Barren Gates - The Heist

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • 🔥 Barren Gates - The Heist
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  • Trap Nation
    Trap Nation  Year ago +588

    A bit heavier than usual but hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless :)

  • Ali A
    Ali A Month ago

    Barren Gates - The Heist = Sinner's Heist?
    If you don't know Barren Gates is 1/2 of Sinner's Heist .

  • shred the gnar.
    shred the gnar. 4 months ago

    This is dirty.

  • {KLARA _ SAN } UWU
    {KLARA _ SAN } UWU 4 months ago

    2020 :)

  • Lux Kairos
    Lux Kairos 4 months ago

    Im sure these beats can *deep fry* a whole chicken when it drops

    xISMAx_HNB YT 4 months ago

    song 👌👌

  • OriginsOG
    OriginsOG 6 months ago

    After almost a year, I'm still trying to decode what he says in the beginning...

    *itll be a year in 2 days bro please help me*

  • Hornet
    Hornet 8 months ago +1

    1.25 speed is perfect for beast mode in gaming.

    • Bat Husband
      Bat Husband 5 months ago

      dude this is fuckin weird while high

  • HypE
    HypE 9 months ago


  • Arcyan
    Arcyan 9 months ago +1

    It’s been a damn while since I’ve been here

  • never cracker
    never cracker 10 months ago +2

    Eith is not a German world? Lol

  • Cʜɪᴢᴜʀᴜ
    Cʜɪᴢᴜʀᴜ 11 months ago +1

    Omg the pause and then drop that made me breathless 😤

  • el oscar pup Perez
    el oscar pup Perez 11 months ago

    Unic music

  • Rotten Boss
    Rotten Boss 11 months ago


  • Eze Thapa
    Eze Thapa Year ago

    How do you edit your videos?

  • Jeremy W
    Jeremy W Year ago


  • Samuel Hoke
    Samuel Hoke Year ago

    Kh in khan
    Ha in what
    Kn in know
    Cht in yacht

  • Rezod bcr
    Rezod bcr Year ago

    Mira barren yo soy unos de tus primeros armiradores solo quiero desirte que eres el puto amo fui unas de tus primeras visitas y la cancion esta de puta madre crack

  • Samuel Hoke
    Samuel Hoke Year ago

    Barren gates: hey sampler i need you to help me make a song.
    Sampler: its at night and if my mom catches me up at night ill get in trouble.
    Gates: aight can you whisper?
    Sampler: 0:17

  • 何國靖
    何國靖 Year ago

    Love it af🔥🔥🔥

  • Marcus Hemmelgarn

    roses are red violets are blue when the beat drop the earth split in two

  • GV_HD
    GV_HD Year ago

    that is so good continue this wow

  • Robert GMT
    Robert GMT Year ago

    Fui ao médico e ele disse que esse caso e muito grave

  • Adr 64
    Adr 64 Year ago

    it tickles my Brain

  • XxGet WetxX
    XxGet WetxX Year ago

    what if this was all just a diversion and this actaully took part in a real hiest :P pretty lit amirite

  • Alien Watch Youtube & Human Progress

    Good like always

  • Karli Fran
    Karli Fran Year ago

    the drop scared me i didnt expect it 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭

  • b.cage
    b.cage Year ago

    Beat dirtier than your brown ass.

  • Sri Vignesh
    Sri Vignesh Year ago

    Pure DrOPE! 🔥

  • zeus lee
    zeus lee Year ago

    more of this type please.

  • Lumi Lightz
    Lumi Lightz Year ago

    I think I wet my pants at the first drop, also I'm not sure if my subwoofer is still working

  • Fabiann
    Fabiann Year ago +1

    no mameeeeeeessssss wey.

  • Jeffrey Taal
    Jeffrey Taal Year ago

    nice this is where I'm subscribed for!!! the last time your are not uploading trap anymore. just everything that doesn't fit on your other channels. and when we are Lucky it is a trap song.

  • Aneta J
    Aneta J Year ago


  • البراء رينو


  • Naicson
    Naicson Year ago

    Cade os BR ?

  • Eran Chason
    Eran Chason Year ago


  • lixvkook
    lixvkook Year ago +1


  • Robirt
    Robirt Year ago

    Dang, this is perfect for drift music.

  • Mans
    Mans Year ago +1

    Its so unique in such a good way.

  • Celian Levy
    Celian Levy Year ago

    Des gens connaissent des musiques du même genre svp ?

  • Salva
    Salva Year ago


  • Bsbrits 67
    Bsbrits 67 Year ago


  • Tega X
    Tega X Year ago

    That skrrr gave me nightmares

  • Gabriel Soares
    Gabriel Soares Year ago


  • Josh Ray
    Josh Ray Year ago

    That drop made my insides liquefy.

  • Chaos
    Chaos Year ago +1

    Drop the B4SS

  • Matiz92YT
    Matiz92YT Year ago

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ! ! !

  • Shuvi
    Shuvi Year ago

    What does heavy mean?

  • MirrorederorriM
    MirrorederorriM Year ago

    That drop was a bit heavy.. It definitely shouldn't be on the channel.

    Said no one fucking ever!
    Shit was fire!

  • Troupe
    Troupe Year ago


  • Ben Amirault
    Ben Amirault Year ago

    if Jackie Chan made this remix and did it to this song xD

  • ForeverFlame88
    ForeverFlame88 Year ago

    RUclip: rob Skiba flat earth; the depravity of gravity; Astro not.

  • Ley Tekuryo
    Ley Tekuryo Year ago

    It's a good idea 💡

  • Projects To Mansions

    Yo yo get at me, for real , we can make stuff happen!

  • srtinsther
    srtinsther Year ago

    muito massa

  • Kamil Malec
    Kamil Malec Year ago

    This is amazing ;o i can t stop listening it

  • Agar dave
    Agar dave Year ago

    best buildup but drop was below expectations