how "optimised" the optimisation ends up being
    The negative downside could however be that instead of using console optimisation to improve PC games, they do the opposite and take the similar platforms as an excuse to use the far more lazy PC approach and lack of such focused optimisation to be transferred to the console dev teams lessening how well optimised for the platform they are. But I think this is the less likely of the two to actually happen

  • Act1veSp1n
    Act1veSp1n 4 months ago +1

    I just bought a 12 core!

  • Georg C
    Georg C 4 months ago

    64 cores 128 threads Budget cpu 4 the future

  • stevae wei
    stevae wei 5 months ago

    I will NEVER understand anyone building a really great system JUST TO PLAY GAMES!!! It's a ridiculous waste of a computer and money. Gaming is great, but there is MORE TO LIFE than sitting in a room for double digit hours playing games. And there are thousands of better uses for a computer. Lastly, what's the deal with all these reviewers having cats on their reviews????? I bought the twelve core because it's the better cpu all around!

  • traum640
    traum640 5 months ago

    Wha? I'm buying a 3950x to dj,

  • David Holmes
    David Holmes 5 months ago

    I was gifted a 12 core Ryzen 9 3900 system. How would I say no to that?

  • Lachlan Mackay
    Lachlan Mackay 5 months ago

    See the thing is I got an i5 3570k 12 years ago, yes it runs all my games but you turn on TeamSpeak or discord and you don't have much left over, especially if you play battlefield, I always regretted not getting the i7 like don't get me wrong it's a beast but you buy the more cores you will be happier for longer

  • luckyyu2004
    luckyyu2004 5 months ago

    Bought mine 2 weeks ago, why? because I can download porn, video chat with GF and play some basic game ALL AT ONCE #ryzen

  • nassim kamah
    nassim kamah 5 months ago

    What the best Motherboard 260$-170$ for AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

  • Fausto J. González Martín

    But you are using the CPU just for gaming! And when you compare premiere, you are comparing just encoding with premiere, using your hardware accelerated GPU from intel. Is this a joke?

  • Diabolical Lad
    Diabolical Lad 6 months ago

    Jokes on you I just found a used 350€ 3900x!

  • Naif Thghost
    Naif Thghost 6 months ago

    The more capable cores you get the more future proof you get, since games like resident evil 2 remake can utilize more than 6 cores its more likely the newer games will,, i wont talk about multi core scores because its obvious whats the better choice

  • Naif Thghost
    Naif Thghost 6 months ago

    Why would you buy an 8 core cpu with a price of a 12 core cpu? 😂

  • jako997
    jako997 7 months ago

    Science Studio, I plan on becoming a RUclipr doing Gaming and reviews ( like what you did in this video) on new technologies that come out and maybe streaming. Are you saying the 3700x makes more sense to get to do what I want on RUclip for it's price point? I thought 3900x would make sense but idk.

  • shreddaddy1
    shreddaddy1 7 months ago

    Anybody remember Broadwell E? Back in 15 it pretty much failed,AMD begged it from Intel and thats what you see going on right now,a rehash of broadwell by the thrift store brand AMD. It will also fail,and you should already know what Intel is cooking up as we speak! The future is lower core count,higher compression.

  • Moist Calzone
    Moist Calzone 7 months ago

    Still waiting for the 3950x

  • Kamil Löschl
    Kamil Löschl 7 months ago

    I have one! But I bought it not for the 5Fps or to say I have one, but for that sweet sweet extra cache! By the way,... I have one!

  • Wes Hart
    Wes Hart 7 months ago

    6 core now days is considered normal and perfom very good in gaming, 8 core is for productivity and gaming at the same time without losing performance so is considered as the better side and 12 core well youre a baller and youll be flexing for years to come

  • Yudi Xie
    Yudi Xie 7 months ago

    Since this is a CPU test, any iGPU involvement automatically renders that particular result meaningless (unless it's called SoC or platform test...).

  • DizzyPanda
    DizzyPanda 7 months ago +1

    I guess you don't get the purpose of these CPUs. It is mainly targeting content creators who play games and do other stuff at the same time. Don't test it for one task, just try to play the game, stream it, capture in-game video at the same time and you still will have enough CPU power for encoding a video in the background.

  • Grieverus
    Grieverus 7 months ago

    why nobody test the 3800x? :(

  • C O
    C O 7 months ago

    Not sure what to use it for, but I bought it and built a PC yesterday.

  • The Greigh Network
    The Greigh Network 7 months ago

    Where the heck can u find this at $479? Everywhere I see these for $600+

  • Tony Upchurch
    Tony Upchurch 7 months ago

    I never use Intel hardware encoding because you definitely take a quality hit. So you will get faster encodes but lose quality and that isn't really a fair comparison.

  • Attila Deák
    Attila Deák 7 months ago

    Practically u have used the IGP in the 9900K with the premiere pro, so it wasnt the cpu cores what made this boost, but the igp.

    • Attila Deák
      Attila Deák 7 months ago

      @Greg Salazar Agree, but at the same time its not part of the CPU, if u know what i mean. This way we could use a GPU next to the AMD CPUs too.

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  7 months ago

      It's a part of the package.

  • lastone032085
    lastone032085 7 months ago

    *skips over anything Adobe related since they suck at multicore and cuda programming* Yup, performs as expected. Still waiting for the 3950.

  • Michael Mabe
    Michael Mabe 7 months ago

    the 9900K was and IS a beast of a chip. I mean it was the best consumer grade CPU on the market, which is why its so glorious to see the 3900x absolutely MAN handling it.

  • chris99103
    chris99103 7 months ago

    Why is this that all you techtubers have toothstick arms and pidgeon-chests...? scratchhead

  • Cold Fire
    Cold Fire 7 months ago

    Seriously using the iGPU is total bs. You’re no longer comparing CPUs your now comparing a CPU vs CPU + GPU
    This would be the same idea as enabling CUDA acceleration on one and not the other. On top of that many people are picking up the 9900KF with no iGPU and they would have totally different results.
    Comparisons need to be apples to apples to be relevant.

  • Jossue Munoz
    Jossue Munoz 7 months ago

    Too late, I already got a 3900x....

  • Larry F
    Larry F 7 months ago

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you enable GPU encoding in Premiere Pro?

  • David Sanz
    David Sanz 7 months ago

    dude the best of the vid is the cat! love it! tks for the info

  • Ryan vtec
    Ryan vtec 7 months ago

    16 cores or not worth the upgrade

  • YouBlaydLunner HeSayYouBlaydLunner

    @4:35 Uses adobe trash.... get the F off YT. lol

  • Slide Through, Slick
    Slide Through, Slick 7 months ago

    Man ALL your shit is questionable

  • Harrison Cheyne
    Harrison Cheyne 7 months ago

    I buy 12 core to support amd 😂

  • Nate H
    Nate H 7 months ago

    Spoiler dont need one..

  • 🚀🌛 ₿
    🚀🌛 ₿ 7 months ago

    How Adobe Premiere works under the hood:
    if(ProcessorManufacturer != Manufacturers.Intel)

    • 🚀🌛 ₿
      🚀🌛 ₿ 7 months ago

      Maybe some Bitcoins are floating to Adobe...

  • Anthony Salerno
    Anthony Salerno 7 months ago

    Once they start utilizing 8 cores on all games standard then multiple cores will finally be used to their fullest

  • Ga Me
    Ga Me 8 months ago

    99%: Don't need it. 1%: Definitely need it.

  • rageinthecage 34
    rageinthecage 34 8 months ago

    How bout the reality of deez nutz in 2019 now that's special 🤣😂🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Gabriel C.
    Gabriel C. 8 months ago

    Awesome cat!

  • Chad Hay
    Chad Hay 8 months ago

    Yours scores seem a little off i can do 4.375ghz at 1.29v on a 3900x and score 7840 in cinebench r20. The voltage can be weird with ryzen 3000 it can run at a very low voltage and still not crash unlike the 2700x. I got mine to run 4.3 under 1.1v and got 7500 in r20. I get around 30600 physics in firestrike at 4.375. I think mine will do 4.4 haven’t tried it but i think i got a pretty good chip. But im not sure what makes a golden chip, but if you can hit 4.3 under 1.3v i think thats good. Have some videos of my runs i would like compare my score with others that have similar clocks.

  • Macky Mode
    Macky Mode 8 months ago

    If you have to brag about having more cores to feel good about yourself, you are a lost cause.

  • Yuke Gaming
    Yuke Gaming 8 months ago

    The problem is that the higher core count CPUs have higher boost clocks .... which should be better in gaming if you dont do an all core overclock. I dont get the reasoning behind this but i hate it because i cant decide what to poning my rig update for 8 months now...

    THE ILLEGITKING 8 months ago +2

    How are your adobe premiere results accurate when literally everybody else's review the 3900x smokes the 9900k? Your explanation was a little confusing

      THE ILLEGITKING 7 months ago

      @Jake Northand hmm okay. Well if thats the case it seems kind of counter intuitive in that case. Just imo not an expert on this.

    • Jake Northand
      Jake Northand 7 months ago

      Mr person dude man he had to enable hardware encoding, which also means installing and enabling integrated graphics. This isn’t the default, so my guess is most reviewers don’t do this

  • SubVersa
    SubVersa 8 months ago

    Please, that premiere bench is just filthy, and HW acceleration is not the same quality as CPU encoding so, please do fair tests, it's ok to bench both and indicate differences, like in this case or avx 512 advantages and such, otherwise this is Cancer, filthy fanboy...

  • Van Peters
    Van Peters 8 months ago

    Intel Xeon e5640 2x cpu config 1×+1×+1×+1×+1×+1×+1×+2×+1×+1×+1×+1×+1×+1×+1× at 2.67ghz

  • eagletrippin
    eagletrippin 8 months ago +1

    You explain stuff very well: in very simple, understandable terms. Thank you.

  • TheDarthTux
    TheDarthTux 8 months ago

    "Future proof" depends on how long you're keeping the CPUs for. If it's less than 5 years 12-cores makes no sense. If it is closer to the life cycle of a console or longer, then 12 or 16-cores may be worth it IMHO! I just remember reviewers a couple of years ago saying buy an i5 for gaming they are the best value CPU for gaming, now an i5 makes no sense. If I have bought an i5 when I got my i7-4790K I would have been crying now!
    May also want to keep in mind that Windows 7 is end of life in January 2020, meaning there'll be even more of an incentive to phase out DX11 and move to DX12 and Vulkan, both of which are probably better at utilizing the larger core and thread counts.

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 8 months ago

    Thanks for giving me insight at least. I have way over the money to buy the 12 core, and I was super settled to buy it. Not just because I’m trying to flex, but because I really thought it would be future proof and I do like more frames on my new 1440p monitor.
    Thanks science studio!

  • Klust413
    Klust413 8 months ago

    You should do a benchmark video on the most used gpu's and when they bottleneck and when it no long makes sense to go higher than say a 3600/x. The "mainstream" benchmark if you will.

  • Soner Koca
    Soner Koca 8 months ago

    Who buys a top of the range CPU to play 1080p? I wish these tests were done on 1440p.

  • Mirroez
    Mirroez 8 months ago +1

    I'll buy the 12 core, however.
    You can't get one :)

  • Makozer
    Makozer 8 months ago

    was hyped for months for the 3900X. I saw that its just 5% faster in games and then bought the 3700X ... i think im sadly getting older :((((

  • Garth MacLeod
    Garth MacLeod 8 months ago

    I'm probably not a big audience, but CPUs like this are good for MMO players like myself who play on multiple accounts at the same time.
    I run 7 copies of an online MMO on my 8 core Ryzen 1700. If I had as many accounts as some nerds, I would definitely need one of these.

    • Hello There
      Hello There 8 months ago

      Not really, I ran a mining company with 7 accounts mini boxed on a popular space MMO. (not Adam) with a Quad 9650 at 4.05 ghz with no problems even during a gank with 6 other players. Four cores, four threads. and a 1070 at 1920x1084

  • Владимир Великов

    @Science Studio Hi, I have a question about that 3900X. In my case I have 2 Fury X cards that are bringing my 7700k to its knees and I am losing performance. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that PCI-e 4.0 will help a bit and I will have what I want. I am happy with my GPUs, but not at all with my CPU. May you help me to decide which is better: 9900k or 3900x in my case? Mainly I play heavily-threaded games and do video editing also. And for motherboard I am not sure does ASUS Crosshair VIII Formula is the better choice overall. It seems like MSI MEG X570 and Gigabyte EXTREME motherboards are the way to go. What are your thoughts?