Drunk People Taste Test Drunk Food From Around The World

  • Published on Sep 16, 2017
  • "How drunk were we supposed to be? Did I go over the limit?"
    Drunk People Try Drunk Food From Around The World
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    More Information:
    Foods featured in the video:
    Donor Kebab
    Garbage plate
    Fried Mars Bar
    Cheese Buldak (Korean)
    Thanks to our chef, Neil Barrett. You can hire Neil yourself at hotinthekitchen.net/.
    Erin came to Ireland with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She contacted us and told us she was a massive fan of Facts and we had to invite her in for a shoot! She sat in the studio during George and Dermot's shoot which was quite the introduction to Facts behind-the-scenes!
    Check out the picture from her visit on our Facebook page: FactsRUclip/photos/a.962643130542872.1073741831.456049277868929/966519750155210/?type=3&theater
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Comments • 4 089

  • lee R.
    lee R. 17 minutes ago

    Great.....you traumatized a girl for Make a wish lmao....... where do I sign up? I wanna hang with drunk Dermot & George too!

  • scottwantstoleaveearth

    why does that guy in the grey shirt remind me of an Irish Charlie kelly

  • Mick Kennedy
    Mick Kennedy 8 hours ago

    Yes, drunk Irish people always carry a metal knife and fork in their pocket for eating their takeaway -- particularly kebabs or cheeseburgers ...b-urp!

  • Hannah Gove-Lewis
    Hannah Gove-Lewis 17 hours ago

    Ok im certain that the creators of this show have never been to America. Everything the say is American I've never heard of in my life lol. American drunk food is taco bell or waffle house

  • Kyndra Barlow
    Kyndra Barlow 18 hours ago

    When he falls out of the chair hahaha

  • jodynh
    jodynh 23 hours ago

    I am American, and I have an odd hobby of making foods that were favorites of our presidents. If you're interested, I would be happy to send you some recipes.

  • christian herlihy
    christian herlihy 2 days ago

    I was drunk the other night and ate tortillas with sriracha. It was fantastic. Everything tastes amazing when your drunk

  • Reza Lustig
    Reza Lustig 4 days ago

    Cheese buldak is the bomb :)

  • Adam Conard
    Adam Conard 5 days ago

    California burrito was made for this video

  • delta 14o6
    delta 14o6 6 days ago

    "The day I was born, I was like 'hey mom.......... why aren't we Korean?'"

  • GoodVibes
    GoodVibes 7 days ago

    They hit the mordecai and rigby 1:46

  • Ty Hill
    Ty Hill 8 days ago


  • Ashley Cable
    Ashley Cable 11 days ago

    Dermot and George

  • Kellie Compton
    Kellie Compton 11 days ago

    Everyone is saying that US drunk food = Denny's, but for me it's the $4 hotdog cart outside of the bars mmmm

  • David Curry
    David Curry 14 days ago +1

    Waffle house at 3 am hashbrowns with everything on it

  • Rockas360
    Rockas360 14 days ago

    Garbage plate is a rip off of Poutine ! Quebec pride!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 15 days ago

    In Milwaukee it's either Qdoba or Ian's pizza

  • Reyes Torres
    Reyes Torres 15 days ago

    I need a drink now

  • RedCrowGrafix Art
    RedCrowGrafix Art 16 days ago

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but the Kebab comes from germany invented by a turkish guy! Fast food version of their traditionelle dish.

  • Alle'Yah Foster
    Alle'Yah Foster 16 days ago

    Most of us Americans have no idea what a garbage plate is

  • Alex LeBlanc
    Alex LeBlanc 18 days ago

    Come for the Facts...stay for the drunks!

  • TeacupPuppy
    TeacupPuppy 19 days ago

    This whole thing I was dying. Then fell out of the chair and that did me in. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🍻🥃

  • dinu mihai
    dinu mihai 24 days ago +1

    ps evry fast food around the world is drunk food.....

  • Shona McKenzie
    Shona McKenzie 24 days ago +1

    As a drunk person watching this, I'm jealous v jealous 😒😜

  • Patrick Jones
    Patrick Jones 24 days ago

    I love every video shannon and lolsy is in they just give no f!@ks

  • WendiWhat?
    WendiWhat? 27 days ago

    In my day we went to L and K, Big Boy, Steak n Shake and lastly The Truck Stop. But yeah some form of breakfast at 4 am or the Burger Platter. Good times but damn the 80s and the stilletos bc once youre shit faced you're walking like Bambi on ice.

  • Tim M
    Tim M Month ago

    Two words. Waffle House. Period.

  • SoundtrackOfGaming
    SoundtrackOfGaming Month ago

    Spice bags sound amazing and I really wish we had them, our drunk food is White Castle and ihop.

  • Steven Tuttle
    Steven Tuttle Month ago

    Us drunk food is waffle house or taco bell so brakefast or tacos ........... Never even hurd of a garbage plate

  • The JadedBear
    The JadedBear Month ago

    Jenna marbles would be offended by that garbage plate

  • x yz
    x yz Month ago +1

    Chicago drunk food = sliders aka White Castles.

  • ShariSez1
    ShariSez1 Month ago

    60+ years of life in America, 40 of them consuming alcohol on occasion, and I've never heard of 'a garbage plate'.

  • kristen norton
    kristen norton Month ago

    I would love to hang out with drunk Dermot and George. But drunk southern food is anything on the Waffle House menu.

  • James Dooling
    James Dooling Month ago

    American drunk food is Taco Bell (anything), Jack in the Box (tacos or Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburgers), or any diner dish made with eggs, cheese, bacon, bread of some sort, and Picante/salsa/queso. Sometimes, there's McDonald's, but only in rural places -- because it's the only thing open. In Texas, it's Whataburger...

  • DarkQueen
    DarkQueen Month ago

    In California we eat tacos with ranch from Jack in the box

    • x yz
      x yz Month ago

      Jack in the Box was owned by Ralston Purina at one time. Wood. Just sayin.

  • Nora Daniels
    Nora Daniels Month ago

    You need to do more drunk videos. 😉

  • nofosho
    nofosho Month ago

    What the HELL is that garbage plate??? That should be a smash burger ya'll not an enormous meatball lol

  • Jennifer Francisca
    Jennifer Francisca Month ago


  • Ashley Godfrey
    Ashley Godfrey Month ago

    What is a garbage plate? We do NOT eat that here. Waffle House, Jack In The Box, Taco Bell.......those are drunk food. Lots of carbs. Lots of grease.

  • Mary Rust
    Mary Rust Month ago

    Donal is hysterical

  • FrigginJohnny Hammerstickskehd

    Donal attacking the kebab and falling out of the chair killed me. shannon is such a knockout😍😍😍

  • Ernest Sanchez
    Ernest Sanchez Month ago +1

    Here In SacTown it's a California Burrito from Alberto's.

  • Joey Wall
    Joey Wall Month ago

    Spice bag looks fucking awesome.

  • Alex LeBlanc
    Alex LeBlanc Month ago

    1:46 .....I have questions....

    • Alex LeBlanc
      Alex LeBlanc 8 days ago

      On second thought...I don't want the answers

  • Crystal Smith
    Crystal Smith Month ago

    1:21 is just like when my asshole cat steals my siracha chicken!!!

  • Alkali
    Alkali Month ago


  • lee R.
    lee R. Month ago

    My fav vid so far

  • hopson77
    hopson77 Month ago

    How's Erin? Hopefully all is well?

  • TheKnelson77
    TheKnelson77 Month ago

    So we don't really call it anything, but I've made MANY a "garbage plate". You come home obliterated, starving, but no so far gone that you know you can't operate an oven, so, you go into the fridge and take the leftover Mac n' cheese, your doggie bag from Wednesday date night at Olive Garden, some kind of potato *hopefully you have tots* and then you mix it together, cover it in shredded cheese, microwave and enjoy the most delicious thing you've ever eaten 👍🇺🇸

  • Sarah Engel
    Sarah Engel 2 months ago +3

    As a resident of Rochester NY, this is NOT a true garbage plate!! See JennaMarble’s video for a true representation. Still looks okay though!

  • Braden Deal
    Braden Deal 2 months ago

    When I’m drunk I like Mexican tacos

  • Spiffyspit s
    Spiffyspit s 2 months ago +1

    😂😂😂😂"More calories than America." Best pun of the year‼️

  • seamus1965
    seamus1965 2 months ago +2

    Drunk American Northeast food is White Castle! Suitcase of cheeseburgers please!!

  • Adam Marazzo
    Adam Marazzo 2 months ago

    no poutine???


    Waffle House, Hashbrowns scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, topped and diced! THE BEST! I triple order it all the time!

  • David St. James
    David St. James 2 months ago

    This was the best one by far lol

  • Crazy Jake
    Crazy Jake 2 months ago

    Wrong! Gravy fries should be USA drunk food! 😆

  • hiko73
    hiko73 2 months ago +1

    I'm from Los Angeles & have never heard of a garbage plate/bag...but 11/10 would eat it drunk :)

  • jokrjrruss
    jokrjrruss 2 months ago +1

    I’m 44 and I’ve never heard of a garbage plate. From the USA

    • Gary L
      Gary L Month ago

      Invented in a diner in Rochester, NY. Often imitated never duplicated.

  • cattus lavandula
    cattus lavandula 2 months ago

    I had a cat who used to do that with paper towel.