UNUSUAL HEROES | Inanna Sarkis, Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking

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Автор Inanna Sarkis ( назад)
Thank you for watching! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!

Автор Ciara Magat ( назад)
I hate the subtitles bc they always get it all wrong

Автор Javacat GT ( назад)
How did you make Hannah act so weird? xD

Автор Turuu Theo ( назад)
I love it

Автор Thary Cheng ( назад)
whats the first song in the front of the vid

Автор Anna-Lisa Ithindi ( назад)
when she said , I see my target I thought ... well somebody is dead

Автор Makala Marin ( назад)
I was so dead at 4:06 when she hit the wall 😂

Автор María Martínez ( назад)
It is the size of my exs shaft

Автор María Martínez ( назад)
Oh no don't touch me

Автор Yazz Lol ( назад)
What was Lele's power?

Автор Zarrin Ali ( назад)
What's Lele weakness I curious

Автор Tamaaara Jaynnne ( назад)
That ending was on point 😂

Автор Freya Williams ( назад)
The end😂😭😂😭

Автор Stuffed Shows ( назад)
Go to
instead of hunny we shrunk the kids
hunny shrunk the kids its hunny we shrunk the..........
what go to 6:07 to find out

Автор Jadafover17 Ortiz ( назад)
Damn am Hannah before she came smart

Автор Mikayla Silvas ( назад)
she has the most awesome videos I ever seen

Автор Sydney Cervantes ( назад)
Your intros are so cool I love them

Автор My World ( назад)

Автор Clover Gaming ( назад)
I subscribed all 3 of you guys~~~
Inane Sarkis, Lele Pons, and Hannah Stocking!

Автор kawaii galaxy girls ( назад)
the song is marshmello make me cry

Автор EzzyIsSuper ( назад)
"He's about the size of my ex's shaft"

Автор IDFC if I get to 500 subs I will upload a vid ( назад)
this looks like a movie and all of you could be amazing actress

Автор JsandCs Channel ( назад)
make a whole movie of this pleaseeeee😥😆😆😆😆😄😄😰😰😰😰

Автор JsandCs Channel ( назад)
My favorite song is playing by Noah cyrus make me (cry)😄😄

Автор Stella Chrog ( назад)

Автор Faith Wu ( назад)
2:54 oh it's the silence

Автор Quan Duong ( назад)
Hannah just hanging on the fence yelling"hey guys were trying to get in"

Автор Aniyah Haylock ( назад)
what the song at 0:28 - 0:37

Автор keshav bansal ( назад)
you guys create this amazing content of around 5mins every week, it's awesome, I hope to see big movies coming from you guys in the future

Автор Daniyal Asif Khan ( назад)
Waiting for the Part 2.

Автор Natalie Leon ( назад)
The end WHAT Hannah said me 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Parusia Temo ( назад)

Автор Meh -_- ( назад)
hes smaller than my exs shaft

Автор Neha Yaduwanshi ( назад)
Lele: We are supernatural......we have powers...... then #*"''slam"":: .....😂😂😂

Автор Sherlly Gama ( назад)
this needs to be a series

Автор Ronald Quintanilla ( назад)

Автор Ronald Quintanilla ( назад)
Hola in Anna

Автор Carl Gohsman ( назад)
hannhe and lele i feel like are greart friends like if u ageer

Автор EmilyDancer 2.0 ( назад)
Love these skits and you!!!

Автор lydilouful ( назад)
It wouldn't be 1% it would be 0.01%

Автор Jenny Jong ( назад)
I was so scared at the beginning! OMG!!😲!!!

Автор Awesomeness At Its Finest ( назад)
"Honey we shrunk the ____"

Автор Lunar Moon ( назад)

Автор Kyegan Goguen ( назад)
I think you are hot inannan

Автор Kyegan Goguen ( назад)
I think you are hot

Автор Gracieee Lacieee ( назад)
I love it when they're alll together

Автор Urban Galaxis ( назад)
Hannah is so funny 😂

Автор Julian Glenister ( назад)
"it's about the size of my ex ***"

Автор Katherine bryce ( назад)
lnanna you are beautiful as always👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸

Автор Noelle Sung ( назад)
Lol hannah is the super karen smith omg so dumb😂😂😂

Автор Stella Sparklez ( назад)
This should be a movie. And, Inanna, Lele and Hannah should STAR IN IT! 😄

Автор Surf_girl_ava 2 ( назад)
My name is Ava

Автор Isis Salas ( назад)
you guys should do Star Wars

Автор Girllovescatsandgameing ( назад)
are they your best freind

Автор The Name's Ellie :/ ( назад)
Omg I love Hannah soooo much

Автор GHOSTGUM ( назад)
Thaught she said "that's the size of my exit shaft" I was like TF then realized that she said "that is the size of my ex's shaft" lol 😂

Автор Ashley ( назад)
Was the music in the intro the same as the music they played in Family Guy when they showed Diane and James Woods secret relationship?

Автор Dillian Stockman ( назад)
I subed you pretty good stuff

Автор maria rocker ( назад)
the size of my exs shaft omfg😹😹😹😹

Автор Emyle Xiong ( назад)

Автор Giselle Paris ( назад)

Автор Kathy Perezz ( назад)
6:17 lol

Автор Kathy Perezz ( назад)
6:17 lol

Автор Vanessa IsAwesome ( назад)
She should make this a series

Автор Hanica Jose ( назад)
What is a hero

Автор Isoscel1982 ( назад)
what's the ending song?

Автор NecoX ( назад)
pt.2 pls

Автор CARTER HACKS23 ( назад)
At 59:27

Автор CARTER HACKS23 ( назад)
At:45 it's funny as hell

Автор klaudia szewczuk ( назад)
What is That song in the background at the begining?

Автор Tae Price ( назад)
Inanna needz to be in a actual movie😍😍

Автор Jeffry Agron ( назад)
the ending, omg😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Cake Pop ( назад)
Honey we shrunk the bully

Автор vanilla cupcake ( назад)
Honey, we shrunk the Bully

Автор The Weird Gina ( назад)
Who get the joke when she say "Honey, I shrunk the kid"?😄🤣😂

Автор Mr Ninja ( назад)
inanna its me damien you now my mom victorie

Автор UnicornBlingThing ( назад)
Honey, *we shrank the bully!*

Автор Wes_Disney_fan_ 101 ( назад)

Автор Gonçalo Rhea ( назад)

Автор Diamonds Sparkles MSP ( назад)
When Hannah's name in the video is Dora.

Автор shantel 101 ( назад)

Автор Macy Productions ( назад)
Can u do a part two

Автор MasterGamer ( назад)
You need to make this a series

Автор Animator Rainbow drops ( назад)
Omg Hannah is sooo funny lol 😂😂🤣😋

Автор Mathilde Enoux ( назад)
what does shaft mean?

Автор Necoett TCG ( назад)

Автор Samira Haddad ( назад)
Hannah: "It's about the size of my ex's shaft"😂😂😂😂

Автор Jessica Tarifa ( назад)
Omg inanna is such a good actress i love how she can change to mean to be shy ❤❤❤ she is really good

Автор Aliahmad ( назад)
is this true

Автор Adamaris Quiñones 2010 ( назад)
h de JD Perón la maleta de la no no me ha dado por comer no se no se

Автор Adamaris Quiñones 2010 ( назад)
jxgdkdt que se le puede hacer por ya no se puede no me ha

Автор Niki's Vlogs ( назад)
Hannah was so funny 😂

Автор Kitty Bow ( назад)
part 2! ;D

Автор Dilini Jayaweera ( назад)
Man I love Inanna

Автор tasmia ansari ( назад)
She is so talented she NEEDS more subscribers, I can't believe it took me so long to find her #JustSubscribed

Автор Karis Gillette ( назад)
See these are the type of videos everyone should make because they're interesting and worthwhile.

Автор Mahilet Kalkidan ( назад)
your eyes👌

Автор Mahilet Kalkidan ( назад)
This is like a scary movie😨

Автор kittymeow677 ( назад)
Outtro song?

Автор Angelica De La Paz ( назад)
you are so good at making videos

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