Most Expensive MISTAKES Ever Made!

  • Опубликовано: 2 фев 2018
  • Check out the most expensive mistakes ever made! From losing winning lottery tickets to business deals gone terribly wrong, this top 10 list of epic fails resulted in a lot of money being lost!
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    13. Star Wars Merchandising
    When George Lucas persuaded Fox to release his film Star Wars: A New Hope, the company was not entirely on board. In fact, they were convinced that the film would flop. It’s a miracle the movie was made in the first place! In order to save a little money, the studio came up with what they thought was a clever solution. They persuaded Lucas to pass on an additional $500,000 in directing fees. In exchange, Lucas kept all of the licensing and merchandising rights for himself.
    The movie, however, turned out to be a major, culture-shifting hit. In 1978, more than 40 million "Star Wars" figures flew off the shelves, reaching a gross sale of more than $100 million. The notoriety and love for the movie only grew with time. It didn’t even matter if a new movie was coming out, the toys continued to sell. For example, in 2011, a year where there was no new "Star Wars" movie, "Star Wars" toys brought in more than $3 billion. No so good for Fox, but George Lucas became a billionaire!
    12. Mars Climate Orbiter
    In the late 1990s, NASA developed the Mars Climate Orbiter to study the climate on Mars (like its name suggests). The purpose of the orbiter was simple and no one really expected anything to go wrong. It’s also the general assumption that NASA checks and double-checks everything. Well, with the orbiter, something small but critical slipped through the cracks.
    On Sept. 23, 1999, the Mars Climate Orbiter crashed into the red planet. Why? Because of math. Specifically, because of a conversion error in the math. One engineering team in charge of the orbiter used metric units. Since most of planet Earth uses metric, that probably didn’t appear to be a problem, except that the United States is one of a handful of countries still on the Imperial System. A second team of engineers used feet and inches and the math was not properly converted.
    This caused the navigation in the orbiter to go a little awry. After nearly 10 months in space, the Mars Climate Orbiter came too close to the planet’s surface on the day it was supposed to enter Mars’ orbit. In a written statement, NASA said, “People sometimes make errors.” This error cost $125 million and countless hours of work.
    11. The Millennium Bridge
    The Millenium Bridge in London opened in June, 2000. The designers called it a “pure expression of engineering structure” and were extremely proud of their cool, sleek bridge that cost 18.2 million pounds. It was the first bridge to be built over the Thames in more than 100 years and around 80,000 people crossed it on its opening day. Unfortunately, it had to be closed right away.
    Why? Because it wobbled. As more and more people started walking on the bridge, it started to sway. To keep their balance, people started planting their feet wide and walking in near perfect unison.
    Engineers used “lateral suspension” in building the bridge. This innovation allows bridges to be built without tall supporting columns. When a large number of people walked on the bridge, it caused a phenomenon known as “Synchronous Lateral Excitation”. Essentially, it swayed and twisted in regular intervals. As people started to walk in unison to adapt to the movement of the bridge, it just made it worse! The engineers blamed the “synchronized footfall” for the failure of the bridge.
    It was closed and engineers installed dampers and springs to absorb the shock of all the pedestrian feet. The repair cost another five million pounds. Today, the Millennium Bridge still carries the nickname of the Wobbly Bridge, even though it doesn’t wobble any more.
    10. Destruction of 150-year-old guitar
    Quentin Tarantino’s Western The Hateful Eight is famous for several reasons but I think one of the most important scenes is when Kurt Russell’s character breaks a guitar. There was nothing particularly special about the acting of that moment, it was all about the musical instrument.
    In the movie, Jennifer Leigh’s character strums a guitar and everyone told her to be super careful with it. It turns out the guitar used in that shot was a 150-year-old rare guitar rented from the Martin Guitar Museum in Pennsylvania.
    Russell’s character is like, give me that guitar! And he snatches it from her hands and smashes it on a post.
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    *Why not titanic!!!!!*

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    Steve jobs stole his buisness model.

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    The Millenium bridge does not have a nickname, just made up by this american tosser who cannot pronounce British names.

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    Cargo ship:Can I please dock my ship?
    Cargo ship:breaks in half and spills oil
    Spain:what the heck

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    The woman reading this is soooooo obnoxious.

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    I'm 0.3s in. Oh I can just tell this video is going to be shit.

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    How was the Millennium Bridge that expensive a mistake? They just retrofitted dampers to it. Fixed. It added $8m to the bill but that's a nothing mistake in the world of civil engineering and the bridge has been perfect ever since. I can think of dozens of other examples that ended up costing way more than that. They happen all the time. The foot bridge that totally collapsed sadly killing several people near Florida University is $15m down the drain.

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    I heard they saved the pre TimeWarnerAOL signs so it didn't cost them as much.

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    You missing an importen one, Denmark giving Norway most of its oil fields, because the minister were drunk

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    12:37 That happened to my Lego building when I was a kid. I guess they tried to save money by building a cheap foundation.

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    3:10 So why not simply call the "bridge" a public "swing"? That would have been a far cheaper fix.

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    You forgot the election of trump.

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    '2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 that's 3 quick maths'
    -Big shaq 'Man's not hot'

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    Many of the photos/videos have nothing at all to do with the topics.

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    The piles were hollow and didn't have the specified rebar within them.. In addition the building was loaded lopsidedly with an earthen mound on one side of the building.. add in weather.. and it toppled over.

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    0:33 yo is that the chick from the tv show Atlanta? Glovers girlfriend?

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    My wife should be on this list.

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    How much was that guitar worth? Oh, $40,000? But it might have been worth more.
    The real question; who the heck loaned it to Tarantino?

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    How about John Prescot, British MP who purchased millions of pounds worth of trains that did not fit on our tracks, or another member of parliament who spent billions of tax payers money on Identity Cards, and then realised the impracticality of them? How about the Millennium Down that remains one huge white elephant, that continues to cost thousands in security, a building that would be cheaper to burnt down.

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    Lol Fox must have a grudge on lucas

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    I got a joke why did the building collapse ...

    Because it was MADE IN CHINA.
    Get it... ok not funny but kind of.

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    Anyone else live in Alaska

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    NASA lies

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    The voice is anoying as fuck!

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    1) War on Drugs. 2) Cold War Arms Race.

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      3) Voting Donald Trump.

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    If a 125 Million dollar mar's orbiter disaster is the #11 why is a 40 thousand dollar guitar number 9?

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    No1 After making the universe God put man on it. No 2 Beatles sold merchandise rights for peanuts. No 3 putting mosquitoes onto the ark. No 4 the concept of pension and insurance selling. I'm bored....going

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    I don't believe the guitar story. Sounds like a publicity stunt hoax

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    That we know of...

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    Electing President TRUMP

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    why do you use random footage like apollo footage when describing mars climate orbiter?

  • Atheist Avenger
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    yep I missed out on bitcoin too, I knew about them early and could've got them for 10 cents each-I never thought they'd go up so much. I would've been filthy rich right now if I did. However I'm a stock trader today and I think I can make a lot by other means-but bitcoin would've been best.

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    What about Hitler’s invasion of Russia. Wasn’t that a blooper!?

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    Trump's Wall will be a big mistake

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    Most expensive mistake ever, a whole country ruined by the Brexit scam concocted by billionaire offshore bottom feeders helped by a corrupt UK government and its spineless opposition.

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    IBM letting Gates to keep the rights to DOS software!

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    How about the mirror on the Hubble telescope? We had to hang our heads on that one.

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    I remember having all these old Star Wars toys each of them had there own gun the star troopers the guys with the weird helmets and the lightsabers like I’m not a big Star Wars fan but I used to love these toys

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    Liberal party,..known to have scammed Canadians for years,and yet always ahead in the votes,..we do not have a say,our votes do not count,and the scams keep going on and on

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    number 1:
    Donald trump was born.

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    Kinda like the 'Galloping Gertie'... bridge built in WA. That had to bet torn down and a new one engineered and saving that, since weather made it sway.

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    #1 is my dad not wearing a condom

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    inuit not escimo

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    In the uk people can walk in unison on a bridge to try and save eachother.... In the US we run

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    If Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor get a 6 month delay, Germany would have been the first to create the atom bomb

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      Really? So close to stop the march of the States of evil? Damn -_-

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    mortgage market collapse (4-5 Trillion $$) ...

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    what about the Gun registry in Canada where it costed over 2 billion and was scrapped by the previous government?

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    "in history" wow
    cant you just say ever made instead of in history

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    This video sectin about mars is BS...we are under a DOME...

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    2 cents an acre, WOW.

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    Do one on how much women spend on hair and nails and makeup and handbags and shoes every year vs. on healthcare, or on books. Talk about a waste of money.

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    soooo... yeah, Trump just caused 1.5 TRILLION in additional national debt which is 1000x bigger than all your cute little stories. The good news is everyone who's super rich just got paid big time and bought yachts and everyone else lost stuff that is too long to list here. Bye!

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    You didn't de-interlace properly. #12 this is particularly obvious.

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    Chelsea buying torress for 50m$ is not there in the list

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    Wars in the middle east have cost up to $7 trillion, Deepwater Horizon cost up to $10 billion and the Exxon Valdez spill cost up to $7 billion. Those mistakes cost way more than anything on this list lol

    • Dahoon
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      Those wars weren't mistakes. It was moving money from the state to the ruling class.

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    Uh.. War in Iraq & Afghanistan?

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    NASA sucks Space X is better

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    How many land was lost.... Germany should not have attacked Soviet in WWII :)! and Japan should not have attacked Pearl Harbor

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    I lost all my money once and had to file for bankruptcy! That was 2004 to the tune of 44 million dollars! Now it's 2018 and made it all back +1.1 billion! It's not mistates! It's lessons!!!

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    the orbiter crashed into the earths dome

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    That ending was so cringy

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    Obama's Iran deal giveaway and Terrorist Swap !

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    fuck i hate bimbo narrators

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    1:50 Which is exactly WHY Imperial units should be dumped like the obsolete, archaic things they are.

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    Saying that fishing industry in Galicia was destroyed... is a bit of an exageration. It was seriously hurt, but not destroyed.

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    the city of toronto

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    It's not called math it's called math's

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    lol at all the idiots making this video political

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    fake news

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    So let me get this stright, steve jobs createde windows?.....

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    The "tinker" split in half.

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    "Synchroneous" Snort.

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    you'd get more views if you just showed us your tits

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    Attacking Poland with all of the military power you have using BLITZ KRIEG strategy and making a whole new world war and after you understand what you have done kill yourself in a bunker(WWll)

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    Not such a great deal for Lucas. He got two and a half cents for every dollar brought in. Kenner got 95 cents and Fox two and a half. That lasted for over ten years. Hasbro bought out Kenner and let the contract run out by not paying monies owed. Lucas redid his contract for 18 cents royalties and Kenner/Hasbro got very little profit this time. Side note...I spent zero, zilch, nada, nothing on any Star Wars product including the films. I did watch/rented Spaceballs which had to be better.

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    Add Brexit to that list.

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    These somehow make me feel better about my own mistakes. 🍹

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    Bitcoin guy.. i know you cried

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    Alaska was the biggest mistake! No one justification for this : just a shameful act

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    Hi. Funny; "sychronious lateral excitation"~?was that a term that always existed for such a phenomenon, or was the embarassing blunder of the Millenium Bridge so expensive that they had to come up with very technical and complicated sounding words to excuse themseves. Wonder if anyone apologized to the taxpayers..Thats a lot of public money to make something decorative and unprooven when a tried and true style of bridge would function way better and be way cheaper. Money that couldv gone to hospitals or whatever else.. would probably anger me if I lived in the UK... oh well, no offence; my city is almost definitely dumber than London regardless. But, Ha-ha! on them anyways.. pretensious crumpet eaters!

  • Steven Castaneda
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    The first one is wrong , true that George Lucas did have all rights to licensing star wars but! At the time no one thought the movie would hit, so no toy company wanted to make star wars toys untill George found a small toy company that agreed to make the toys, unfortunately George was forced to sign a contract that he would only get 10% of all sales, something he would regret later on

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    America and its imperial system, there you have it.

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    Steve jobs didn't make windows bill gates did

    • Placidbott890
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      Kristian S oh

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      She most likely means "a system with windows" not Windows with a capital letter.

  • Forgiven Because Of Grace
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    Oh and making Justin trades the prime minister of Canada. Big mistake bro

  • Forgiven Because Of Grace
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    You forgot one . The biggest one . rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ

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    Why wasn't the Hillary campaign on this list?

  • Let's get 10,000 subs With no Videos!
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    $1000000 Canadian, that’s like $1000 American

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    wow they broke that martin bitches

    LORD CYNTHIA GUNDAN Viloria 18 дней назад

    COMMENT: Be it known that RUSSIA NEVER OWNED ALASKA, WE NEVER PAID RUSSIA FOR ALASKA. ALASKA is the 48th State of the United States of America being that the ARISTOCRACY OF ALASKA is CZAR ALFERO MOUTTOUT, the 5th Ancestral Generation of Makara Johnny Kenedy who are a real AMERICAN INDIAN from the State of British Columbia, known as the USA NORTHERN TERRITORY signified by the HUDSON BAY on the NORTH.

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    Not much chance of them falling over lengthways to obtain the domino effect, but it makes the story more exciting and fake.