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    'Challenge' started out as a beat that I made at a taco bar in the lower east side of Manhattan. I played the chords for Stelios and he brought it to life. As I came up with melodies on the mic, he produced the beat and then we wrote it together. That’s how we work on most of our songs. 'Challenge' embodies the feeling of the chase. It's a feminist anthem for someone who's tired of weak game and just wants to feel challenged emotionally and physically. Boss shit! haha
    Written & Produced by Stelios & Lolo Zouaï
    Mixed by Stelios
    Mastered by Joe LaPorta
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  • Lolo Zouaï
    Lolo Zouaï  Year ago +381

    Official Lyrics: 🏎 🏁

    • kay Lanne x
      kay Lanne x 5 months ago

      💖essa DEUSA precisa do
      conhecimento q ela merece

    • Chona Ormido
      Chona Ormido 9 months ago

      ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ love you song moi, Chevy Impala, challenge

    • Roua Roua
      Roua Roua 10 months ago

    • Vinsy DA
      Vinsy DA Year ago +1

      Je t'ajoute à ma playlist 😉

      FRENCH 13 RIVIERA Year ago


  • Oluseun Adeyinka
    Oluseun Adeyinka 6 days ago

    Boomerang brought me here. Very impressive

  • Shaima haddad
    Shaima haddad 9 days ago

    Please put it on your Spotify profile ❤️ thanks

  • Leah Alyse
    Leah Alyse 10 days ago

    Boomerang brought me here 😩😩😩💕

  • *Dixmond*
    *Dixmond* 13 days ago +1

    Love you so much lolo! 💘💘

  • Gabriela Almeida
    Gabriela Almeida 27 days ago

    ma'am youre so good omg

  • Chloe LIN
    Chloe LIN Month ago +1

    The way she speaks "challenge" sounds like "jealous" but nvm

  • Emanuelle Junes Félix
    Emanuelle Junes Félix 2 months ago

    Mulher você é uma Deusa!!😍😍

  • Chae Punch
    Chae Punch 2 months ago +1

    Your music should get more attention.

  • Maricelia Goncalves
    Maricelia Goncalves 2 months ago +1

    Sou fã de suas músicas, vem fazer show no Brasil!!! 🇧🇷❤

  • Lailla Vitória
    Lailla Vitória 3 months ago

    I love they music

  • J M
    J M 3 months ago +1

    Am I the only one that this reminds me of michiko from michiko and hatchan

  • Mathieu Lecrivain
    Mathieu Lecrivain 3 months ago

    C'est une dinguerie ! 🥺

  • 현재현
    현재현 4 months ago

    누나 나죽어

  • Marcos Oliveira
    Marcos Oliveira 4 months ago +3

    *Achou que não teria brasileiro aqui, achou errado otário fim de 2019 eh nós*

    GIZE PAZ 4 months ago

    Aquí fanática de Lolo 🇦🇷❤️

  • Phillipe Petunia
    Phillipe Petunia 4 months ago

    Mélange entre Ariana Grande et Angèle = LOURD 💪

  • Ellen
    Ellen 5 months ago +1

    Lolo is so cuuute! More is a beautiful vision this girl!🤢❤️

  • Marcos Prado
    Marcos Prado 5 months ago +1

    Je ne sais pas si tu est une française, mais ton français c'est un de meilleures que moi déjà écoute sur toute ma vie, et j'aime quand tu chante en français en tout les musiques, car une heure tu a été parlent en anglais et puis tu déjà a été chantant en français... Like what????

  • Marcos Prado
    Marcos Prado 5 months ago

    I'm so vicious by "Brooklyn love", for me is one of the best music for the year, and now... I can't stop to listen this music, Lolo why you make this with us??? Even ma parents they still like... "Give a me challenge amm amm amm"

  • Lautino
    Lautino 5 months ago


  • Somaly De Vargas
    Somaly De Vargas 5 months ago

    iloveeee youuuuuuu

  • n e s s
    n e s s 6 months ago

    I gave myself one, and it was to learn the French part 😏😏 guess who js sang along perfectly?

  • U Sk
    U Sk 6 months ago

    Honestly she deserves a nomination for ALBUM OF THE YEAR AND BEST NEW ARTIST at the grammys

  • _.
    _. 6 months ago +2

    Personally this is the best song she has ever made!!! and then desert rose 🧞‍♀️💗

  • - Hyo
    - Hyo 6 months ago

    actually,i'm waiting for our queen!

  • Just KPOP
    Just KPOP 6 months ago

    bruh im hella late for this underrated artist. Hope you get to the top coz u deserve it

  • Erena Park
    Erena Park 6 months ago


    SING SING 6 months ago +1

    개인적으로다가 롤로노래중에 이게 제일 띵곡

  • Ariana Cohen
    Ariana Cohen 7 months ago

    Does anyone know if she wrote this song?

  • Galaxy_02
    Galaxy_02 7 months ago +1

    J'adore le vibe de toutes ces musiques cette fille est incroyable j'espère qu'elle ira loin 💙

  • Bergen Buschmeyer
    Bergen Buschmeyer 7 months ago

    ur my new favorite artist like damn

  • L H
    L H 7 months ago

    Je garde mon coeur pour quelqu'un qui n'a pas peur
    C'est pas comme si je pleure
    Tous les soirs toute seule 💅🏼

  • UPN
    UPN 7 months ago

    Lolo Zouaï, your song is ma new chérie

    So Dope! Keep goin' on !!! 💖👑

  • S T O B I T
    S T O B I T 7 months ago

    My only question is, why hasn't she blown up?! Her voice is amazing

  • Karima Laouir
    Karima Laouir 8 months ago

    Listen to this cover from Algeria

  • Mehthab Malik
    Mehthab Malik 8 months ago

    Not one bad song.

  • Cheeseburgirl
    Cheeseburgirl 8 months ago

    Wow you reminds me of Angèle 😻 i stan

  • ᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋ 8 months ago

    Korean? 🖐🖐

  • 정주영
    정주영 8 months ago

    언니 사랑해ㅠㅠㅠ

  • Arte Mis
    Arte Mis 8 months ago

    still loving it

    MILK FOREVER 8 months ago

    No se como pero la amo

    WiNKYWEiRDY 8 months ago

    mami you deserve more

  • Chunga Mama
    Chunga Mama 8 months ago

    Lolo zouai ft. Billie eilish would be a damn bopp

  • Rebeca Garcia
    Rebeca Garcia 8 months ago

    She deserves so much more recognition with all this talent 😭💜.

  • Selma HRS
    Selma HRS 8 months ago


  • Faby Anguiano
    Faby Anguiano 8 months ago


  • Gorann Lpd
    Gorann Lpd 8 months ago

    Doureuuuuuh again ! 😍

  • DMC
    DMC 8 months ago

    glad that she doesn't do the masonic\illuminati poses

  • Sagar Singh
    Sagar Singh 8 months ago

    Her voice is all about Peace 😋..

  • An Nguyen
    An Nguyen 8 months ago

    add this to the playlist of songs to listen to to feel like a badass!!! 😎😚

  • Prince Moe
    Prince Moe 9 months ago

    Dz power

  • yo girl. deyaa
    yo girl. deyaa 9 months ago

    OH my miss lady jst heard you once and love every single hit you got out rn. Stay lit girly

  • ᄆᄆ
    ᄆᄆ 9 months ago


  • Cantalia Cantalia
    Cantalia Cantalia 9 months ago

    Putin mais c’est tellement bien bordel

  • 이유형
    이유형 9 months ago

    Drugs that can only be put in my ear

  • Myla Rowan
    Myla Rowan 9 months ago

    Don’t catch flights, feelings. Yes

  • 박건우
    박건우 9 months ago

    i love your voice

  • Myla Rowan
    Myla Rowan 9 months ago

    As cute

  • njl
    njl 9 months ago

    1m soon!!!

  • weelfreid ba
    weelfreid ba 9 months ago

    j'approuve grave ce son peace!

  • Minhee
    Minhee 9 months ago

    half million views gosh I want to thank Jisung park everyday for his beautiful recommendations

  • Bambi Marvelous
    Bambi Marvelous 9 months ago +1

    누구신데 이르케 죠은노래를..

  • Gemini Misses
    Gemini Misses 9 months ago

    #Boomerang soundtrack is Poppin fr fr

  • M.
    M. 9 months ago

    Ariana grande whoo?

    VICTOR GAMES 444 9 months ago

    Alguém br

  • Neekz Bridgey
    Neekz Bridgey 9 months ago

    CAnt stop playing it tuuuune ❤️❤️

  • Doxxy
    Doxxy 9 months ago

    Very underrated Lolo, keep going.

  • Amy Dr
    Amy Dr 10 months ago


  • Enea Andre
    Enea Andre 10 months ago

    J’adore tes musiques,j’espère que tu atteindras les millions car tu le mérite continue comme ça et tu seras une grande artiste ( même si tu l’ai déjà 😉)

  • Ashly Gomez
    Ashly Gomez 10 months ago


  • Keisha Reynolds
    Keisha Reynolds 10 months ago

    I need a SPANISH verse on this track from Cardi B. This is just my personal feedback, but overall great track.

  • VoOdKa
    VoOdKa 10 months ago

    Avec la veste Gordon elle serait bien assortie pour un feat avec Dams :p

  • Anita Banana
    Anita Banana 10 months ago

    Lolo Zouaï je vous souhaite une belle carrière : j'aime beaucoup votre son. Et je suis exigeante avec la musique d'aujourd'hui.

  • An Nguyen
    An Nguyen 10 months ago +1

    yo, i keep listening to lolo's tracks & i never get tired of them. thank you for your existence & works of art, queen 👑 merci beaucoup et je t'aime 😚

  • Freya Crawford
    Freya Crawford 10 months ago

    marry pls, if you would be so kind

  • Sofia Lavigne
    Sofia Lavigne 10 months ago

    Omg i just found your songs and you’re already my new hype !!!! So talented, such a great beat i’m OBSESSEDDDDD ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • khdidijaseoul
    khdidijaseoul 10 months ago

    Obssessed with this song! Great work !!

  • Camila Seren
    Camila Seren 10 months ago

    im from brazil and im in love with u