20 Things Proving That Japan Lives In 3018

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • What's so special about Japan? 🇯🇵 Anyone who visits Japan will be amazed by something, like robots working as hotel staff or vending machines on every corner! 😮 We’ve collected 20 outstanding innovations proving that Japan must be living in 3018!
    Super toilets 0:50
    Rice paddy art 1:27
    Grooming dogs into cubes 2:07
    Hello Kitty melon 2:38
    Shoes designed like a bullet train 3:06
    Expectations meet reality in Japan 3:36
    Ice cream in a fish-shaped cone 4:08
    Black fries 4:38
    Portable ashtrays 4:55
    Braille on beer cans 5:20
    The most organized luggage pickup 5:40
    Glow-in-the-dark tattoos 6:04
    Park-and-Lock umbrella 6:30
    Unattended produce stands 6:50
    The country of vending machines 7:14
    Multi-level parking lots 7:48
    Capsule hotels 8:16
    Seagaia Ocean Dome 8:44
    Robot-run hotel 9:09
    Smart bra 9:41
    #smarbra #japandesign #japaneeseinvention
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    - Toilets in Japan, like their gadgets, are technologically advanced and user-friendly. Even the simpler ones still have built-in sinks on the tank and heated seats.
    - The Japanese love everything that’s cute (or “kawaii” as they call it), like cats and anime characters with their large, adorable eyes. As for their pooches, the latest craze in Japan is to groom their dogs into perfectly trimmed cubes.
    - High speed trains in Japan are designed like, well, a bullet, hence the name! These things can go up to 198 miles per hour and are known for their punctuality, comfort, safety, and efficiency.
    - In Japan, they consider food preparation an art. A classic example is the glass display that showcases a restaurant’s dishes. In Japan, when you order food, it’s the same as what’s advertised!
    - Most of us like our fries hot, crisp, and…black?! Nope, these charcoal-black fries aren’t burnt; they’re special fries made from a spicy black potato that you can buy at a café & bar in Kyoto.
    - Inclusive Japanese brewers stamp the word “beer” in Braille on top of their cans, and they do it entirely out of sheer concern!
    - Tattooing is a form of art in its own right, but Japan gave it an exciting twist. Known as “blacklight tattoos” or “UV tattoos,” this awesome ink uses a UV reactive fluoresce dye and comes to life when under UV light.
    - “Mujin hanbai” or “unmanned stores” are a common site at roadsides in Japan. They’re a nice way for farmers to get rid of extra stock yet still make a nice coin for it.
    - Japan is almost the same size as California, so they have to utilize the limited space they have. One of their solutions is intelligent parking systems started in 1965 by the Japan Parking System Manufacturers Association.
    - If you wanna go to the beach but hate getting sunburned, then The Seagaia Ocean Dome is your answer for an unforgettable summer getaway. This is one of the world’s largest indoor waterparks and artificial beaches.
    - “Smart bra” “knows” what its wearer feels and opens only when a woman is with someone she’s really into.
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