500g Raw Broccoli Challenge DESTROYED

  • Published on Jul 11, 2018
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    I would never do this challenge if everyone else already wasn't doing it...
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Comments • 10 666

  • cristiano ronaldo CR7
    cristiano ronaldo CR7 14 minutes ago

    I actually hate broccoli

  • gaming demon
    gaming demon 2 hours ago

    The toilet was so happy.

  • Krishna Senga
    Krishna Senga 3 hours ago

    I love broccoli 😍😍😍

  • sally sas
    sally sas Day ago

    His all day routine
    Use toilet.

  • Marsmello Mastercraft


    Its cool
    A good healthy:D

  • whYLiE09
    whYLiE09 2 days ago

    I cringed the entire time watching, I know how gross raw broccoli is..

  • Terry Terry
    Terry Terry 2 days ago


  • Gerpsie
    Gerpsie 3 days ago +1

    Imagine how relieved mats mom was when he ate this instead of his usual stuff.

  • Melomedeaz
    Melomedeaz 3 days ago

    *eat your vegetables kids*

  • Ninja
    Ninja 3 days ago

    But but but(wha)butt wipes does it wipes your but away😂😂😂😂

  • NotMyRealAccount101
    NotMyRealAccount101 3 days ago

    I hate raw brocolli. It has to be steamed, sautéed, seasoned, wet, buttery. You get the picture.

  • BizarreComedian
    BizarreComedian 3 days ago

    This isn’t a challenge for me. It’s a reality.

  • IsaacPlaysRO
    IsaacPlaysRO 5 days ago

    Its is now confirmed that
    *Matt* is now a *Dinosaur...*

  • Jon Haberski
    Jon Haberski 5 days ago

    He does appear to have a unique unusual strong looking jaw. Wonder if that's genetic or just thru training?

    • TheClasssy
      TheClasssy 3 days ago

      @Jon Haberski I mean when you eat the stuff that he eats you're gonna get a strong jaw

    • Jon Haberski
      Jon Haberski 4 days ago

      @Norbert Soltész i meant the whole jaw and muscles connected to it look very well developed

    • Norbert Soltész
      Norbert Soltész 4 days ago

      You cant train your jaw bone. Its genetic

  • Meliodas Go stupid
    Meliodas Go stupid 5 days ago

    When mom says eat vgetables 😎

  • Mr J-Solo
    Mr J-Solo 6 days ago

    This was the only thing he did that was good for his health.

  • Toby Chang
    Toby Chang 6 days ago

    omg a whopping 50 calories!!!

  • Bảo Anh Lê
    Bảo Anh Lê 7 days ago

    Edd; BROCCOLI!!!!

  • nekrokat
    nekrokat 7 days ago

    matt stone during his diet days:

    BOB JOE 7 days ago

    Finally a matt stonie video i can actually attempt

  • 80 Slim Shady's
    80 Slim Shady's 9 days ago

    Broccoli is one of my favourite foods, and one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat, you gotta cook it though, fuck raw

  • Athmar Rusyaidi
    Athmar Rusyaidi 10 days ago +1

    Every mom must love this boy...he just eat veggie without even asking

  • Vraoh
    Vraoh 10 days ago

    Y’all probably saw the 3 A.M. comment already... but have y’all seen a retard watch a person eating broccoli @ 2 A.M. AND commenting about it?

    Yeah it’s not that serious I know. 😂

  • じゃんけんぽん
    じゃんけんぽん 12 days ago

    5:40 うがいしたの?!w

  • UltimateShowOver
    UltimateShowOver 16 days ago

    Broccoli is actually good tho wtf

  • Pancho Rodriguez
    Pancho Rodriguez 16 days ago

    5:40 he wanted throw up

  • sadie johnson
    sadie johnson 18 days ago +1

    Can we see 2 hours later?

  • Barbre Spectre
    Barbre Spectre 20 days ago

    Its a good way to ruin your digestive tract

  • Roselyn Meza
    Roselyn Meza 21 day ago +3

    Mom:finaly u eat healthy
    Kid:this is a choclate brocolie
    Mom:yeah that makes more sense
    Mom:wait wtf are you doing with my brocile i need if for dinner you dinggis

  • live EZ
    live EZ 21 day ago

    who watching this around 3:00?

  • The Verse
    The Verse 22 days ago

    Me before he starts eating: im going to guess he will finish at 6 min or around that
    Timer: hits exactly 6 min
    Me:😶oh my freaken god...YAAA MAN!😝

  • Danyale Miracle
    Danyale Miracle 23 days ago

    I wanted u to cook it and have ranch or cheese so bad

  • RockaFella Gb-
    RockaFella Gb- 24 days ago

    Ew this is so ugly

  • RockaFella Gb-
    RockaFella Gb- 24 days ago

    The record is 12:09 and your whole video isnt even 12:09

  • Ale Creek
    Ale Creek 24 days ago

    1 minute and 49seconds of advantage against Furious Pete!

  • John Ram
    John Ram 24 days ago

    I dint c nikado avokado in the healthy list bro .

  • Vaughn Stewart
    Vaughn Stewart 25 days ago

    Go to see u also eat heathy

  • T.M. Will
    T.M. Will 25 days ago

    That's disgusting.

  • Elizabeth Kirwan
    Elizabeth Kirwan 25 days ago

    You almost puked

  • April R L Martinez
    April R L Martinez 25 days ago

    I wanna try this 🥦
    But I’m not sure if my mom would let me....

  • Jade ABED
    Jade ABED 27 days ago +1


  • Carter Voltfire
    Carter Voltfire 27 days ago

    Woah... 6 minutes.. Good time

  • Karo French
    Karo French 28 days ago

    I bet your stomach hurt after this one.I ate a bag of broccoli once and my stomach hurt for hours after.

  • Emrah Bekir
    Emrah Bekir 28 days ago +1

    out of like 10-15 videos I’ve been watching for the past couple hours of this guy, finally he’s eating something healthy’ish😂

  • Van Bro
    Van Bro 28 days ago

    d. .did.. h.. h.. he actually ate so.. so.. something healthy ?

    TEEN GAMSISm 28 days ago

    Eating channel sponsored by butt wipe company

  • Rxgions
    Rxgions 29 days ago +3


  • izet hoxha
    izet hoxha 29 days ago

    You should've boiled it and put some olive oil and lemon juice on it

  • ღ polipili09 Pikas Kawaii ღ

    *When your mom says you eat a lot of trash food and makes you eat raw broccoli*

  • Cereals OP
    Cereals OP Month ago

    You're a fucking mad lad!

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese Month ago

    I could do this shit easy WITH ranxh

  • DylSan 07
    DylSan 07 Month ago

    Can I get the raw footage of you just crunching the broccoli

  • Danny 09
    Danny 09 Month ago +1

    Since Matt usually eats crazy shit, this broccoli gave his stomach the option to go into “hybrid” mode.

  • MineDash123
    MineDash123 Month ago

    Omg I love Morgan's laugh at 4:58.

  • Kratom Jeep
    Kratom Jeep Month ago

    As a vegan, this is something I do quite regularly

  • TheCrazyLifer84
    TheCrazyLifer84 Month ago

    :( that bonsai tree was only 30 days old

  • Rjw Williams
    Rjw Williams Month ago

    Eat 12 pounds of raw liver

  • Rescairo [SCPF]
    Rescairo [SCPF] Month ago

    I love brocolli.
    No, really, I love it.

  • Hannah X
    Hannah X Month ago

    i fuckin love raw broccoli i literally had it for dinner last night

  • Lvl 69 Vegan
    Lvl 69 Vegan Month ago

    This isn't a challenge⁠-it's lunch.

  • Dad Dad
    Dad Dad Month ago

    Sounds like a Stonie-saurus

  • Saksham Raj
    Saksham Raj Month ago

    Cows mad

  • Sosisli Sandviç
    Sosisli Sandviç Month ago

    finally a healthier food

  • Precise
    Precise Month ago +5

    This is.. like easy?? Broccoli is good bruh 😐

  • Timelapse Experimentals

    wild broccoli XD

  • Tee Tub
    Tee Tub Month ago

    Healthiest challenge ever.

  • Joe Curel
    Joe Curel Month ago

    indian guy beat this record

  • Guero M
    Guero M Month ago

    U should do another broccoli challenge but this time steam it and put a can of cheese on it

  • Crystal Joyy
    Crystal Joyy Month ago

    eat a bunch of bananas for ur next video

  • TH3 1NV1NS1BL3
    TH3 1NV1NS1BL3 Month ago +13

    Wow at 3am everything looks delicious

    • live EZ
      live EZ 21 day ago +1

      damn I just scrolled down and see most comments said they watching around 3:00 and so happen I am too its 3:10 A.M. I jus started watching this